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 (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]   Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:32 pm

Tsubine Koezuka

Okay, even Tsubine had to admit that maybe this change of leadership should have taken a bit longer than it did. She should have been able to meet these people she was now leading. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Tsubine was thrust into this like a NASCAR tire thrusts into a chain-link fence. And boy, this tire was going to cause a lawsuit. Tsubine was determined to do her best here—an organization she once thought bit off more than it could chew. Of course, she was proven right in the end. It only made her more confident in her ability to lead it. Before anyone had arrived, Tsubine had put in an order to fix any erroneously-placed letters—specifically A. That was her first order of business.

Her second was to do a meet-and-greet. "Midori is going to freak out when she learns of this..." There was no doubt in Tsubine's mind Midori already knew. Erika was the first to know though. That was her right. Erika hadn't made a decision as to whether she was going to join yet, but Tsubine couldn't force her to follow. It'd be worse than the whole "Let's get you a therapist" debacle. "Therapist" was "the T-word" now. But their familial issues weren't the Vanguard's issues. Needless to say, the familial issues were easier to fix than the Vanguard's.

Tsubine was going to do her best with it. Perhaps having someone who had prior experience leading an organization far larger than the Vanguard would help. That's what both she and Hayden were counting on. Tsubine had found an (unsurprisngly) empty conference hall. Tsubine was going to meet with the officials of the Vanguard. She wanted ot meet with the people who actually commanded the soldiers, the doctors, the spies, etc. She didn't have time to meet all of the personnel. She wanted to meet the ones who could pass down the message of "Hey, we like the new leader" down and not be seen as a propaganda machine.

Tsubine had been introduced very briefly. In fact, her stint as Captain-Commander hadn't been mentioned. She'd have to rectify that. ...And a lot of other things. Mainly the fact that she basically came out of nowhere and was named replacement without ever stepping foot in the organization. This was, honestly, going to be a pain in the ass. So Tsubine stood away from the door enough to avoid getting charged without warning. There was a U-shaped table around her. Well, it was actually multiple tables attached together. She had probably placed too many seats, but better to have too many than too few. But these seats would have little else to do until the attendees began to file in.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]   Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:33 pm

Source: League of Legends — Song: Seconds


That's the rumor, she heard from the poor soldier on the other side of the mess table. He'd flinched at the sudden spike in her voice, but otherwise had long gotten use to Kimiyo's vivacity. They were not quite friends, just acquaintances who tended to hang out around the same area in the recreation room. She didn't know how it had come to this, but she was just now figuring out that the change of command had finally gone through. Oh, she'd been thinking about starting a fiasco with the seat of power for some time, but only because nobody was discussing anything with her. She was but a lowly soldier who apparently could only figure things out by hearsay.

Her palm slammed into the table without the least bit of restraint exercised; there was no mercy upon the table as it instantly snapped in two and collapsed with a loud ratchet. The speed at which she stood up bent the seat backwards as well, despite being bolted to the table with industrial-grade metal. The entire thing was destroyed with her expression of anger; fury overwhelmed her features and her aura radiated out like a fire. The others in the room stared at her with mixed looks of confusion, fear, and disconcert. Only after a few moments of taking in the repercussions of her wrath did Kimiyo reluctantly compose herself, swallowing uncomfortably.

"Sorry," she breathed out, before rapidly turning away and stamping out of the room. The white jacket she wore over her shoulders flapped behind her as she rushed through the hall, moving at something between a run and a walk. There was a brimming intensity to her footsteps that could be heard down the corridors before she was seen. The kind of pace that made others want to keep out of the way. Just a soldier like any of them, but her presence...

Needless to say, though her thoughts were muddled she knew her feet were instinctively taking her towards the Reagent General's office. It wasn't until her senses picked up on the potent spiritual pressure elsewhere—the conference hall—that Kimiyo finally gained clarity. She changed directions and honed in on that presence, the one she knew to be unfamiliar amongst the otherwise homely bunker that she had come to know. For that was the crux of the woman's indignation. What was a Gotei reaper doing down here with the officials of Earth? Had Hayden gone mad, or was the truth beyond her? She really didn't know anything.

Though her eyes were open and stared forward, she was blinded to her surroundings. She briskly rushed through the tight passageways, knocking into several different people who seemed to be heading in the same direction. She didn't apologize or even acknowledge them, regardless of whether they lamented her disrespect of their space. Some probably bested her in authority a few levels, but the Miyakes had never really cared about such tiers. She was acting as she would, forcing her way to the truth as her gut told her to. She could not continue serving in her right mind until she got to the truth of this matter.

The door to the room whined as its hinges strained; the force at which Kimiyo thrust it open was concerning, showing she was not in total control of her emotions nor her strength. She would be the first to arrive at this Tsubine's meeting despite never being called for it. Then seeing a woman she'd never before seen in her life, and knowing that it was a Shinigami now representing Earth's foremost world defense... Indeed, the question on her mind was why this one didn't just stay with the 'Soul Society' doing whatever they do up there.

Gritting her teeth and balling her hands up into fists, she thought about a dozen other questions or statements she could be yelling aloud right now, without actually committing on anything. She just stood there for the most part on the precipice of exploding, yet reeling herself back. Again, she was forced to suppress herself in the pretense of maturity. This was not how it was supposed to go.

"I'm going to be a part of this meeting," she seethed, as the only thing she could manage without outright detonating. Gripping one of the nearby chairs, she yanked it out with a scraping noise against the ground, before finally taking her seat at the table. The new 'Reagent General' would be privy to Kimiyo's judgmental glare while she awaited for the rest to arrive.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]   Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:59 pm


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A

Needless to say Chifuyu wasn't pleased about this situation, she was actually quite angry but her pretty features showed nothing but the usual stoic face that the Warden was known for. So when it was announced that a new leader had in fact been decided, which she had no heard about but instead got to find out like everyone else she was not pleased. The young woman rarely saw herself getting mad but this was a special circumstance.

Idiot. What is wrong with that stupid man, choosing this woman? Does he want a fucking mutiny.

Her blue eyes were closed for the most part, trying her best to keep herself focused and in a good state of mind. It wasn't working, things were descending into chaos. The exact thing that people like Adam thrived on. Keeping everything in order was already hard enough with Hayden stepping down and claiming he was making a list of candidates, a list she never recalled seeing and also a list that she would never have imagined included this woman.

"You're fucking kidding me. This is the a terrible choice of candidate"

The Yuudeshi mastermind had requested some old files from her cousin in the Gotei United, Zeda and her stayed on good terms with their interest in technology and science, he was more than happy to give her some information about Tsubine pre-zero division and also her disappearance. Not to mention she was aware of her history with her father and uncle. That meant nothing at the moment though, Tsubine could've been one of Shadin's floozies and she still would've treated her the same.

Keeping her eyes closed seemed a mistake, she promptly found an outraged soldier push past her and get a sigh out of her but when she realised where Kimiyo was going she smiled as she realised how useful this might actually be. To have someone represent the grunts and cogs of this machine, soliders were essential and they could not be ignored. Kimiyo deserved some sway and so she arrived less than a minute after Kimiyo who had made herself at home but Chifuyu would gesture at her.

"She stays. Impromptu yes, but we might as well have someone to represent the soldiers and not the squad leaders perspective."

It was a statement, looking at Tsubine to dare her to oppose Chifuyu's statement. She took a seat next to the outraged Miyake, taking a moment to fix her hair before leaning forward like a bird of prey with her hands locked together and supporting her chin. She wouldn't speak, no for now this conversation would only start when everyone had arrived. That was the only way this starts however her gaze was anything but friendly nor was it hostile. There was an neutral hostility to her glare that was focused on this whole situation.

"What's your name anyway?"

She directed the question at Kimiyo, in front of Chifuyu was a small folder. It wouldn't be hard for one to assume what it was. It was everything that Chifuyu could obtain on the woman sitting at the table with the less than pleased soldiers. Inside there was certain things that she had loaded, a former Captain-Commander? Yes from over three centuries ago and also a rather big black spot. She had disappeared for a few years, disregarding her post as a Royal Guard and gave no indication to her whereabouts, now that would be something that was going to be brought up. Why would Hayden choose a woman who had literally no explanation for the blank period recently, for all Chifuyu knew she was friendly with Kin. But that was extreme given her previous encounters with Zin and Shadin.

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]   Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:44 pm