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 Tales of Djibouti: Robooty in Africa

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Tales of Djibouti: Robooty in Africa   Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:43 pm

Yaksha watched without much change of outward expression, although that could've just been the mask; it's hard to scowl or grin when there's a buffer between you and the rest of the world. All the same, one could sense the disappointment and frustration roiling off of him as he watched Steiner dip in front of an explosive, allowing himself to be torn to shreds. That was the second blast of its kind he'd seen, and the force of it was nearly identical to the first. Already, his mind was crunching numbers, churning away, as he took a few steps in front of Steiner, and then let his tail rap against the ground just once, with a sound very similar to a large book being dropped onto the ground.

"So what offer did the little terrorist make to you, Iron Monger? Money? Power? Sex? You don't strike me as the sort to be motivated by much of any of that. And you -also- don't strike me as the sort to bother with the witty banter in the middle of a fight. But staying silent won't do anything to save you, or him, at this point."

Yaksha's hair could be seen roiling and writhing, in a manner that brought to mind hundreds of snakes bound together by a rubber band, or a handcuff. Some of them sprung loose, the band of reishi holding them together fraying with a deliberate, horribly organic slowness, like something that was stretching its muscles after a long yawn. He rolled his neck around in a small circle, and then let his tongue loll from his mouth, just barely long enough to rest against the ground.

"I said it once, but I guess I wasn't emphatic enough. Your opponent is me. At least do me the respect of a name, unless you want to go down in infamy as a would-be comic book villain. Doesn't even have to be -your- name, in all honesty. At the very least, we should all be allowed to pick our own monikers."

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Tales of Djibouti: Robooty in Africa   Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:53 pm

As time went on it became clearer and clearer the vast array of capabilities the metal titan had in his arsenal, each an answer to whatever the trio of fighters seemed to throw at him. Though Kai's own attacks were by no means colossal in strength or genius tactically, for all his maneuvers to be countered so easily was terrifying. Or, rather, it should have been terrifying. Despite all the chaos and death which had already occurred today Kai was actually beginning to get excited. Moroi was truly the most dangerous, powerful person he had ever come across. This fact caused his eyes to light up a vibrant green even brighter than usual, all the energy in his body surging at the prospect of fighting an individual like Moroi. For Kai, this feeling was strange. His entire adult life had been spent working in an office building, but here he was trying to fend off an individual no doubt capable of destruction on a massive scale.

Kai spoke again to the mechanical beast in front of him, this time with even more spirit behind his words. "I may die here....but you'll remember what happened when you took on a real hero if I have to sear it into your brain myself!" Though his flames had seemingly been absorbed or at the very least dissipated by Moroi, Kai would not be dissuaded from using his main power again in this battle of life or death. Though he already positioned himself between his opponent and ally to protect the downed individual, apparently he would have to do more than that to make sure he took whatever attack Moroi had planned to use next. From the corner of his eye Kai could see Steiner had moved to be closer to the other member of their peculiar trio, but it wasn't until he heard the man yell out did he realize what was about to happen.

Already being much closer to the projectile Moroi sent out Kai had no problem using a burst of flame to shoot himself forward, his face hidden behind the magical shield he'd summoned with Bastion Stance. This placed him directly in front of Steiner by a couple centimeters, perfectly positioned to take the brunt of Moroi's attack. As the device exploded flame erupted from Kai's shield, providing any possible increase in defense he could afford to aid him. Though the explosive force was enough to push Kai backward a couple meters, bringing Steiner with him in the process, the real danger came from the flying shrapnel meant tear him apart. The shield and flames produced by it blocked and incinerated the initial pieces of metal, but not everything was so easily defended from. A few smaller shards made it past his shield and hit his skin directly, cutting his lower legs and shoulders up.

Though some shards even became lodged in various parts of Kai's body, thankfully the wounds were neither too deep nor severe thanks to the extra layer of protection his Stance provided. As the dust cleared Kai moved his shield and took a look around, seeing much of the rest of the room resemble a porcupine with how easily the shrapnel impaled metal walls and floors. Turning his head all the way around, Kai breathed a sigh of relief once realizing his newfound ally shouldn't have suffered any real injuries. Facing Moroi once again Kai kept eye contact with the titan, or at least kept his gaze on where his eyes should be, as he removed each piece of metal still stuck in him by hand and used his flames to cauterize the largest of cuts he'd sustained, his determination to stay strong preventing even a slight wince from the pain.

Taking a second to clear his head and get a read on the situation, Kai stared intently at Yaksha. It was clear the person was at least somewhat strong yet his inaction annoyed the Vanguard Warden. After all, this was a life or death situation and clearly the only tactic likely capable of producing results would be attacking Moroi with everything they were capable of, together. For the first time since the start of the battle Kai spoke to Yaksha with forcefulness seeping from his voice. "If you're just going to stand and watch, go help evacuate people who need it. If not, bring your all! Show this thing what you're capable of. Together we can definitely take it on!" Hoping his words would inspire his ally to action, Kai prepared to go on the offensive again.

With a plan hastily devised in mind Kai switched to Ranger Stance, swapping out his shield for the bow he'd used previously. After nocking three arrows at once Kai shot them, all of which were aimed directly for Moroi's body. However before they reached him all three exploded into a large bright inferno a little less than a meter in front of the hulking robot. As this occurred Kai switched Stances again, this time to Assault, replacing his bow with two ornate Chinese swords. Using all the strength in his legs and a burst of green fire Kai shot forward, throwing his black blade in the process. This weapon would zoom right past Moroi, apparently because an injury to Kai's shoulder had messed with his aim a bit. It was now time for his plan to be put into action.

Using the inferno as a smokescreen to mask himself as he moved forward, Kai came close to Moroi with his hand gripping his sword so tightly his knuckles had turned white. "Remember the name Kai! Remember what people are capable of...!!" However at the last moment he dove to his opponent's left side, dodging past the man as deftly as he could. Everything so far had just been a feint, his real target floating away from Moroi: His left side funnel device. It was at this point Kai's other sword was zipping through the air directly at the piece of machinery. The Chinese youth had timed both his own attack and the floating sword's so they would potentially hit the device at the same exact moment from below and behind it. If the funnel dodged up or away his flying sword would follow it, if not it would be impaled simultaneously from two directions by two rather durable and sharp blades. Kai wasn't sure if this would work, but if he was to make any headway against Moroi this would be the perfect opportunity to do so.
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Tales of Djibouti: Robooty in Africa
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