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 Wandering the Wastes [Closed]

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Mirja Eeola
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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Wandering the Wastes [Closed]   Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:04 am

The Reborn Wolf

Ulv Auber

Ulv's eyes lit up brightly as she heard Lilith laugh. It was such a lovely noise, Ulv stored it away in her mindscape so she could play it again whenever she wanted. But the idea of not punching people who couldn't take it was already one that Ulv had inherited from the time before she was Ulv.
"I know that one, I don't punch them hard. One time I punched a guy hard because we were in class and he was totally underestimating me because at the time I looked small, and cute. So I punched him really hard and he went to sleep and never got back up. So I only punch people hard if I want them to stop existing" Ulv nodded, talking so casually about death and murder, as if it was just another part of life.

And then Lilith suggested heading back to one of the towns, which was a cool idea. So she nodded and broke into a broad grin.
"I like that! We can go do cool stuff in this Karikuka. I can even get you a nice dress" She teased, her broad smile not betraying the possible flirty undertones at all. "Clothes, food, friends, fun stuff and Control. I like you! You are my best friend. So we shall race!"

Ulv gave such a radically exclaimation, and then her feet moved, setting into a strange stance, before her toes curled, as if grasping the earth with them. There was a strange build up of something coming off Ulv, a sort of Reiatsu that wasn't on the right wavelength to be sensed precisely. And then she took off. Not incredibly fast by Lilith's perception, but by the normal human girl that she looked to be, it far outstripped the fastest sprinters. And even some cars.

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Wandering the Wastes [Closed]   Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:20 am

That was an eye opener. Lilith blinked again. This little one was going to have many things to throw her off with. She had killed someone, hm? Poor thing. The blunt and rather casual way she spoke of it made Lilith wonder if she truly understood the aspect of death or taking a life. Of course, with the realms so closely intertwined, maybe death to a human, or whatever Ulv was, was a easier reality to accept. When Shinigami die, they don't get to go to the Soul Society. That's it. It was a pretty bleak reality now that Lilith thought about it.

It seemed the idea of heading into the cities was one Ulv was okay with. Good. It was there that Lilith could get a handle on the situation, hopefully. Very quickly, Lilith was named Ulv's best friend and Lilith could only smile. She wasn't going to deny it. A young innocent heart was a lovely thing to witness. "You want to race then?" Lilith asked and soon had that question answered as Ulv darted off. Lilith didn't allow much time for Ulv to get ahead of her and darted off with her. She kept herself in line with Ulv as they ran through the desert. At the moment, Lilith didn't even know what direction they were going in, but she wasn't going to stop Ulv's fun. She kept even with Ulv and sometimes let Ulv get ahead of her.

"You aren't gonna beat me!"
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Wandering the Wastes [Closed]
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