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 It's like a dang Comic Book

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Kai Lam
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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: It's like a dang Comic Book   Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:42 pm


The freakish man's maniacal laughter didn't dissuade Kai from continuing with this match. In fact, it just served to reinforce his will and caused him to redouble his efforts from this point forward. No longer would he aim for glancing blows and just to have a little fun. His opponent had proven his mettle and shown he was capable of keeping up with the Jade Dragon, and as such meant Kai would put forth his best efforts to win this crazy and ridiculous duel. With all this in mind, Kai's eyes glinted more fiercely than ever before as he prepared to clash again with the spandex-covered man he was now fighting.

As Mike rushed him, Kai's strength was at its peak. With Assault Stance powering him up physically and his Mandate of Heaven providing him with a constant 1.2x increase in everything, Kai was more than prepared for Mike's newest attacks. The man's first attack, following a spin to increase momentum, was met head on by both of Kai's swords in a devastating swing meant to potentially knock Mike's weapon right out of his hand. The follow-up attack met a similar fate as Kai's black and gold jian blade countered the blow, sending vibrations through Mike's weapon and arm. The masked man's final strike was countered by Kai too as the latter replicated the former's double-sword strike. As all four of their blades clashed, sending out the occasional spark from their sharp edges, Kai spoke through gritted teeth. "Hey, you're not half bad. Glad we were able to meet like this! But you're just scratching the surface of what I'm capable of...!!"

As he finished speaking Kai knocked away his opponent's blades and lifted his feet off the ground, twisting his body in its current position in order to land a double footed kick straight to Mike's chest capable of knocking him back at least a couple meters if the hit landed successfully. Following up immediately, Kai landed and created a large vortex of swirling green flames about two meters in diameter before launching it directly at his opponent's location. If it hit, the vortex would not only burn but also tear through materials harder than even stone. "Try that on for size!"

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: It's like a dang Comic Book   Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:21 pm

The Merc with the mouth

Enter: Deadpool

Mike speaking out loud.
Voices speaking inside his head

Mike could feel the vibrations and the pain that followed though luckly the pain did not affect him as much as it would have affected others. He could not help but smile under his mask as the laughter stopped. When he heard the person was holding back he could not help but giggle. Sounds like fun Most people would consider him crazy to be having as much fun as he was in a fight as intense as this. Though he was to ingrossed with the fight. Normally his focus would not be this grand but so far there was nothing to pull his attention away from the fight. As soon as he saw the kick comeing in he countered it with a kick of his own so that he could use the power of the kick to his own advantage.

As the two feet collided he used the force of the impact to push himself back so that he would slide away. The way he slid though was controlled so that he could move again at a moments notice. as soon as the vortex was being created he could not help but marvel at it. Though as soon as he took note that it was heading towards him he quickly jumped to his right and bearly managed to get away from the vortex before it hit him. If he had not countered the kick the way he did he would not have had enough time to get away from the attack before it hit. that was close. ohhhh are you a pyro? He said in curiosity though a smile still remained upon his face.

He then darted towards Kai from the side his blade following behind him as he moved to attack kai's Chest swipeing the sword at a left to right motion. Soon after his other sword would strike downward towards his shoulder. He was rather intranced by the fight so much so that it started to confuse him just how he was able to be so focused upon something. Soon after he swung both swords downward at him in an angle to create an X pattern as the sword strikes rain down. His confusion would have to wait cause his mind was constantly being drawn to what he should do next. Though soon it would be clear that his mind would snap again before long. He had no idea how long this clearity would last before he fell off the deep end yet again.
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ohh ohhh forget these sharp pointy things are swords and jump right on!~

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It's like a dang Comic Book
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