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 Rumble of Thunder, Howl of Wolf. [Spain]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Rumble of Thunder, Howl of Wolf. [Spain]   Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:40 am



Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Mirja watched Ceal start off running, and kept an eye on her with her ears when she was out of sight. Ceal had taken off with such vim and vigor Mirja knew she had obviously understimated not just the distance, but also how long it would take to pull it off. Mirja could do eighty eight miles in under a minute, way back when. Now it'd probably take her twice as long as Ceal if she managed to do it at all, which was doubtful. So she sat, and decided to do some Stoic Meditation. She couldn't access her Dantian, nor could she manage to exert anything, but it was still there. The disconnect was between the Dantian and the outside world. Cultivation still worked a treat.

And there was plenty of time to do the Meditation for. Ceal seemed to run around fifteen miles an hour. Assuming she could keep that at a steady constant until she was done, that was still over five hours of running, straight. Without a break, and in the hot sun. Could she do that, mentally? The question of if she could do it physically would be anwsered in time, but to keep one's head in the game for that length of time, while being beaten oppressively by the hot Spanish sun, and not being able to use her powers to do anything to help her. Ceal was big on understimating things for Mirja's sake though, so she was just going to let the girl do her.

And Mirja, did Mirja. Plenty of time to think on the profound vision she had had with Li Qiang. She never managed to master the Cultivation Technique that was on the tip of her tongue, so now...was the best time to try.

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Rumble of Thunder, Howl of Wolf. [Spain]   Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:31 am