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 Cardinal Seal Of The East & Featherblades [Henrex Upgrade]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Cardinal Seal Of The East & Featherblades [Henrex Upgrade]   Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:04 pm

» Name Of Character: Henrex Astillon
» Link To Character:
Henrex's Current App
Henrex's Revamp App

» Upgrading: Two things for Henrex. Gaining his Cardinal Seal, and two abilities for his wings.

Cardinal Seal Appearance

Cardinal Seal Release Appearance

» Cardinal Seal Release Powers (General Information): Most of the abilities that Henrex has when he activates his Cardinal Seal are based on improving his body, rather than giving him a larger pool of electrical techniques to draw from. As he has his Zanpakuto, there is no real reason for him to have more electrical, or storm based techniques that are "external" in usage, and so, Henrex's Cardinal Seal is mainly for bodily, or internal improvement -- boosting his speed, charging his body with electricity, etc.

Immense Speed Boost: To tie into the theme of Henrex, the main skill that comes from the Cardinal Seal being active is that his speed is immensely boosted from what is was. While it does not boost it by a full skill tier, his speed is boosted even further than his natural talent and his current skill level grants him. Able to hit Mach 3 speeds casually with only slight exhaustion after prolonged use, Henrex's speed gets even more dangerous when this is active.

Charged Body: Upon the activation of the Cardinal Seal, there is one thing that brings the entirety of Henrex's Cardinal Seal together, which is the fact that his entire body is constantly and always charged with electricity while the Cardinal Seal is active, granting him not only the plethora of abilities with the Seal, but along with granting him a few enhancements when this does activate. Initially, one can notice that this is what causes Henrex to be able to go so much faster, as his legs are heavily charged with extreme levels of electricity, which is also shared throughout his body. Another thing that should be noted is that it is not just his movement speed that is boosted from this -- but rather, all types of speed are boosted from the activation.

Attack speed, combat speed, flight speed, etc. All of which are boosted to beyond Henrex's current limits, which can grant him the ability to move at speeds that the eye couldn't not be able to track, unless someone was exceptionally good at seeing what would normally be considered to be unable to be seen or tracked. Furthermore, there are even more applications to be used for the charged body that Henrex gains, such as when it comes to switching to an offensive playstyle, he would have the opportunity to use this electricity as a medium, and not have to use any of his own energy. This grants him a large amount of longevity when it comes down to fighting, as it allows him to utilize multiple sources of energy to their fullest.

Dragon Hide: This is a passive ability that is active the moment that the Cardinal Seal is released. When this is active, two things happen, one of which is directly tied into the appearance of the Cardinal Seal's released form. The markings that spread across his body from when the seal is released are not just there to make his appearance change because of the seal, but rather is something that is meant to aid the basis of the Cardinal Seal, and make something for Henrex out of such. The Cardinal Seal of the East was heavily noted as a draconic being with the power over storms. Dragon Hide does just that. Covering Henrex's body with the markings, but also covering it with a blue, scaly material that is able to provide a defense towards oncoming attacks. This has the strength of an Advanced Hierro user, and lasts for seven posts, before having a cooldown of five posts.

Weather Resistance: This ability is rather simple. Someone who deals heavily with the weather, and has a large influence on it outside of the Cardinal Seal, it should come as no surprise that somewhere, his kit would eventually involve himself building a resistance to the very thing that he uses. This ability is a passive that Henrex gains while he has his Cardinal Seal released. When it comes to the aspects of the weather, Henrex has an extreme resistance to the effects of things like snow, rain, and so on. For example, if someone were to cause a large snowstorm, Henrex would be practically unaffected from the massive temperature drop in the area, unless it were to get to levels that dropped heavily below zero. While he is not entirely immune, it is very, very hard for to be affected by those types of things, and can often times give him the advantage when in a fight that contains a certain element.

Lightning Claws: This is another passive that is gained through the activation of Henrex's Cardinal Seal. Again, the Cardinal Seal is referenced through the Unabara as a draconian beast with the power over storms, and claws that could lash out and deal immense damage with the amount of voltage that is placed within their claws. With this, the tips of Henrex's fingers are immediately sharpened to extreme extends, allowing him to cut through some objects and potentially even buildings as if they were butter. However, that is not the only thing that is granted when these claws are active, as they also contain electricity that have the potential of overloading the nervous system of someone extremely low in tier, or someone with Adept Durability and below. To follow up with that, this process is by far painless. Someone at Adept Pain Endurance will feel excruciating pain from just a single attack. However, these claws do have one primary downside, which is that they drain a small portion of energy when striking with the claws directly. If the electricity is not directly touching the opponent, it will not use up energy.

Breath of the East: This is an extremely basic, powerful, but yet complex attack. While dragons in various media and mythology are generalized to be of one specific element, and have the trademark elemental breath be their main style of attack, a dragon who controls storm are not held back by such limitations -- as being something that is able to control multiple elements if given the ability to do so. With Henrex, he is able to combine it all into a single breath attack. By combining water, air, lightning, and ice, Henrex can create The Breath of the East. With the power of several Grand Rey Ceros, this attack is able to produce quite the amount of damage in even just a single attack. This is something that can be used five times before going on cooldown, which is seven posts.


Featherblades: This is one of the abilities that Henrex has been able to manifest through his wings, so that they may have another use, outside of regular flight. By using some of the energy that is spread to his wings naturally -- granting him a further area to store and release energy from -- Henrex is able to use the feathers of his wings to make himself even further armed. There is are natural traits that comes for the wings as a result of this, which is that his feathers become as sharp as a typical sword, leaving him with the option of using his wings as an attacking method. The sharpness of the feathers can be increased or decreased at any time, leaving him with multiple options on exactly how to use this.

Another trait that his wings gain as a result of this would be the immense durability that they gain. Able to withstand immense power, this also leaves Henrex with another way of using his wings. While this is a powerful defense, this cannot be spread to a source outside of his wings. Even if someone or something were to touch his wings, they would not receive it's benefits. The final traits that Henrex's wings gain -- which is the main reason that it is named as such outside of the sharpness manipulation that it gains -- is the ability to launch the feathers like knives. With simple flicks of his wings, Henrex is able to fire barrages of featherblades in mere seconds.

Arashi Tsubasa (嵐翼, Storm Wing): This is one of the additions that Henrex has developed towards Featherblades. Instead of just throwing normal feathers with the potential to cut, Henrex is able to infuse aspects of his Zanpakuto powers into this ability. With the vast set that comes with the concept of storms, Henrex is able to combine the various aspects such as water to add to conductivity, or lightning to increase damage. There are many applications to how this can be performed, and many variations as to how Henrex could execute this kind of ability, but it would be impossible to list them all, as the results are nearly endless.


Cardinal Seal: This was gained in thread, through Tsubasa branding him as one of his Retainers, and the one who was now The Blue Dragon of the East. I was given the go ahead to expand on what Henrex's Cardinal Seal could do, since each one given to each PC was meant to be unique. The thread that Henrex and Tsubasa were in of which he obtained this is practically over, with me waiting on Crow to finish it off. I figured I may as well make this now.

Featherblades: This is really just an expansion on his wings, and what they can do, since I felt that they should do something more than just give him flight.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Cardinal Seal Of The East & Featherblades [Henrex Upgrade]   Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:33 pm

[mod]I don't see anything wrong with this. Approved.[/mod]

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Cardinal Seal Of The East & Featherblades [Henrex Upgrade]
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