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 Time Undefined [Nozomi, Hana]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Time Undefined [Nozomi, Hana]   Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:56 am

Quincy - Nozomi

She'd been getting a number of dirty looks for a while, this lady in uniform. Anyone here could tell it was not the coats of the Iron Banner, as there were plenty of examples to the contrary, but something utterly foreign to them. So, it was but an understatement to say she stuck out like a sore thumb; dressed like a foreigner, behaved like a foreigner, and probably even smelled like one too. Ah, was she not really in the mood for imitating the typical Vastimian standard. Though she may not be ignorant of their ideals, she was choosing to play dumb for the time being.

To be exact, she was hardly doing much besides sight-seeing, and relaxing in the same spot for quite a while. It must have been hours already, just sitting there, watching the cogs of the machine move about. For Vastime was a well-oiled machine indeed. There was nary a rusty bit or piece here—to say a man or woman who didn't seem motivated, actively achieving something with their time—and it made the uniformed woman want to study the machinations. Break the system to pieces so that she may find the secrets underneath that made it tick. How was so great a percentage of the population this proactive? With the advent of technology? Laziness was a trend that increased with the age of humanity, typically, and yet Vastime stood as a counter-example.

Perhaps part of it was its Leader, and perhaps part of it was Africa's historical context. Either way, it was a curious matter warranting further investigation. She just was in no rush to unveil everything just yet. Time was a commodity she had plenty of, so it was nice to just sit on a bench and watch the old-fashioned way; the tourist's way. The only problem was likely going to be that she might be reported to authorities. An obvious outsider sitting in the same place for an ungodly amount of time, something no other Vastimian came close to doing. Nozomi could understand if someone thought her to be trouble.

The truth was, she wasn't actually here to start trouble. Even if she possessed powers sufficient enough to label her as a dangerous weapon of war, even gods wished to relax every once in a while. She didn't have to have meaning behind every action she took like many of these Vastimians required. She literally was just 'taking an off day'. Even the human observation was just in the meantime, as a matter of course while she was curled up on this bench. Oh, that was probably another reason she was getting those looks... What with her knees scrunched up against her chest, she wasn't even sitting properly. Nozomi was nothing if not eccentric.

Well, there was one reason she waited here, in this specific spot within the heart of Vastime. There was a special someone she was waiting for, one that had caught her eye not too long ago and caused her to reorient her priorities. Though Nozomi hinted nothing to that girl about visiting the nation, even less about inviting her to this spot... there was no doubt that Hana indeed would pass through the area. Sure, she cheated in order to come to know this—using all that power of hers just to figure out where Hana might be wandering—but it was certainly worth the effort. It had been some time since they last spoke... she wondered if her feelings would even remain the same.

It would be a talking point, for sure.

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