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 Extinguishing Hope [Chaya Nation Invasion] [Ruvik/Inami/Ask To Join]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Extinguishing Hope [Chaya Nation Invasion] [Ruvik/Inami/Ask To Join]   Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:26 pm



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Too much disorder. Too much chaos. Too much disarray. All it was obnoxiously overwhelming for the Queen of Subujucation to stand anymore. The very nature of her essence could not stand to see the ruler of The Chaya Country begin to make her advance toward a nation which thrived on a sense of order. So, her body reacted, took over her instincts and brought The Hell Devil into the depths of this post-apocalyptic landscape which was The Sirsa Lands.

No matter how much Inami longed to have this realm shatter it on itself, the release of this familiar creature's aura spread throughout the nation as her will to keep the nature of order within this country was going to be felt. You see, she wasn't the only one with the power of a "god" on herself. In fact, that is incorrect. That word was a joke. No such thing existed. It was only a definition to describe absurd amounts of power by beings too far gone on the liberation of their strength to think straight. Instead, Nizhuan's astounding strength was here to keep the lunatic ideals of The Chaya Queen in check.

"The beauty of calamity is that it's always short lived. One cannot enjoy the act of destruction without it promptly being put into balance by the act of restoring the creation of order from that which was obliterated."

Filled with glee, excitement, and wonder; the manic voice of The Subjugating Devil radiated throughout the depths of The Sirsa Lands in response to Inami's ridiculous notions of finding tranquility in a sea of total devastation. Oh yes, she was growing more agitated with this childish rampage of imbalance rampaging across demon world. It had to be put in check: IT JUST HAD TO!

With a high volume of demonic energy being summoned into existence, the ripple in the fabric space itself soon found itself having trouble developing further. While there was not a damn thing that Nizhuan could do for those who had already lost their lives in the wake of this calamity, it was WELL within her power to begin bringing forth high volumes of plum energy which acted as a constriction to the activation of Inami's Necropolis System being brought forth into the country.

Now filled with blinding lights of cherry, indigo, crimson and honey; the hellish roar of laughter from a million demons echoed from the immense shine of The Subjugating Devil's demonic aura. As before Inami was not the Nizhuan which represented the might of The Vastime Empire, nor was it the Nizhuan who served her master Liu and it certainly wasn't the Nizhuan whom kept the interest of the Asthavon Family or Shadow Fall in mind.

The Nizhuan which stood before Inami was a force of absolute nature which was keen on keeping the element of enslavement through order and balance kept within demon world. So it is why The Devil drenched in the blood of a million sinners from hell felt it right to bust through the shadows of the abyss, insert her claw straight into the heart of Inami and inject high volumes of her restrictive essence within Inami. The goal? To begin placing numerous miniature seals within her which were designed to to eat, constrain and lower the excess energy which The Demon Queen was harvesting from the chaos around her and the souls of those deceased. In this way, Inami would feel a high surge of pain swell up within every fiber of her being as Nizhuan made her introduction blow to royal demon.

Even if this attack failed, The Subjucating Devil's grin could now be seen streching from ear to ear as blood drencehd her fangs, clothing and claws; while the burning gold stare of the woman fixed it's gaze upon the blight against demon kind ahead of her:

"On behalf of the nature of order, I represent nothing but the law of subjugation. I care not for Vastime, Shadow Fall, The Asthavon or even Hell itself. I only have this to say in alignment of my essence: please....give up here and go back to your country! If you cannot do that, I'm afraid you aren't going to have a lovely day. I'll make sure to make you my slave by the end of it if you fail to cease this pointless tamper tantrum, Miss Inami~!"

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Extinguishing Hope [Chaya Nation Invasion] [Ruvik/Inami/Ask To Join]   Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:49 pm


Every minute, nay, every second that passed just seemed to worsen the situation for Kai. Regardless of the opposing forces already clashing in the Sirsa nation, Kai was on a side not represented in this war. In truth, he was absolutely and entirely alone, adrift at sea in an ocean of evil. The dark of despair resonated through the entire kingdom, blanketing all that lived in a metaphorical veil that none could escape. Though his ideals prevented him from just giving in to the sinister forces colliding around him, Kai knew there was little to nothing he could do alone against the strongest among his enemies. The reality of this battle could reduce any hero to little more than someone who's just given up. In fact, even Kai felt himself letting the despair in for just a moment, ready to feel the sweet release of the end...

But the day in which Kai gave up would not be this one. The Vanguard Warden was not ready to give up on his dreams. If he allowed himself to lose or be crushed beneath the waves of darkness here, that would mean abandoning anyone he may save in the future. No, he would stand and fight against this Armageddon he stood no chance against. After all, that was what it meant to be a hero. With this newfound resilience and determination permeating throughout his mind and body, Kai continued to fight for his life. Far up in the air, safely away from the titanic earthquake Inami Asthavon had created with her unimaginable power, Kai decided it was now or never in his duel with one of Ruvik's creations. After breathing in deeply, green flames covered the warrior from head to toe before quickly dissipating. Instead of ashes, the fire was replaced by a set of regal armour from a bygone era. This armour consisted of both leather and plate armour, and oriental clothing clearly ancient Chinese in nature. This garb provided a layer of durability unknown outside his Bastion Stance, and also steadily absorbed and cleansed the ambient demonic energy around his body, serving as fuel for his own abilities.

Once the bestial Hollow attempted to grab his arms, Kai switched, for the first time in real combat, to his Gunner Stance. This action caused a jade crossbow to appear in either hand, which he quickly used to shoot over a dozen bolts in rapid succession at his assailant. Unlike the arrows from before, these bolts possessed increased piercing power. In a matter of moments the Hollow had been torn to shreds, its armour and skin ripped apart by the extremely quick firing crossbows. Once the creature had enough bolts lodged in its body, Kai caused them all to explode and wrap the beast in an inferno of green fire. Immediately after, he sought to finish his foe off by firing six bolts directly at its mask, killing it instantly. "Finally done with that freakish thing..." Though he had a moment to catch his breath, it was quickly interrupted by a deafening blast that seemed to black out the entire world to Kai. It was true, this situation certainly did feel like end times to him.

Looking around, the Vanguard Warden didn't recognize the Hellscape he currently found himself in. The ground had been torn asunder more times than he could count, the sky seeming to experience something similar, and the air heavier than he'd ever felt. Despite these circumstances which depicted him as an ant in a world of monsters, Kai was determined to stay alive. By using a steady stream of fire beneath his feet akin to a jetback's, he was able to stay floating, albeit unsteadily, above the ground swarming still with enemies. Now his jade eyes turned to the woman seemingly responsible for these cataclysmic events: Inami Asthavon. Kai recognized her face, likely from the Vanguard's archives, but had no idea why these events were transpiring. The best guess he could muster was inner turmoil in the Demon World, but to him it seemed odd for an invasion of such a level to occur.

Before he knew it another individual, this one much closer to Inami's power level than his own, appeared nearby. Thankfully she seemed to be opposing whatever it was occurring here as the sky ceased its tearing and the air became less pungent with demon energy. Whoever this person was, Kai figured at the very least she might not actively try harming him. For this reason he used his flames to shoot himself higher until the people he should likely run from were no longer above his head. His current location was behind and to the left of Nizhuan's, keeping her as a buffer between him and Inami, while also giving a direct line of sight to the demon queen. Kai lifted both his crossbows, their bolts trained on Inami, and waited for something else to happen. "Time to hope I don't die."

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Extinguishing Hope [Chaya Nation Invasion] [Ruvik/Inami/Ask To Join]   Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:51 pm

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