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 We meet again....[Private/Shuten]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: We meet again....[Private/Shuten]   Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:40 pm


Ritsuko Nicklovich


Ritsuko's day started like any other one, wake up, go to work, and sleep. October was a month she did enjoy the most besides christmas, she didnt know why but there was something about the that made it relaxing and besides tge children were excited for halloween the whole school decided to have a spooky atmosphere for the event perhaps she should buy herself an outfit for halloween?

Regardless she had a lovely stroll into the forest the air is so cold yet the trees are on fire. She smiled up at the inferno above her head. Scarlet and gold licks at the blue sky, no rain clouds today. The chill in the post-dawn air is the first hint that winter isn't far behind. Then these trees will stand naked, bereft of their color. But for now they line the avenue and her walk to the school was more vibrant than any carnival parade. However she am torn between keeping her eyes high to watch for the falling leaves dancing their way to the carpeted ground, or looking down to spy the crunchy ones. She loved to step on them, guess she's still a kid at heart. Given half a chance she still jump in puddles too, just not when her friends are looking.

Ritsuko then sat down on the grass looking at the breathtaking autumn leaves blow against the wind.

This is abosolutely wonderful.
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We meet again....[Private/Shuten]
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