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 Tokyo Chicks Are Pretty Alright [Alex, Ahmya]

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Back to Japan for the third time now. Alex was starting to like the place, if he were a different guy he'd probably start learning the language a bit better, looking into real estate and a potential job, all that stuff people probably looked for when they wanted to settle down. But that was the keyword, “settle down,” and you'd be pretty hard-pressed to give Alex any sort of reason to wanna settle down. That'd be boring as shit, you know? Getting a house, wife, kids, being a family man and working some bland-ass day job... Nah, just not his speed.

These Japanese, though, they knew how to make some good-ass food, he had to admit. He'd eaten a whole lotta shit over the years, both in the “a lot of things” sense and in the “a lot of garbage” sense, and these Orientals seemed to know a thing or too about a good snack. A few things'd stuck out to him, and he'd be the first to admit he'd expected a lot more out of takoyaki than it'd actually provided, but if one thing had ended up being surprisingly good out here, it was the tea. Alex was, most certainly, not really a tea guy. Nobody on God's green Earth seemed to know how to make a consistent cup of sweet black tea to save their lives, and all the hot tea he'd had in Europe and America'd been fuckin gross unless you added a bunch of milk and sugar, and at that point why not just get a soda or something? But this green tea, that was the good shit.

Still faintly steamed over the fate of his donuts in France, but hardly letting something stupid like that actually influence his mood, Alex was keeping a much keener eye out for any would-be snack destroyers as he walked around with a large to-go cup of hot green tea in one hand and at least seven individually-wrapped types of bread. These people knew what was up with bread, they just jammed all sorts of shit into it. He had to admit, it was pretty bitchin.

Had to admit, Tokyo was a pretty aight place all things considered. He'd give it a mean 7, maybe even 8 out of 10. Good food, pretty slick atmosphere, like some cyberpunk shit going on but without all the cyberhackers in neon pants and that. Oh, and the ladies? Psh, pretty aight to look at if you asked Alex. Could've easily asked any number of 'em for a number, or if they just wanted to go, but he wasn't nearly stupid enough to think that'd get him anywhere. Besides, he thought to himself as he ate an entire packaged bread in a single bite, chicks were expensive, and he was hardly rolling in cash. Still, if the right girl came along...

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Tokyo Chicks Are Pretty Alright [Alex, Ahmya]
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