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 Opeartaion Devil Wall [Nenton Guatemala]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Opeartaion Devil Wall [Nenton Guatemala]   Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:25 am


Artist: N/A - Song: L'Arabesque Sindria - Word Count: N/A

For all those who were watching this tremendous battle of goliath spirits it may as well have looked like a scene straight out of Armageddon. The heavens were filled with a hellish thunder, fire ripped open the atmosphere and strikes of blinding white light filled the clouds as these two maidens of strength clashed against one another. Even the likes of Ibiki's durability couldn't help but feel the strain from smashing straight against the raw might of Demonica's armored state.

Indeed, The Suika had not an iota of what was going on with the woman, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that the high volume of pain swelling within her forearm was not a good scene. Burns started to consume each of the upper limbs of The Devil Shinigami as she wrestled her larger than life brawl with the opposing faction member. It was as if there was an ugly beast training to crush, grind and reduce the organs, bone, and essence of Ibiki straight into nothingness with this unforeseen power bleeding out of Demonica.

".....the road of oblivion it is."

With The Monsuta operative failing to cease in her progression, and these advances against Ibiki and the world's safety intensifying in strength; an exhaling of breath filled with exhaustion and irritation escaped from the lips of The Commander. As it was at this point which The Captain realized that letting her run wild like this was not doing anyone favors and it was time to seize control of the circumstance before something calamitous happened.

"Smash 'em up, Oni Kyōsei!"

Therefore, even as Ibiki's forearms began to usher out blood, the essence of the devil shinigami exuded a dense wall of gold energy which blasted everything for as far as the eye could see. All of the clouds in the sky around them became drenched within a mixture of promising honey glow hues that intermixed with a hint of dreadful darkness. As these were the two elements which were clashing against one another today. They represented the hope for a better tomorrow that The Menacing Devil believed on the backdrop of total radical destruction that The Monsuta Agent before her craved.

[Ability Used in Spoiler]


"Release Devil Hakuda: Resolve Seal."


It was almost instant at the rate of speed in which Ibiki moved. With her capacities tripled in this released stated of body and mind, the woman scorched the landscape, blitz through anything in her path and moved at mach nine speeds in order to have fist connect with the gut of Demonica. Combined with her raw physical energy output, spiritual release, speed and the power of the seal; The Devil Shinigami WILLED herself straight up do her damnest to try and rip clean through her guts with this punch. The destructive force of this assault could obliterate an entire city with ease at this point, while the Resolve Seal took up 5% of Ibiki's total power in the hopes of constraining the stamina, speed and energy output to halve Demonica's potential, make her fatigued and push her further towards the rings of exhaustion.

To go to this extent to ensure her opponent was constrained showed that Ibiki was NOT taking chances with this battle and did not underestimate the destructive capacity of her foe. This meant she had to work within the timetables of how long she could sustain this output of power; as she understood full rate the high rate of energy consumption that this release yielded for someone of her caliber of strength. So it's for this reason that she soon released her fist from whatever was lift of Demonica's gut and started a blitz of one hundred Resolve Seal punches with the energy still active in hopes of multiplying her effect, increasing the damage and sending her across the skyline as nothing more than a tattered, beaten and bloody mess of a demoness. As these injuries should prove hard to regenerate from, induce heavy pain, distract her and make the creature of terrorism feel the daunting strength of The Oni Captain.

"Give up."

That is all the advice in the world the golden vessel of light could give Demonica at this point in time.

Give up -- or be forced.

There was no way around this in her mind.


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Opeartaion Devil Wall [Nenton Guatemala]   Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:36 pm

Play posting music!


Artist: N/A - Song: Osana Reimu OST - Word Count: N/A

A brilliant pillar of light expanded from the midst of the chaos and calamity that had been woven around the two behemoths that fought here. It’s radiant golden hues pierced the darkness and sought to bring hope to the desolation that had been wrought by them. As the shockwaves from this pillar of raw power from the captain commanders release buffeted the earth and carved its own domain in the skies, demonica’s hair was blown back as her body continued to maintain its previous position. She wished to move, however in the split second it took for ibiki to say a few words? A streak of light appeared in front of the demon named demonica, that was it. There was no time to move, no time to evade. Demonica’s arms slid into an x shape as she felt as if divine retribution had descended upon her frame from this titanic blow of the kenpachi named ibiki.

Her body simply ceased to be visible to the mundane world as she was thrown at a speed many times greater than the speed of sound. It was as heaven and earth simply had been wrent apart by the blows that ibiki had placed upon her body. One could visibly see the shockwaves as they expanded upon the point of impact against the earth. It was not a hole, it was meteoric in the scale of it’s power. It was like the earth had ceased to be rock and instead was a turbulent ocean as it was thrown back, the makings of a crater expanding against the backdrop of the golden sky above. This shockwave could easily be felt within the few thousand miles surrounding them most likely.

As for demonica? Her mind was coming between the darkness of unconsciousness and the view of the golden sky above as she was completely pounded within the earth. Thoughts emptied from her mind as she laid, her body surprisingly still completely in tact thanks to the armor that compounded upon her, a burning fist imprints having been seared into her flesh of her arms from the heat generated merely from the friction of ibiki’s fist shredding its way through the air. Her posture was as if she had been broken, blood dripping from the corner of her mouth as she wondered to herself.

”Is this worth it?”

She willed her hand to move, however it just wouldn’t it was as if this body, her body that had fought beings that would be considered gods to humans would simply not move. As if her body had finally betrayed the titanic willpower that she had kept pushing it with. That she had kept forcing it to go further and further than she had ever before. Her muscles ached, every part of her body felt like it was being torn apart by a pain that was so intense that even this brute of a demon felt the tremors wracking through her.

”Is it worth this pain?”

Consciousness slowly was beginning to be overtaken by the darkness as demonica seemed to feel her eyes closing themselves. However burned on the very back of her eyelids was the memories of the life she had led. Of the monsuta, of shadow fall, of the many beings that she had fought. Of fantasia who she had inevitably come to respect. These images flashed before her one by one until it became a stream, a constant reminder of how far she had made it. Of how far she had climbed to be capable of getting where she was today. Of those who had shaped her, those who had been capable of influencing her. Shadin flashed through her mind quickly, the only being in existence who had been able to instill the emotion known as fear within her. An amusing notion even here in the crescendo of this mighty battle between beings of incalculable power entered her mind.

”..Fuck this pain, i haven’t even eaten that ice cream cone yet. “

The consciousness that had been fading slowly was being drawn back into the realm of awareness. The energy that was quickly dissipating as if the demon had fallen was beginning to build rapidly as her mind bellowed with all it’s might at the broken and crumbling body that she currently possessed.

”MOVE. “

A finger twitched, as heat began to rise from her body. Causing the ground around her to grow magmatic as soon the energy soon was already nearing the realm that she had possessed originally. Her body was rapidly drawing forth from the very channel that demons possess with zao ka.

”Move, move you piece of shit body. MOVE.”

Her arm moved next as slowly her body raised itself from the crater, the hand she could use slamming itself into the earth as she used this anchor to pull herself up to her knee’s, blood spilling forth from her lips as a raspy chuckle built itself from her lips. A bloody smile adorning itself on her face as her voice came out slow and uncertain, pausing intermittently spacing themselves between her words.

”Ibiki. . I Respect your patience.”

It was as if her words were gritted through the unholy pain that the demoness ought to have been feeling at this point. However slowly the demoness’s body now was attempting to stand, her muscles shaking, her arms twitching violently at the effort that it took to force her body up from the earth beneath it. The first time she’d stumble, almost falling back into the earth as she caught herself, however the second time she slowly forced herself to stand upon her own two legs, a pant of effort leaving her lips as within her mind she thought.

”..If i cannot surpass myself, how can i return proudly. How can i face them?

She looked up at the being that stood against the heavens above and slowly her body began to swell wildly with energy, this energy first gathered at her feet and caused the very earth to break apart. It then expanded throughout her body as it burnt through the feelings of opression that had been restricting her physical capabilities thanks to the titanic blow of ibiki. Then? As her eyes glanced up upon the being that stood in the way of the continued existence of the monsuta she said in a tone that was weak, that was so soft that it could be blown away by the wind.

”..As long as these two legs will take me forth, as long as these two arms continue to fight, as long as I can move I will protect the monsuta. Not because I wish for destruction, but because its my home!”

She gathered all those emotions, all those memories, all the pressure that was riding on her shoulders. And as her words echoed, only silence would follow them. A stillness like the calm before a storm settled upon the broken, scarred earth around them.

All of these feelings that pressed against her exploded out as the earth within a quarter mile of her was vaporized. A pillar of raw energy and nuclear power with it’s dark demonic red black hue ruptured like a lance to pierce through the golden hue in the sky. Nuclear radiation exploded outwards as it caused the very earth to bake under the heat that it emitted. Her energy was elevated to an entirely new realm as the skies continued to be defiled by her energy which was so thick and volatile that down below it completely hid her form from sight. Her voice seemed to continue to be worn, and tired from the beating she had taken as she spoke through the energy that continued to explode unabated into the skies above.

”Ibiki, I respect your strength. I respect your resolve, you are a warrior through and through.”

As the energy spiked once more it caused the many miles wide crater to shatter further before the demoness’s body seemed to bend down slowly, a grunt eminating from her lips as she spoke once more. Her voice growing stronger as she entered her black king state. The ground beneath her feet becoming super heated as her zao ka’s influence expanded to press against the world around her, the crater rapidly beginning to turn into a lake of lava by this point.

”So respect my resolve. “

Soon her body rapidly vanished, accelerating to speeds of mach twelve as the earth beneath her feet shattered as she utilized the entirety of her brute strength to speed that up even further. Having activated her shadow step and shrouded her body in a dense layer of force speed at the same time. All of this considered it would cause her to simply appear instantaneously infront of ibiki as her fist smashed into the kenpachi’s gut. If this hit landed? The effects would be absolutely catacylsmic. The force of the wind from the blow would be capable of ripping a straight line from the clouds in the distance for at a bare minimum two hundred miles. Then demonica’s body of edges energy destruction concept would come into play, the sheer brute force of her bladed body impacting the kenpachi being enough to rip clean through or weaken the energy that could potentially be used to sheild her from the might of this blow.

Then as for the force speed, which was put on top of the force of zao ka’s influence which in turn would double her strength on top of what it was already would be capable of generating this attack that could level cities on par with tokyo or new york while still extending miles into the periphery afterwards. This blow was powerful enough that if it had smashed straight into the ground, it would be capable of most likely breaching through into the earths mantle. This was the force that was borne from her will, from the very power that had been forced out of her by the kenpachi named ibiki.

All of her energy was being used to nourish her muscles, her body was envigorated by the dense shroud of demonic power that surrounded her as she unleashed a hellish barrage of punches upon the kenpachi’s body. Each one would be enforced by her titanic strength and nuclear energy, causing each one to feel like a small atomic bomb upon the kenpachi’s body as steam rose from demonica’s wounds. Burning each and every one of them shut as she forced herself further and further.

It was as if a switch had been flipped within this mighty beast . After the barrage was done however, ibiki most likely due to the abruptness of the attack would either be sent into her own personal crater in the earth, or she’d have been thrown back many miles in the air as demonica let out a breath that had turned the very air around her to pure flame due to the ferocity of the nuclear energy that was flowing within her body at this very second. She felt as if she was burning up inside. Such a willpower was lit within her, this was more than for her home however. This was also almost entirely the doing of the kenpachi that stood before her. How long had it been since she had last had a fight like this? How long had it been since her muscles trembled in pain and her bones quaked from fatigue?

The answer was simple. She had never felt like this before. She did not fear the kenpachi infront of her as she had feared shadin. Rather she respected the monstrous woman before her, and more then that she wished to fight! She wished to do battle with the leader of the gotei thirteen. She wished to push her, and push herself. There was such a fervor burning up within demonica that she spoke slowly once more, flames practically spilling over from her being as the nuclear energy that was in surplus expanded from her body and caused a miniature inferno in the air.

”The road to oblivion huh? Do you look down upon me that much ibiki?”

Her voice was mirrored by the hands that slowly clenched into fists as she waited for the shinigami to either pick herself up, or get herself ready for the vastly different battle that lay before her. Demonica’s words rose further as she spoke in a clear and concise manner.

”This is far more than me fighting you just because it is my duty ibiki.”

Now as she spoke miriad scars burnt closed adorned her body, her sleek and muscular frame barely hidden by the tattered and torn clothes that she had worn originally. She looked like a being that had been through hell, that had just been beaten innumerable times. Yet, her tone once more blasted out across the landscape.

”So stop looking down upon me.”

As her words resounded she waited for the next round of fighting to begin.


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Opeartaion Devil Wall [Nenton Guatemala]
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