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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Dinner Date [Yaksha/Zeda]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Dinner Date [Yaksha/Zeda]   Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:48 pm


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The Gotei Captain's interest waned when the hollow tried to give him a pep-talk, what he seemed to forget was that being a captain was all well and good but this guy was talking about something that concerned the entire Gotei, if it was purely related to the Science and Development orientated Third Division then yes, it would be easy and simple for him to do as such but he wanted an alliance, a truce and while Zeda could get all the facts he wanted Ibiki Suika still called the shots.

Zeda's hand snatched the envelope off the table, looking it over before opening it and reading the contents quickly. It was good, quite a lot of intel that the captain could use in his development using technology to counter opponents and weaken them was always handy in combat. Kisuke had taught him that if you wanted to win you have to be many steps ahead and so information was not something you just tossed away.

The envelope could wait, keeping his firm grasp on it the captain returned his gaze to the hollow. Human. His humanoid frame and figure made Zeda decide to classify him as a Vasto-Lorde hollow. What else could he be? Unless he was something of a shapeshifter then the classification system listed him as one of the most powerful kinds. He was hungry, his constant gaze shifting back to the bottle of pills so close to him.

"I can produce easily a million, a few weeks if the Third Division put most of its resources towards creating that kind of result. I can see to it that the product is delivered although as I said Ibiki has the final say since my division has other commitments to the Gotei which would suffer from this... deal."

The Captain closed his eyes for a moment, letting his cyberbrain display a HUD as it quickly brought up statistics, resources and production rates from his division. It took but a moment for the final calculations to complete before he opened his eyes and watched the Hollow again.

"It would be good if the Hollow Threat was neutralised, you do understand though that we Shinigami seek to purify the hollows and allow them to pass on. This could cause an ethical dilemma for some. Seeing as that some believe they kill to help, others kill for revenge, this might take time to get used to. Although I don't have any issue with hollows, my dad's part-Hollow anyway."

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Yaksha, The Anthropophagus

Yaksha's lips curled upwards ever so faintly, his eyes now glimmering with a faint, almost feverish sheen as he looked upon Zeda. He kept his hands on the table, allowing them to scratch along the surface of the wood several times, but stopping himself from ever fully forming a fist. He simply sat there, with the silence of a statue, feeling the bile rise ever higher in his throat. He could feel the familiar old litany rising to his lips, could feel himself on the verge of a tirade that would almost certainly end with him being struck down on the spot. He blinked once, twice, and then nodded curtly.

"Captain Zeda. I know this quite well. You are not the first shinigami I have spoken with in regards to these plans. You are merely the supplier. My distribution network is already in place, and I have every confidence that if a million gikon were created, logged, and stored in three months, then in one month half of them would find their way into my hands. At that point, it is merely your choice whether you'd prefer to look into this affair, or accept it as the cost of business. I won't say that Ibiki has no place in this conversation, her delegate, you are well within your rights to act on her behalf in moments such as these."

He leaned forward ever so slightly, now drumming an arrhythmic staccato on the table, as he looked into the captain's eyes. He showed no sign of glancing away, or even of stopping. He simply...looked there, for long moments that seemed to stretch out even longer. Here was yet another of the primordial forces, and here he was trying to cow him into submission, or wow him with his penchant for self-advancement. When was he going to realize that trying to make sales pitches to forces of nature were fruitless endeavors?

"I'll put this simply, Captain Zeda. All I ask of to crunch some numbers. Show everyone the logistical viability. How high the chance of success is, how much of an impact it would make on your research into combat assets. I have others already poised to discuss the necessity or importance of these things from the stance of the heart and soul. Yours is to capture the minds of the masses, and show them that this plan is not some pipe dream that would fizzle out within the first year. I have others who would set on the arduous task of convincing people that ending the war with hollows is more important, at this moment, than winning it."

He leaned back, looking up at the roof, and then waving a hand vaguely through the air.

"I hadn't planned on introducing you to any of them today, but arrangements can be made if it's that important to you. I can see you're already feeling as if this was a waste of your time, so...anything I can do to make the decision easier, just let me know."

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Dinner Date [Yaksha/Zeda]
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