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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Often times the Horsemen are always known as a family in one way or another. While Mirja didn't understand the whole thing she was about to figure it out. He'd heard through his network of spies and such what happened with his sister. She was rather unlucky when she tried such things. Now stuck in a wheelchair and unable to move. It wouldn't take him long to figure out her position based on reports. The girl stood out a large amount. She was exceptionally gifted in things, but it was time for her education to begin. Her body was strong and capable most of the time. Now it was time to exercise her mind and teach her tact among other things. Strategy and maybe some form of stealth in for good measure. But for now, it would be whatever could stick to his sister's brain. His men were all around the city hiding in plain sight. They did well on infiltration, top marks for those who came. The benefits of Mirja were a warm and sparkling disposition and somewhat interesting outlook. But it was time for her to study and work her brain.

Every muscle had importance and value in the body and system. She was on her way to be an exceptional asset for Ibiki. The least he could do was help her find her paw prints. Maybe one day they'd talk about Captain Mirja and how much she did for the Gotei. But that wasn't going to happen today or without hard work. Tsubasa had created a training program for her especially to work out her brain and energy. He'd show her a way to control it and use her power. Tsubasa hadn't told his family of his struggles and how his body had been nearly destroyed. Being almost close to death lead to strange bedfellows. Tsubasa's own body couldn't handle his energy previously. Adam's aid allowed him to not only contain it but move beyond that. He was in his own little world now in terms of manipulation of his energy. He also got to see things differently, he needed to see what Mirja was doing. Also to hear and listen to what she was trying to do. See if he could adapt the plans to help her defeat it.

But this wasn't an optional training like before. This was a required one so his sister when she did stand again. Would be a fierce foe to those who would harm the Gotei. Ibiki was starting something and she'd need the help at this moment. So the rest of his plans would need to be carried out as he stood waiting on the rooftop. Before vanishing to sit on a bench. If someone tried to sense Tsubasa's energy at this moment. They'd pick up nothing at all, it was like all his reishi had vanished. He'd found this place by accident in terms of energy control. He was able to completely eliminate his from being felt. Almost appearing like a regular human now through his control. Tsubasa inhaled from his favored kiseru and exhaled smoke. Spain was an interesting and out of the way choice. Though he didn't judge his sister's choices as it wasn't his place to do so. His place was to make sure the Unabara what remained of them were ready. All members on deck and prepared for the outcome ahead.

Especially Mirja, she was going to be vital down the line as War. But he also in some ways wished to protect his little sister. So this was his big brother moment.

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