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 Götterdämmerung [OPEN; GERMANY]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Götterdämmerung [OPEN; GERMANY]   Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:46 pm


Artist: YONAO KEISHI - Song: L∴D∴O
It was like a new star's birth when he entered this world. The bright shimmering sphere above the ruins of some old castle broke through the hazy overcast. The stones shone too, welcoming a guest of absolute kingship. They had been polished by no one's hands yet they glimmered like they were freshly lain. It was only natural, even for something that was more born of this world than the being that walked down ephermeral golden steps. Five steps before and five steps after were all that existed of the Golden Beast's staircase. It was the source of the unnatural light, not the man—if he were so deigned to be called one—whose footfalls guided its future direction.

It was not the most populated area now. Countless battles and infrastructure changes had seen to that. Whether by bullet or simple inconvenience, this town was in the process of dying. Although the style had changed due to new building materials and styles, it was still the same place He remembered. Even the grass, though damp with new morning dew, remained how He pictured it. There was less of it, but that was to be expected. After all, humans changed the way they viewed nature with such frequency that it was as if they were merely turning a radio dial. Johan touched one of the stone pillars. His glove came away damp and somewhat stained with greenish-grey muck.

Johan's smile turned wistful—remembering only brief contact with the very pillar when it was in much better shape all those years ago. "Ah, how wondrous it that although the facades of the world have changed, their inner beauties and decrepitude remain steadfast." Johan's voice swept across the hushed town. Curious and worried adults left their homes to see three men in a strange uniform standing near the ruins of a castle whose name was long-forgotten. All three were taller than a normal man. One stood solemn, his face hidden by the shadow of a hat save for his bestubbled chin. One stood quiet, but he observed every person with eyes that seemed too large for his head. Perhaps it was that they were too big or maybe it was that there was not enough fat on his sunken cheeks so they merely popped out as the largest thing there.

It was the man in the middle, Johan von Volkhardt, that took the most attention. That was how He was meant to be. His bodyguards were more of a formality than anything else. Johan had no need for them in the short term. Bodyguards were expendable, and He did not want anyone expendable. Every single Sugiuran life was too precious for Him to waste on "protection." As the eyes began to move towards Johan, many started to shy away. Even though he was looking away—admiring the pillar he stood beside—it was as if he was looking right into their eyes from only a few inches away. And so the King of the West stood, admiring the pillar until someone would dare try to speak to him.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Götterdämmerung [OPEN; GERMANY]   Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:10 pm



Shadowfall owned just about everything in this region Saisei learned once he had touched base down in Germany for the first time. Despite that, somehow this relatively large country went without control, going to what he'd assume was an ally. The Kokuryuteshi were pretty mysterious to Saisei. Nonetheless he had to start somewhere when it came to figuring out what everyone was out to get in this crazy world they called earth.

There weren't many friendly faces in Germany from the looks of it as the days passed for the boy. He originally afforded the trip to the country to genuinely just learn, something that most of his actions fell in line with. This time around, the exact area wasn't exactly the easiest to get around as well. A lot of the country was wide expanses of land on top of extremely teched out cities like Berlin, its capital. That being the case, the boy found the best possible outcome was to embed himself into a small village or group of people in a lone area of the country. It'd be best to see what those with very little or less interest in the country's politics think about its owners and "protectors".

So, Saisei found himself in a tiny town that he was guided to by a young man visiting his home for the first time in a decade, making it the perfect get away to learn about its people. Upon arrival, he wasn't given much of a direct welcoming from its inhabitants. It was a quaint little town with a pretty tiny population in comparison to some of the larger cities. It was perfect to learn in Saisei's eyes, making what he hoped was the next few days great for learning. That was, if he would be around for that long of a time.

At the edge of town, not very far from the entrance was a quiet ruin, dusted in ancient history and information most would never live to learn. A prime target for someone like the visiting boy. The plan was to visit as soon as possible, directly after leaving his small duffel bag of belongings in the town's nearby inn, a long forgotten business throughout most of the world. Not even moments passed since Saisei dropped his bag in an unoccupied room he paid for that people began to shuffling in mass outside to take witness of something. In pursuit, the boy followed the towns people to what seemed a sight of awe for most.

There stood a group of men, two hovering a man between the two of them, all three looking far too different from the people of the town to be from here. At least, that's what he believed. Nevertheless, the townspeople shuffled away as fast as they had come, a puzzling look filled the boy's face before he decided it would be best to heed their decision. That was, if he wasn't intent on learning about the group. Stepping forward just slightly towards the large ruin, Saisei belted out loud without a thought to the wind.


The young boy was in over his head thought most of the townspeople surrounding him, the bright morning sun pressing down on the ruin, a beautiful sight indeed. Saisei had never seen something like it before, Karakura was far too advanced to leave something like this standing out in the opening.

"What is that?" It was a simple question with what could be hundreds of years worth of history behind it, something that sparked excitement in the child. Just what needed on his first morning in Germany.

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Götterdämmerung [OPEN; GERMANY]
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