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 The Heroes Call

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Heroes Call   Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:08 pm

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Why did the former Captain Commander come to this place? Why did the man who rebuilt the Unabara Clan from nothing return here? Tsubasa had once sent an olive branch here to Azure. But he'd been a dust in the wind due to his own personal problems. Swearing to never kill or draw blood had cost him some sanity. He walked slowly towards the Base of the Vanguard. Was this visit going to be one of the conflicts he wasn't sure yet as he walked towards those doors? He merely gestured left and right and the doors began to open. Controlling the metal in them he forced them to work and open. Only enough to slip inside the base as he walked in his swords remained sheathed. Tsubasa slowly began to walk towards the center point. This visit was for a reason, he didn't hide his presence. And in fact knew some would come to speak with him. He'd been walking a path that was impure and not correct for some time. He had to repent someday for the sins of his life. But that wasn't for today to be decided or discussed.

He was a hero to some people and a villain to others. Tsubasa was one that couldn't be defined by a singular definition. He was a complicated case of a man who'd done his best for the Gotei. But made alliances with the Monsuta for power to start something. He decided to make an accord with Adam, something some saw as the devil. But he wondered about that sometimes. Tsubasa didn't like knowing the Monsuta or their motives. They had stagnated and fallen from grace long ago as well. It was strange as the Vanguard and Monsuta were similar till recently. Something changed about the Vanguard, their members used to fight with vigor and force. They used to be a like a tsunami upon the battlefield. Coming in and clashing with strength and power. What had been lost on that day Azure died? Was it something he could fix with words was the question. Tsubasa didn't know if he could or couldn't fix it simply yet. The nice way was always a good option, but something about the air around him.

Those who would attack knew he wouldn't hesitate to bring them down. Tsubasa's cold resolve could be felt as he made his way. Entering this base slowly and taking his time not rushing. Allowing his so called escorts to follow him. Over his shoulders was a haori with the symbol of a raven in it. Tsubasa wore the emblem proudly as he walked forward towards his ambition. Sometimes fate veered off course and needed to be pushed back. He'd heard rumors but this place was quiet far more than even his clan. Tsubasa's foot steps were casual and slow, his senses alert. As he could feel everything around the corner and locations around him. He wasn't doing this for a reason a person could understand. He was once a blade that was forged for the Gotei. But if a sword forgets to return to the sheath, it can become dull. Tsubasa's problem was obviously being dull. He didn't bother releasing power or using overwhelming force. That didn't work in the past nor would it function this time. They needed to be reminded of something important.

They fought tooth and nail, putting body and soul on the line. But some times you have to face your brother. If only to protect the ideals and truth of something. Tsubasa wanted to open their eyes if possible to the facts. He wanted to remind them of what was precious to them and how they fought for it. The question was good some old used up Assassin do it? He wasn't entirely sure, he had to try was the only thing clear. He'd not done something so dangerous and ambitious in a while. Invading the Vanguard base despite the unclear nature of his faction he stood towards. But that wasn't the time for this, Ibiki was his friend even if she hated him. He had to help her at least on this front he could do something. He just hoped he wasn't too late as he crossed both appendages over his chest. He leaned his back against a wall and waited. It was time for the heroes of the Vanguard to answer the call. The Pale Rider was calling for them deep within their base, no alarms were sounded.

The question was, who would answer this call?

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Heroes Call   Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:37 pm


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 512

Chifuyu had arrived early this morning, deciding to get some work done since she was basically the Vanguard operative that did a lot of her business in Japan. She was more effective here than in Vastime, she enjoyed this place more than there. This was where the Vanguard commander should be, not in Vastime. This was where the organisation formed and not there, she had found that while Hayden was in charge and didn't lose sight on the Vanguard's needs the fact he was based in Vastime and the fact he was more focused on them wasn't the best thing for morale around here.

Letting out a sigh from the boredom she had just finished the work she needed to find something to do. Looking around she got up and began heading into the hallway before she felt it. A powerful reiatsu that surged around the area, from the information she could receive it was Tsubasa Unabara, walking through the hallways like he owned the place now Chifuyu could only sigh in annoyance for this interruption.

Tsubasa Unabara... why that punk! Who thinks they get to come in here and just stroll around like they own the place. Did he really think he was above the law that he could just come in here.

Strolling around the corner so that she'd come face-to-face with this intruder she looked bemused at him as if his little stunt was not funny, she actually looked more like an annoyed parent at a child's stupid prank.

"Tsubasa... you are aware that this organisation isn't a place you can just waltz into whenever you feel right? Did no one teach you any manners or boundaries as a child? It really doesn't help out morale when a monstrous force like you just comes into here and makes them feel as if they failed at stopping a threat. So I would kindly like to remind you... you may book an appointment between nine am and five pm on all weekdays but I'm afraid that on this Sunday afternoon you'll be asked to leave unless it's something important."

The Yuudeshi spoke as if she had some sort of power over Tsubasa, as if being in this space suddenly inverted the massive difference of power and Tsubasa was the tier 3 and she was the 0 tier. It might be humerous but unless he had lost a bit of his brain cells that there was little chance he came here for a fight, mainly because a. this was Shadin's daughter right here and if he left her dead or in hospital may god save him and for b. he was in the middle of the most highly protected place in the world. That being Japan and not even he could get away with that.

"So c'mon, spill the beans and tell me what you want since I am a very busy girl and if you want Hayden well I'll tell him you called and I sent you packing to Vastime."

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: The Heroes Call   Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:24 pm