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 Rumble of Thunder, Howl of Wolf. [Spain]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Rumble of Thunder, Howl of Wolf. [Spain]   Mon 2 Oct - 14:36



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This was nice. Mirja, was doing nice. Watering a rather large herb garden with a can, and wearing a wide-brimmed hat so her pale skin didn't get burned. It was almost like she was a normal woman. Of course, right now she was a normal woman, excluding the cute wolf tail and ears, of course. But she didn't want to be, and this was partially shown in the fact that she was using a can rather than a hose or just automatic sprinklers. And using a push-chair rather than anything electric. Even when totally crippled, she was training to create a platform with which she could regain her strength, one day.

And wasn't that a sore topic? She'd gotten nowhere with it. Absolutely, nowhere. She had sat with Hvit in her Inner World for hours, talking to her, theorizing, trying to shift the shard she was stuck on, but there was nothing. She couldn't even see the other shards for all the darkness. She had no idea what she had to do first to even see what she was doing. And it was frustrating to a degree she had never felt. Her grip tightened on the can, and it throughly pissed her off when the can didn't buckle, smashing in on itself like it was made out of cardboard. The can didn't even blink.

"Fuck you can!" she screamed, throwing the can as far as she could. Which amounted to about eight feet. A vexated cry of fury ripped from Mirja and caused passerbys to stare in askance, and then hurry along. Forigen people were confusing.

After that outburst, she laid back on the chair with a sigh, and then wheeled after the can when she had calmed down, picking it up and returning to the water pump to refill it. The whole place was very rustic, but that was how she liked it.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Rumble of Thunder, Howl of Wolf. [Spain]   Tue 3 Oct - 1:04