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 The Aftermath was NOT part of the Curriculum [Ulv/Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Aftermath was NOT part of the Curriculum [Ulv/Open]   Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:41 am



Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Breathe in, Breathe out.....

Breathe in,

Breathe out,

Breathe, breathe, breathe. That is what her thoughts told her. They told her to close her eyes, to breathe, to clear. Was it meditation? A Coping method? Sleep? A cold wind wafted across her face, trailing a gentle caress across her cheek. It was soothing, numbing. She wanted more. She wanted that numbness to spread throughout. To freeze the turmoil, halt the anguish. She wanted so many things. Ironic, when she was a girl who was in love with the dead. The dead don't want anything anymore. They are dead.

Then, what is this feeling? Why does it burn hotter despite efforts to quell it, to drench it in anesthesia. To pull it out numbed to everything, the pain killed, extracted out of it and cleansed. Why does her mind see her every time she closed her eyes? Its not that she wanted to forget, far from it. She wanted to remember, she wanted to hang onto those memories, to clutch them so selfishly close to her. Memories, though... They were fleeting and whimsical. People live on, they forget, they move on. They... They were bad people.

She would never forget, she would not move on, and she wouldn't live on. Even now, as the girl looked over the barren wastes. She could see her. She was there, just out of earshot. Just out of direct eye contact, in her peripherals. Silver hair swaying with the desert wind of the wastes. She was speaking, those lips moving up and down. What were they saying? Was it to her? She was staring after all, she was staring directly at her. The girl perched on the ruins of an old building dared not move, she dared not blink. If she did, she would be gone again. Just like a memory, fleeting and whimsical.

How long as it been?

How long has it been since she killed her? She recoiled, losing site of her. How could she not, the tremors came easy. The convulsions and urge to scratch, to itch and cut, to force something else on her body to cope, to deal, was obvious. Looking around, and around to see where she had gone, panic rose. She spun her torso, resting her hand on the side of the ledge to spin around to look behind her. Was she there? Had she come for her now?

The ledge was slick, even as she put her hand down she knew what it was. She could feel it. Warm and thick, the blood flowed lazily off the ledge. More tremors, more trembling. She found the air stifling, hard to breathe. Despite the chill air, she could not breathe. Her hand coated in that warm, crimson colored liquid. Her eyes widened, a shaky gaze peered upon the wheelchair. Yes, that Wheelchair. What other chair would it be? What other chair mattered more?

The flesh, filled the air thick with the smell of iron, of bile. Finally she could breathe. Her body sharply took it in. Staggered gasps.

It didn't get any easier. It never did. First it was dreams, then it was in reality too. Soon, there was no escape from the nightmare. Ceal's nightmare. The one where she felt the blood on her hands, The one where she watched Mirja deconstruct in front of her. The one where her soul was dragged into the abyss. Nothing mattered. Not a thing. There was no escape.

What am I doing here?

In truth, she had came here to practice the art she had left her with. Cultivation. It was meticulous, but it was numbing. It allowed her to clear her thoughts, to kill the pain. It was her drug, the one thing to stave off the nightmares. It was to be used with tai chi, but Ceal's form was flawed. She had not finished her training. She had gotten a foothold at least. It was in that hold she clutched onto it. To that last remnant she left her. That and the collar that spun across her neck. He had a new accessory to it, one Ceal added. It was a bell. It rung with her tremors, chiming away the evil. At least that was the intent. Sometimes it worked. Other times...

To close her eyes and cover her ears, feeling the slickness of the blood on her fingers.. this was the best she could do. Her attempt at cultivation failed today. It failed and Ceal's accursed mark started to glow as she gave into the nightmare again. She curled up on the ledge. A featle position by any standard. Blocking out the sound of the now ominous wind. She could not trust herself to not look back, to see that nightmare again. She would, though. She would see it again, and again, and again.

It would never leave her

Why did you save me?

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath was NOT part of the Curriculum [Ulv/Open]   Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:46 am

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: 763

What time was it? Day? Year? Well, obviously, who cared, Tuesday, and 2417. Easy fucking answer, even for the scramble-minded, mentally unstable, demon that decided 'hey, why not take a stroll through the wastelands? Nothing'll happen!' Course, the demon did not expect to find anyone this day. Certainly not Ceal Maxwell, the girl Arianda would claim to be her first love without much hesitation as she had no inhibitions to stop her from claiming so! Arianda yawned rather loudly as she walked through the wastelands, staring at everything around her. She could only sigh as she kept moving. This place was full of memories both good and bad. The good ones of rescuing Taichou, and some possible bad ones involving others. To be honest, the demon would have trouble recalling them. It was likely these were memories she pushed to the back of her brain in a desperate attempt to try and keep herself from getting too sad over everything. Or, it was Arianda simply being scatter brained. The world may never kno-- No, it was both.

Arianda continued to walk as she let another yawn escape her lips before the demon's eyes, mid yawn, shot open and she surveyed the surrounding area. Arianda had felt this energy before, many times actually. The energy of someone who loved Arianda, but, nowhere near as much as the wolf that the two knew very well. Arianda let out a soft sigh and then, without even a second thought; she moved towards the girl. Arianda also forced her Eris Seal to shut the fuck up. She could do it, it was just taxing on her body if done for too long since Amphilogiai at least wanted a front row seat to Conflict, and didn't mind if she chucked it here or there. Arianda then sighed as she walked over to where she sensed Ceal from, Ceal and Ate; a love she never knew and a sister she could never hear.

The demon soon arrived at where Ceal was, curled up by a cliff; unaware of her existence. Frankly, probably the existence of much in the end. Arianda gently knelt next to the girl, inspecting her as time went by as if it was slogging through molasses. She was breathing well enough, and, clearly, her body was intact enough for her to stay alive for much longer than any human. But, of course, there was also the Seal on her stomach. Arianda dare not touch it or venture a hand too close as Ate could set off and cause Ceal even greater pain than she has already endured. The Angel of Conflict could only shake her head as she gently placed her hands under Ceal's armpits and gently pulled the girl away from the cliff.

It wasn't hard as Ceal wasn't heavy, but, she was being gentle since she did not wish to disturb her as much as possible. However, if Ceal did try to escape, she would find the grip on her arms was tight enough that it could not be slipped through. Arianda soon set Ceal down as she felt a tear run down her cheek and fall onto Ceal's. Arianda squeaked silently and quickly rubbed whatever liquid her eyes were deciding to shed at QUITE the wrong moment. It was just... heartbreaking, disheartening... sad. Arianda sighed softly and let a few more tears escape her eyes, not onto Ceal this time, before she rubbed her tears away and slapped herself gently. She needed to calm down. Crying wouldn't help. But, she knew what would; taking care of that Seal. At least, the demon thought so.

Arianda could not help but remember the bubbly girl she once knew when they first met in the demon world; where they had a rather... interesting first interaction. She was so kind, and Ari was, well, a bit of a piece of shit to be honest. She was sure of Mirja was here now to give her shit about how she was, she would. The wolf just loved to do such things to her. Not like they were needed anyways. Arianda soon sighed and gently placed her hand on Ceal's head. She had spoken not to speak, but, whether she wanted to or not the words fell from her mouth and rolled off her tongue. The covering of her mouth and slight blush evident that it was something she said without her mind giving any consultation to the matter.

"I missed you, Ceal..."

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath was NOT part of the Curriculum [Ulv/Open]   Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:34 am


The Angel of the Saika

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

Why was she in the wasteland? Why come out to this desolate empty rock with nothing of worth? Sumika herself didn't even know for sure. She had traveled out here before, she was more of a survivalist than she let on. Well, rather she knew how to keep a low profile to not draw the attention of something big and nasty. Still...why come out here? She had trained a bit with Cirno and some of her confidence had returned...but that couldn't be all. She had some of that power locked away in her released, and she could tap it a bit, but still...that shouldn't have changed a thing. Why was she WAY out here?

In reality...she had a feeling. Normally she didn't wander too far from Karakura because of Aiko, but she could get back there quickly enough. But ever since that day with Cirno, she had this weird unshakable feeling like...she had to do something. Likely it was just confidence telling her she COULD do something. Maybe that was it? She felt like she could actually help people again, and she went out into the wastes to find someone to help. Problems were plentiful out here, so maybe she'd just run into someone who needed help? She'd keep a low enough profile to not attract some high level hollow or demon that was strong enough to SERIOUSLY mess her up. After all, it didn't matter how much she tried to help if she was dead. So that was the state of things was it? Just wandering til she found something she could do.

It seemed like a foolish plan...that was until she sensed something...familiar. Her ability to sense energy was still pathetic, but what ability she did have...remembered this. It was demonic, lovely. But more than that, the shell holding it had a lot of..."empty" space which was clearly the other types of energy she wasn't sensitive to. No...the odds of it being Ceal, the girl who tried to take Aiko away and then was pacified by...being scolded like a child. That's what we'll call it. Sumika shook her head. No way, Ceal wasn't the ONLY part demon out there. But then again, that swirling energy that made Sumika's stomach churn seemed to be in the same spot as it was on Ceal. Nope, she had to check.

She arrived at a cliff, and there...sure enough. Was Ceal. But she was in the embrace of...a woman. A second form that Sumika had somehow failed to notice. A demon. As Sumika got close, she felt a sense of fear in the pit of her stomach. This woman was clearly too strong for Sumika...and...she was embracing Ceal. Still...was this the woman who put that seal that was clearly the source of that girl's problems on her? It's not like she ever ASKED about the seal, but it was insanely obvious from how it flared up when Ceal was being bad that it was the cause of her aggressive behavior. She didn't know for sure. Could this woman be trying to turn Ceal to the dark by acting friendly and caring? Or was this demon unrelated to that damned thing? Truth be told she had no clue WHAT even was the full story behind that seal. She just knew clearly something strong and demonic gave it to her, and it was fucking her over.

"Ceal...what...happened?" She turned her focus on the woman holding Ceal in her arms. Did this woman have anything to do with why this girl, whom she admittedly only knew somewhat, was clearly in pain? " better not have hurt her."

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath was NOT part of the Curriculum [Ulv/Open]   Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:50 am



Artist: Ley Rime - Song: Hymn for the Missing

The Wastelands.

The middle of nowhere.

It was a better place than any, for him and for a certain someone else.

A portal swirled to life as the male stepped out into the shadows. The Garb of Tsukuyomi caused his body to immediately vanish into nothingness as the item made contact. His head rose from the ground and stared at what was before him. A muffled sigh left him as he watched the girl from afar. Ceal, the girl who had fallen in love with Mirja, now sat on a mountain within the Wastelands, performing what Henrex could tell was the cultivation of Tai Chi. His eyes grew heavy with sorrow as he watched her, sensing the grief that burned in her heart.

She didn't deserve this.

She was so kind, caring, and loving...and now, she had been reduced to this. His eyes closed as he felt his own heart swell with the same emotions that Ceal felt. He knew what it felt like, and he knew why.

Mirja...was dead.

It was something that even Henrex didn't want to believe. He knew that he had the wolf girl hadn't been on the best of terms, but he had still cared about her as a friend, and as a comrade. So, to hear that she was dead -- it was like dropping an anvil on him. It felt like it crushed him and threatened to kill him. Clouds slowly swirled about, darkening as the presence of the storm user thickened. He watched the girl curl up into the fetal position, his eyes closing.

But suddenly, they opened. The immediate presence of someone else caused him to open his eyes, the energy signature more than recognizable. It was none other than Arianda -- someone he wasn't surprised that was there. Henrex sighed as he watched the demon hug Ceal, stating that she missed her. Then, another. An angel, who was also concerned for the human girl.

Stepped out of the shadows and allowing his body to materialize, Henrex silently stepped forward, walking to the Angel and softly putting a hand on her shoulder, siphoning her fear out and taking it onto himself, breaking it down for his demon half to consume.

"No...she didn't hurt Ceal." He said, his voice barely higher than a whisper.

He walked forward and knelt down next to Ceal as his left eye began a stream of crystal clear liquid. A hand reached out and repeated the actions he did with the Angel. Her sadness, her grief, all of that negativity was being pulled from her as Henrex ate it. His first instinct was to hug Ceal. He wanted to hold her, comfort her, and protect her from the hell that she had been thrown into by this world. But...he restrained. Instead, Henrex's head just lowered to the ground, the black mass of his hair concealing his face from sight.

The first raindrop fell as he spoke. "I'm so sorry, Ceal..."

"I'm so, so, sorry..."

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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: The Aftermath was NOT part of the Curriculum [Ulv/Open]   Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:01 am



Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Floating behind her, unseen to all but Ceal herself, was the ethereal being of Mirja. Not entirely real, so totally invisible to any sense that was not Ceal's own, she just floated there, being a rather perfect imprint of the dead wolf girl.
"So, this what we doing? We sitting on the edge of ruined buildings pretending to be Batman? Because as much as I like ya darlin', you ain't Batman. Nobody is Batman, except Batman, but he's about as real as me" Mirja was, as usual, talking to try and distract Ceal from the dark emotions. Taking her own life would be naerly impossible, she would have to be very determined to press through the overwhelming feelings of continued existence that Urd forced upon her. But that didn't stop her feeling sad. So Mirja floated behind Ceal, and gave her a comforting hug. Strange, it would feel both tight and real, and yet as substantial as the wind at the same time. Urd was never meant to be used like this, so it caused a bit of wonky.

What H-Mirja didn't expect however, was that three people turned up within a short time of each other.
"Ohh, yay. Tentacles, Raven and....who's that third one? I hope she knows how to be happy. The other two don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to girls and smiling, respectively"

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The Aftermath was NOT part of the Curriculum [Ulv/Open]
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