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 Lets claw the Furniture~

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Lets claw the Furniture~   Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:46 am

The Reborn Wolf

Ulv Auber

Vigerous in her focus and pretty fast in her movement, chocolate and other foodstuffs were used and thrown into a bowl, quickly taking the form of the basis of a cake. She then stuck some more chocolate in a pan and let it melt the chocolate while sticking the batter in the oven to cook out into the spongey cake shape. Apparently she was making Arianda a chocolate cake, one that even from here smelled delectable. And then Ulv turned back to Arianda, whisk in hand.
"You live in a great big house, that smells of sex and people. And yet you don't have any good food in. What is up with that?! What do you feed people after the great fleshy dance has finished? Do you just kick them out of the window and then go back tralalala to eating chocolate and nothing else? What ever happened to variety?" Ulv exclaimed, a deep amount of passion going into her words, before Arianda brought up the cooking utensils.

Ulv looked at them for a few moments, and then looked back to the rest of the utensils, and the foodstuff that wasn't chocolate that had gone along with the cake. Then there was a frown, and Ulv bit the whisk in her hand. It was not, not there. Was very real, even tasted of metal. But, she couldn't remember where it had come from. She just needed it, and there it was.
"I don't...know...? It just appeared" she said, licking the batter off the whisk and then lighting up with pleasure. "You have really good eggs. Lets go inside me! Maybe the woman who always shouts at me can tell you more!" Ulv exclaimed, putting the whisk down and pouncing on Arianda. She was entirely unsure about protocol for pulling someone else into her Shadstrom, but she was confident with enough vigor, it could be done.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Lets claw the Furniture~   Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:54 pm

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