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 Cyrus Yehavniel [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Cyrus Yehavniel [WIP]   Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:19 am


Enter the Make-Way Warrior

I. Basic Information

» Name: Cyrus Yehavniel
» Titles: N/A
» Age: 291
» Appearance Age: 25
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: N/A

» Physical Appearance Description: In spite of his age, Cyrus has maintained an exceptionally youthful appearance, his eyes still carrying that glow of one's early years. Standing at 6' tall exactly, with an exceptionally confident stride and gait, Cyrus' build is rather slender, and one would be forgiven for assuming he was quite weak from his outward appearance. Overall, Cyrus carries himself with what could only be called a decidedly noble air, despite his lack of any such authority.

His neat, perfectly kept black hair trails just to his neck, carefully maintained so as not to bother him in the slightest or get in his way. His body is immaculately kept, not a single scar anywhere, his hair perfectly trimmed, and even his nails appearing to have been manicured. While he tends to be smiling almost constantly, this demeanor quickly shifts to one of what could only be called a profound sense of disgust and disapproval when he is called upon to do battle against evil. Even when smiling, however, those who are more perceptive can see an undeniable fire in Cyrus' eyes, an intensity that seems as though it pierces through whoever he is actually looking at and toward some far greater sight.

Cyrus typically wears light colors, often going so far as to wear entirely white, though he usually adorns these outfits with a decent amount of gold or silver jewelry, or the occasional blue accessory. Most often he dons white sweaters or jackets over white shirts, with white slacks and white knee-high boots. Despite these colors, however, Cyrus' clothes rarely seem to dirty much, thanks to a network of Cyrus' Static K-waves which pushes dust and other such things away from his clothing, or more accurately simply causes it to fall away as though frictionless. For a man, Cyrus accessorizes a rather impressive amount, and indeed the amount of care he puts into his appearance is what could only be described as "profoundly effeminate."

When entering into battle, Cyrus' attire shifts only slightly, an incredibly long, flowing white coat covering whatever current attire he might be wearing, and a pair of silver, rectangular quivers forming at his hips. This coat is incredibly simple, a blue line trailing down the center and with a lovely embroidery decorating the lower half. This coat, much like the rest of Cyrus' attire, rarely dirties.

» Physical Appearance Image:

II. Personality Traits

» Unflinching: Without a doubt, the single most defining thing about Cyrus is his complete and total dedication to achieving any goal which he sets for himself. Cyrus refuses to accept any form of failure or defeat, will never surrender, and has little to no concept of a job left only half done. In his words, “if a job is worth doing, it's worth dying for.” While a great deal of his willfulness is simply an in-born trait, it developed to where it is now only during his years of hermitage and training in his family estate. For nearly a century, Cyrus did nothing but train, honing both his body and mind until he collapsed from exhaustion or hunger, and upon doing so still forced himself to reach sustenance or a proper place to sleep. Put simply, when Cyrus has genuinely, truly committed himself to a course of action, there is not a force short of death which could keep him from seeing it through to the end.

» Protective:: Cyrus has seen many die, be they those he cared for, those he never knew, and countless who sat somewhere in between, and in response to that carnage Cyrus asked himself a simple, single question: “Why?” There were many answers to be found for this question, but none were sufficient or satisfying for Cyrus. Even the single answer that he believed truly had any claim to truth, that men were simply weak, was not enough for him. If they had strength, would they not simply be called upon to die in defense of the weak? The weakness of the many did not justify their death, for there will always be those who are relatively weak, and it is by them strength is measured in the first place. Thus, Cyrus took it upon himself to defend those weak, no matter who they might be. Cyrus cares not for race or for creed, for ideals or nations. He will defend the peace of the weak with his life no matter who they are, and to those who disrupt that peace, he will dole out swift and merciless retribution.

» Atlas Complex: While some might describe Cyrus as having a god complex, this would not be entirely correct. He does not have an inflated ego or sense of self, nor does he see himself as superior to others or believe in the infallibility of his own actions. It would be more accurate to describe his state of mind as an Atlas complex; that is, that he genuinely believes the weight of the world's troubles rests squarely upon him. He believes it to be the utmost moral good that he, rather than anyone else, take on the duty of protecting the world. Of course, Cyrus tends to ignore or brush off questions or refutations of this belief. He may not be perfect, and he knows that he has already failed in many ways, but nevertheless he is convinced that this is his moral duty.

» Vain: Cyrus' refusal to accept anything less than the best from himself may give him an undeniable force of will, but that does not mean it is without its downsides as well. Cyrus refuses to look anything less than his best, to perform any less than perfect. This manifests itself both in minor ways, such as his always keeping his attire absolutely spotless, and in more major ways, most notably his refusal to allow his Hymmnos to simply sound like a jumble of assorted notes. By and away the quickest way to make Cyrus lose his composure is to actively harm the self he presents, be it through giving him a poor reputation or simply making him look bad in even the most minor of ways. Cyrus aims for perfection, after, and to try and ruin that will make you into his enemy.

III. Character History

» History The man known as Cyrus Yehavniel was not always called such, nor was he always the soul filled with good that he is in the modern day. The name given to him at birth was Azmi al-Rasheed ibn Assad, bestowed upon him after what could only be described as a difficult birth in difficult times. While Cyrus' family was wealthy, owning a massive estate within the arid plains, those who lived in the surrounding area were relatively poor, simple farmers who lived equally simple, but quite content, lives. However, the al-Rasheed family had been desperate for a son for many years now, as the four daughters born before Cyrus were not, in his father Assad's eyes, fit to lead the family. Cyrus' birth itself was one that almost killed both mother and child, but in the end both made it through, which to Assad could only have been a sign that his son would be a survivor, one who would persevere through anything. He was named Azmi, “firmness of resolve,” in the hopes that this would only strengthen such convictions.

Be it for better or for worse, Assad's prediction about his son had been entirely correct. Young Azmi did as he pleased all through his youth, and no amount of discipline ever seemed to get through to the boy. He often found himself wandering away from the family estate to interact with the farmers' children, as he had no others to interact with within his family home and longed for some form of escape from what was, in his eyes, mostly rote memorization and dull practice. Countless times was he reprimanded, beaten, confined to his room, alongside who knows how many other punishments, and yet without fail he simply continued to do as he wished, whether it was sneaking out in the dead of night or, more often, defiantly walking away even as the sun shone brightly upon him. He would do as he saw fit, no matter what anyone told him.

Of course, young Azmi was not to be the only son of the al-Rasheed, for a strong family always needed several heirs in case things turned out less than perfectly, but he was decidedly the only one who ever dared to defy their father. As Azmi grew older, however, and Assad began teaching his sons the way of the Quincy (for a house steeped in tradition would never bother to train its women in such things), it was with a great sense of disappointment that Assad had to admit his eldest son was, by and away, the most talented of his children. Day in and day out, Assad brought his children into the courtyard of the al-Rasheed family home and taught them the way of the bow, but only young Azmi had what could be called a natural talent for it. While his brothers fumbled about with arrows and nicked themselves with bowstrings, he listened to every word his father spoke, watched his every action with as much care as he could, and spent hours training of his own accord until firing a bow was no more difficult to him than simply walking. His father may have told him to do it, but Azmi did not mind that, for this was something he enjoyed.

Having learned the bow, his training continued to the basics of reishi. Azmi's brothers still dragged behind him, and it would not be unfair or inaccurate to say that, in many ways, Assad was tailoring the shared training more to Azmi's own strengths than to the other children. As Azmi learned, Assad introduced new elements into the curriculum, fully expecting his other sons to rise to the challenge, and what a challenge reishi was for them. It was hardly a walk in the park for Azmi either, of course, and one could argue that it was, speaking relatively, the most difficult part of his training. While he of course understood the concept of reishi from having seen his father use it, Azmi himself had never tried on his own to develop his abilities, and now faced with the prospect of suddenly needing to manipulate this mysterious energy, he found himself at a bit of a standstill for a while, as he pored over the family texts and listened to his father's instruction even after his brothers had passed out from exhaustion.

What was it that he was missing? How could he not grasp this simple concept? Try as he might, Azmi could not manifest even the simplest bit of reishi, and for many weeks Assad came ever closer to giving up on his son entirely. He had had talent in the bare basics, yes, but even a human could succeed at mere archery. Azmi slept less and less, worked more and more, every day desperately seeking to release his reishi any way he could, until finally, after months of training, the faintest bit of reishi came forth. It was barely anything, hardly enough to speak about, but it was not about how much Azmi created. No, by seeing his reishi come, or more accurately by hearing and feeling it, Azmi understood what he had been missing all along. His reishi was abnormal, unlike what his father had ever witnessed, but that mattered little to him. Upon this discovery, Azmi continued to bring forth more and more reishi, each new call louder, higher or lower in pitch, until so much energy had been expended that he could only collapse onto the floor, unable to stand or stay conscious any longer. This was, however, entirely fine with Azmi, for he had not let this obstacle stop him.

Upon overcoming his inability to manipulate reishi, Azmi only found himself more driven than ever to push forward in his training, to master the way of the Quincy as quickly as he could. He begged his father to move onto the next step, and Assad could only sigh and agree to the terms. Azmi was becoming more and more headstrong by the day, but he was undeniably gifted. Who was Assad to argue with his drive to improve? It was then that Azmi began to learn the way of the spirit weapon from his father. It was a simple enough affair for him, truth be told. His affinity for the bow had never diminished, and his fairly deep understanding of his own reishi, a necessity due to its unique nature, left him quite prepared to manifest Shehai, and while it was hardly a perfect attempt on his first go, it took only a few short weeks for him to get it stable.

Still desiring ever more strength, now driven to prove that he could be the best, Azmi nearly demanded his father bring on the next stage of training, one that could make him a truly worthy Quincy. While he was forced to wait long enough that his brothers at least were able to manifest their spiritual weapons, Assad ultimately brought on the next stage of their training, and what was to be the last stage for all of them but Azmi; the Sanrei Glove. Azmi took to the glove with the same drive he gave everything he worked at pressing himself forward with an unflinching commitment to succeess. Day in and day out, Azmi did the best he possibly could to adapt to the sudden lack of reishi he faced. Sitting in meditation for hours upon end, be it with the merciless sun beating down upon him or the freezing desert winds of the night blowing upon his skin, Azmi forced himself to adapt. He had not failed before, and he would not fail now.

(The rest still WIP)

IV. Equipment

» Reading Material: Cyrus often has assorted books on his person, typically classics of Russian literature or philosophical texts, including a copy of A Hero of Our Time which never leaves his side.

» Sanrei Gloves: In addition to Cyrus' own Sanrei Glove, he owns the three gloves which belonged to his younger brothers during their training.

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Exceptional Spiritual Awareness: From his years of training, Cyrus has reached a point where sensing spiritual phenomena and energies is simply second nature. While all Quincies are already capable of spiritual awareness, Cyrus has gained what could only be described as a form of battle precognition when facing spiritual attacks, as he can sense the flow of the reishi without even a conscious thought. It should be noted, however, that just because he can sense an attack coming, this by no means guarantees that he can dodge it.

» Siege Bowmanship: Having studied archery from texts of long-dead empires and shaped his combat style accordingly, Cyrus has modeled his bowmanship after the long-dead traditions of siege warfare. His style is built upon the principles of overwhelming force, rather than any finesse or grace, and as such his arrows tend to be fired in wide arcs and fall upon his foes, rather than flying directly at them. However, he is also fully capable of firing his arrows in straight paths, and when doing so he tends to more closely emulate a ballista than any bow proper.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Cross: Cyrus' Cross takes the form of a small, unremarkable silver ring on his left middle finger, engraved with what appears to be an incredibly small bit of sheet music. As a defensive measure, however, he wears a number of adornments and assorted pieces of jewelery which all, at least at a glance, look more likely to be a Cross.

» Reishi Absorption: Cyrus' ability to absorb reishi is quite stellar, and great deals of reishi will simply be passively absorbed by him without a conscious effort. Should he actively decide to absorb reishi, it becomes quite the sight to behold, as his presence becomes a veritable black hole of reishi.

» Tonal Resonance: In his pursuit of ever more power to save the world he loves, and to prevent any others from needing to walk that path, Cyrus has developed his own understanding of reishi, one which radically differs from the traditional application. While Cyrus is entirely capable of absorbing reishi particles as any quincy, his own reishi is released in the form of waves. These waves produce sound with their release, though oftentimes some of them are at such frequencies as to be silent to the average ear, hence the name of this technique, and even the most minor expenditure of Cyrus' reishi releases thousands of these waves.

These waves come in two forms, the R-waves and K-waves, and each form has two states, these being Static and Dynamic. R-waves are closer to the traditional understanding of reishi, while K-waves have taken on a unique tonal structure and, due to this, are closer to kishi, or physical matter. The Static state of these waves tends to be exceptionally low in kinetic energy, if not outright lacking in it, while the Dynamic waves are often filled with it, and are quite potent if applied properly. A high-frequency wave often has a higher amount of raw power, but lower frequencies are much more stable and able to be more easily controlled. The four forms of waves are each capable of resonating with other waves, though not with all three of the others, and this means, put simply, that they are able to interact with and influence one another. All four of these unique wave forms function radically differently, as follows:

» Static R-Waves: The simplest of Cyrus' four waves, the Static R-Waves are the ones which function more or less as standard reishi does, and in many ways are indistinguishable in terms of their actual effects in the world. These waves are the ones that make up the vast majority of Cyrus' more standard attacks, in particular the typical arrows formed by his Spirit Weapon. Static R-Waves are capable of resonating only with Dynamic R-Waves, and this resonance allows the R-Waves to shift between Static and Dynamic so long as they share a frequency.

» Dynamic R-Waves: The Dynamic R-Waves are perhaps the most complex of the four waves but also by and away the ones of which Cyrus makes the most use overall. The Dynamic R-Waves are a sort of potential form of reishi, unable to operate on the world of their own accord, but capable of not only resonating with Static R-Waves or themselves stopping to become Static, but also capable of interacting with standard reishi particles. While this interaction cannot modify the particles into waves without Cyrus' own body as a medium, the Dynamic R-Waves are still capable of interacting with reishi particles by manipulating their movement.

» Static K-Waves: Static K-Waves, of the four wave forms, are the most widely varied of the waves. Static K-Waves can have frequencies ranging from 1 to, theoretically, ∞ Hz, and the frequency of a Static K-Wave, as well as their direction and structure of the numerous waves interaction, determine the makeup and shape of any matter formed by Static K-Waves. These are characterized by their always being at rest, the waves themselves entirely unmoving except through time, even if the object that they form is broken or moved. Technically, one could qualify the breaking of a solid formed by the Static K-Waves as simply the action of a Dynamic K-Wave upon it. The Static K-Waves can only resonate with Dynamic K-Waves, operating in much the same way as Static and Dynamic R-Waves resonate with one another.

» Dynamic K-Waves: The simplest way one might explain the Dynamic K-Waves would be to call them kinetic energy, and in terms of their functionality they operate in much the same way, but their actual properties are rather different. Simply put, while the Dynamic K-Waves have no formal structure or physical form of their own, Dynamic K-Waves which share a frequency with a Static K-Wave are capable of converting the Static K-Waves into Dynamic ones. This means, put simply, that the Dynamic K-Waves are capable of not only manipulating matter, but outright converting it into other forms.

» Blut Vene Einflößen: A form of Blut Vene which Cyrus developed as a more drastic form of defense, combining it with his ability to absorb reishi at exceptional speed. Blut Vene Einflößen creates a defensive network of R-waves around Cyrus' body, both Dynamic and Static. The Static waves, unmoving as they are, exist to create an initial barrier for any incoming spiritual attack, while the Dynamic waves' presence manipulates the energy in question and reforms it into a much simpler state that can then be quite handily absorbed by Cyrus.

» Hankyō no Hirenkyaku: Due to the unique nature of Cyrus' Tonal Resonance, his hirenkyaku has been rather drastically modified. While the very basic principle remains the same, that of using one's reishi in order to travel at tremendous speeds, the entire functionality of this effect is radically different. When using his hirenkyaku, Cyrus projects a high amount of Dynamic R-Waves in the direction he wishes to travel, a cylinder of the waves which reaches roughly five yards ahead of his body, which are at an incredibly high frequency. He then surrounds his body in a thin layer of Dynamic R-Waves, which he then resonates at the same frequency at those he has projected, and this moves him in that direction at incredible speed, easily enough to traverse entire continents in a only a few short hours. Due to the nature of the waves in question, this does produce an echo of sorts as he moves, creating afterimages of himself which not only share his reishi signature, but have mass. These may also serve to disorient opponents as his actual position and the nature of his echoes rarely match up perfectly.

» Walkabout: The Walkabout is, perhaps, the most drastic application of Cyrus' tonal resonance that he is currently capable of achieving. Through countless decades of grueling training and meditation, escaping any limitations he felt upon his body, Cyrus gained the ability to "wander," as it were. What this wandering truly entails is, put simply, the ability to simply find himself where he wishes to be through an application of tremendous amounts of reishi.

The Walkabout is an enforcement of Cyrus' will upon reality itself, using the power of his reishi and his tonal resonance to fundamentally rewrite reality, if only for the briefest of moments and in the most minor of ways. By creating a perfect resonance with his own Static waves, Cyrus himself becomes nothing more than Dynamic waves for just long enough to resonate once more wherever he needs to be. Upon these waves resonating where he wishes to restructure, Cyrus is reformed from the waves no different from when he originally resonated. The Walkabout may function anywhere reishi is present, as if there is no kishi present, the Dynamic R-Waves will convert themselves into the bare minimum K-Waves required.

Of course, an ability of this caliber is hardly without limitations. Cyrus cannot use this ability very often, and certainly not more than once a thread, without his waves being at tremendous risk of being unable to resonate properly at his destination. Furthermore, upon using the Walkabout, due to the massive amount of reishi expended, Cyrus must spend 3 full posts completely inactive, apart from incredibly minor actions such as speaking, breathing, etc., in order to recover.

There is also the question of whether or not Cyrus is truly the same person after using the Walkabout, as it functions by recreating himself where he needs to be rather than genuinely transporting him. He, however, sees no distinction between the two, as so long as he carries the same mind as the previous one, he has no concern about perishing for the purpose of continuing on in his quest.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Shehai

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: Shehai takes the form of an incredibly long white bow, its string comprised of concentrated reishi which pulses and flares from the sheer amount of energy contained within. The bow is capable of forming multiple strings if need be, forming into something closer to a harp than a bow. The bow is decorated with a golden trim, as well as a golden spiral which ends in two long points.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

» Hymmnos: Due to Cyrus' unique reishi, combined with Shehai's structure as both harp and bow, Shehai is capable of producing any of the four wave forms that Cyrus' reishi may take. When manipulating his reishi waves with Shehai, their resonance often comes across at a volume and pitch which is dependent on their type and frequency. As this is controlled by Cyrus, he prefers to have them imitate the sound of instruments he enjoys, particularly the violin. It should be noted that, while the below applications of Hymmnos are those with which Cyrus is currently trained sufficiently enough to use in combat without any issue, they are far from the end all of his abilities. Cyrus is currently only capable of using two of his Hymmnos at any given time, which is increased to three if he is in a high-reishi environment.

» Hymme Purge: Due to the nature of Cyrus' reishi usage, Shehai has taken on the ability to not only fire arrows as per a standard bow, but also to do so by being played as though it were a harp. This functions by the manipulation of Dynamic R-Waves or K-Waves, depending on the foe, which resonate from each bowstring upon being plucked before echoing through the immediate area, manipulating the reishi in the area into forming projectiles which may not need to form anywhere near Shehai itself. Shehai is capable of producing massive volleys of arrows with each strum of its bowstrings, upwards of 100 in a single motion of Cyrus' hand. Due to the ease with which Cyrus can fire these volleys, he is often capable of three or four in the span of a single post, depending on how easily he can make the action of strumming.

» Hymme Bless: The closest Cyrus has to what might be called a "healing" technique, Cyrus strums his bow just so, creating Dynamic K-Waves which resonate with the body of whoever is being targeted with Hymme Bless. Cyrus specifically targets whatever wound needs healing with these waves, and after taking a short moment to gain the proper resonance, Cyrus follows with Static K-Waves, which resonate with the Dynamic Waves and thus create a patchwork of sorts mimicking the body of whoever is on the receiving end. This technique is only a temporary stopgap, however, as these Static K-Waves are no substitute for genuine healing.

Theoretically, Cyrus is also capable of using Hymme Bless in a more offensive manner, but doing so requires more focus on his part, requiring a full post of focus in order for him to properly resonate the Dynamic K-Waves. He can then use the Static K-Waves to begin causing bodily growths or other such injuries that would hardly be wanted or pleasant for the recipient, such as abrupt increases in bone mass or sudden fleshy tumors. Due to both the cruelty of this technique and its rather disgusting nature, however, Cyrus generally avoids using it unless he has no other recourse.

» Hymme Awe: A technique which varies depending on the foe in question, Cyrus first fires off a volley of arrows using Hymme Purge to surround his target. Upon their coming close, however, these arrows resonate with one another and begin forming a series of long, rope-like strands, which begin weaving themselves in a dome-like structure around his enemy. Once the dome is sufficient to keep an enemy contained for at least a moment, it rapidly constricts around them, keeping them physically restrained for at least one post if they are at his skill level of Reishi Manipulation, with an additional post of duration for each rank below him they are.

» Hymme Divine: An application of Hymmnos that is used almost exclusively in tandem with Cyrus' unique hirenkyaku, Hymme Divine gives Cyrus a layer of high-frequency Dynamic R-Waves, which completely cover his body and redirect reishi around him to minimize its impact on his body. When active, Cyrus is capable of moving faster in all ways, and even his hirenkyaku becomes both quicker and more disorienting with its echoes. However, this does have a secondary function, as Hymme Divine's ability to redirect reishi means that it functions exceptionally well as a defense against spiritual attacks, making him almost entirely immune to them. The downside of this, however, is that this shield also means that he is unable to absorb any reishi when Hymme Divine is active, which is a significant hindrance considering the extreme dependence on reishi that his style of combat has.

» Hymme Genesis: Operating similarly to the Walkabout or Cyrus' unique hirenkyaku, but on a much smaller scale, Hymme Genesis is a technique which is almost entirely dependent on Static Waves, both K and R. By resonating these waves in a manner similar to an object he can currently see, or is common enough that he would have a decent picture of it in his mind, Cyrus can create a copy of the object that is visually identical, and physically similar. Cyrus may create up to 5 replicas of any object up to the size of an average human with a single usage of Hymme Genesis, though he can also create singular larger replicas.

The primary failing of Hymme Genesis is that, due to the manner in which the copies are made, they cannot replicate more advanced processes. For example, were Cyrus to copy a catapult, it could function perfectly fine, but were he to copy a computer, it would not be able to function as a normal computer, as he has no innate understanding of the actual workings of a computer.

VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: Hadraniel

» Vollständig Apperance: When Hadraniel is active, Cyrus' appearance changes very little. A flowing cape, a pristine white on its exterior and a deep blue within, forms on his back, and may take the shape of two wings should Cyrus so choose.

» Vollständig Abilities:

» Ur-Hymmnos: The voice of Hadraniel is said to echo for a distance of 200,000 worlds. When active, Cyrus' Hymmnos is capable of resonating with a sound not unlike angelic voices singing. The waves which resonate in this way are typically incredibly highly condensed and tightly packed with one another, leading these particular attacks to be substantially more potent than his standard Hymmnos, easily up to 10 times stronger than a usual Hymmnos attack.

» Hymme Testament: As all things become the sound of beautiful song, so too does the originator, and when using Hadraniel, Cyrus gains the ability to join his heavenly chorus. When Hadraniel is active, Cyrus may forego his physical form entirely, turning himself into the waves of his reishi for as long as he is able to withstand the usage of his Vollständig.

Cyrus may only take the personal form of a single type of wave at any given time, but is able to switch between wave types up to twice per thread, and when taking the form of a wave type he gains absolute control of said waves, even gaining the ability to resonate those wave types with any other wave, an ability he normally would not possess. This resonance can be used as it would be for any other ability he possesses, or to shift those waves into his current personal type.

When using Hymme Testament, Cyrus' usual limitations on the Walkabout are removed, as his body no longer requires any reishi absorption in order to reform, nor does he have a physical form which would become exhausted by it. Because of this, it becomes his primary mode of transportation, simply resonating a new form of himself wherever he wishes to be.

However, this ability of course ends when Cyrus can no longer maintain his Vollständig, and he must spend the post before his Vollständig ends primarily working to resonate enough waves to reform his body as it originally was, similarly to the process of the Walkabout.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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