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 The Determined, Unyielding Passion Of Justice! [Training, Solo, Closed]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Determined, Unyielding Passion Of Justice! [Training, Solo, Closed]   Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:41 am

She had been thinking too herself for a while now, she wasn’t sure how she’d do it but she needed a new move. The last interaction she had with a certain annoying, “edgy” she’s dubbed the nickname of “Kokokunt” showed her that she had some improvements on her technique she needed to make. The question hitting her meant she needed to make a decision, should she try to improve what she already had or add something new to her arsenal.

“I need a new attack…something with a …. A BANG to it! All I’ve been doing up to this point is punching at dummies and firing off from a gun. Fuuuuck, the academy has taught me nothing! What can I-…”

It hit her however, how her father used to operate and a few of his own moves. There was a certain theme that he always ran with that she wanted to try and give her own variation of, so it hit her. Now that she had in mind just what she wanted to do, she kicked out of the bed and pumped her fist.


The female quickly gathered some training gear in a small bag. Some gloves, a couple of energy drinks and some protein bars. She was running on her way out the door when her mother stopped her at the very last second.

“Gattling, where are you going?”

The female stopped in the middle of her tracks, turning to her mother.

“O-oh! I’m just about to head out and uh..go work out!”

Her mother gave her a puzzled look and she just sighed.

“I’ll be fiiiine mom. If any demons showed up I’d punch the mess outta’ them!”

“I know..I understand sweetie, you know I just worry. You told me about your encounter with that Kokoutou character…I just don’t want you to dance to close to flames, because I don’t want you to get burned.”

Gattling beat her chest confidently, giving her mother a thumbs up.

“Don’t you worry! Ain’t no one on this big blue planet hot enough to handle Gat!~”

She ran over to her mother and pressed her lips against her cheeks in a quick smooch, then ran out the door.


Once she had done that the girl proceeded to continue her walk. It was rather long but she’d eventually find herself in the midst of the forest just as planned. With her same confident, unbreakable smile she placed the bag onto the floor.

“Just you demons wait, I’m gonna kill every last one of you! And the next time I see that edgy nerd, I’m gonna sock’em in his bird chest so hard he becomes a human.”

She breathed in..then out.

“, the first thing I need to do is generate the energy. Then, I can generate the element that I want. If I mix the both of them I should have a new attack! It took dad months to pick up on attacks like this, but maybe I can learn a little faster.”

Her eyes were closed, both of her hands closed against each other as well. She continued to try and clear her thoughts, concentrating and concentrating..until she eventually slowly parted her hands, a small red orb of energy coming into view. She opened her eyes clearly happy that she was able to get this part down.


The orb proceeded to explode in her face, causing her to feel a great deal of pain and screaming in pain just rubbing her hands against her face.


She ran towards the nearest lake and started to dip her hands in and out of it, pressing them up against her face to try and ease her pain, upset with herself that she didn’t get it away.

“I guess the energy flow for things like this is different than what I’m used too…if I can’t control it, I wont’ be able to launch a basic attack – let alone a elemental one. But dad said I have a ton of potential, so maybe if I keep trying I’ll ge- what am I saying? I am gonna get this. I am Gattling! Failure is not a option, I wasn’t raised to fail! This move is going to be used to deliver a healthy dose of JUSTICE to anyone who goes against the grain.

Alright, let’s take it from the top!”

She pressed her hands together again, closing her eyes to concentrate and focus all of her energy into the single point of the orb to “control” it. So it wouldn’t burst in her face once again. She parted her palms, slowly opening her eyes and keeping her vision on the small ball.

“Come on…come on….don’t burst, don’t burst…”

She smiled happily, she got it! She finally got it! She had held it for longer and-

She threw it forward, blinking as it exploded.

“..So that one was close too….uuuugh. Crap, I gotta get this thing down quicker! This is the only way I can deliver justice!”

So with that being said she prepared herself for the “intense” training that would be required in order to learn a variant of a move that her father used. For now, she rested her back against the tree before she’d go again.


"Winners win, losers lose. I can't explain it any better than that.I don't know how it happens, but winners win.And if you create a culture of losing, if you keep being a victim,if you keep letting losing happen to you. If you keep letting people do you and treat you any kind of way it's gonna become a culture."
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Day 2 : Every Step I Take !   Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:56 am


The ball of glimmering bright red energy was now formed n the girl’s somewhat singed hands, le3aving her to give off a very bright and happy expression as she looked down the trail of the forest.

“Alright…here goes. HaaaAAAAA!”

She thrusted both of her palms out and threw the ball of red energy towards one of the trees, instantly knocking it down with ease as she jumped all the way up, as far as she could! Pumping her fist triumphantly she was nothing short of proud of her accomplishment.


But he wasn’t there, he was..gone. Her father was dead, he’s been dead and wasn’t ever coming back. A feeling of dread and sadness filled the girl’s heart almost instantly, as she was reminded of such a painful thought that weighed more than anything. It brought her to her knees instantly, as the emotional and easily excited girl let out a sigh. She’s never been this overcome with emotion before, so why was she looking so sad?

“…But…you’re not here…”

The female leaned against a tree behind her as the memories of her father began to flood her head. Things that led up to that day, the day she’d never seen him again were just things she always thought about.


The male walked into the room, sitting down at the table and staring at his daughter, who had folded her arms over her chest.

“Hey, hey dad! That was a demon who just gave you that package right?! I remember him, he was the one that tried to attack us when we went to the mall that one time!”

“Ahahah! Whaddya’ know Gattling, it sure was him! What about him?”

“Well how come you didn’t kill him? Demons are bad! All they do is hurt people! “

“…Well, sometimes killing someone may not be the best way to go about something.”


“Just because someone is a demon Gattling, doesn’t make them bad. It doesn’t make them a bad person! Not everyone can help where they’re born or how they’re raised. But it’s never too late for someone to try and change themselves. Like that demon over there was a bad guy, but now he delivers our mail! The woman who makes all those cakes at the bakery was the same way! Besides, we’re surrounded by them these days!”


“T-the point is Gattling, there is more to being a hero than who you can beat up. Any normal person can just beat someone up or kill someone, but a hero is a righteous heart that can show all kinds of people the right path.”

“Well, I don’t wanna be that type of hero. I wanna get rid of all the demons, every last one of them.”

“I guess you’re really set on that..but just remember, it’s okay to show mercy and compassion. These aren’t signs of a bad hero, they’re signs of a good and maturing one!”




She stared up at the sky..and then proceeded to punch at a tree, gritting her teeth.



They…they took you away..they took you away from me…

Tears started to stream down the pride redhead’s face, which she promptly tried to wipe away as the tree she was punching had notable holes in it. She hadn’t been the same when her father was taken from her. She was overwhelmed and even consumed with a desire to kill all demons, becoming a different person in the eyes of her mother and sister who watched her change. It didn’t mean she wasn’t friendly or welcoming, but she had become a whole lot more focused. Her father’s life was taken from him from out of nowhere, and she didn’t want to end up like that. She wanted to avenge him. But could what he had said have been true? All of the remarks about what the girl had to do in order to be a hero..

It started to make her think that maybe that this was all some kind of riddle. That perhaps she had let her heart get consumed with a unhealthy amount of hatred, and the only way she’d truly ever be able to utilize the things her father did was If she could truly see it from his eyes. He never made it out like she needed to be a hero like him, that she could be her own. But it started to hit her that perhaps she had been so caught up with purging everyone and everything that she didn’t realize she wasn’t much of a hero.

“..I’m justice. Justice…”

The thought entered her head for a moment. What she would do if she were forced to have to kill a demon child, or someone of her age? Who may not have known better. This all made her question her motives all the same, because at that point if she did do such a thing she could end up causing someone else as much pain as she did.

Was she becoming the very monster she hated this entire time?

“…They’re bad, right? Because…they took my dad away. So they all must be bad..they all wanna hurt me…”

Silence. She sat in silence, not saying a word for what felt like ages.

“…Or maybe they don’t. I…I understand now, dad. I’m not letting go of it, I still hate what happened to you. I hate that a person you had the courage to spare did that, and it’s why I’m as wild as I am today. So..”

She stared up at the sky, tears streaming down her face.

“Whenever I meet others like that..demon or otherwise, you’ll be the first I’ll let know! But for now, they all deserve a good punch to the face until proven otherwise!”

She wasn’t sure just how confident she was about what she just said. All she was certain about was that there may be another side to this coin, even if she wanted to always deny such a side existed. But the hatred couldn’t ever fully be shaken, she will never forget all that happened to her.

She was preparing to gear up for the next step of the training. Now that she had some time to think it out, she was just a bit closer to learning it! For what stopped the female from ever progressing to where she wanted to be was mental, and never physical.


"Winners win, losers lose. I can't explain it any better than that.I don't know how it happens, but winners win.And if you create a culture of losing, if you keep being a victim,if you keep letting losing happen to you. If you keep letting people do you and treat you any kind of way it's gonna become a culture."
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The Determined, Unyielding Passion Of Justice! [Training, Solo, Closed]
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