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 Jubei Unabara WIP

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jubei Unabara WIP   Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:49 pm

Shinigami Dossier

Family Matters: Born into the Legendary Unabara Clan that houses the Horsemen and all of those other beings. It's considered difficult to even live a normal life here. All children were taught combat and survival training at a young age. Jubei has spent most of his time enjoying his life with his family. He was a survivor of the incident that claimed most of the Unabara's lives. Despite not being a perfect Unabara like those who belong to the Main set. He was given the Title of Wrath within the Family. Making him a bodyguard of sorts for the families head members and higher ranked. He doesn't generally seem to socialize with them or those in it. Considering his family duty an important part of his structure. His mother and father along with himself were able to avoid the slaughter by doing a mission. His parents and such went elsewhere to perform duties. It wasn't like he'd gained much for the job of maintaining a sector. He'd not heard about the slaughter of the Clan or even what happened to them. His duty as the Wrath was simple and singular in its message and meaning. He was to kill the other sins if they got out of line. Jubei acted as the punisher of the Unabara Clan. So this made him and his family rather estranged from most things. People feared him and kept him at arm's length most of his life. For his duty as a player made him out to be a killing machine. Even among the Unabara Jubei's name is respected by the low and the high. He's sent to correct mistakes within the Clan Family only. Having the training to be the finest warrior and Slayer possible. He doesn't use the term of an assassin like many others. He is a Slayer making his duty as the Wrath the Judgement much more important to the clan. His duty along with the Sin's who represents the family. Are to be those figures which protect the Horsemen but also ensure the laws and codes are upheld completely. And when they aren't to bring down righteous fury upon those who would do otherwise.

Name:Jubei Unabara
Age:Four Hundred
Alias:Wrath the Judgement

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Jubei Unabara WIP
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