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 The Most Important Meal of the Day [PRIVATE]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: The Most Important Meal of the Day [PRIVATE]   Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:31 pm

Hideo Yuudeshi

Hideo was a bit surprised at this. The way she was describing this... was she encountering Vizards? Arrancar? Maybe even Hollows? People never described a Senkaimon as a "portal," but as a "doorway." Garganta on the other hand were described as such. If she were friends with a Vizard, that would make things a lot easier. He'd just go talk to Zin about it. See if anyone with Silver's description matched the Vizard Corps's databases. He made a note to do that. No Clippy, I don't want your reminder about this, Hideo thought. He hated the fact that the doctor had installed that thing into his Cyberbrain.

Hideo raised his fork and pointed it at Kaminari. "Now this might just be speculation on my part... and I'm not an expert on the field of portals and what seems to be interdimensional travel..." He then swirled it around like a stereotypical portal would be. "But as someone who uses both Garganta and the Senkaimon... well, used them on a regular basis, I know for a fact that time and stuff get wonky in there. I once heard of someone showing up a decade later because the Dangai went unstable on them. So who knows, he might just have landed in a magical land called 'Wihpp' for a few months and is just taking his sweet time. It might not even be in his control either, but who knows."

Hideo nodded, then continued. "Your best bet is to stay in Karakura though. If this is where that portal you both went into spat you out, it'll spit him out in the same place. That's the thing I hear about portals and stuff. They will probably spit you out in the same place, even if it is at different times." He gave Kaminari a reassuring light smile. "I can't guarantee ya that he'll arrive soon, but he sounds like a guy who wouldn't lie to you," Hideo hoped he wasn't going to regret those words, "so I think whatever happened is just him being late."

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: The Most Important Meal of the Day [PRIVATE]   Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:47 pm

Kaminari Hatakeyama
Stack done. Finished with her food just before she got a fork pointed at her, Kaminari wiped her mouth. As the fork was pointed at her, she looked at it and back up to the one pointing it. She stared blankly at him as he talked, only smiling when he mentioned the made-up name of some other dimension. "I hope you're right..." Kaminari said before he continued, "Hm... You think so?"

Kaminari's attention was on Hideo's words, but her eyes now faced the counter in front of her. She was worried, even a little scared and it showed in her eyes. Kaminari glanced up to see Hideo's smile and her worry faded a bit. She smiled widely, nodded, and cheered up pretty quickly. "Okay then." she said and went back to eating, but then stopped, "Wait a minute..." She was about to try and eat the yellow paste covered stuff. She playfully pouted, puffing up her cheeks, and pushed the plate towards him. "You eat it." Kaminari knew she was being childish and just chuckled at her silly behavior. With the excitement of the day done, Kaminari repeated a funny thing Hideo said, "Silver, trapped in the magical land of Wihpp."

And so the day continues on...

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The Most Important Meal of the Day [PRIVATE]
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