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 The Pale Summer

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Pale Summer   Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:04 am

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This place was a hell on earth and something about it felt soothing. It was a comfortable feeling of familiarity, what point did it serve to do anything else. Kill or be killed that was the real truth of this world. There weren't a gray or colors aside from black and white. The only color remotely worth seeing was Red. His spirit felt weak compared to the days prior when he'd met with Unohana Retsu. The female gave him a pass and yet something tugged at him. He could not become a hero no matter his power as he was a murderer. This was his place in the world as he felt his blonde hair fall over his face. The silence seemed to encompass this run down area. Bodies lingered through the forest as the sounds of the next clash began. The calm before the storm as the rain began to gently fall over the land. This hunger for something lost was beginning to consume him. Could Tsubasa Unabara come out intact from this? Or would only the Pale Rider remain? The bringer of death and calamity, slaughter incarnate.

Did anything else really matter for him? He was born in a generation that didn't need him. He was a vicious beast needing to be put down according to some. To others, he was a savant in the way of leadership. He was a survivalist to some and even beyond that perhaps Tsunashi said it best. Tsubasa was the destructive impulse and fury without seeing the world's guilty or innocent. He didn't care or act as a judge. Only those who challenged or fought against his family paid the price. His blade didn't hold restraint or remorse for the fallen. But a single attempt to keep some portion of innocence alive. A man came out of the brush running at him. It was a fast motion as his hand rose up clenching the male's jaw. His eyes were empty of thought or progress on this. This man was nothing but an ant attacking a dragon. Tsubasa didn't have the need for restraint in this case. A small burst of electricity came out causing the man to explode. The crimson spray riddled the ground as his lips let a breath out.

He didn't need to do anything else, slaughter those who would endanger his family. No need for him to do anything less or be someone else. His frame walked slowly towards the next challenge. This rainy day would see a different kind of creature. Anyone who crossed his path with hostile intent would die. He'd not show remorse or forgiveness as he struggled to keep some shard of humanity. His zanpakuto remained drawn within his right hand. Two more emerged from the bushes raising their blade. Running forward a vertical slice and then a horizontal slice dispatched them both. They fell to the ground struggling to get up, as they noticed it. His hand was pointed towards them, a massive surge of electricity shot outwards. Vaporizing them both into nothing but dust as he walked forward. How much more would he kill, he felt nothing even as he destroyed ankle biters. This Summer was a painful remorse and dark reminder of things. Farmer's who'd lost the right to be farmers. They'd become killers and gave up humanity and everything else.

Just so some guy who claimed to be a long relative would give them the strength to survive. His eyes looked at his hand noticing blood among other things being washed away. This district never tired of sending wave after wave at him. They just needed to make it till tomorrow, survive and feed. That was all they could do at this point. They were a small bunch of strong people, outnumbered by those with larger groups. But what they did have access too was something else. Tsubasa's nature wasn't up for question at this point. Slowly he'd walk this blood covered trail alone. Never to waver or fall from the path he had to take. This was his atonement for killing his sister, for costing his family their lives. He had to see them through the other side of this bloody carnage. Even if his soul was damaged and he became the devil himself. He'd endure it to pay for what he did to Tsubaki. Tsubasa's jaw tightened as he exhaled. His appearance grew colder as a malice was put out by him.

In his mind a single phrase continued to be repeated, kill, kill, kill them all. That was the loop that began to continue in his mind.

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The Pale Summer
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