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 The Moon is not related to Wolves

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Moon is not related to Wolves   Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:15 pm

» Item Name: Moonsilver
» Item Type: Anyone

» Used For: Supplimentry.

» Item Description: Moonsilver is, as you might have guessed, Silver that is harvested in the light of a full moon. Once it has been extracted, it is taken to a lake, and submurged, while the submurger prays to the Moon. Weither or not the praying actually does anything is up for debate, but what is a solidified fact, is that when the silver is brought out of the water, it is no longer truly solid. It can be extracted from the container used to submurge it by asking, but it flows out of the bucket like molten metal, only cold to the touch.

From this point, the shining silver metal remains a liquid, and generally useless for most things, too solid to be used for liquid things, but too liquid to be used for solid things. However, the fun begins when spiritual energy is imbued into it.

Once spiritual energy is fed into the Moonsilver, it can be shaped into three different castes, and solidifies. Full Moon, Changing Moon, and New Moon. To gain the benefits of this, one has to wear the metal touching their flesh. The objects are kept small, to limit the power Moonsilver has over a person's mind. However they do it, the three Castes effect the person differently.

Full Moon awakes a primal desire for power within the person, and helps them on their way by gifiting them an increase in raw physical strength. Not enough to overwhelm them, but enough to make the person considerably less meek, less liable to sit down and take what they are dished out if they dislike it.

Changing Moon gives the person a desire to wander. A feeling that they want to be able to go where they want, and not be hampered by the immense distance that might be between the two locations, where they are and where they wish to be. So they are filled with the ability to be faster in all aspects than they could before, to better serve this desire.

New Moon is a promise. New Moon is a possibility. New Moon, is everything. And as such, it may grant the properties of both Full Moon and Changing Moon to the person, albiet at a lesser degree than the other two. New Moon is for people who wish to be versitile, or people who do not know what they wish, as of yet.

However, there are some drawbacks to it. Each piercing takes a degree of spiritual energy to keep itself 'alive'. Limiting who can wear the piercings to those who have a decent degree of spiritual energy. Additional piercings drain more, and so to house the maximum amount of piercings, one needs to have a strong soul.

Not only does their soul need to have might, but also their Mind. Moonsilver comes alive when fed with Spiritual Energy. It has it's own desires, and the more Moonsilver a person wears, the stronger these desires become. Even a mentally stable person can be overwhelmed if he wears too much moonsilver, driving them to fulfil the urge of the Moonsilver with no care what they wish, and no care for their own preservation. And the desires can conflict if the person wears two different castes of Moonsilver.

Despite these drawbacks, however, it is pretty popular for spiritual beings looking for a bit of a kick. The problem is that it is limited, due to how difficult it is to gather Moonsilver. As such, it is pretty expensive to buy.

[Mechanically, a person can only wear 5 pieces of Moonsilver. 1 piece requires 4-5 tier and Beginner Willpower. 2 pieces require 3-5 and Adept. 3 pieces require 2-5 and Advanced. 4 Pieces require 1-5 and Master. 5 pieces require 0-5 and Grandmaster. Wearing two different castes makes one caste count as two pieces]

» Obtained From: Harvested on Earth, refined by Gotei. [Alternate sources applicable]

» Yen Price: 20,000,000 yen each.

» Notes: [Any other information or personal notes you'd like to add]
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Moon is not related to Wolves   Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:21 pm

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The Moon is not related to Wolves
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