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 Chapter One [Closed]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Chapter One [Closed]   Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:55 am

For anyone who knew their history, this would have been an obvious mistake. Sadly, past incidents that occurred during Miyako's years at the Academy weren't made clear when these four were put together. Teaming Miyako Konoe up with these three degenerates that bullied her during the Academy, and that she got in trouble because of that bullying, was not going to allow this mission to end successfully. She tried to let things go. She wanted to move on from then and do her duty like she had been for years now. It was unlucky that these three had different plans for her.

It was meant to be a quick killing. A low ranking member within the ranks of Shadow Fall had been causing trouble outside the boundaries of Karakura Central, killing travelers and behaving like nothing more than the filth he was. The team found him right before he went to strike another innocent traveler that was just making their way back into Karakura Central. Before he got the chance to strike, her team surrounded him and were ready to battle. At least, that's what she thought the plan was. The betrayal should have been expected. It wasn't like she trusted these fools in the first place.

They offered her up without hesitation, even treated it like a 'deal.' If he stopped attacking civilians in the area, he could kill himself a Shinigami and they'd just leave him to it. Of course, they all agreed to this little deal without hesitation. Miyako watched her teammates walk away, their backs turning and not once did they look back. For some time, she was able to fend her opponent off, but there was a reason this required a team. She was eventually struck down, stabbed through the back and out the gut when the bastard moved behind her and caught her off guard. "D-Damn y-you to hell."

Miyako stopped herself from falling under the force of her enemy's blade by taking a knee. He ripped the blade from her and pushed his foot against her back, forcing her to the ground. "AGH!" she shouted in pain and frustration, trying to push herself back up only to be slammed back into the ground. "GET OFF OF ME!" she demanded, knowing her demands would be ignored. She gripped her zanpakuto tightly, having released it earlier in the fight only to watch it reseal before her eyes. "Now die, you worthless bitch." the raspy venomous words of her opponent slithered into the back of her mind. She knew that she was close to death now. The bastard raised his blade into the air, aiming it toward the back of her neck, and swung.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Chapter One [Closed]   Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:56 pm