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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 End of an Era

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924 was the number of days Hayden had served the Vanguard. Almost three years. Each one of those days where marked with an encounter which helped shape the male into the man he was today. Each day brought about different challenges some he succeeded and others he flopped in leading to embarrassment he still couldn't live down. But they where his marks of service, years of service rendered honorably.

But that never stopped some from judging him, that never stopped the snickers behind his back as he strode through his offices of both Vastime and the Vanguard. He had served both of them, split his time down the middle as best he could but with the world changing- with times shifting he knew that a new age of approaching. One which required a man who could stay firm to the ideals of both orgs; or rather a change in leadership.

Thus Hayden had called a final meeting of the Vanguardian powers that be, he held a small section for reporters and the like but gathered around a large table if they where available was the foremost most influential people in the Vanguard. The man himself was in a suit and tie,a measured look on his face as everyone stared at him waiting for him to start, his hand outstretching as he went to take a sip from the glass of water in front of him. He didn't need it- but it felt nice to have a bit of normacly in this all.

Never the less, the male would sit there for a moment before speaking- his tone measured and even as a leader addressing his people.

"I've gathered you all here today to talk about the Vanguard, I know news of our current operation has reached the news outlets by now. But the reason I have called you all here isn't to deal with that- I'll be simple and blunt about this: I'm resigning as Reagent General."

The male would take a second to let people process the information which was told of them, the man who had served without pause for almost three years and had been elected into his position was willingly stepping down. It was a strange move considering he had effectively been their presiding officer over their rebuilding phase and now they they where at a good operating capacity one might think he'd want to be even more active. But yet, none of that was the case as he leaned forward in his chair. There was a look in his eyes, a mixture of sadness but contentment.

Whatever was to happen, the male had through long and hard about it and seemed resolved in his choice. The end of an era was approaching.

"I feel with the shifting of the winds, new and powerful people cropping up in the world- a whole new world of potential out there one of those being may be more suited to leading the Vanguard in it's current state. I'm unconscious of any intentional mistakes under my administration but never the less too wise to not think that an error under me could have been made. It is with a heavy heart and eyes gleaming towards a better more prosperous future for this organization dedicated to world peace- that I must resign. I will be remaining in office for a small transitory people while we search for a new leader- but starting today: My administration of the Vanguard has reached it's ending point."

The male would begin to stand before sitting back down, realizing there might be some questions; a small smile on his face. But behind that smile there was a sharp sadness, as a man who had dedicated a large portion of his recent life and love to an organization was now preparing to leave it. While he loved it, loved the ideals for which it stood there came a time where a man must choose between what he loves and what is better for the world- and it is time the world got a leader who could bring the full potential of this org out.

"I believe with the approaching era, it is best to find a man or woman who can uphold the ideals set forth by it's founder. I intend to leave this organization in capable hands, and with gleeful expectations believe this to be the right choice. I love this organization, and I'd die for it- but sometimes a price higher than death is required."

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End of an Era
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