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 Anu Naito [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Anu Naito [WIP]   Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:12 pm



» Name: Anu Naito
» Titles: Human of Wind, Black Cat
» Age: 20
» Gender: F
» Affiliation/Rank: Monsuta
» Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

» Ethnicity: Japanese/Indian (Mixed)
» Sexual Orientation: Asexual
» Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ♑
» Blood Type: A-
» Associated Flower: Wisteria

» Height: 5’3” / 161 cm.
» Weight: 124 lbs. / 54 kg.


» Appearance Description:
Anu is a young woman a bit on the short side, with a slender and lean body, a young lady defined by a lithe but fleshy frame. Her face is soft and rounded, her wide cheeks being the most prominent feature, giving the girl a slight childish look, coupled with a dark skinned complexion, courtesy of her mother’s Indian heritage. The facial features are defined by small heart-shaped lips, high cheekbones, chubby cheeks, and a small button nose to top it all off. Connecting the head with these features is a thin, medium sized neck. The visage is accompanied by a pair of rounded almond shaped Violet colored eyes, orbs that are shadowed by anu’s secrets of which she keeps protectively to herself, topped with gently rounded eyebrows and naturally thick eyelashes.. Her usual expression is, well, a lack of one. Anu’s face is one of blankness, never displaying anything that could betray what she was feeling.

The young woman’s lineaments are outlined by short, layered Orchid hued hair that, in the back, just barely reaches the top of her neck. The styling is similar to a short hime cut hairstyle, with two particular long tendrils hanging on either side of her face, reaching just under her chin. The hair is usually held back by a headband that has something of horns, or maybe really nubby cat ears, something she has around with her for as long as she could remember.

Anu’s structure is similar to that of a triangle, with a slender and smaller upper body yet fuller lower, giving it the illusion of a hourglass figure. Her arms are short in length and lean in design. Her legs are pretty much the same, while being much more supple, giving her a rather short height as a result. Characterized with the rest of her body are narrow shoulders, full hips, tiny waist and a regular sized bust. Miss naito also has a flat, lean stomach, along with a mysterious looking tattoo of a skull with wings just barely above the lining of her upper V line. The girl is noted to be carrying herself in a calm and stoic manner, no movement showing deliberation or pre thought actions.

» Appearance Picture: (If you have one, link a picture of your character.)


» Personality:
Due to her upbringing by Takahiro, it is of no surprise that Anu’s most prominent feature is her cynicism. She wholly and fully believes in the absolute mindset that all people are selfish and work only for their own pure self interest. Because of this, she has large amounts of distrust and wry feelings towards almost everyone she has ever, and will, come across. Even to this day, she still has the unwavering, distorted thought that believes that humanity as a whole, is manipulative and conniving, that they all wish to use her like a tool, an object. That they wished to mock her. As expected as the result of this way of thinking, Anu is someone full of skepticism, managing to appear like ice to all she meets, even after possibly knowing them for months or years. Its simply because of the fact that she is a pessimist, so she believes heavily in this mindset as she has seen it in the past and harshly believes that the past is doomed to repeat itself, no matter how hard you or anyone tries to resist.

Nihilism Is something within the girl that just came to her naturally, even as a young child, but she never noticed nor understood it until she was much older. Her mother wasn’t religious, nor was anyone in the Gashadokuro family, further pushing and influencing Anu into this belief, or disbelief. She rejects every form of religion and its practices, ruling them in her word of law as worthless and foolish. In her mind, all forms of religion is just a temporary comfort from the truth for simpletons who are foolish enough to fall for it. An atheist of sorts in the eyes of many others due to this way of thinking, the woman could be described as a skeptic due to her complete utter disregard for even the slightest thought of there being some forms of Gods. Sure, demons and devils may be true, but would they really be roaming around if there was a pathetic “God” around to prevent it? Anu squints at the mere thought. Coupled with that fact, the assassin does not believes that life is meaningless, believing that anything people do are worthless and that they are just prolonging their meeting with the true and only “God”, Death.

Not only trained to be someone with large amounts of control over her emotions and how they are distributed, but the unemotional deposition is something that comes naturally to the young female. Almost completely emotionally cold and unnerved, she compares herself to a statue, unfeeling in almost every way she moves, talks and interacts. Her barrier is nigh unbreakable to everyone but herself, as only those with the strongest persistence and determination would be lucky enough to even see a crack in the she composure she worked very hard to build, depending on the buttons they correctly press and coordinate. Truly an antisocial, the girl works to avoid this, in any way and form, preferring her alone time than rather face someone trying to become “buddy buddy” with the woman. Her interactions with others could be described as either dispassionate, or impassive, as her voice barely rises above a low octave and everything she says is straight to the point, wasting no time. As such, the way she carries is that similar to a lifeless doll, or as a trained and deliberate murderer in other cases.

Heavily due to her past and its experiences, Anu is completely adverse and hateful to anyone of the human race, herself included. A “hate of mankind”, as some would say, the woman reasons that her hate for humans is due to her personal distrust with their natural human “instincts”. Their inborn selfishness, greed, and constant need to be at the top makes the her feel strong revulsion to them and everyone, and everything, associated with the particular race. The likelihood of Anu establishing a relationship of any sort with those born as humans are quite low, as her hateful words, racism and resentment would either push them away, or she would attempt to cause them harm if they set a determined path to attempt getting close to the assassin. As such, on an instant basis when meeting someone from a human lineage, they are instantly on her bad side and she may even refuse to look in their general direction. However, when it comes to those from different races, she has a more neutral feel around them, being her usual cold and unfeeling cynic self, not feeling any particularly strong feelings towards them until they show who they are as a person and then she makes her judgements.

Homicidal Rage

A complete contrast to her natural frigid and indifferent personality is something deep inside the young woman that is triggered and released in an almost uncontrollable manner once she has lost that composure, due to the fact that her thoughts of harming others, those she consider lower and weak, proves to be too much for her and she allowed it loose. It could be referred to as something more akin to a completely new state of mind, as Anu becomes more feral and nefarious, almost crazed in a sense. When interacting acting with others in this state, her voice is wild and much more erratic as she speaks, complementing the daring actions she takes on. Anu's interactions while experiencing this plight still show strong signs of a complete disregard for others, and even less for herself. Furthermore, the young woman also presents a much more vulgar vocabulary, coupling it with absolute crudeness, sinking further into delirium. Of course, to top it all off, the young woman is more of a killer during this different persona's takeover, carrying out all of Anu's anger and want for revenge, basically acting out all of the human's whims, as it attempts to eliminates the cause of the thoughts.

Personality Traits

  • Lack of Empathy
  • Reserved
  • Detached
  • Self-Loathing
  • Sardonic
  • Frank
  • Sensible
  • Intuitive
  • Truthful (?)
  • Patient

» Likes:
Personal Alone Time
Thick Blankets
Dark Chocolate

» Dislikes:
Humanity Itself
Enclosed Areas


» Background:

Anu was born in rural town Nagiso-cho, Nagano. There, she was born into the world by a woman by the name of Rohana and a mysterious man whose name is unknown. Said mystery man disappeared almost immediately after her birth, as he viewed the child as a mistake, an accident after a one night stand with her mother. Rohana had a completely different mindset with the situation however. Contrasting the disgust of her child's father, the young Indian woman adored the child even before Anu's birth. She wasn't rich, but provided what she could in preparation for the new life that was to appear soon. All this she did alone, but it bothered her none. All she really seeked was companionship, after all. She was a lonely woman, being the only living member of her immediate family after a tragic car accident when Rohana was sixteen years old. Her extended family members turned her away when she came for help, all for their own petty reasons, with the most common being that she was disowned by the family due to her "promiscuous" ways. It was all gossip between the elders, honestly, and none of it made any difference to Rohana. Instead, she trudged on, new child in toe, as she attempted to better her life after becoming a mother, even going as far as to rent out an old, raggedy apartment with the spare money she had, all for the fact that she didn't want the girl to be born homeless into the world. And with that, barely scraping by as a Lady of the Night to provide for both herself and her child, Rohana somehow managed to create and maintain a steady life and home for young Anu Naito.

As such, due to all her mother's hard work throughout a healthy four year span, Anu was your almost average, happy four year old. She attended school, made friends easily because of the young one's bubbly nature, making the young four year old’s life seem like a fairy tale, at least to her. Her mother cared for adoringly, each day was like some new adventure, and she had friends that she loved to play with. It was more than what she could ever hope for. However, like the reality of all “fairy tales”, every beautiful thing Anu experienced, came at the expense of her mother’s well being. She wasn’t sick, no, but with each new year, things got more and more expensive, which in turn required for Rohana to spend more time out at night to pay for their bills and Anu’s increasing amount of care she required. Being a Lady of the Night was no easy job, especially when she had a young girl at home to think about, someone she had to set an example for as a woman. She wanted to do better for her child, to be better. So at the cost of her physical wellness and mental state, Rohana made her choice of sacrifice. It was only when it came to the young girl’s seventh birthday did the force of stress on her body and mind finally take their toll on the woman.

It was deep in winter when it crashed into their lives like the unwanted guest it was. Anu didn’t exactly know why her mom seemed so sick all of a sudden, was it because she was always out so late? Her eyebrows would always furrow at the thought, pondering at the memories of her pretending to sleep while she watched her mom get all dressed up in some very unsafe clothing and leave her home alone, not returning until her young daughter had 2 hours to get ready for school. She didn’t know much about the world, but she knew that was not usually what mommies did. But instead the girl shrugged it off, it was always the possibility her mother was special, after all. Instead of worrying about it, Anu shrugged it off, besides, Rohana was already trying to distract the girl from it by spoiling and splurging her with sweets and all kinds of things. A decision the girl came to regret years later, but what could she really do?


  • Name: Fūjin
  • Type: Defensive/Offensive
  • Information: The universal tool's appearance is that of a Tessen, an Japanese war fan. From first glance the Tessen looks completely harmless, looking like a normal folding fan. However, when opened, one could note the outer spikes made of heavy, thin plates of steel hidden between small flaps. The cloth hiding the blades and giving the weapon a sense of fashion is midnight black. On both sides of the fan is the outline of two dragons that seem to be floating on clouds and a Yin Yang symbol on one side. The metal not covered by the cloth shows that the metal is a stainless, silvery chrome steel. On the handle, there is a bit of black rubber with a golden dragon design. When not using the Tessen as a weapon of sorts, Anu can block basic attacks, like thrown weapons or close ranged attacks.

  • Name: Furaingurōdo
  • Type: Offensive/Defensive
  • Information: A set of six kunai made from black stainless steel that are about six and a half inches long. They aren't very heavy, but have enough weight to stand against a numerous amount of attacks. With the proper care, the set are not likely to break easily and can be used to the very extent of their abilities. Furaingurōdo are usually seen inside the small pouch on Anu’s right leg. However, what differentiates these kunai from normal kunai is that they are able to withstand the power of a chi user by allowing such power to flow through it with ease. With the power flowing through it, the Furaingurōdo are able to extend their length, similar to a sword, and become much sharper than before.

  • Name: Aijin Mob
  • Type: Offensive
  • Information: An assortment of variously different shapes of shuriken that are also made of stainless black steel that look to be in the similar fashion of the kunai. Like Furaingurōdo, the Aijin Mob are able to withstand the power of a chi user to become stronger and sharper than what it was previously. However, instead of extending, they are able to fly swifter and cleaner through the air, looking similar to a blur soaring through the air towards an opponent. The Aijin Mob too are located inside the pouch.



Aijin Mob:


» Natural Attributes:

» Advanced Aptitude for Chi:
As someone who has worked and pushed herself to her limits on numerous occasions, Anu is someone who has nigh perfect control over her Chi, being able to manipulate, bend, and manifest its very being to not only affect herself, but areas and objects around her. With near expert precision over each and every execution of her Chi performance, the girl has no problem opening, closing and operating her Qiqongs in even the most complex ways due to her training and individual practice and consistent usage over time.

» Agility:
With the natural and trained grace of a gymnast, Anu is able to move her body quickly with the easy use of her limbs as she forces the vessel to move at certain speeds at her commands that her body is capable of achieving, much more fluidly than a regular.. Well, maybe even more so than a human, as the movements themselves are very similar to that of a cat’s, her actions being very flexible and catlike in almost every sense.

» Martial Arts:

» Karate:
Anu uses karate as a form of her go-to self defense tactic, utilizing it's grappling and joint lock techniques. With these, she is able to push any opponent back and distance herself in order to gain the upper hand, usually in attempts to subdue a target. The karate isn’t usually performed on its own, however. It is typically combined with varma kalai or hapido, depending on the situation. The latter for when she is actually giving a bit of fight back with her opponent, either for her own bemusement, and the former when she is especially aiming to end the encounter quickly.

»Varma Kalai / Marma Adi: Sher Dil (शेर दिल Lion Heart):
A style and skill she learned from an older man during her days with the Gashadokuro family. Varma Kalai itself is technically just a form of alternative medicine of which the practicer presses the pressure points on another's body to either help heal them and relax their body, or cause them harm. Anu is able to perform both of these techniques, with the healing factor on a lesser note. However, what is really phenomenal is that the young woman has been used the knowledge of these pressure points and it’s combat component and used it to craft her own distinctive fighting style. She slightly lowers her body closer to the ground, getting in tune with her center core as she analyzes her opponent and searches for their available points. Once she has a lock on them, however, she moves her body similar to that of a stealthy and slick cat, twisting it this and that way to reach that one spot she was aiming for. When a point is actually hit, there are a few things that could happen depending on what PP (pressure point) was hit. On some it might cause discomfort in their nervous system, others inducing an upset stomach with the urge to vomit, and some might simply just cause a headache.

» Hapkido:
A skill she actually taught herself by spying on practitioners and adding her own twists to make it her own. She uses Hapkido in a similar fashion as Karate, utilizing it for defensive gains, but that’s where the similarities stop. Hapkido is set form of physical offensiveness Anu uses. Using her strong legs, she weaponizes the kicks to be fatal, mixing in marmi adi as she aims for opponent’s weak spots like the back of their knees, elbows, etc. Utilizing her arm and general body strength, she uses an attacker’s body weight against them when they attempt to land physical attacks against her, striking against those same weak spots when they were vulnerable once again.

» Enhanced Endurance:
With advance training and years worth of endurance training Anu is able to sustain herself longer than a regular human and then some. Her body’s muscle is capable of handling and taking certain attacks with ease for a given amount of time. It also allows the woman to last a longer while in a combat situation, running and jumping around being easily sustained with the extra stamina, along with being able to endure pain with not much of a fuss. No matter how emotionless Anu is, she always plans to last to the very end of the fight, regardless of the fatigue, stress or anything else thrown at her to attempt to slow her down.

» Unnaturally High Resistance to Cold Temperatures:
Possibly due to her constant exposure to violent temperatures while dealing with manipulating the wind, Anu has developed a freakish amount of resistance against low temperatures, barely feeling the bite of a winter breath. This sets the grl to be being able to walk around and handle situations such as a fight with ease, even in temperatures where the normal normal humans begin to stagger. However, while the temperatures do not affect her, things such as ice and heavy snow would, as they weigh down her body and slow her body.

» Passive Chi Abilities:

» Analytic Eyes:
The reason that Anu’s eyes seem so overbearingly bright is due to the Chi energy that is constantly pulsing through the trochlea tendon to her eyes. The Chi itself acts as slowing effect on the eyes, slowing people in the woman’s sights, allowing her to analyze their next opening with ease. This gives the girl an inhuman amount of concentration on specific people/objects, finding the details no normal person would be able to spot. However, with the addition of her knowledge on a human’s pressure points, the eyes give her a full script of the location of these vital points. Clothing or armor is of no hinderance, as she sees their spiritual energy instead of their normal humanly body outline. The downfall of this being used in battle to predict movement is the fact that Anu has to be faster than the person she is attempting to scan.


» Sei Abilities:

» Xinfeng: Once a person has had their Chi nodes opened, they must learn to keep their Chi from leaking away from their body. Xinfeng is the process of keeping the nodes open, but also having Chi flow through and around the body rather than away from it. Once maintained, it creates a shroud around the user that feels similar to standing in lukewarm, viscous fluid. Ten maintains youthful vigor and reduces one's aging; since the energy powering the body no longer leaks away, one can keep the body from breaking down and deter the aging process. A practical application of this manifest as the effective comparable for Chi humans to an Arrancar’s Hierro. A shroud of Chi surrounds the body in a thin layer that dramatically bolsters the defensive capabilities of the Human being, allowing him to not only stand up to the wide array of supernatural creatures the world boasts, but also to occasionally power through them without so much as a scratch.

» Chengtan: Chengtan is an advanced application of Xinfeng. Chengtan allows a user of Chi to extend their energy's envelopment onto an object, allowing them to use that object as if it were an extension of their own body. For example, one could use Chengtan to extend their Xinfeng around an object, which would strengthen and protect the object like the way it envelops and protects the body. Unlike Xinfeng however, Chengtan does not need constant energy flows to maintain. With Chengtan, a Chi Human can infuse part of their essence into an object and grant it abnormal and ridiculous power. Many legendary artifacts in the human world are the result of potent Chi Humans bequeathing their power onto an object.

» Jiaodian: By channeling the user’s Chi to their eyes, the practitioner is afforded a substantially larger amount of information from optical intake. While by having opened the Qiqong, the Chi Human is naturally sensitive to numerous types of energy and can follow them well enough, whenever the Chi Human is utilizing the Jiaodian, they are able to see things in much more depth, akin to the difference between a color television and a black and white version. Chi Humans who are especially adept at Jiaodian are far more equipped to react to minute movements of an opponent, making them seem to have substantially higher reaction times, when in reality they are simply given much more information to work with.

» Quan: Quan is an advanced application of Xinfeng. Instead of projecting the Chi around the body, Quan projects the Chi out over a wide area. Any object that enters this area around the user immediately triggers a signal in the Chi humans brain, letting him sense and pinpoint what transgressed upon his area of control. The accuracy and area that the Chi human can project their quan is relative to their tier and proficiency with Sei Chi.

» Yuhe: Using Chi in order to get their bodies to the best shape as possible, using the chi flowing in their own bodies they are able to regenerate faster than the normal human beings this doesn't mean their bodies heal instantly, it's almost like the Shinigami, there bodies can heal faster than normal humans can. Chi humans who are especially adept in Sei can recover debilitating flesh wounds in a matter of minutes and it is rumored that Grandmasters can even regenerate limbs.

» Māo TĪnglì By channeling Chi directly to her ears, Anu is able to sufficiently enhance the amount information picked up by their auditory perception intake. While having Qiqong, and Jiaodian activated together, she is highly sensitive to all forms of activity and can track objects, animals and people on the same level, and higher, than that of a specialized animal and/or regular human. Whenever the Chi human is utilizing the enhanced hearing, her eyes see in ultraviolet lighting, every inch being in almost uncomfortable depth.

» Dou Abilities:

»Tilan: Tilan is the opposite of Xinfeng. Instead of taking the Chi and forming it around your body, Tilan generates that chi and propels it outward. it's also possible for them to produce more energy around themselves without having to worry about losing it. Tilan focuses on outputting a high amount of Chi and keeping it on the body, expanding the size and intensity of it. If Xinfeng is considered to be purely defensive, then Tilan typically is used for offense. This is equivalent to the spiritual pressure that many other species are capable of. The Tilan from a Chi human is relative to both his tier and the extent of his skill in Dou, but those who are powerful in both can release pressure that can prevent others from being able to breathe, much less move, simply by being in the Chi Humans presence.

»Yoh: Yoh is a weaponized mass of Chi energy that is most equatable to offensive Shinigami spells or a Hollow’s cero. The size, color and potency varies from user to user, the last category typically being dependent on tier and proficiency with the Dou alignment. While there are not distinguishing names between the different kind of attacks like there are with the Hollow variants, the strength and power behind the different types of energy attacks can vary as wildly as the gap between a Bala and a Gran Rey Cero and the different levels achieved vary wildly on the attunement to the user’s Dou Chi.

»Anu’s Yoh: Similar to that of a Hollow’s cero, it comes protruding wildly from the young girl like that of a burst of energy with minimal charge time, usually gathered and released from the palm of her tiny hand. The coloration is that of Vantablack with licks of [color=#C71585]Red-Violet[color} circling the edges of it. The sizing is that of four times her own body’s length, representing all the Dou energy inside the girl that goes untouched and uncontrolled.

»Piqi: Piqi is a dangerous but rewarding technique that effectively closes the valve, similarly to Yizhi, on every Qiqong point but the one being used in the technique, effectively building up pressure in the body and expunging all of the chi through that one Qiqong. This makes that one body part exceptionally powerful and can increase the raw potency of any attack using that body part. Using Piqi can dramatically increase the potency of a physical attack, a Yoh energy attack or even the unique abilities, or Shiyong, that manifest with each Chi practitioner. The downside however is, like Yizhi, shutting off the bodies energy to everything but one point makes you very susceptible to counter attacks and as such, Piqi is useful exclusively as a finishing move or a guaranteed strike, otherwise it carries massive risks.

» Zhuăzi: Zhuăzi is a simple but lethal weaponized Dou technique that closes the Qiqong points on the girl’s arms, instead focusing the unused energy into the user’s hands. Anu forces this energy into and around her fingers, forcing a large but controllable mass that she uses to bend and form into a shape similar to a feline’s claws as her fingers, with her hand as the acting paw. These hands now turned into cat paws that are adjustable in size, ranging from the normal size of her hand to nearly twice the size of her head, as sharp as talons in every form. With the sizing and shape complete, the claws can also be used to extend from the girl’s hand, similar to a projectile that is still connected to the item used to blast.

» Seidou Abilities:

» Vayu: By utilizing and manipulating the current of air that flows around her with excess chi of sei and dou becoming a perfect mix in harmony, Anu is able to exploit and control of the wind flow velocity. Her manipulation of the wind is left entirely up to her imagination, such as making multiple mini tornadoes spread out in a ten mile radius, causing minor to severe cuts in its wake. The tornadoes themselves don't cause much damage other than being capable of lifting a person off the ground, rather, the effect they have on surrounding areas do this instead, such as the debris and flying shrapnel. Along with creating gusts, blades, and whirlwinds, Anu is capable of manipulating the wind current around her body with chi to achieve levitation and flight. It is able to be used as a shield of sorts around her body while doing this, blowing away projectiles and blasting opponents at point blank range when there is an attempted breach in the pseudo armor. The stronger Anu is, the bigger and more disastrous her control over the wind flow velocity is.

» Cynic Strings: Cynic Strings are puppet like strings which are generated from Anu's body. These strings are empowered by the vile personality which was forged within her youth. As this ability empowered by the nihilistic, sardonic and outright misanthrope outlook that Anu has based on the events of seeing her mother die, the betrayal of her past and the bloody life she lives as an assassin. Therefore, the power that Cynic String possesses is one that is able to break down the compounds of piece of material or person that it comes into contact with until they are as empty as herself.

An example of this being used in combat would be that if Anu attached these strings to a piece of wood created by another character, she has the potential to decay and rot it by placing a single Cynic String on it and mentally activating this ability to take place as she infuses her own inner values into the world around her. Now, when it comes to objects with denser or high volume of energy content, this will usually require her to produce more strings. Since, if she is fighting against a character that can create potent magic attacks or produce high tier attacks, she will often need upwards of dozens of Cynic Strings in order to start lowering the stats of their attack and that will take more stamina, energy and focus away from her that can tire her out throughout the course of a battle.

When it comes to living beings it turns more into a power drain type of ability. As, to start things off, she needs to be able to directly approach an opponent, connect her string and leave it attached for a post. Once this protocol is finished, she can activate Cynic String on an organic being and begin to empty out their energy from their body. The rate at which this is at will be dependant upon a variety of factors: durability, tier difference, exhaustion and the rate in which she can keep the string on the opponent. The longer she is able to keep the string on the opponent, the more potent it will eventually come.

4 Tier: Anu is capable of draining 5% of a character overall physical and spiritual energy.

3 tier: At 3 tier tier, this doubles and Anu can drain upwards of 10% of a person's spiritual and physical energy with her Cynic Strings

2 Tier: Once again, at 2 tier, this rate at which she can drain someone doubles to 20% MAX (so that means it may average 15%, or go lower than that depending on different factors in battle) and they can lose fair chunks of energy if they allow themselves to be hit.

1 Tier: At one tier this ability tops off and she is able to drain a person of 25% of their spiritual/physical energy per post at max. And, again, this is in an ideal setting. As it should be noted that those who are exhausted, worn down or have lowered durability will be more prone to having these huge chunks of energy taken.

With that said, given how potent this power is, there will be a five post cool down after it's been used on an organic being. As it will not work on that same person again until the cooldown has gone through. However, if she is fighting against numerous opponents, this ability can be switched up to hit other characters. So, if she hit CHaracter A with this ability, she could still potentially use her Cynic String to influence Character B.

Another limitation to note is that each string produced by her will, of course, take energy and focus away from Anu. So if she abuses the ability too rapidly, it will dull her of reserves and she will need to assess when the right time is to use this ability and when it isn't.

These strings also have a limitation to how far they can reach that is varied on what tier level she happens to find herself at:

4 Tier: 100 meters
3 Tier: 200 meters
2 Tier: 400 Meters
1 Tier: 800 Meters
0 Tier: 1,600 meters

Additionally, while Anu can produce dozens of strings at a time, they are only allowed to be focused on four different objects or people because the potency drops when he focus is shifted. This is because the less thought that she imprints into a string, the less effective it will be against an opponent or attack. So it makes sense that the potency would lower as her focus is divided against different things.
(Made by TheFrost)


Mors Amplexus (死の抱擁 Shi no hōyō): Ōdokuro

» Awakened Appearance:
Taking a moment to stop all forms of movement with her body, Anu concentrates deeply within herself, searching her soul for something that lied mostly dormant inside of her.Not too long during that search, the woman feels something tugging at her body, particularly her spinal cord. Spiritually, it appears to the assassin, a soul representation of her spirit, a large, dreadful skeleton, moaning in despair, looking strangely similar to a Gashadokuro from Japanese lore. Reaching out a hand, Anu gives it a silent invitation as they bond and fuse, allowing her chi, body and spirit to intertwine with the portrayal of everything she was, allowing it to break free. Once this is done, Anu's body begins to glow a strange Dark Purple as bone cracking and splitting could be heard to those nearby as large amounts of Dou chi burst from the small body. However, once the chi clears, the young girl is spotted with a new mien. Her once overbearing purple eyes now a listless Dark Red and her hair had gotten longer and greyish white, the tendrils now reaching the woman's chest. Other, more noticeable changes were the sudden overwhelming greyness of her skin and the two somewhat thin tiefling-like horns jutting out either side of her head. However, the real change was the incredibly(?) large upper half of a skeletal being that seemed to be jutting out of the base of the girl's spinal cord that connected the two, but seemed to be made completely of chi energy, despite looking quite realistic. It was nearly three times Anu's size, with limbs that reached out about just as wide. The being’s rib cage surrounded the girl in something of a shield, chi filling the gaps in a form to complete the shield and protect from attacks. It rattled and gave grim moans with each movement. With the transformation complete, Anu felt connected with every fiber of her being, a feeling she basks in with each breath she took.

» Awakened Powers:

Draining Rib Shield:
With Chi pulsing heavily through the ōdokuro being on her back, it practically oozes it from every inch of its form. In order to protect its vessel of sorts. It reinforces the thick rib cage, connecting the open spaces with a thickened zigzag like threading, which seem to resemble Anu’s cynic strings. The guard itself is capable of defending easily against pure physical attacks and handle itself fairly well when it comes to spiritual attacks, even going as far as sapping 5% of their physical and spiritual energy when they do manage to land an attack. The protector would, however, struggle against light and solar energy, its force having wavering reactions against different strengths of the opposing force.

Dreadful Presence:
Either due to the aspect of the ōdokuro itself, or the power it exalted, it didn’t matter how or why but the being released an aura that screamed killer intent that seemed capable of putting some of the most hard steeled people on edge. The aura itself seemed to leak all around the immediate area, just barely reaching three miles out from its originator. The feeling could be described as sitting in cold water for hours and allowing the cold itself to sink into their bones. Or being in an extremely hotter than normal steam room that causes a scar that resembles an invisible water burn on their skin that’s spreading uncontrollably, sinking deep into their bones like the first feeling and causing a rattling like feeling. In short, it is comparable to a plague that makes your bones shiver, a sound ringing in their ears that sound suspiciously like “gachi gachi”.

Anu raises her arm into the air suddenly, which in tune raises an arm from the ōdokuro in unison, a booming thundering can be heard in the distance as she slams her hand down and the skeletal arm is thrown into the ground, pouring the Chi into the ground with it. By focusing her Chi into ground the girl is able to make “extensions” of the skeleton arm from the ground up to her opponents. It would pop out from the ground, from the elbow-up, and would either straight up strike the closest enemy near it or attempt to grab their leg and drag them underground. The latter process is what the Anu calls a burial, presumably to add to herpower with another deceased body reeling with strong emotions.

As an extension of “Extension”, as an alternative to just striking them or leaving to die underground, the being instead drags them towards itself and Anu. With Anu’s signal, the ōdokuro will “swallow” the person, where they will fall through the being’s hollow frame momentarily, plummeting towards Anu until they are caught by a ball of Chi energy. The energy itself engulfs them, binding their frame in tightly as the Chi begins to sap at 10% of their spiritual energy to fuel Anu’s own power, of which she uses to redirect the stolen energy and blast it to any other enemies. During the time of imprisonment, the person inside begins to feel like their core being is being broken and stripped down as their energy is stolen. If not taken from Anu during the time her Mors Amplexus is activated, the captured has a lasting scar on them spiritually, similar to a third degree burn from where there energy was forcibly taken away.

» Perfectly Awakened Appearance: (Describe what your human looks like when Fully Awakened)
» Perfectly Awakened Powers: (Describe what powers your human gets in this state)



  • Name: Fōsu [Force]
  • Type: Defensive
  • Equipment Used: Fujin
  • Information: Using Fūjin, Anu manipulates nearby wind to create a single, or several depending on how much Chi energy is used, that can throw back an opponent from getting too close. The wind isn't violent, thus not causing any harm, but instead even and controlled enough to just push someone back . However, if she focused the energy enough, she could push them back fast enough to cause whiplash. The wind may not intentionally hurt the opponent, but it could cause damage to the abdomen and damage any nearby external landscapes. This technique doesn't require much Chi energy and could be performed 1-5 posts before becoming fatigued.

  • Name: Bōryoku [Violence]
  • Type: Offensive
  • Equipment Used: Fujin
  • Information: This technique creates a small vortex of wind to blast at a target. The vortex itself is unstable and will burst forth wind at an opponent when the attack hits. The vortex is blade-like and delivers several medium sized slices while also blowing them away 1/2 mile. Because the vortex is fairly thick and doesn't extend, instead traveling, it is easily avoidable if timed correctly. However, for Anu to achieve the full strength of the attack, she must be completely focused for 2 posts on gathering enough wind. If she doesn't do this, the attack will only cause minimum damage such as small cuts, won't burst at the correct timing, or just not reach its target completely.

  • Name: Toronado Aditya
  • Type: Offensive/AoE
  • Equipment Used: N/A
  • Information: Anu starts to give a dramatic thundering clap, with her arms outstretched from her body, the young woman is violently forcing her chi in and around the immediate area, with her as the center. By clapping she is is gathering up any and all available breezes and turning them into a cluster enhanced with chi. The wisps of wind are then turned violent as it begins to whip around the surrounding area, capable of whipping trees and creating gales strong enough to knock someone back off of their feet. Once the vortex reached maximum violence in its rotating winds, it is capable of knocking over trees and destroying some buildings. Affects a 3 mile radius.

  • Name: Barrage
  • Type: Offensive/Counter
  • Equipment Used: Fujin
  • Information: By waving Fujin in a fast motion multiple times toward her opponent, Anu is able to pick up any nearby currents of air and turning them into sharpen gusts of wind. She hurls these flurries of her enemy, in attempts to either knock them down or to shred any bits of skin available.

  • Name: Mob Attack
  • Type: Offensive/Defensive
  • Equipment Used: Aijen / Furaingurōdo
  • Information: Anu begins her assault by first jumping into the air and flinging three members of the Aijin Mob at her target, aiming to cause a small distraction rather than dealing damage. After the first part has been achieved, the woman begins part two by enhancing all six of the Furaingurōdo and sending them flying in a circular shape towards her opponent, with herself appearing in the middle of the circle with four of the shuriken on her hand like brass knuckles, driving a hard punch to the other’s face with the spiked fist and a precise kick to the gut.

  • Name: Dread Net
  • Type: Defensive/Offensive/Special
  • Equipment Used: N/A
  • Information: Creating and ejecting fifteen cynic strings from her body, Anu intertwines the strings to create a net capable of trapping at least three people. She activates it by hurling it at her preferred targets. Just by trapping these people, the girl is able to then start draining their spiritual and physical energy, making them too tired and weak to fight back against their trap. The more they fight back, the more Anu drains from them, similar to a quicksand effect.

  • Name: Hurricane Pavana
  • Type: Special/AOE
  • Equipment Used: Fujin
  • Information: Anu gathers together any nearby clouds to form them into one cluster, waving the fan and her body in a circular motion. As the clouds begin to gather and form, she uses the wind around it to grip at the clouds, in an attempt that looks similar to wringing a rag, and swirl them around in a circular motion along with the violent winds. Everything begins to soon mix together in a near perfect harmony as the simple clouds turn into rain clouds from the disrupture. With the wind flow velocity becoming extremely violent and near unstable, Anu stops rotating her body and instead uses Fujin to blow and cast out miniature tornadoes and whirlwinds into the area, allowing them to be controlled and blown anywhere the hurricane sends them, adding to its destructive power. Affects a 5 mile radius.


Chi Skills
  • Sei: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Dou: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Buzhou: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chuxian: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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