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 The Pen and the Sword [Hayden]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Pen and the Sword [Hayden]   Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:26 am

The Melody

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

”A tour map please.”

It hadn’t been long since she had arrived. The remaining funds of her noble family easily enough to cover all sorts of expenses within the realm of logic. A visit to the lands of Vastime had been long overdue. The Wandenreich and the the Vanguard were in good term, and it was in part due to the meeting Radioactive, Hayden, and Sofia had over a year ago that led to an established alliance. In that time, the Quincy prodigy had done a lot of thinking, and a lot of changing. Beyond her encounters with Deveta’s Shell, and a needed exposure to the darkness of the Demons, Sofia was able to analyze all sorts of matters through very different lenses. And after ridding herself of the darkness that had plagued her heart, purposely, she had been rewarded with a more refined understandment and outlook on the world around her. Her convictions were largely the same, and she still maintained the same beliefs she possessed back during the first attempts to have their people united. Now, she was simply better.

At the same time, there was a lot of turmoil in both fronts. On the side of the Wandenreich there were rumors about a potential shift in leadership. Some rumors indicated that perhaps Sofia would become a co-elect alongside Niflheim to learn whatever she had to offer, and take up the mantle. Other rumors simply went on about the idea that sooner rather than later, Sofia would simply challenge the current elect for the title. It was difficult for those within the ranks to truly define what was going on, or where the rumors would lead to. To those outside of its ranks, truly understanding what was to come seemed like hardly a possibility. What was clear to both her people and Sofia herself was that she had long surpassed the current elect in terms of battle potential despite the jarring difference in their ages. Whether one rumor came to pass or the other was yet to be seen, and it would be dependent on how certain events unfolded down the road. What was for certain however was that sooner or later Sofia would lead, as she believed she had the right mindset that was needed to usher her people forth and flourish as the Vanguard had throughout the last few years.

To be fair, had Sofia not been a Quincy to begin with, and as such devoted to her people and their cause, there stood no doubt that she would have joined the Vanguard. The ideology they possessed and the values they represented were very alike her own, and she agreed to most if not all of their mandates. From their stalwart position as defenders of the Earth, to the level of discipline and commitment that was needed to lead and maintain a largely military organization; it all clicked with her. It was certainly something she was fascinated and proud about. In essence, Sofia would aim to recreate the same level of commitment and discipline for her people as the Vanguard had for their own. And if her plans ever went south, then at the very least she found comfort on the fact that there were others that shared the same values and beliefs as her.

But, there was a problem. It seemed as though rumors abounded not just within the Wandenreich but within Vastime as well. Certain rumors had come to her ears about some kind of disagreement with the current leadership of the organization, or rather the conquest of ideas to who was truly deserving to rule. There wasn’t much to go by, as the rumors she had heard were not very detailed or concrete. And from the looks of it after she arrived, most people were not even aware of it. Sofia had no idea just who the challenger for the throne was, but she didn’t care. There was a pretty old saying that still held a lot of meaning in this day and age, Better the devil you know, than the one you don’t. That wasn’t to be taken in a literal sense however as she did not believe Hayden to be of ill intent. Still, things were fine as they were. The Quincy maintained their alliance with Hayden and what he stood for, and their goals aligned with each other with perfection; specially with Sofia’s. And while she didn’t know the exact set of beliefs of the challenger, there was no need to change what did not need changing. Why fix what wasn’t broken to begin with. In essence, her visit was rather multifaceted. She had arrived in part as a form of goodwill passing, to enjoy her time in the region, and to provide her support as need be. It felt like the right thing to do. Of course, deep down, she wanted to have a chance to test herself against the man, but those were deep desires that were not likely to resurface unless prompted or given the chance to capitalize on.

This is it, she thought to herself as she stood outside a rather large building. From what she was told, Hayden was within. Still, she would make no attempt to enter or call out for him. Sofia was the current representation of the law, of discipline, and of the military for her people, and as such, her manners were nigh impeccable. Standing still in a form of parade rest, she eyed forth. Her feet were about shoulder width apart, hands at the small of her back centered on the belt, with fingers extended and thumbs interlocked in a way so the that palm of her right hand faced outward. Her uniform was indicative of her position and the dedication she maintained. It consisted of a largely white Wandenreich uniform with plenty of gold accents. A matching white skirt, about upper thigh length was offset by the dark earthy look of thighs underneath. And to finish the look, the contrast between a white silky ribbon, and the ebony black locks of her smooth locks completed the appearance that projected elegance, commitment, and beauty all in one.

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