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 Pale Preparation Sofia vs Tsubasa

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Pale Preparation Sofia vs Tsubasa   Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:52 pm

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She was a strong woman that much was clear, as she'd used some technique to wash him away. This wasn't unexpected as she was able to contain and even do something potent to him. She was not done through her assault was continuing and his body ached still from the previous. The Tiger's mirror was still an effective tool in this case, but the time wasn't right. He decided as he steadied himself that it was time to do something else. Slowly a black mist seemed to form from his own shadow as a blade emerged. He gripped the dark dripping blade as a female giggle could be heard around the battlefield. "Come on Master, you forgot to use me again.Let's show her some nightmares. For Sofia she'd see an attractive woman standing near him. But it wasn't really there it was more a spiritual being. Tsubasa had a weapon that he'd yet to really draw upon here. His eyes looked down at the water, it was indeed troublesome to deal with. Avoiding her next attacks took precedence over everything else. Now she and her pet had caused him enough difficulty which meant he needed to think outside the box. Activating his Steed was a rarely done foot for him. She'd earned this right and the chance to see something else as he spoke. "Black Coffin Burial." Was the words uttered by the man as chains came from the air with a gravitational pull on them. They shot for her body's legs and began attempting to wrap around her. Her larger size did help in this situation as he did need to avoid her attacks also. Tsubasa began moving quickly and jumped into a shadow. He could emerge from other shadows using a Shadow Travel method. This wasn't ideal for him and in terms of moving around, he had plenty of options. As metal shards began mixing into the water. Making a swirl of metal shrapnel cutting through the water. It was him making specialized barbwire for the creature beneath the waves. The first issue was dealing with it, he wasn't sure of electricity would work.

The Black Coffin Burial began to work it's magic on the female, as chains of darkness wrapped around her. But there was an attack hidden within this one's shadow. Tsubasa could hide techniques within techniques using Despair. The Shadow's of the chains reacted as he could manipulate them using the female figure. Sofia would get a flash before the box moved around her like a typical version. But something was different, the shadow of the chains held something on them also. As the very shadows began gripping her and squeezing at her lovely frame. As the box came around her and darkness began to consume Sofia. It was clear that something was coming from more than just this kido. The box began gripping and crushing her frame as it closed. Had everything gone to plan the female was inside the box now as the very shadows attacked her. It was a short amount of time to be sure as the burial commenced and the spears drove through the box on all sides. Tsubasa had managed to bring out a trump card on to the field a lot sooner than most would have expected.

The real question was what did he hide in that box's shadow. Tsubasa was known to be crafty and hiding attacks within attacks were what he did. It wasn't an ordinary kido spell she'd been hit with. This was a modified version of Hadō 90. That the Unabara had made long ago for someone else. She'd used a couple techniques before he jumped into the shadow to plan his move. A blade emerged beneath the waves as Tsubasa released a massive blast of electricity into the water. He'd come partly out of the shadow of her Bastian. It wasn't him coming out all the way, the surge of lighting would likely give the creature a startling effect. As it bounced on those magnetic rods and continued keeping the water electrified. His energy would remain to keep the water potent as he waited for his next chance. He'd come out of the shadow world soon enough. Despair's voice cooed in his ear as she smiled at the thought of Sofia. This girl was such a lovely thing and she wanted to play with her.

Two facts were clear as a shadow clone version of Tsubasa emerged from the darkness of her shadow. Bringing down its blade across her thighs and aiming itself for her body in several locations. Moving around her rapidly and darting and dashing at high speeds. It mimicked the man who still waited for the right time to appear. Strategy indicated she still had some cards up her sleeve. He was content watching from the Shadow Realm for now. Tsubasa didn't get to use his assassination training often. But this was one of those occasions that truly came about from there. The box would likely break or failed by now, either way, it was best to wait for the chance to move. Observe and see what came of this clash now. The Clone could mimic and copy his moves and wasn't just a bad imitation either. Despair was rather good at making a convincing version. It held his skills and capabilities and even could use his Shikai. But being a clone was used in this sense.

If she had a way to stop what he was planning that was fine in itself. But it was going to be a while now in terms of waiting as the clone took a stance. If struck it would melt into shadows giving away what it was. That would break his cover and create problems at the moment. So it was best that it moves fluidly and avoid as needed. So he could get an open shot at the female's shadow. This was his goal and target not anything else now. For if Tsubasa could strike her Shadow with Despair, the damage would appear where he hit. This however required focus on this dark swallowing world he was in. It didn't come freely or cheaply for him. The next moments of this fight would truly begin to shape it. He'd made the choice to do something bold. By activating those magnetic rods, the next part was about waiting. For the proper moment to come and strike. Tsubasa couldn't be sure what kind of damage would be done here. But it was time to prepare something of massive proportions to bring down this female.

Sofia would hopefully gain much from this encounter with him. If nothing else but a few more questions. The Shadow like Tendrils that attacked her within that box held no place with the rest. This fight was going a distance that few others in his fighting career had gone too. Tsubasa had to sink himself into darkness while her vision was obscured for a moment. And even then sending a clone out and taking the risks of remaining hidden. Just to see for an opening or something promising to truly put this fight to a conclusion For now he could recover beneath the veil of shadows through accelerating his cell growth and healing his more problematic injuries from her previous attack.


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Pale Preparation Sofia vs Tsubasa   Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:24 pm

The Melody

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

It no longer surprised her if the man came out with a new and improved technique or method to combat her. Tsubasa had long exceeded her expectations, and she had long exceeded the extent at which she had been pushed in a battle before. Despite her best efforts and her best techniques, she knew that sooner or later the obvious step would be necessary to ensure a more leveled fighting chance. Despite her size and her speed, the Shinigami was able to create an odd technique all of a sudden. Shadows. He had managed to embed shadows all around them, and even had enough time to somehow cast another kido before slipping into one. Despite his best efforts however, Basatan and Sofia had moved with intent to make it difficult for him to escape, even with his superior speed. Tsubasa would have scurried away, like a frightened boy to seek shelter in the shadow, but it seemed not just plausible but down right almost undeniable that he would have likely been hit with the pressurized blast of water sent from behind through Basatan.

The hit couldn’t have possibly harmed him more than her previous attacks already had, but it counted and added to the sum nonetheless. The girl had to admit the shadow techniques were interesting, albeit a poor choice against someone like her. The modern Quincy, Sofia included, did not partake in the use of shadows for movements or attacks. It was a bit of an archaic practice that was practiced only by some of the oldest, yet not forgotten by many. Though she didn’t use the techniques, she had a basic understanding of their workings. And while could certainly be different, they were still shadows in the end, and behaved and respected certain rules and norms. More importantly however was the powerful kido that had been unleashed before he ran away, tail between his legs.

She knew she likely couldn’t follow him in, but even if she could, the Quincy had more pressing matters to tend to. The chains had spread out and wide, trying to wrap around her body. Let’s be fair though, the girl was 70 meters tall. The chains were able to wrap her legs, barely. It was a large scale attack, but in no way would it become large enough to encase her whole body. The most frustrating thing about it wasn’t the tight hold on her legs, or even the slight cuts it made at different areas of her now gigantic limbs. The most frustrating thing was that her opponent was hiding away, away from sight, and unable to be hit. She liked to think she could create techniques like that from reishi, but for the most part hers tended to be balanced enough with hardships as well as favorable traits. In any case, from a shadow, Tsubasa seemed to leap forth with a blade of darkness to try and slash at her while she was partially bound. Little did he know however that the girl didn’t have to move to be able to influence her surroundings given her unique technique. The man had chosen to ignore the gigantic seele that had sped away after his retreat, and that would be his own doing. With simply willing it, the 20 meter blade would have spun almost instantaneously, beaming its way to the opposite direction. There was no if or buts as its blinding light of green would try to hit and slash through the opponent before her; as it turned out, he wasn’t it. With the hit, the body that assailed her would have caved down into darkness, revealing the true intentions behind the man. He had chosen to hide.

With a yawn of disheartened disappointment for reasons undisclosed, the girl closed her eyes as the chains tightened and the box started closing around her. Was this then end of her? Perhaps. As soon as the box closed a strong light would burst from the inside yet without damaging its structure. It was almost as if she had tried to get out but escaped. In a shocking maneuver, a completely different looking being would exit the still standing box as if nothing had occurred. Though the girl looked largely similar, she displayed a rather obvious set of white angelic wings. Beyond it, she also displayed a glowing halo atop her head. Unlike before however, the girl had exited with her normal height. Not because she couldn’t maintain the form, but rather because she had chosen to save it for a different time. She had finally gone into her Vollstanding release. Despite the massive increase in her energy reservoirs however, the release did not completely heal some of the wounds she had. There were still some scrapes and scratches that dug to her legs. Regardless, with one of her hands, the girl snapped her fingers before all her seele spread out into reassigned areas, and impaled down before tossing a ginto with that same hand. The sprenger that activated wasn’t meant to hurt Tsubasa. She didn’t know his location within the shadows, and it did not matter. It was unfortunate that she would waste such a technique for her purpose, but it merited. The setup didn’t matter as the man wasn’t there to begin with. Instead, the blinding explosion of light would have been more than enough to engulf the area and make it devoid of any shadows that previously existed. There wouldn’t have been any direct damage, and the binding effect would not take place either since he was never literally caught in it. But nonetheless, the whole purpose of it was to extinguish the shadows he had created. If the man wanted to run away again that was his choice however, but he’d have some more difficulties to deal with this time around.

Sofia would wave her other hand as the kido she had exited moved and fired off towards her opponent. Unlike before however, the speed of Sofia’s Melody was night and day. The sheer increase in her own power and speed, and the great increase in her Melody were certainly enough to trail closely and catch her opponent off guard. In her attack, the same chains that had once sought to enslave her would begin to wrap and tightening around him, digging into his flesh as the box closed on his surroundings, subsequently impaling him from all sides with spears. The attack wasn’t made any stronger or faster however, it simply was redirected by her as if she controlled it like music. Sofia was The Melody. Her release was the Melody of God. As the conductor of the battle, her power allowed her to do things she could only dream of otherwise. Tsubasa had seen a lot from the girl, but he was just now starting to truly grasp the extent of her potential. As she stood, the girl knew she was in pain. First the spikes earlier, and the digging of the chains to her legs. Nagini had healed the initial wounds but the pain had lingered. As for Basatan, since he could control the Melody as she could, he had used the same spinning motion he had earlier to hit Tsubasa as a means to protect himself. Crashing below into where the water was, the spinning vortex of sonic waves would separate and move away the water to create a dry and safe area for him. The Quincy hadn’t chosen to make a comment about it but she knew of the changes in the water; after all, it was her water. She’d make no attempt to use her strategy just yet, but of she would sooner or later. The constructs Tsubasa had created in her water were still in her domain. Making the water denser and more usable by her would be simple. Using her Melody to further enhance her ability to shape and move it could also benefit her in carrying, relocating, and adjusting any offensive efforts that occurred in her domain: the water.

He finally decided to show up.”

The words were intent for Basatan, who laughed thunderously in response to her jabs. From below, the beast would fire out an an incredibly powerful drill that exceeded 20 meters in length. The speed at which it moved was also quite surreal. As it was, the attack generally moved much faster than Sofia could outside of her release. But using the Melody to cast an effect on it, the attack would have fired off at speeds that should have been just beyond what Tsubasa could contend with at the time. His focus shouldn’t have been just there however. Assuming he had dealt with the monumental damage of black coffin burial, he had to deal with not just an attack that likely moved faster than he had shown to but he also had Sofia. The girl toss a few ginto tubes up and hit them with an arrow, before an even bigger arrow shot up into the sky and created an extremely large and powerful dome of silvery white light. Unlike the techniques nature however, in her release Sofia was able to command it to stay still to be used when she best saw it fit. For the time being, it simply showed as a large dome in the sky projecting such bright and massive amounts of light that it made everything around them almost white. Once he focussed however, he’d noticed the girl with her Rona blade in one hand, and her geigenbogen in the other, coming up against him with a double slash. Unlike before, her massive speed increase was also enhanced by her great speed increases thanks to the Melody, enabling her to not just trail but place the Shinigami in a perilous situation. Once all was said and done, from his spoken thoughts, the letter B would be inscribed on his back, while the letter E would inscribe on her midsection.


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Pale Preparation Sofia vs Tsubasa
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