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 Abscond or Perish

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Abscond or Perish   Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:16 pm

Abscond or Perish


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Two days prior, Shadowfall had uncovered something amidst the ashes of the dead world. A spear head that gave a particularly potent energy signature. They had not yet been unable to ravel the mysteries of the artifact. The item by itself, was not giving off enough energy to attract too much attention, but attaches were assigned to the facility as extra protection all the same as these mysteries were poked and prodded at.

Without warning to all but three souls, a tragedy that had not occurred for close to four hundred years would strike Shadowfall's lands. Molten earth spewed from the font of Mount Vesuvius and descended upon Shadowfall's research installation, the wards they placed against such a disaster explicitly failing as the volcano rained down a complete, elemental, lack of mercy. On lookers would be able to discern no abnormal energy from the lava and nothing would show that it was anything but a typical eruption, as typical as an eruption could be. Panic would strike the rank and file soldiers and researchers as their homes were buried and corroded amidst the fiery earth as close to the entire North-Eastern block of the facility was lost in an instant and all soldiers and researchers lost their lives.

It was using this eruption as cover that the insertion team would follow and seek to abscond with the relic. Would they succeed and steal their prize or would Shadowfall's guards quell the panic, restore order and protect the relic?

Find out next time on Platinum Hearts!

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With the recent discovery of this artefact the added security included a rather petite Rakshasa, small and not given much thoughts towards how strong she was. Really she had only volunteered for the chance, however slim, to get Mana's attention and for the even slimmer chance for her attention. Kaala knew this assignment was dull, there would be no praise for just sitting around on her ass and watching an artefact. Nevertheless Kaala was committed to make sure that the object was secured at all costs.

So while she was standing around the hallway which put her close to the artefact, the Sarno Gate being the closest entrance into the compound for any invaders. Everything seemed peaceful until the sky was suddenly on fire, while devastation took control and chaos occurred with Shadow Fall operatives scrambling around trying to make sense of this Kaala smirked.

The Rakshasa sensed the distraction, natural in every way except for the timing. She wasn't dull and dimwitted like these other beings around her, the volcano erupts shortly after the monitoring equipment fails and all this happens very quickly after a relic is found. Something had to be up or someone was just stirring shit in this complex. Walking towards the gate the area had cleared out for the most part, leaving her steps to echo.

"Damn. Maybe I could get some attention for this after all. Just have to make sure that the relic stays put. Now. I'm going to be disappointed if I find all this is natural so someone better show up."

Kaala's usually rigid features broke at that moment, a chaotic grin taking form which was very out of character for the Rakshasa. Her gloves were coming off now - literally - as she activated her Dagi Tvaca, causing her arm to mutate and deform. She was going to lay a trap, using her Time Forging abilities Kaala would booby trap the hallway, the explosive substance C4 now lining the walls lightly and being enhanced with the Za Koa energy she could control.

"Let's see where this leads. Those other asses better not be getting all the fun."

With her trap set as a precaution Kaala's mind wandered as she wondered just what else was happening in the compound. Not that she cared of course, one way or another she was going to stand in-between anyone and the prize that they might want to claim.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Abscond or Perish   Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:10 pm