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 Homecoming [Ask to Join]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Homecoming [Ask to Join]   Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:40 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: SunSlammer- Word Count:

The reality of the situation had began to set in on the young soldier turned king. The man who had essentially been his mythic hero for most of his adult life now stood before him. Despite if his gaze was one which bore judgement or curiosity the immediate feeling of worry seemed to hit the man. While he had accepted the criticism of the past, it was this man who ideals he tried to remain with and operate within that truly mattered. It was why as his hazel eyes looked into the verdant ones of Genpaku Arishma, he had a single question in this mind.

'Did I do good enough?'

It was those words he wanted to ask, like a child seeking approval from a foreign father figure. Yet; this man knew most likely nothing of Hayden. As it stood now, none of that mattered because at the current moment he was currently in the midst of four other people. Becoming an unclouth idiot at the presence of the male would lead to nothing but embarrasment so any sorta of heroic idol worship would need to wait. But the mentioning of that demonic king made Hayden give a slight nod as his brain worked to process that information, the potential effect a Demon King would have now. But it was also the question Genpaku Arishma asked which caught Hayden's intention, one which seemed to brighten the man's hazel irises.

“Are people ever not in danger?”

At one point Hayden would have been inclined to ask the same question, it was one he had to constantly ask himself in order to run the nation he was in control of. It was the idea of danger which was the Earth's biggest concern, but as it stood the man distance of the two men would close with a single step, his hand taking Genpaku's in a firm shake. It was at this point the five foot eleven man would crane his neck down to stare at him- he didn't know he was that short. But if it had an effect on Hayden he didn't show it, a certain burning in his eyes as he spoke.

"I asked myself that everyday, I still do. But I like to think that people like us can one day not just lessen that danger- but remove it." It was clear that despite the physique and baritone voice of the male he held a deep seeded idea of hope, and perhaps it was that idea of hope which seemed to enable him to maintain his cool around the people around him. Genpaku was but a man, as he was- but a man who had earned the Admiration of a younger Hayden and the respect of a matured Hayden. His eyes would turn to his companion as he took a step back the emphasis he needed now gone, releasing his hand.

"Even if the threat has ceased for the moment, keep that edge. I sent a beacon out to local forces a few kilometers away to keep their sensors scanning. Should something pop off or strange start to happen.. at least we won't be caught entirely off guard."
The male explained to Blackheart figuring the other three people would also at least have a bit of ease that should someone get frisky again- they would at least have some support. None the less the male would turn his gaze to voluptuous redhead and much much shorter woman.

"Don't suppose you two where here when shit kicked off? Mind if I get your two names- don't want to be rude or anything." Hayden explained his hand beginning to lift off the the idle resting position of his hand on his weapon, as his instincts kicked in. If there was no threat as it stood, no reason to keep an outwardly hostile position least he offend the new people.

"I don't mean to sound like an idiot or anything but... Arishma- you've been gone for so long. Why come back now? Do you intent to come out of 'retirement'? Shit- do you need anything at all I'm uh... eager to help."

Was he coming on too strong?

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Homecoming [Ask to Join]   Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:12 pm

Artist: Undertale OST - Song: Your Best Friend - Word Count: 914

All of genpaku arishima’s answers only brought more questions to the mind of the unknown. His senses were taut, his zao-ka which allowed him to be intimately aware of his environment was spread as far as he could push it. However--in terms of external appearance, it seemed like blackheart had managed to calm down. The tension could be seen slipping from him through the simple things: His posture, how his shoulders slumped marginally, how his stance relaxed subtly; all these things would be indicators of the drop in the perceived threat. Yet, there was still that nagging feeling in the back of his head that this was something more; that this was going to end up turning into an even bigger mess than it was currently. The fact of the matter was, a demon king had appeared on the outskirts of karakura, and thus as much as he wished--as much as he wanted to believe in genpaku he couldn’t help but grill him.

”Do you know why this Demon King--Abbadon was chasing you? Did you do something to provoke him?”

Currently, Blackheart knew full well who Genpaku Arishima was, and what he meant to the Vanguard specifically. However, his loyalty had been won over by Azure Iramasha, the man who had given so much for the vanguard-- not a figure of the past. Blackheart wished that he could trust this man, however the protection of karakura, of the innocent people that could be affected by this incident took precedence over his hopes, and his need. Which was why his own contenance cut a stark contrast to the former leader of the vanguard, Desmond Hayden. Where he was trying to figure out if there was any way he could help-- and had a bit of idolization going on in his actions; you wouldn’t find any of that in Blackheart.

His sweeping gaze took in the destruction that surrounded them, only stopping when he noticed one of the girls looked quite out of sorts. Thus, he tuned out his leader and comrade Hayden; he even to some extent would tune out the founder of the vanguard unless he got a pertinent response to his aforementioned question. His body would shift, feet rolling forward as he walked past Lilith Antonovich with only a glance before brushing past her in what would be a curt, yet inoffensive manner; his movements smooth and fluid as he shifted down onto his knees as he stopped in front of kaminari. Unlike the manner of which he had been so hard and brusque with genpaku and the situation, there was only a tenderness that stemmed from his belief in protection of the innocence. He’d reach out and rest a hand on her shoulder and ask in a soft tone.

”Are you alright miss?”

He’d wait for her reply, and depending on the answer he would figure out his next plan of action. Now, if one of her companions stepped in to deal with the blatantly unwell state of this young lady, well then he’d back up and let them take care of it. However, as of this moment his first priority was the unwell innocent here. Not Genpaku, nor the demon king. One of which was missing, however neither were pressing issues that were going to vanish, and thus it was a matter of what his--blackheart’s priority was, and he would take this situation step by step, until he got the bottom of it and he was comfortable with the answer he found.

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Subject Post 23PostSubject: Re: Homecoming [Ask to Join]   Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:50 am

Hayden took Genpaku's hand, and they traded grips. Then something potentially odd happened; Genpaku bowed. It was now an old gesture, an old form of respect that lived on in the young-looking shinigami.
“Thanks for helping hold down the fort while I was away,” he said before standing back on and continuing on with the conversation.

Genpaku shared Hayden's optimism, that people banding together could halt the tide of darkness that had been sweeping over the worlds for a long time now. That was why Genpaku had made the Special Human Task Force originally, and why he had taken that division and made it its own organization. Hayden turned and spoke to the demon, and it was instantly clear the two were comrades of some sort. There was an inherent trust in Hayden's words, and the way he left the demon at his back spoke either of confidence or trust, or perhaps both. Blackheart took the chance to speak up.

“Considering that some time ago me and my friend back there thought we'd killed him, I suppose its safe to say we gave him cause to feel antagonized. I imagine it would be why he'd have been missing from the affairs of the worlds for as long as he was. Or has been. I'm unclear when he made his return to be honest; I just got back here myself,” Genpaku said. His tone was polite, yet still somewhat guarded.

Some of that tension returned to Genpaku as Blackheart stepped past him towards Kaminari and Lilith. Given how things had played so far and what little information he had, there was probably no threat from the demon. Yet, it was that lack of information that put Genpaku on edge in this moment. He didn't know how the world had changed since he'd been gone. He couldn't be sure who, honestly, was an ally and who wasn't anymore. These were things that would take time to figure out. While he had made the Vanguard with the intent of letting anyone in that wanted to protect the Earth, it hadn't changed what Genpaku had seen and experienced first hand. He'd been at ground zero of London.

Hayden spoke up again, and Genpaku turned back to him; however, he kept part of his attention back on Blackheart. To most, he'd probably seem relaxed in this moment but there was a subtle, quiet tension about Genpaku. He was frankly ready to move at a moment's notice, and not in the way he had back in the world he'd found himself trapped in. Neither of these people were pushovers; if he needed to move, he'd do so with all the speed he could manage.

“If I'm being honest, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do. My information is greatly out of date; that hardly makes me an ideal candidate to lead anyone. So I imagine my first step will be figuring out what I've missed while I was stranded. I never agreed to a retirement though, and I certainly don't plan to sit around and do nothing. Figuring out where to begin however is the part that will take a while.”

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Subject Post 24PostSubject: Re: Homecoming [Ask to Join]   Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:29 pm

Lilith stood quietly and watched the scene before her. She had little more to say on it all and observation seemed the better plan. There was an easiness about her that she hadn't felt in a long while and she was going to enjoy that for now. With a calm air about her, she watched Blackheart make his way over to the struggling midget to offer assistance. She shot a knowing glance toward Genpaku for reassurance. If Blackheart did try anything, a war would break out, but Lilith sensed no hostility.

"Hehehe... Paky's got a fan..."

Kaminari raised her head only slightly, her eyes meeting the gaze of the one who touched her shoulder. She showed a momentary and weak smile before forcing a nod. "Oh, yeah. I'll be okay. I just... I don't know..." Kaminari's head lowered like it was too heavy for her to keep up, "I feel off, like all of my strength has been ripped from me. I just ate, so I know it's not that. I-I think I'll be okay though." Kaminari closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She held it for a few moments and slowly let it out before forcing herself to her feet, holding up a victorious fist.

"See, I-... Never mind." Kaminari allowed herself to fall onto her backside and just sat there, "This is your guys' fault. It happened when you and Paky's fans showed up." "Paky?" Lilith looked at Kaminari as if she has been personally offended by that nickname. Her expression faltered even more when she realized that she just got called one of Genpaku's fans. "Hey, midget! I am not a FAN. Don't lump me in with this guy!" Lilith pointed at Hayden, who's speech patterns had given it away. Lilith then shot a look toward Genpaku, "Didn't tell her about me?! It's been four years! Four! And not one word?" Lilith turned away and crossed her arms, faking sadness and pouting like she was the child here.

"Anyways!" she didn't let that go on for more than a second, "The best thing to do here, at least in my opinion, is to head back to where you left off... We should take care of your pint-sized girlfriend here and then figure out where that is. We can drop her off somewhe-..." "No. You're not leaving me anywhere. I got separated from him for two weeks, so I'm no-..." "Two weeks? Little one, di-..." "I know he's been gone longer for you. I'm weak, not stupid, but that doesn't take away the fact that he's my only link to anything familiar. If he hadn't told me my name, I wouldn't know it. I don't know who I am or where I'm from, so until he helps me find that like he promised, I'm not separating from him. Okay, Gen?" She shot Genpaku a bit of a look, figuring he'd want to argue. She couldn't blame him since she kept breaking out into a sweat and was having trouble breathing, but he'd have to deal with her stubbornness. Apparently, that's the type of people he attracts.

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Homecoming [Ask to Join]
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