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 Yuudeshi Drive: Evolution Burst [Chifuyu's Gift from the lovable Human]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yuudeshi Drive: Evolution Burst [Chifuyu's Gift from the lovable Human]   Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:36 am

» Name Of Character: Chifuyu Yuudeshi
» Link To Character: Application

Yuudeshi Drive: Evolution Burst

Evolution Burst: To become smarter, to become stronger and to evolve is a strong core trait within the essence of Chifuyu's being. She understands the depths of humanity's nature, has a hunger to strive for more and seeks to comprehend the depths of Eve's blessing to this wonderful race. Therefore, Adam's Progressive Overwrite blessed her with two things. The first was the unlocking of her Yuudeshi Drive. The second was Evolution Burst: the power that comes with her Yuudeshi Drive.

In essence, Evolution Burst allows for the body of Chifuyu to tap into the highly potent gene of The Yuudeshi. They are known for rapidly progressing their combative abilities as they are an infamous warrior type of clan. Therefore, as she is thrust into each battle, Evolution Burst seeks to have her gain a better insight into herself, to gain control of her worried mind and to further refine her powers.

Abilities Of Evolution Burst

Evolution Aura: Evolution Aura allows for Chifuyu to utilize her energy as a medium to progress the world around her. It typically has an area of effect that extends for a few city blocks, but what it can do within that limited range is immense. With this Yuudeshi's vast knowledge, she could infuse her aura into objects, earthly materials and immaterial substances in order to have a whole lab of equipment to play within battle. For example: she could combine the elements of fire and rock in order to fuse them together and create the progressed element of lava to be used against an opponent on a basic level.

However, with Chifuyu's grand mind, far greater applications can be made. As Adam fully expects this ability to be used with her brilliance to create equipment. Since he wanted this Evolution Aura to be connected to her mind. This is because it takes the knowledge of her brain, infuses it into the particles of chi which emits from her body and then she is able to calculate and guide her vision into the world based on the limitations which are associated with her intelligence and volumes of energy she has to make a task happen.

So, in another application, Chifuyu could easily make new equipment and devices on the fly since she is a key figure in developing the technology for the Vanguard itself. If she were within a ruined setting that was filled with broken gadgets, she could quickly bring it to life by applying the high amount of computational power that her mind possess as being a star child of The Yuudeshi.

Limitations Of Evolution Aura

Logical Infusions: This world that they live in is one where logic is more easily skewed due to the supernatural nature of the PH Verse. However, that does not mean that this ability can be used with abuse. As there are certain logical patterns that the application of this ability must follow. For example: this ability would end up backfiring and hurting Chifuyu's body if she were to try and rewrite the logic of the universe to say that fire freezes and electricity makes things wet. That is illogical, goes against her evolution of mind and will create mental and physical pains that zap away her energy.

However, if she were to combine water and high air temperature, she could accelerate the temperature of the water in order to have fire water burn through different types of attacks, elements and objects through the metaphysical nature of her chi. So, while this ability has a high range of application, it still requires the user to be mindful of how to create believable parameters for the universe they are in to accept. Otherwise, it will not work.

Energy Constraints: Once again, as an obvious limitation, there is only so much a person can do within the level of tier they are in. So, for example, it would not be possible for Chifuyu to infinitely use this ability, try to create black holes and things of that nature. It is recommended that she only keep four applications of this active so it does not drain her energy and that they remain within a an area of effect equal to a few city blocks. (As of her current tier at 3-1) Though, that doesn't mean she can't use them to launch from long distances. (I.E. charging up an attack and then using her infamous speed as a Yuudeshi to throw it over a mile or so.)

Mental Constraints: It is recommended that Chifuyu try to keep four primary cores of activity going at the same time. While she can perform more, her body may not be up to speed to dealing with it at her current tier level. This may be changed if she were to use external equipment to offset the energy loads assoicated with extremely complex task. However, if abused too often, her brain will begin to suffer headaches of the sort that make it harder to focus and eventually use the ability.

Bonus Effect

Self-Control: More than anything else, the more time she spends in her Yuudeshi Drive State, the more her brain will bond with this power and begin to learn self-control. Since that is what Adam ultimately wants for Chifiyu. He wants her to learn to control her impulses, use them to her favor and think for herself. So, over time, the destructive hunger of her Yuudeshi blood will eventually become easier to control down the line.

» Why: Power obtained from Adam in their meeting. She loves me, she loves me not. No she fucking loves me.

» Extra:
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Yuudeshi Drive: Evolution Burst [Chifuyu's Gift from the lovable Human]   Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:01 am

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Yuudeshi Drive: Evolution Burst [Chifuyu's Gift from the lovable Human]
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