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 Wolf Girls are Smokin' [Shio/Mirja]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Wolf Girls are Smokin' [Shio/Mirja]   Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:21 pm

Shio met her gaze, never wavering for a moment. There was no worry there, no hesitation, not a single hint of emotion. Whatever was going on behind his head, it was something very, very well-guarded. One couldn't keep lies in this world this long without something changing inside one's self. He didn't even think to deny it; he could probably be an infiltrator as easily as he could a soldier, and very little, nearly nothing would change.

"By your own admission you have no right to transfer me. You're an equal. If you did have that authority, then you would've already shot down my suggestion to make Steiner a substitute shinigami, or approved it. I don't doubt you're serious, however; you no doubt have people in every division whose ears you can twist when the need strikes you. I can only assume that's how you got away with murder."

He rose slowly, once more stretching, and walking towards the doorway. "Do what you feel is best. It's what you've always done, no doubt. I sincerely doubt you've ever done a single patrol, or konso'd any souls. All you know how to do is smash and destroy. Did you think it would relieve me, to hear that certain parties may or may not have vanished from existence, without a trace? Did you think it would aid in my recovery, in your own fucked up view of how this world works?"

"You don't have it under control. Your unbalanced mindset has let to an unbalanced person. Dangerous. Impulsive. You have no respect for this organization or the things it does. You speak of things you have no authority to speak of and back it up with brute force and nothing else. You're a monster, Mirja. No, worse. You're a cancer. And if you go through with that transfer, I will spend every moment of my life finding a way to excise you. I will find those bodies, mouldering away in someone's garden. I will find every misdeed you've done to date, and I will see you dragged before the Central 46, and I will see you answer for each and every one."

"You go about your life believing what worked for you works for everyone. You never once stopped to think that there may exist people who think differently, feel differently, than you. You joined the Gotei, United or otherwise, as a hobby. You have no discipline, no commitment, nothing redeeming about you. You do whatever you please, and be damned the consequences. Someone else will suffer them. And you -killed- people, without a trial, without a proper admission of guilt, without any justice in your heart. You killed them because you felt like it, whatever other reasons you may cite. You left widows, orphans, and family confused. Aching. Wondering. You rent scars upon this realm that won't be healed by anything short of your execution or your exile."

"Speak to your friends in the fifth division. I'll see them answer for their part in this fucked up state of affairs, whatever it may be. I'll take out every person in this world that turns a blind eye to your twisted sense of justice. I'll do it properly. I'll do it where everyone can see. I'll show you that the system still works, Mirja. And I'll show you that you never had a place in it, from the very start. The Gotei United has no need for strength without balance."

His tone of voice never changed once during this speech, nor did his expression; he stared at her with as much emotion as one would stare at an unfamiliar photograph, with as much passion as one would show for a cockroach that needed to be stomped out, for no other reason than one's own sense of sanity. He spoke with a dreadful, toneless coldness, with eyes that stared through her, devoid of any sense of humanity or sympathy.

"I will go digging Mirja. I will find it all. And I won't stop until you kill me. A transfer will only make it easier. And I will never. Ever forgive you. You didn't even know their names, Mirja. Their stories. To snuff out lives with that callousness. You deserve far worse than I can visit upon you."

"But I'll start finding ways to get worse. Just for you, Mirja."

He met her gaze, shaking his wrists ever so slightly, his shoulders slumping forward, and his eyes finally sparking to light, for the first time in this entire conversation. He finally spoke, with a cracked voice, and a heavy finality, with eyes that seemed to carry weight heavier than could be put into words.

"You can turn yourself in, you know. You can throw yourself on Captain Ibiki's mercy. You can do the right thing, for the Gotei, and everyone. Or you can continue living your carefree life. I'm sure there's another garden out there somewhere, for someone like me. For those nosy nobodies who won't just let you terrorize the halls, without a face and a name. I know which one I'm counting on."

He met her gaze, unflinching, one hand touching against his tanto, with clear purpose and obvious intent in the first time since he'd met her. And with an absolutely chilling sense of finality; he had truly accepted, it seemed, that this was a moment that could very well end in his death. That most likely would, in fact.

I am proud of you, my child. We have so very much to speak about, tonight. Whatever happens next, you have stopped letting yourself be restricted. I can scarcely fathom what you will do next.
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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Wolf Girls are Smokin' [Shio/Mirja]   Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:05 pm

Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

Mirja gave him a broad grin as he tried to say she had to authority.
"Well, on that account, unofficial authority counts towards it. Also, my adopted brother is Captain Unabara. So I think you could say that I have a lot of influence by proxy. I wouldn't pull something like this if I didn't have to pull to see it through" she told him. Clearly, it was all thought out. "For Steiner, well...I know him, he's my student. So if he mentions a desire to be Substitue Shinigami'd then I'll probably do him there and then. Shoulder the political fall out later. I'm good at that. As for people in every division. Well, Captain Tsubasa. Izanagi from Kido corps, Zeda from Research. I suppose I am pretty well connected. But hey, I wouldn't use my friends like that. Family is a different matter, but still" she told him.

And then, came an incredibly self-righteous monologue. And Mirja actually liked it. She didn't fear him in the slightest, in fact she wanted to encourage him. This, was the first thing she had ever heard him speak of with conviction, with passion, with zealotry. Sure he kept that monotone voice, but the words, the fire in his heart when he spoke them, that was the truth behind it.
"There is a lot of gardens in the Soul Society, kiddo. It will take you a very long time to dig them all up. But hey, watching you futily waste your life on that persuit will be far more fun than any other alternative like what I did to those guys. Everything you have said is true. I am a Monster. A creature beyond your childish perception. In a thousand years, you may be able to understand what I am. I'll make a date in my diary. You can lecture me around 3418. Until then, go out into the world. You'll need a lot more strength to bring me down. Personal, social, spiritual. Your growth will have to be exponential. And Tsubasa is just the guy to help you out with that" She then nodded to him, and opened the door to head out. It was such a callous brush off, she mad it painfully obvious she viewed Shio so low that he was not even worth disposing of.

The greatest growth was that of adversity. Mirja knew that all too well. She had become a monster under Caanan's hand, sure, but she had also become a much better Shinigami. If he would have a rival as powerful as Mirja, someone that he absolutely had to bring low no matter what, that would drive him forward to no end. And so he would do for her what she had been trying to get him to do. Unwittingly, he played directly into her hands. And that, was duplicity that the Unabara could be proud of. She certainly did. So forward and direct, and yet, had managed to pull this off.

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Wolf Girls are Smokin' [Shio/Mirja]   Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:35 pm

Shio began to walk past Mirja, his expression once more icy, filled with a practiced disinterest as he adjusted his robes, hands slowly plucking wrinkles out of the fabric. He didn't bother to look at her, or even acknowledge her presence. He'd come to speak his piece, and now he had spoken. If anything, it almost looked like a weight on his shoulders had fallen off suddenly, leaving him walking with greater purpose, with more precision and poise than before.

Of course she wouldn't take anything he'd said seriously, and she'd start to treat it as if it had been her goal all along. Mirja was, after all, the sort of person who cared only for strength; the intent behind the force was irrelevant, as was the one wielding it. All she cared about was watching him grow into some absurd monstrosity, some impossibility that couldn't be examined logically. He knew quite well where this was heading. That she was inviting him to play a game every bit as dangerous as hers, and face the abyss without being changed.

But he'd been watching for a -long time-, and he had already felt the worst it had to offer. There was truly no horror the world could offer him at this point that he was unprepared for.
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Wolf Girls are Smokin' [Shio/Mirja]
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