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 The Spoils of War Upgrade

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Spoils of War Upgrade   Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:40 pm

» Name Of Character:
Sofia Montero

» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:
Tier from 1-1++ to 0-4++
Reishi Manipulation from Advanced to Master
Durability from Adept to Advanced
Willpower/Determination from Advanced to Master

» Why:
The thread marks a major turning point in Sofia's development. Going up against an opponent much stronger than herself and being tasked with trying to take it down was not simple; even though she had the help of the other three leaders of the Vandenreich at the time. Beyond what happened in the battle and which will be described below, the thread itself managed to push Sofia icly to search further and go deeper in her quest for power. Seeing what the three strongest members of the Vandenreich could do at the time, it became clear to her that in order to become more she needed to be more. Its what eventually sent her down a spiraling path that would sooner than later lead with her more willing acceptance of the darkness within her and around her and the Eris Seal. And its impact is still felt today, almost a year after she obtained the Seal. Knowing the powers and the dangers that lie out there, the Quincy is determined to return to her roots, cleanse the darkness that ails her and realign her sights to fulfill what she believes its the destiny of her people.

In the battle, Sofia was pushed to her limits in almost every way in a sheer struggle of survival. Some of the highlights include the effort, creativity, and power of the reiryoku techniques used and her established dominion over reishi in her techniques. She created large and sharp spining disks of reishi to try and slice her opponent [Engelscheibe]. Created an extremely large and complex Quincy pentagram in the sky that dissolved into wrapping blades to tie the titan [Vergeltung]. She also used her Zwanzig Engelsblatter to try and pin down the Goliath Shell with multiple giant and sharp reishi hooking blades. She even managed to string multiple reishi techniques with her unique ability The Melody to create a deadly form of artistic attack to try and get at her enemy's weaknesses. By mixing the strings of her Ransotengai Rengoku with the powerful reishi blasts of her Schweifstern, Sofia was able to spread the blast along the strings and propel them forth at the speeds of her Melody to disorient and hurt Devetta's Shell and to grant her allies an opening for their attacks. Her reishi manipulation feats didn't stop there. She created a colossal wall of pure dense reishi that easily towered to about 50 meters, Himmelstor. She managed to use the wall to try and block and then hurt the Goliath Shell by dropping it on her once it had served its primary purpose. The Quincy prodigy also made use of her Heiling Hieb by unleashing massive amounts of reishi waves out of her geigenbogen as she climbed and ran up the length of the then falling structures of Himmelstor. Sofia even went as far as setting up and unleashing the destructive might of a Sprenger, and to use her unique creation of Heiling Schutz which funneled reishi to her epidermis to supplement the use of her Blut. In essence, the collective might and dominion she demonstrated over highly complex reishi techniques and even stringing them together more than suffices to earn her the move up to master she's already capable of displaying.

Furthermore, her durability and determination are quite obviously put to the test and pushed further even more. From the very start, Sofia was constantly analyzing the abilities and tactics of the Shell, choosing to be more careful and to instruct more awareness and tact for her allies. She managed to discern the repercussions of certain abilities like the deteriorating effects of the Death Energy after seeing its effects a few times on their techniques. The Quincy even rallied the rest of the Vandenreich Captains once she deduced that the Goliath Shell was in some way realizing their plans before they even had a chance to put them into action. Throughout, she had to maintain a mind of steel and a concentration that's simply beyond compare, and not just to stay alive, but to create a chance for her allies and her to have a shot against a colossal beast that outclassed them. The durability I believe its the most obvious of them all, as from the very start, the Goliath Shell was on the offensive, delivering an overwhelming onslaught that should have killed them all. Hanging on as best as she could, the Quincy prodigy continued to push on, using her techniques to keep going and rally her friends to do the same. The way they combated the beast and the way she managed to face up to and maintain her spirit is a clear reflection of the endurance and tenacity she displayed.

» Extra Info:
Posts Made by Her: 5
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Spoils of War Upgrade   Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:50 am

[adm]Approved. You've earned it.[/adm]


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The Spoils of War Upgrade
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