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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Yuudeshi Overdrive

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yuudeshi Overdrive    Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:15 am

» Name Of Character: Yuudeshi Clan,
» Link To Character: The Yuudeshi Clan Page

» Name: Yuudeshi Overdrive
» Effect: The Yuudeshi Overdrive is a form able to be accessed by those who possess Yuudeshi genetics. An enhanced form in which the user enters a form which Chifuyu has coined the Yuudeshi Overdrive. This form drastically enhances the person's capabilities. The amount of energy that the Overdrive produces is immense, this is partly because of the fact that it coverts the Yuudeshi's willpower into a physical force. Their willpower bleeds into reality and begins to warp it. A Yuudeshi can see extreme amounts of power generated from this form, a boost ranging from six to twelve times their base forms. Also something that should be understood is that the person requires at least adept willpower as a minimum for this form.

Chifuyu has not been able to desribe what exactly happens with this form, the Overdrive has the strange nature of becoming less potent with the higher tier a person is. For example if someone of tier two were to activate an overdrive then it is unlikely to be as powerful as someone of lesser power. Another trait that seems to affect the form is the affected Yuudeshi's willpower, it comes heavily down to a person's will on what happens much like the usual Yuudeshi Drive. A person of adept willpower is likely to lose control, become completely volatile and dangerously harmful towards everything and anyone around them ultimately degrading into an animal mentally for the duration of the form. On the upper-half of the willpower scale someone who possessed Grand Master in their Willpower could easily maintain this form without any negative side-effects other than the aggression that comes with the usual Yuudeshi Drive. Everything in the middle is variable between those two states of psychology.

Now that's the mental aspect of the Overdrive there is a heavy burden though that is placed onto the Yuudeshi in the physical sense. Imagine the body as a balloon, now the overdrive will slowly produce more and more air and the body eventually cannot handle it. The amount of power is dangerous to the Yuudeshi since it causes them to build up so much pressure inside their body that after three posts the body will break, just about every bone in the Yuudeshi's body will snap and the form ends. That is for most people however, if the person in question had someone of still moving even after their bones broke and their willpower was on the scale of Grand Master then they could push that limit to six but once that sixth post is struck the Yuudeshi's heart will be near the point of exploding, and if they don't stop the form in that post their heart will explode and the sheer amount of power will completely eradicate their existence - their body, their soul and any thing left is burnt away so that not even ash remains.

As another note this form prevents the user from entering into a third release - final for any other race that doesn't follow the three release form motif - for its duration, meaning that the user cannot enter into the Shikokai phase if they are a Shinigami, and nor could an Iramasha enter into their Peak Eclipse etc.

» Why: This is an upgrade that will be available to all Yuudeshi, it is an idea I have been mulling over for quite some time and after reading in the Yuudeshi family page that a "form" could be entered through the Yuudeshi Drive I am suggesting this as said form. It will not be an upgrade for Chifuyu immediately and is something I am more interested to see develop through training I leave this here though for an expansion on the Yuudeshi Drive and also a contribution towards the site and also since it's the Thirty Day Challenge I got a lot of muse.

» Extra: Due to it basically being as powerful as a character's third release and is an option for people, this is not something that you can just join and expect to have. It something akin to Shikokai, Peak Eclipse and the Vizard Resurreccion.

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Yuudeshi Overdrive
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