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 Unexpected Attack?! Chance meeting between the new and old generations![Ask to join]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Unexpected Attack?! Chance meeting between the new and old generations![Ask to join]   Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:15 am

Today was like any other. The sun shining brilliantly in the sky, birds flitting about all the while singing their songs, people living their lives and enjoying the warm summer weather; For most, it was just an average afternoon. For Jian Yijun, this statement rung true...until it didn't. Since he didn't have work on Tuesdays Kai had spent the morning just walking around, simply enjoying the feeling of being bathed in the sun's warm embrace. Compared to recent events, this activity was the definition of blissful for the young man. Though Kai had met more unique people in the past month than in the rest of his entire life, the circumstances surrounding many of these interactions left him a bit bruised and battered. Despite this fact, Kai's heart yearned ever more for thrills and adventure. He hoped today would just be a rest day and nothing else, but unfortunately his wish would not be granted.

After wandering for a couple hours, Kai found himself on the outskirts of Japan's old capital Kyoto, the city he lived in. Though still within in the protective barrier surrounding the entire city, this area could be called little else than a bit seedy at best. Due to the presence of manufacturing warehouses and factories, few people lived here and those who did were on the poorer side of life. Hundreds of years ago an area like this may have been coated in a thick smog, but thanks to technological advancements in production equipment and pollution removal systems this, at least, wasn't a worry here. Kai wasn't entirely sure how he'd ended up in this spot, which was actually a result of being lost in daydreams about his battles in Mexico and Tampa.

When Kai turned a corner he stopped in his tracks as his heart started beating faster and faster. Subconsciously he seemed to be sensing....something. Though not sure either way, it almost seemed sinister in nature. Before he knew it something powerful and dense impacted his back hard enough to knock all the oxygen out of his lungs and send pain careening throughout his body. Whatever hit him did it with such force it sent him skidding across the ground for almost fifteen meters before eventually coming to a stop. Kai struggled to make sense of what happened as he blinked repeatedly to straighten his vision after his head collided with the cement sidewalk multiple times.

After a few moments he was able to regain his senses and push himself up from the ground, rising to his feet shakily. Kai summoned the handgun he used for self protection from his hammer realm device and turned to phase his attacker. Though not sure what to expect, he was surprised nonetheless by the image that greeted him: Standing where he'd just been was a four meter tall white monster with a grim mask where its face should have been, arms as thick as redwood tree trunks larger than its legs, and muscles rippling throughout the creature's entire body. Kai knew exactly what it was: Hollow.

"Your souls...smells...juicy! Brickbreaker is gonn' enjoy devouring yous!" The creature roared a tremendous bellow, sending out shockwaves of spiritual pressure in every direction. After the last blow, Kai struggled to stay standing before the beast's might but did so nonetheless. Aiming directly for the Hollow's mask, Kai let off a few rounds from his M-13 Mantis in loud BANG!'s. Usually this was where the Hollow would die without too much of a struggle, but at a speed that should have been impossible for such a large monster to be capable of its right arm shot up and blocked the shots which embedded themselves into the limb. Howling with pain, the beast seemed shocked by the power of Kai's gun.

Deciding to go on the offensive again, it closed the gap between the two combatants in an instant, blocking two more bullets as it did so. Brickbreak attempted to swipe at Kai with its colossal hand, but Kai reacted just in time by swapping his gun for the legendary weapon Erphtal and blocking the hit with the incredibly sharp blade. Though it sunk a few centimeters into the Hollow's hand, it had enough fortitude to wrap its thick fingers around the ancestral guandao and toss it away, out of Kai's reach. Once again it roared, this time before dropping its other fist down onto where his target should have been but Kai managed to slip away. The area he'd just been standing in was little more than a shattered crater now, sending shivers of fear through his spine.

Again Brickbreaker closed the distance Kai had put between them almost instantly, this time with his fist cocked. Once in range, his boulder-sized fist barreled toward the young man with enough power to crush all his bones and leave him an unrecognizable pile of limbs and blood. However, as Kai ducked and lifted his left arm in front of his lowered head, something strange happened. A burst of spiritual energy shot out from his core as hidden potential was brought bubbling to the surface thanks to the life or death situation he found himself in. This energy flowed about before gathering in front of Kai. Next thing he knew, with eyes still closed, a loud thud rang out as the Hollow screeched in pain.

Kai opened his eyes to see what happened. He quickly surmised the power he'd exuded had formed the large metallic shield now attached to his left forearm, and its durability was so great Brickbreaker damaged his fist just by punching it. Though unsure of why this occurred, Kai happily accepted the momentary win. That is until the monstrous Hollow regained its footing and prepared to charge again. This time he probably wouldn't be able to block the attack as he barely felt strong enough to remain standing. Was this the end?
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Attack?! Chance meeting between the new and old generations![Ask to join]   Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:46 pm

The ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto. Though it paled in comparison to it's former "comparative" glory, it was still a magnificent city. Not only that, it was a beautiful day. Snopy's long journey was coming to a close, his long hunt for that which he knows he must come to terms with being gone. As it wrapped up, he headed back to his home country. Japan. His main destination was definitively Karakura. Shadin was there most likely and his attempts to get a hold of anyone else failed miserably. He couldn't imagine what on earth was going on. Was he really so far out of touch with everyone? No, there was a way to get a hold of them that should have remained consistent. Especially Kaminari. Some weird shit must have gone down if he can't get a hold of them at all. Shadin though...there was no way something happened to that man. He'd have KNOWN. The notoriety that he had meant if something was amiss, he'd have known quickly, no matter how far he was. That was his lead. That was where he'd finally get answers.

That was some distance away though, and while he could easily abuse his abilities as a Shinigami or his newfound ability to open a garganta to get there almost instantly, he still clung to slim hope that by walking the path the hard way he'd run into her. He was heading back to Shadin to reconnect, because moving on was the healthy thing to do. Hope however was not gone until he got back. Though his demeanor was a bit more somber than it was 5 years ago as a result of the loss, he would not let go of hope until then. He intended on simply passing through. There was no need to dilly dally. He could admire the city as he passed through. A lot of history. It was almost an uneventful passing, which disappointed him on a hope level. Still, weird things could happen. More specifically, they did. A very rare hollow got through a barrier city, and even fewer go undetected. Apparently though this one didn't get the memo. What he saw was a rather muscular hollow beating up on a man. How quaint.

He was just in time to witness the man unleash a burst of desperate power which saved his life. A metal shield appeared on his arm. Actually, Snopy was surprised his arm didn't break even with the shield. The hollow actually keeled back instead. Snopy was about to disregard the scene until he noticed just how beaten the man was, and how strong the hollow still was. He sighed. Everywhere he went he ended up solving everyone else's problems but not his own. Snopy just pulled out one of his revolvers, taking a moment to refine the aim, and chucked it. It whizzed through the air until finally smacking into the hollow's mask, flying in a high arc. By the time the hollow turned to see where it came from, Snopy was already catching his revolver which bounced just right to head back to him. No sooner did his grip reach the trigger, than he was aiming and taking a shot at the hollow's arm, grazing it. "That is the sound of inevitability. I don't miss." Twirling the gun around his finger, he watched as brickbreaker charged him, howling like a brain addled banshee. He took grip and aimed for the hollow. As he began to clench his finger onto the trigger, he suddenly shifted his gun to aim about 103 degrees to the left. Brickbreaker, at that exact same instant, had rushed to that spot to dodge. If the man was watching, he could see the shot. The bullet went straight through the eye socket of the hollow, his gun had never lost it's mark even in the hollow's burst of speed, and the force of the spiritual bullet forced the beast to ricochet back. He holstered his gun and sighed, another soul purified. "Someone will care that you are gone...not me, but...someone." He turned and walked over to the man. He glanced him up and down. "A desperate struggle results in desperate power, eh?" The man had some power to him but really wasn't too strong. "Don't know how that one even got past the shield in the first place, let alone stealthily. Can you stand?" The blonde Vizard continued to analyze this man, curious as to what his next move would be. Honestly, he expected a comment on why his eye colors were one pink and one purple more than anything. A lot of people questioned that even in era's such as this. People focus on the weirdest things.
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Unexpected Attack?! Chance meeting between the new and old generations![Ask to join]
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