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 Guardian Seal [Cirno's Family Only]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Guardian Seal [Cirno's Family Only]   Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:21 am


(Note: I'm making this for Ichika to help further her character development so that she may have a closer bond to Cirno. Due to the fact that she is now her adoptive daughter, Cirno wants to protect her and feels having this seal inside of them will help.)

Guardian Seal: The Guardian Seal is an exclusive seal that only those who are Cirno's family have access to. Therefore, this is not something made for mass production and is meant as a means for her to protect those who are the closest to her heart. When The Angel of The Ice accepts someone into her family, she is able to place high volumes of her aether into those persons being. In turn, they will always carry a piece of her inside of them; even if The Celestial were to die.

For Cirno, this seal is the epitome of her love. It means that even if she were to be slain, a part of her love will always be there to comfort those who decided to be as close to her as her wife, children and those whom she chooses to adopt. So, for this reason, there is a high amount of sentimental value attached to this seal which helps to have its effects become so potent.

The primary way in which they receive this seal is by role-playing with Cirno, having the aether bond with them and then Cirno must receive permission to fuse her essence with them. If they give her the go-ahead to do this, then the following effects will take place on the user when the seal is successfully placed on them:

Cirno's Energy Reserves: Given the fact that Cirno is a 0-2++ tier character, it's not hard for her to infuse high volumes of her energy into the seals which she creates for her family. So it is safe to say that The Guardian Seal has a tremendous volume of Aether infused within it in order to produce some of the effects that it brings into the world. Furthermore, with her aether control and magic at Grandmaster, the energy which is embedded in her seal is furthermore potent and harder to deal with for opponents who may try to kill those marked as Cirno's family.

The catch with this is that they must actually be in danger in order to properly utilize the full extents of this seal. (I.E. To prevent OOC abuse, the character must be in a tight jam that requires them to rely on Cirno's Energy reserves. This is to prevent abuse.) This is to prevent them from outright burning through the prowess which are bonded within the seal and so they can learn to rely on themselves before all else fails. This limitation can be removed by Cirno, but the person may have to contact her telepathically they wanted to remove that restriction.

Protection: Moving onwad, as an extension of Energy Reserves, the protection feature of this seal allows for The Angel of The Ice to always be able to protect her family. This is because it launch limited forms of Cirno's powers, abilities and Iramasha skills in order to ensure that those who are close to her heart are guarded with her oversight. When a threat has been determined, the seal is capable of launching upwards of 2-4 offensive or defensive moves at a time in order to figure out the best way to guard their loved one. They will also have access to a master level of Aether Magic during these states in order to further ensure they have a higher chance of enduring whatever threat they are under.

The problem with this is that it drains through energy at a rate of speed if they aren't certain of how to manage the volumes of energy which are held inside the seal. So it takes proper management, care and guidance in order to correctly use the protective aspect of the seal. And why, in some cases, it may automatically carry out functions on behalf of the user until they are safe. Often trying to utilize escape techniques in order to get them out of the circumstance altogether until they can regroup.

Telepathic Bond: This ability is the simplest to understand. Those who have this seal placed within them will have a direct line of communication with Cirno at all times. They will be able to send information about their whereabouts, give her intel and talk with The Celestial no matter what realm they happen to find themselves in. The only limitation of this telepathy is that it may be unable to be used if there is an extremely strong barrier placed around them which prevents outside communication. However, given the fact that Cirno's aether was empowered by the potency of a 0-2++ Iramasha stacked on a grand mastery of control over her aether, this should rarely occur.

Additionally, the person who receives this telepathic bond may also choose to reject communication to allow them a sense of privacy. This is so that if a person is having a private moment, they aren't easily embarrassed when they hear a family member calling up their mind. The same can be said on the opposite end as Cirno can choose to simply have a "notice" of sorts nag in her mind. As she can feel the energy tapping into her mind, get a sense of who is trying to contact her and then choose whether or not to accept the call.

Distress Signal: The most important of this seal is the distress signal to Cirno. Why is this so? It's important because she'll get a fix on their location and determine if she must send herself to protect her family, or extend resources to that location to assist them if they are caught in the path of peril. Furthermore, even when it comes to their health, the Distress Signal can even alert the person who has this seal of whether or not their own body is making them sick. Say they ate some food which was laced with poison and made them sick, the seal would make them aware of the toxin inside themselves and may even go as far as to use the holy aether invested within the seal in order to purge the substance wholly from their body if something internal should cause them illness.

The only limitation to this is that the Distress Signal, when used to place the person in peak health, may cease to function temporarily if the person drains every last bit of energy from the seal. From there, they'll most likely have to wait for the seal to regenreate the high volumes of energy lost before this function returned. Since, if they were in the midst of battle and drained every bit of juice out of the seal, the person could potentially wait upwards of one thread before this function turned back on.

Resistance Against Mental Attacks: There is a great level of support against mental assaults on the mind thanks to the high level of willpower which is carried in the Guardian Seal from Cirno. It is capable of fending off these type of attacks with a high level of success since Cirno herself has a mastery in willpower. So it will take a great level of focus, energy and willpower in order to make them feel the effects of something which is suppose to otherwise enslave them to something like the whims of another demon. As Cirno knows quite well how the world has villians in it which use the power of suggestion to get their victims to do their victim, and she does not want her family to fall prey to the same tricks that she herself did in the past.

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Guardian Seal [Cirno's Family Only]
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