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 (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]   Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:08 am

The day was most eventful up to this point and it was only going to get better. In the last few hours, Lilith had accidentally robbed an old woman, given up on finding her son, found the bastard a couple minutes later, met Desmond Hayden and Blackheart, and returned to one of the many bases of the Vanguard with a stubborn little mouse in tow. Lilith had visited Vanguard bases in the past only because of Genpaku. She had thought of joining up, but never got around to doing it. Now, she wondered whether that would become a reality. Either way, she'd follow Genpaku's lead on this and support him in whatever his decision he made.

Kaminari was the little mouse in tow. After almost fainting in the presence of way too many power houses, she was made to feel better by Genpaku. He wanted her to see a doctor, but she fought against his wishes and refused to stay behind. She had no desire to be locked in some room with a stranger, inside this massive building with even more strangers. Luckily, her stubbornness won that battle and she was allowed to come along. If he hadn't given in, there was likely to be an immature screaming match coming from Kaminari. Lilith couldn't blame Kaminari either. Lilith had no intention of letting Genpaku out of her sight. And since these two just reunited as well, it was doubtful Kaminari was willing to be separated again. And so they arrived to claim the attention of the room.

Genpaku went in first, his introduction barely needed since there was apparently a picture of him up on the wall. Kaminari followed after, peaking around the silver haired Shinigami and toward the others in the room. Her eyes fell on Blackheart, who had originally be kind to her in their meeting earlier that day. She waved to him, but mostly kept herself hidden from the many eyes that were now likely looking their way. Lilith came in moments after, her vibrant red hair and the eye patch making her easily recognizable, but also the pressure she exuded being heavier in nature than the norm for the amount one could have. Anyone who knew her understood that she always had a hard time actually controlling her reiatsu.

Lilith's narrowed eye fell onto a familiar face. She raised an eyebrow at Tsubine, her eyes shifting over to the other two women in the room, and then back to Tsubine again. She stared the woman in the eyes, noticing something within her old friend that she didn't like to see. Lilith turned to the nearest wall and leaned up against it. Crossing her arms along her chest and one ankle over the other, Lilith closed her eye and said three words before going silent. "Straighten your back."
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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]   Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:02 am

Tsubine Koezuka

"No, you're not. That's what I'm trying to fix." Tsubine shook her head towards Kimiyo's jab about rolling over. They were supposed to deal with it right now, yes, but Tsubine was going to try to remove those doubts. She, and many others, knew her own leadership potential. She was a good fit for this kind of job. But right now, the difficulty was convincing the assembled group that she was right for this job. Listing out her achievements and positions held would hopefully make them realize she had the qualifications for such a position.

Kimiyo did point out something that Tsubine recognized as a problem with her qualifications. They were, frankly, old. Things had changed, but Tsubine had been one to meld with the times the best she could. Tsubine nodded, looking Kimiyo in the eyes. "I understand what your point is. However, I've only been outside of the modern world for about five years. I know a decent bit has changed, but after hearing from both Hayden and Shadin Yuudeshi, I feel like I have caught up sufficiently." Tsubine then switched to a different method. "I can find people other than Hayden, since you do not seem to trust his word, that can vouch for my leadership skills—even Radioactive if he still remembers me. But even if that doesn't suffice, then I hope that my actions in the near future will speak for themselves."

It wasn't long after that answer when Chifuyu spoke up. At least there was a discernable pattern here. That quote was unfamiliar to her, as Tsubine hadn't heard anything from Hayden's resignation address. "First, thank you. A chance is all I can ask for right now. And as for baggage..." Tsubine's eyes went to the ceiling as she tried to calculate it all. "Well, honestly, the only thing I can think of is my adoptive daughter." Tsubine did not give out her daughter's name. "She's usually attached at my hip, so I guess she's closer to physical baggage than what you were referring to," she chuckled.

"And something to touch on, since both you and Kimiyo have mentioned it—I am dedicated to the Vanguard now. Just because I was a member of the Gotei and lead them doesn't mean I will prioritize them over the Vanguard. If the Gotei, somehow, goes against the ideals of the Vanguard and the protection of the Earth, then I will personally see to it to set them straight." Tsubine turned a little stern at that. There was no reason for the Gotei and the Vanguard to be at each other's throats. Their goals and duties shouldn't clash. If they did, then either the Vanguard or the Gotei were screwing up majorly. "I will not go off and found another organization or country or anything while I am your commanding officer. The Vanguard is my home now, and I have no intentions of leaving it."

Blackheart was the next to speak. His inquiry was, in fact, one of the few things she had a prepared answer for. Tsubine nodded. "What I plan to d—" Before she could answer fully, the doors opened. A voice came out from there, but Tsubine was expecting that voice to be about four inches lower. She blinked, her mouth still hanging open from being mid-sentence. She glanced above the door to a photo of a man with a similar expression and face. "You..." Tsubine raised an eyebrow, entirely confused. "...have actually grown some finally."

Tsubine had no time to say anything more than that before... someone actually shorter than Genpaku stepped in behind him followed by... Tsubine blinked again, trying to believe her eyes. Two people she hadn't seen in years were just there. Sure, Genpaku had finally grown some, but Lilith? She was unchanged. If anything, the only thing is that she looked more annoyed—or perhaps it was vigilance. It was hard to tell with her eyepatch on. Lilith spoke a familiar three words, and Tsubine realized just how much she was gawking. She was also not being as steadfast as she could have been. Lilith changed that.

"What I plan to bring to the Vanguard is an expertise in leadership. I've dealt with organizations this size, as mentioned previously. But as you said, the past is the past. Your previous leader was, as you claim, distracted by holding a throne elsewhere. That won't happen with me. What I plan for the Vanguard isn't so simple. I want to bring us, the Vanguard as a whole, to, frankly, be the defenders of the entire Earth again, not just half of Australia, the moon, and this tiny little piece in Japan. I'm not saying I'm going to toss everyone to a suicidal blitzkrieg. It may take some time, but I want to bring back an Earth where it doesn't feel like I have to fight the entire time. I want to bring back a peace so that people like us can actually look at saying 'I think we've succeeded here.' That's not something any of us can do right now. I know that personally."

Tsubine breathed in and out deeply. It was time to tell the hard part of her story. "I lost my husband to a demon earlier this year. I left the Gotei five years ago to start a family. I thought that maybe, just maybe my fight was over. It wasn't. I realized only too late that as the world stands, no one with any sort of responsibility can give that up right now. We need every single person we can get, even if they are not part of the Vanguard, to create a world peaceful enough that people who want to can actually sit down and take a break. What do I want for the Vanguard? What do I want to bring to the Vanguard? I want to bring a world where I feel like I can put my sword up as a display piece and not have it somewhere where I can easily grab it as I rush out the door to fight yet another battle."

Tsubine's Character List
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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]   Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:21 pm


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From her Blackheart's statement things got a lot more interesting, a face she had never seen in person but knew in reputation had made his way into the room. Unlike the new leader who seemed completely dumbfounded her expression remained unchanged by this turn of events. The young man was somwhat attractive, with the red-head pretty in her own way. It wasn't all she was focused on but for now there was nothing else really important to think on until Tsubine resumed her train of thought.

She didn't interrupt this conversation, she just observed as she liked to do, mulling over the fact the new leader had emotional ties to a daughter. In the end she figured it would hopefully be no more different than for her father who was able to handle work and family, only time would tell though.

Once Tsubine had finished the young Warden looked around the room. She was wondering why she was here. Aside from this meeting being a nice little chance to meet and greet each other Chifuyu had really already done that and she was aware most of her fellow Wardens were absent. So while she could stay and continue to listen in she instead would rise gracefully and address Tsubine.

"I feel I have given adequate time here. The impromptu meeting is more for an introduction and I have learned all I came to know, given that I am the only Warden here, you may schedule a meeting with myself and the other Wardens or if you would like any further conversatons they can be held at a later date but I have things I need to attend to so I will be excusing myself."

Given that speech she would turn and leave, while Tsubine could order her to stay it really would just be a drag for her. She had many things she could be using her time for, things like research and development or even just general tasks. Either way, the entire meeting was seeming unnecessary given that the Wardens would probably be chased up anyway after this meeting.


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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: (Another) New Beginning [ASK TO JOIN]   Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:22 pm