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 Drop the Rusty Pit [MIRJA]

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The young man decided to stop looking directly at the headphones. Now, it was more important to focus on the entirety of her. While her eyes bore into him, he let her have his gaze as well. The bright blue hues of his eyes were focused, not a bit doubtful of himself. He may regret some of his previous actions, but he did not view that as any kind of indicator of his success in future endeavors.

The gale of wind that buffeted around his body caused his muscles to stiffen, the ground beneath him giving way on his feet… before flipping him over, causing him to click his tongue. He was completely relaxed, almost as if he was used to getting blown away. Without hesitation, he found his footing again, landing on both feet as if he had rode the wind more than been attacked by it. While he did not look like much, his coordination and balance were at the top of what normal humans could maintain. When it came to humanity's gifts and abilities, he excelled in nearly all areas. Except, for perhaps, diplomacy.

"I'm not mad that you used it in reference to my maturity or power." He replied, straightening himself up from his crouching position. "I'm upset by it because a little child can't protect the people that I need to, or care for them." He told her, reaching up for the hat on his head and placing it reverently on the ground next to him. Soon, his jacket did the same, leaving him in his white undershirt and military pants. Her explanation puzzled him a bit, as well.

"Why would you thunk a Plus on the head? I thought they were essentially powerless." While this was the part he was asking her about, he had not been ignorant of the rest of her words. He could accept them, so he saw no further reason to address them. The bit about the Plus was a tad confusing to the male, however.

Right there in front of him, he began to do stretches, moving from one side of his body to the other. As he did so… his body began to noticeably change. His muscles were beginning to expand, and the smoky gray hair was being replaced with the gold from before. In addition, the hair on his head began to rise up into the air, almost binding itself together in clumps. This created spike-like clumps on the top of his head, as his hair returned to being completely gold.

After his warm-up resulted in a much more fit state for combat, he began his charge towards her…

By calmly following after her when she turned around.

It was as if he also had all the time in the world.

The only difference was that his hands were behind his head, and the small flashes of energy that occasionally sparked off of his body. He followed her through the ruined city, his eyes following the back of her head. Based on what I've seen so far, I'm definitely slower than her… which means if I'm going to get those headphones back, I'm going to have to use my head. Similarly, if she is going to keep them away from me…

She'll have to come up with ways to counter my plots…

"So, have you been involved in any battles like the one that caused this wasteland?" He asked her at last, keeping the rest of his thoughts to himself. His voice and actions were calm, if a bit tense. He could not relax himself completely; he was not much good at hiding tension. Despite that, he was trying… Now it was simply a matter of waiting to see what his honest effort yielded.


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Mirja turned on her feet so fluidly it would seem as if she was stood on some rotary device, rather than shuffling around herself. Walking backwards with the same grace and confidence as she walked forwards, she even leaned towards Len and grinned like a cheshire cat. Or a Cheshire Wolf. The question reminded her of a very fun time she got her ass kicked.

"Wow. Such a fool to lamant being young. Grow up naturally, little one. As a Wolf who has grown up artifically quickly, I can tell you with honesty that it sucks. As for the fights....Ohh, yea. There was this one time I was fighting with a girl called Demonica. She was a badass and I was rocking Shining Ursa Empress, My Bankai's most powerful form. We took Jakata apart that day. T'was great fun. And then there was the time in Karakura Forest where I was fighting against a really cool guy, calling Colin Washi. Whole Nine Yards then. Red Arms of Ruin, Heart's Kiai, Zero-Point Soul Refraction Technique, Cardinal Seal of the West. Tore the forest a new lake. Then aain with Colin, we fought in the deserts of Egypt. Made a mess of things. Nothing on the scale of this, but certainly not at all pretty" Mirja told him, always one to toot her own horn when it came down to good fights.

"And then once, Tsubasa Unabara used me to dig a new hole in his garden. It was pretty deeper than he expected, I think. Took a while to crawl out of it in the end. And then, finally, a fight against this crazy ass monster called an Atlas Project. Trashed the entire building, and this was a building reinforced to withstand pretty much every natural disaster that could be thrown at it, and brush it off like one would brush off a bit of lint on your hat.

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Drop the Rusty Pit [MIRJA]
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