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 A Gathering of Raven's

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Gathering of Raven's   Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:44 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Tsubasa could only wait for the outcome of his previous endeavors for now. The Raven's Nest of Mongolia was poised and ready for the outcome. Though this land itself wasn't that important in the truth of the matter. Tsubasa's agreement with them was more for a staging area. Preparation for the next stage of his plans was the key. He glanced down at his hand as he sat outside the Unabara home. He wasn't sure about the odds, but he knew for certain his presence would cause trouble. He'd need to defeat and deal with the enemies that came for that. The time was ripe for the Vanguard to rebound from things. Closing his eyes he leaned his head back, the world sprung with rumors. The Unabara Clan located in Mongolia were building something. Creating some outcome that nobody could anticipate at the moment. This was the promise of a future that didn't falter from the original. The Guild of Heroes stood poised and ready while the Vanguard inched by. With barely any alliances to speak of holding up strong.

He couldn't interfere without reason in these events. They were troubles of this world and not of the Nest. He couldn't act unless the Nest agreed to a course of action. At present, there was no such thing to worry for or comprehend at the moment. Tsubasa had done the strategy and the math at the moment. Everything equaled out to a win if they could establish a tactic of worth. Currently, the forces were busy around this world with other matters. Tsubasa could only establish a pattern of waiting in this regard. People couldn't find a way to lock away their fear or worry. Always saying that the next moment would the be a moment to act. That time was needed, but what if when they were finally ready it was too late? A chance can slip by you an instant, battlefields don't wait for the strategist to think of a tactic. They must come prepared for all possibilities and outcomes. The question plagued his mind, could the Vanguard still even function? Or was this not like the Gotei 13, who only needed fangs.

Did the Vanguard lack something more important, just how big a load would the Unabara carry from this? Tsubasa couldn't calculate for everything but his hopes were present. The people working for Raven's prepared and worked as one of the S Rank Raven's remained calm and relaxed for the moment. Everything else was math and about figuring things out. But Iceland was the beginning of things for this faction. To truly make a name and begin doing something bigger. They had no home base truly and an attack on their people wouldn't be so easy a task. This would be their declaration of war on the darkness and the past. Defeating the fear that bound the Vanguard within Iceland. Azure had done so much, it was time to turn his service into a boon.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A Gathering of Raven's   Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:13 pm

Artist:Yuki Hayashi - Song:Plus Ultra- Word Count: 962
A lot had gone on in the recent year. From Dellapero's return to the frontlines in these endless wars to the countless world-changing confrontations he took part in.The war for Iceland that fed into the war on the moon. The creation of the black world, the corruption of thousands by Shadowfall and the millions slaughtered along the way. The world had become a chaotic place, a realm of pain and strife where darkness was overcoming everything else. Even now there were two more grand battles on the horizon, ones he'd be sure not to miss. Even with his personal victory in both wars he took part in before, it hadn't been enough to salvage things. And with the death of Azure? He no longer had much reason to remain with the Vanguard.. Not that he'd abandon them, but he had no intention of restricting himself to Hayden's new order. It wasn't a bad thing, but it just wasn't his style. He needed to be free to act on his own volition and carry out his righteous will his own way. Maybe with those ties removed, he could finally move on his own ambition to save this world from the agonizing place it had become.

But there was a new problem he had to face. with that decision. Dellapero didn't have much in terms of resources or renown and influence. Though he had been a warrior for countless years, his name didn't have much sway to it. Just another figure out in the midst of chaos. So getting people to cooperate when he needed them to could be problematic. However, as he departed from the Vanguard, he did pick up on some anonymous information about another faction on the other side of the world. It wasn't even on the same scale as what the Vanguard once held, but it would be enough to get him the basic recognition needed for what he wanted to do. But the main draw was what he heard about how it operated. A mostly laissez faire collective that would leave him to his own devices, free to carry out his will without needing to worry about much regulation or anything of the sort. It seemed a good enough place to go for the time being.

So the Human traversed the land on foot, crossing oceans, cities, enemy territory and friendly territory alike. He was pretty quick on his feet, skilled enough to make good time through just about any terrain with few breaks in between. He enjoyed it too, getting some exercise for his legs and practicing his footwork for future battles to come. Eventually, he made his way to the home of the Raven's nest, or the closest thing that could be called one anyway. He was adorned in his usual attire, twin scarves, twin blades, and an eccentric fabric outfit that was shrouded in ancient symbols from an age long since past. It took some time to find the guy he was looking for though. He heard of Tsubasa in the past, but never paid much attention to their efforts or met them personally, so it was a stranger as far as he was concerned. It was always a good time to meet new people though.

After a fairly lengthy search, the swordsman finally reached a spot that looked like the place, feeling a spiritual pressure that eclipsed everything else around it. He trailed the rooftops, moving from building to building with relative ease. His scarfs trailed behind him with each step, fluttering in the air as he dropped down from above and landed right on the ground. Dust kicked up around him when he landed, blown away with a flick of his wrist soon after. The former Vanguard operative wiped some sweat from his forehead, breathing heavy from the long venture between Japan and Mongolia.

"Phew, that was a nice warm-up for today!"

After catching their breath, Grance walked closer, coming to whatever place of residence their first meeting would take place at. The man seemed friendly enough, carrying a warm smile and a slightly hyperactive air to him. it was hard to recognize who the big boss was around since he'd never seen them personally. So the only thing to do was address the first person in the area he laid eyes on.

"Hey, this the place for the uh..."

He paused for a moment, momentarily forgetting the exact name of the very group he was trying to evaluate.

"...Falcon's nest?"

Nailed it.

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A Gathering of Raven's
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