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 Knock Knock, Queen.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Knock Knock, Queen.   Thu 28 Dec - 20:31


"Sorry, what?"

"Wow, uh, I really didn't think I'd have to clarify anymore than that. What I said was, 'I'd like to speak with the Queen.' Look, I even did finger quotation marks to stress what I meant."

The silver-haired woman really did use quotation marks, but to the expectations of both her and the guards, the intent really didn't come across; or at least, the guards weren't very receptive.

"Move along, lady."

With a quick dismissal, the guards took back to their tall posture, doing well to keep their post. The commitment to their roles were admirable, though ultimately futile--and not for the typically violent reasons. That's not how Cyng operated--well, no, it sort of was; however, the sovereign was a bit more selective with the event and timing.

The Asura proved her title well and offered a smile to accompany an overwhelming pressure. Something so unfathomably deep and massive, but inane. It wasn't anything like spiritual pressure, or an energy of any kind. There was no substance to it, but the guards nonetheless were subject to some heavy weight bearing down on them, as if they were in the presence of their own Queen, something noble exuding unto them. The impulse to take a knee and beg subservience made them shake in weakness. Despite all of this...

"Mmm, finally a pair of guards that makes sense. I'd expect at least this much from people stationed to guard the palace of their ruler, after all. I can't understand why other people have this inclination to put easily handled weaklings at the gates of their homes of all places."

Cyng retracted this pressure, as it evidently didn't do enough to break the guards, though beads of sweat and trepidation did strike at their core. Instead, the White Rider opted for a much simpler method--the polite one.

Through the manifestation of [Heartforce], from a distance Cyng's will tapped at the Chaya Queen's Palace doors.


"Excuse me, but I'd like to speak with the Queen?"




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