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 Oda Tatsuya [APPROVED 1-3++; Shinigami]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Oda Tatsuya [APPROVED 1-3++; Shinigami]   Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:53 pm

The Madman of the Outlands

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

A Basic Look into Oda

Name:⫸ He was named Tatsuya among his clan for the Dragon he could be. The name in Kanji is written as several manifestations. His came from the understanding that he was the dragon that will be. Tatsuya's father saw a fire in his son's eyes and decided the boy would have a fitting name even among the Oda. This prediction did bring about change and hope for their clan who started so small. Tatsuya has gone above and beyond to live up to his name and doing so. A name is important for not all beings are blessed one with meaning or without, so those with should wear them proudly.

Age:⫸ Tatsuya is around fifteen hundred years old total. Not being one of the oldest members, but is well known for having seen a very different time period. Among the Oda Clan, the Dragon is known for having been present for many a outlands rumble.

Alias:⫸ Though commonly called the Mad Man of the Outlands. Some people know him within the Oda as the Dragon. It is why sometimes he is known as that more so than even a Madman.

Gender:⫸ Male

Species:⫸ Tatsuya is a pureblood Shinigami. He presides over a portion of the Oda Land as a ruler. Acting as the Madman of the Outlands only occasionally. His visage is a reflection of the torn state of the place beyond the Rukongai. A place more lawless then even the Zaraki District. This place doesn't have a tame side and is a badlands rumble every day and night. The strong survive here and the weak perish.


The striking things about Tatsuya are many and do take time. The first would be the facial scars he has on his nose. These go to his face on to the left side giving him a pretty vivid looking scar. His next notable feature would be scars on his body if not for those amber eyes. His eyes are colored similar to that of Ember. The glow of them often attracts attention. Those who see them often claim to see many things. These eyes are dragons. An ambition burns beneath them to end this age of chaos within the Outlands. But that seem's like an unlikely goal in the long run. It can be stated with certainty that Oda has fought in many battles. The scars on his body are many and do tend to showcase the male's victories and losses. Not all generals walk away with a scratch, sometimes a martyr is needed for a revolution.

His hair is black and messy not kept neat like those pretty boys who tend to themselves. The coal-like hair indicates Japanese lineage in some places. But like that, it also can indicate people who look too much into things. Not bothering to take their time and just accept the simple facts. Tatsuya's physical form is perhaps beyond the peak physical condition. He seems capable of being a true monster when it comes down to it. His muscles and body are trained rigorously without throwing away the traditional training. Tatsuya was taught by the Oda and they are all amazing warriors in their own rights. He's spent his life developing and building a reputation as a military general. The clan functions much like old Japanese clans. The current head or leader of the Oda being his father. Put him next in line for that title of taking over their military. Tatsuya is gifted in multiple ways physically and mentally. His facial features despite his age are younger looking if not for the scars. They seem to add years to his eyes for those who can see.

This has been a benefit of a great nature for him. Allowing him to use his youthful appearance to his advantage at times. Some enemies will underestimate him given his appearance. While others upon seeing his eyes and the scars. Realize this isn't his first dance and they may, in fact, be in for a long night. Tatsuya likes the ladder of enemies when fighting them. Youthful looks aside, his bodies skin color seems to be Asian like one would expect. Taking after his father in that aspect in terms of his appearance. In truth, the only part of him that he got from his father was his eyes. Which some people claim to be rather frightening. Some have run from him just getting a look at him. This occurrence has happened a bit often. Making life a bit more trying and annoying for him in the long run. But outside of this, his physical appearance does tend to scare off girls and would be suitors. His mother often says it's because he wears such a scary expression on his face.

His attire depends entirely on where he's at and what's going on.Tatsuya has lived a life on the battlefields. So he has a special armor he wears most of the time of a Japanese model. It's comfortable but only suitable for those days where a man needs some armor. It covers most of his body and is a nice look for him. His Clan's emblem on his back, he wears this as he carries his Clan on his back everywhere he goes. It is the duty of a Dragon to carry those under him. His more casual wear is a yukata that is black with a clan emblem on it's back as well. He has a kiseru he likes to smoke when wearing his casual gear. If he is in the living world he has a tracksuit designed for such traveling trips. It contains two clan logo's on the shoulder and back. Though he wears this almost track outfit rarely it is helpful. It allows for comfortable combat almost to the degree of his armor. His attire is based firmly on situation and location. Much like his father before him, Tatsuya prefers the armor over the Yukata and traditional wear.

Full Body Image

Occupation/Affiliation:⫸ Tatsuya loyally has served his family since his days of being able to walk. Earning his reputation as a warrior without peer in his homelands. This has made him a vastly respected member of that community. He serves currently as the Shogun for his Clan the position right below that of Emperor. While this title holds little meaning and he is one of few to earn it. He wears the title with a relative sense of pride. He wasn't born into the role of some belief. Every step he's taking in Oda has been by clawing and reaching. Everyone within his family knows this fact. It has been established that Tatsuya is going to be next in line. Even other Shogun respect him for his strategic thinking and sheer will. He has been known to defy logic and stick his finger to the laws of nature. His eyes are those of someone who will challenge even heaven should it be needed.

His loyalty aside he believes in the Gotei's goal. And even respects some of their members. Though this doesn't mean he serves them or goes to their world often. He believes it best to stay uninvolved at present. The Oda Clan hasn't reached out to join them. So it's not his job to do so unless a friend asks. Tatsuya will fight when his father says it's time or if a friend requests him too. Outside of that, his duty is to maintain order within the Outlands. To keep the Lawless in check as something that scares them into submission. While it's not ideal, it is what must be done.

Though it can be said he admires the Vanguard for standing up to the bigger dogs. Tatsuya has no means of contacting or connecting with them in any way or form. This, of course, has to lead him to be a simple admirer of their work. And left him a fruitful if not interested look at the things they've done.

Current Residence:⫸ He resides within the darker corners and outlands of the Soul Society. Somewhere near the edge where a Clan that has fought long and hard maintains order. Against those who'd do harm to the people around them. He resides in the Kingdom that was built out here with no aid from the mainland. This vast world could go on for an eternity and people wouldn't find what they are looking for. Going beyond what you see is almost required to find Tatsuya's residence. To say it's far from the Rukongai along is an understatement. They've never lived there or under that administration and have been on the forgotten outskirts. This has led them to be very effective nomads in their early days. The Oda Clan's home hasn't seen a reason to relocate or move around much. While this is the primary home he can sleep almost anywhere comfortably. Tatsuya seems to for some reason to sleep in any situation. It has alarmed his family on several occasions. He is relaxed even in situations where he should be quite frankly terrified.

Frequent Locations:⫸ Tatsuya is a strange one who never stays somewhere long. He's always roaming and frequently sleeping beneath the stars. It does mark his family as a strange way to act. But he'd never been normal among them and some considered him mad. But once he did began to reveal who he was to them. Tatsuya was a very intricate and big thinker with ambitions. He wanted to see the world in a peaceful moment. Able to enjoy a drink and have fun with one another. It wasn't like he didn't understand people's fear or such things. But it did draw some rather tiresome problems. People only wanted a friendship with a man like him because of the skillset's he possessed. Not because he was a good man or because he had ambitions. They saw him as a meal ticket, so he roams around and occasionally does farm work and other things. Despite his Dog Soldier look, which he wears proudly. He believes too many people try to abandon who they are for power or ruling.

Mind of a Madman

A Dragon's Drive:⫸ Tatsuya has always held something that nobody has ever been able to take away. He is driven and highly motivated about his life and things around it. By taking things he sees and doing his best effort towards making a good and effective change in those places. He has managed to climb the ranks of the Oda Clan. But not by merely being a driven or headstrong man. He didn't close his ears or become so wound up he filled the place with morale. Tatsuya listened to those around him and wore the Oda Logo with pride. By letting his actions speak for him in some cases. But in others he wisely let words do their portion. Motivation to improve situations and help others aside. As a military man, he proved his determination and will to take punishment. When he was cut up and badly wounded instead of backing down. Despite losing, he continued repeating a single phrase. "Thank you, sir, can I have another." His enemy was lost and confused and somewhat frightened. No matter how much he was cut Tatsuya's willpower to remain standing to fight on. His motivation to win for those around him drove him. He earned the name the Dragon that day. But also the Mad Man at the same time. Given how he reacted to the situation presented to him. Despite this, he hasn't lost a step in his drive after this heroic feat. Tatsuya's motivation has always burned with a fire of a thousand sun. And the motivation for change among his people showed also.

He invented a training system and ways for their men to blow off steam. Making it so rape and such things had been abolished within the Oda. Changing the order's previous actions by dividing up their time spent. Creating a Soapland based system similar to bathhouses. This is where a woman will wash a man's back. They can choose to go further if desired. This did seem to lower the percentage of issues going around. He decided that further things were needed to make sure the men were satisfied off the battlefield. Haven proven his drive for improvement as a warrior, he began as a leader. Gambling houses for the men to spend a certain amount of money. Along with a specialized hub that would allow them to spend special currency. He helped the Oda clan craft and build a special system to make funds. This would allow them to give and produce things. It let the clan become self-efficient in the Outlands. Not needing to go to other places. Since they could pay their Samurai and warriors the needed funds.

But a commander at home is only as good as he is in the field. The next things that needed proof of it. Was his willingness to sit and sleep with his men. He didn't mind tell them that at the end of the day. He was a dog soldier then and one now. The only difference was he got a promotion and had more paperwork. Tatsuya has never once taken advantage or done something to belittle his men. Believing it best to be not just their friend but their leader. If one get's out of line they go outside and Tatsuya and they throw down. Not with weapons, but with fists. He believes a good fight can settle a man's blood. Competition is important so he holds some while his men are moving. Keeping them motivated as he participates in these events. Nothing brings him greater joy than helping them get better. Or it did at the time as a Daimyo, he saw this world and what needed to happen. Hungry he kept his eyes on their homeland and building up defenses within the Outlands of the Soul Society.

Upon becoming a Shogen for the Clan, he decided it was time to use his motivation a different way. Tatsuya studied each race and everything he could in terms of information. Every book or detail he could find despite being poor at reading. He began studying the news and learning what was going on. Because the Oda couldn't remain boxed away forever. They needed to grow and join the outside world someday. Preparation for friends or foes needed to be made. It wasn't a simple feat of just jumping into their society. The world was a big place and many cultures and practices existed. Tatsuya wasn't a genius or someone who could master millions of things. But he could do one thing well, motivation towards his goal. He would learn the purpose of as many of them as possible. To see with eyes unclouded by the vindictiveness war breeds. To see what each gathering of men and women had to offer at the core. Though his perception of the organizations did hold a lean towards the Gotei's practices.

His motivation did not cease after studying that alone. He began studying strategies and fighting smarter. Understanding why generals didn't take the battlefield. To learn and truly comprehend the meaning of war. The outlands didn't have such country sized battles. Though thousands had fought and potent warriors clashed. The battles didn't have to be this way. The land was altered and people did things strangely. They didn't settle it as one versus one honorably. They decided entire countries should burn. Something about this was discouraging, had his clan evolved past the outside world. This wasn't enough to discourage Tatsuya's motivation. He saw this as a misunderstanding perhaps, that maybe something wasn't clear. From his perspective, it appeared one way. But only a blind man acknowledges a single perspective. This world is occupied by people and a general or leader cannot afford to look with one eye. They must look with both eyes open into the world around them.

Innovative:⫸ Tatsuya has always been an innovative person. It's not in the sense that he makes things. Or is super intelligent in some grand way mind you. He has always looked at the picture from the outside. Trying to see what way he can impact or properly effect things around him. Never diving so far in as to try and dismantle or destroy. He is one of few who did not see a loss right away. Sometimes that loss is an opportunity in of itself. But men are too frightened by the idea of injuries to move on. Scars cover a man's body, but not his spirit. The moment you stop looking and seeing the world. That is the moment you've given to your own demise. Tatsuya has seen bleak times and good times, he always looks to the next stage. Not because he is wise, but perhaps he can't sit still either. Tatsuya acknowledges sometimes having ants in his pants to get the next stage moving forward. That idle hands may very well be the devil's playthings.

Deep Thinker:⫸ Though not terribly suited towards it. Tatsuya tends to go into his thoughts and try to analyze things. He looks over each every possible outcome before making his choices.Even as a child his family would see him stopping to ponder things. Thinking about his choices very carefully and being cautious of the world around him.But also having a respect and appreciation for things going on. Tatsuya doesn't seem to mind stopping and looking over the world. Just taking his time to enjoy the view of something. Getting lost in a sea of his own thoughts is pleasant. It's a good way to spend one's evenings and days. To think alone and sometimes out loud to one's self. This helps a bit when trying to pretend to be a good leader in his eyes. Tatsuya has never claimed to be good at much of anything. Nor did he claim for himself to be a hero or anything more than a humble Dog Soldier. Someone at the bottom of the totem pole thinking about the top.

Humble:⫸ Never once has Tatsuya boasted of his position. Coming from what many would consider a noble family. He didn't think of it and farmed like everyone else. He trained with the men staying with them. Even sleeping in the same tents. He never acted like he was above them, but instead lived with them. It simply is something in his nature to not say I am better. Or to put himself up above others in some way. Tatsuya has always been a humble and respectful person. Never belittling enemies when they lost in combat to him. Breaking a person's spirit to fight is enough for him. But he does acknowledge sometimes it isn't enough. You must kill the man in front of you or women in some cases. He is humble, not a wimp or a whiner. He will do what must be done and won't brag or make statements. Others can do that, his duty lay in his actions. If people wish to spread rumors or gossip about him. They can, he doesn't give a damn about those things.

Pretending to know someone or act as though you've seen their world is annoying. But Tatsuya even when he gained his first victory didn't brag to his father. He went out the next day and took a beating because he didn't follow orders. Bragging and boasting about something is meaningless, speeches are for kings and dictators. Tatsuya has no intention of becoming either one. He may be a man others can follow, but he never turns a blind eye to the peasants or less fortunate. Tatsuya can sometimes be found plowing fields and helping farmers. Doing dirty work that most warriors would act above. He doesn't see it that way, as no man is above survival. Just because you stand above a man. It just mean's your shit falls a bit further down the line. Men spend too much time trying to worry about who has what. Instead, focus on helping the guy next to you up. Because no matter how you slice it the food he sells to you. Will taste good and if you help him along, he can produce more.

When finishing his tour as a Daimyo Tatsuya had earned a reputation for being humble. And yet for some reason, most people did give him a wide berth. Deciding that they'd rather not deal with the Dragon or the Mad Man. He earned such titles and deals for the situations he entered into. But when he became a Shogun, the men even didn't go near him much. As he seemed a frightening figure despite not saying anything. Tatsuya had clawed his way from a place no one ever did. Dog Soldiers weren't meant to reach Shogun rank. It was meant for only the purest of beings, not those who clawed the battlefield. So in some ways, he became an enigma who was feared by his people. Not because of anything he'd done. Simply because they didn't understand him. They didn't see him as a kind man. But as a strange one who didn't act like he'd done anything great. Tatsuya was something that just didn't click in the outlands as a man to be understood. But he did click in another way, he was a man to be followed.

A King's Aura:⫸ Tatsuya has always had the power to inspire. To bring people behind him and rally them back. Losing causes have been turned when he was a boy. His first conflict as a Dog Soldier had been a similar case of him going through the phases. The men had been getting torn up by a warrior of some note. The man was capable and held quite a strong air to him. Tatsuya decided this man needed to fall to turn the tide. He was strong and his men knew it. Nobody in their army could challenge him not realistically. Tatsuya decided only one choice was available and entered the battle placing a bet. His life was on the line if he couldn't be a hero a martyr was fine too. He proved that day that he was worth believing in and following. Tatsuya slew the man though not easily he did earn respect and praise from those around him. Proving himself to be a true Dog soldier who could see beyond battle. He needed to see what was needed to rally them back into the battle.

But it was more than this, a mystique had always followed Tatsuya. He just had the air of someone they wanted to cheer for. People wanted to root for him. But in some ways, this allure was also frightening to people. It wasn't a natural draw he had that some people could see. And most looked at him like a monster for the fact people followed him so loyally. As a child alone he had enough followers to dwarf some of the other Damiyo's. He'd proven himself capable of making not just friends though that was there. But he made people believe in him and trust in his actions. He never gave a reason to not do so. Tatsuya proved his mettle time and time again. Before rising to become a Daimyo himself. This, of course, didn't mean his life of being a Dog Soldier ended. But it did mean something else. That he got to try his hand as a leader finally. And the funny thing was, he was quite good at doing it. Tatsuya had the needed skills and capabilities to lead.

Leading wasn't hard for Tatsuya among his clan as he understood even at a young age. What was required to bring about something for those around him? Tatsuya spent his time thinking and challenging himself to do more. He never stopped for a moment to enjoy success or ride the laurels he'd been presented. This was, of course, the only way things could go for him. His both respected and acknowledged a strange thing. For a Daimyo to be so good at both the battlefield and understanding the peasant culture. Tatsuya didn't seem like a brilliant mind or someone who could lead. But everytime someone put doubt on the young man he stepped forward. Proving both mettle and to those around him. That he'd rise above everything around him and lead them to victory. Victories weren't always the case as Tatsuya had lost fights before. But even with that, his charismatic nature guided him. The spark that was needed to see people through hell and back. That was the occasion that Tatsuya rose to the top in.

Hell was a battlefield and not a ballroom blitz. It was a place demon flourished and monsters were made. Tatsuya spent more time on the hellish battlefields then most. His entire body was covered in scars and injuries from his time there. Not because he lost often, he wore them as badges of honor. Much like his name Tatsuya displayed each injury and tale with vigor. Tatsuya saw the difference between some and himself. And instead of changing to fit the status quo around him. He accepted that he was a Dog Soldier, a man who fought battles. Not the man who strategically saw things through. Tatsuya's body and influence aside made things different for his family. Most would expect the former leader to be more civilized. This just never would be the case for him or those around him. Tatsuya simply didn't believe or see the new to change himself. He was the man who sat with peasants during concerts. He bonded with the everyman over the leaders and people on top. Tatsuya has always been the charisma for the little guy.

Scary Looking:⫸ Despite everything Tatsuya has done one fact remains. People are frightened of him both due to appearance and outside that. He simply is a scary man who for some reason intimidates them. This factor alone makes it hard for him to connect with people at times. Tatsuya enjoys the company of others, but most run away after looking at him. They say he has a mean looking disposition among other things. It's not something intentional that he does on his part by any means. He is doing his best to be open and approachable. But for some reason, it never works out that way for him. People simply take a look at him and anticipate trouble. Tatsuya has been arrested once before in the human world. Due to looking frightening to someone. The police put him in overnight and even the prisoners wouldn't go near him. It was later discovered by a police officer he did nothing wrong. He merely was sightseeing and was released the next day with free passes.

This sort of thing has always happened to Tatsuya. People are just too frightened to believe he is innocent. He always has had the look of a hardened man with bad intentions. Sadly this misconception has kept his friendships down to a smaller percentage. Tatsuya's men respect him but even they say he's scary looking. He'd rather believe they follow him out of respect than fear. But some do admit to being scared and just following him. This sort of problem is something he'd like to change. But a leopard can't change its stripes. He simply has an intimidating facial set. Tatsuya no matter how chill and relaxed he is about the situation. Cannot change or force something new to happen. All he can do is move forward and see where the world takes him. If the world finds him frightening that's fine. As it's entitled to see him how it desires and goes from there. But in his eyes, he will always be the one who represents the little guy before the big one.

Thrill Seeker:⫸ Ever since he was young he's always had the itch. To do things most people would go that looks dangerous. This is perhaps the reason as an adult he has scars all over his body. But it's not only fighting he takes to join and thrills in. Everything from exploration to innovations of other races. Even watching someone else fight can give him chills. As a child, he showcased his desire for thrills fighting an enemy much stronger. Not only because it was needed or some complicated reasoning. But because the cold sweat and chills made him desire it. Fighting a strong enemy can be satisfying and allow you test yourself. But sometimes it takes so long to find that perfect fit. Not to mention occasionally you have to wait for the fruit to ripen. Plucking it or moving in on an enemy too soon can drain the fun. As a child, he seemed to acknowledge that strong warriors needed to test themselves. Those desiring to go beyond the common world of normal needed it too.

His next thrill-seeking adventure came when he decided to simply observe a fight. Two of the men were fighting a hollow and struggling. While he does care about it, observing the struggle was thrilling. Something about watching the fight go down made his skin crawl with excitement. Not better exists in this world than seeing what someone's capable of doing. Watching the limitations and fear of life bring out their best effort. To see people express fear of courage. That is a thrilling thing to witness. But it's not limited to the battlefield either. Sometimes even the political world can be quite a thrilling adventure. Watching people discuss politics and battle with words is just as enticing to watch. Getting involved and sticking your nose in a fight all the time isn't needed. But other things can be just as thrilling as fighting or other people. Watching interesting races or things going on in the world can be interesting as well. What leader is doing what with their hair can be amusing too?

But locations are by far the pinnacle of entertainment. They lead to such an interesting place. You can see different customs and ideas. Even going to jail for a night is thrilling. It doesn't require a genius to see it all come free. From the human world's interesting policies and how they run despite not owning anything. Humans have held such little impact in this world yet it is thrilling. They seem perhaps naive or perhaps just open-minded to it. No matter how one looks at it, the world of the living and other places. They hold such amusing facilities and ideals. The food there is also fascinating and enjoyable. Tatsuya does have to give mankind credit for the most thrilling variations of food. Unlike his world where it's rather common and pizza isn't seen often. The more Japanese style food isn't bad. But some thrilling changes are always acceptable even in clothing. Tatsuya is willing to go the distance in order to experience these.

Even willing to walk calmly into places he knows his kind aren't entirely welcome. Cheap Thrills and expensive thrills it doesn't matter the kind. So long as the ending is a thrilling one he can accept what may come of it. This world is such a thrilling place to be alive in. Experiencing new pain and injuries or just seeing how twisted a person can be. Thrills are what allow Tatsuya to tick the way he does. His excitement may be internal, but he does take some pleasure in it all. Seeing how this world works and ticks. Even learning can be an interesting thrill of itself. Seeing outside the boundaries or finding that perfect sword strike. Or maybe even getting the chance to use powers you don't often. These are things that make waking up in the morning worthwhile. Tatsuya wouldn't be able to enjoy himself otherwise. This is what makes life fun to see, humans and other species have come along so far. Perhaps one day he'll quit the Oda and see what all the thrilling steps this world has taken.

History of a Dragon


Active Years: This portion of Tatsuya's history takes place from the year 917 to the year 950

How does one describe being born in this tumultuous era of chaos? Well, it all beings with preparations. A parent can bring their child so far into this world. Tatsuya's father and mother respectively named Oda Daisuke and Oda Kikyo. As a baby, the world was a different place to explore and full of wonder. His time as an infant was spent observing and learning. Children can learn so many things from a young age. Pick up things one doesn't expect them too. He watched swordsman of different era's train. He didn't understand or grasp the concept but it looked fun. So he'd often imitate them with a stick or a toy. Swinging it up and down like he wielding a sword. Though this did him no favors for his mother. It did allow for a great deal of observation and learning. The world was a cruel and despicable place. It didn't have room for mercy even towards children. Infants were protected by their mothers and fathers. Tatsuya's parents being the leaders of this small caravan. But watching them as a baby in the wilderness and the different kind of places. It was easy to see this world was going to be exciting and different. It wasn't going to be a place where just anyone could survive. He was always smiling as an infant and rarely crying his mother could recall. Tatsuya didn't see this world as a danger even as a child. He saw it was a place that was wonderful and worth exploring. He often spent his time wandering around the camp. Going from place to place, he'd seen women with men. Seen rape days later from his birth. Sexually actions weren't that strange in this place.

Outside of witnessing that as an infant he also saw slaughter. Fighting and bloodlust of an extraordinary amount. His mother had once gouged a man's eyes out while he was on her back. Covering him with blood and gore as time went on. But yet he didn't cry or get upset as infants from later years would. He smiled at the strange warm liquid and welcomed it. It was something comfortable and easy going about the feeling. Some of his birth issues came from the era he grew up in. His nicknames began here as the Child who laughs at blood. It wasn't a very nice name for those to give him. Tatsuya didn't really see or understand the names. As a small child, it was hard to grasp or understand this version of the world. People in it were strange and almost alien in their ways. Trying to understand them was a challenge as an infant. Tatsuya didn't have the genius minds of other children. But what he did have was a drive to learn in experience.

People so often shy away from confrontation and fear of learning new things. His father leads this tribe to culture and fought many things. The area they lived in commonly had hollows and such beasts roaming the area. But hollows weren't what should be feared in these lands. Their fellow man was the thing to fear for most as it was constant. Trying to take what the other had and fighting for your piece. This, in essence, was a battle to survive each moment. As an infant, he was exposed to things that most children never are. Sexuality could be considered something damaged within him. Seeing people treat women as objects and his mother's outright ripping men's genitals off. This was the world he lived in and grew into. As time carried on and his feet found their steps. He began training as soon as he could walk with a sword. The weapon was heavier than most and he couldn't live it up. But this didn't deter him. In truth, it just seemed to motivate the child even more.

Every day and moment he seemed almost obsessed with it. As though it was something he could feel a strange comfort in. The sword despite being heavy had made him into a fit little one. As a toddler training with the sword was it. In terms of food, his mother continued to care for him. But he wasn't allowed to train with others yet as he was still a toddler. The age of official training wouldn't begin for another couple years. The laws stated toddlers couldn't train with the older children. This tribe like culture seemed to bloom and grow in the wilderness. Tatsuya was moving forward as perhaps little more than a passing interest. His father didn't expect much of his son truly. Tatsuya's current spiritual pressure was that of a Dog Soldier. Someone who merely fought front lines and didn't seem worthy. The Tribe Leader's children had always been above the rest. They possessed above average spiritual pressure. But with Tatsuya, it seemed to barely exist if that and disappoint did exist within his father.

The appeal of a son who couldn't provide such a thing wore off. But this didn't make Tatsuya said or anything. In truth, his obsession with the blade made him unable to acknowledge his father. To some extent, even his mother was victim to this. The Toddler was so obsessed with swinging this sword and improving his skills. It didn't seem like a normal child at all. Most of the kids his age had been playing and enjoying common life. They would train for being a warrior when the time came. Tatsuya started earlier since he didn't fit in. He acted differently and didn't fit in with the highborn clicks at the time. Staying to himself more often than not and dealing with the emotional scars given. This was just how he dealt with the world around him. But this would pay off a great deal in the years that followed. Tatsuya would grow stronger than the other children physically. Showcasing a tremendous amount of skill with that blade. But not all things were happy for the young boy.

As he became five years old his mother and father's relationship had altered. His father had bed multiple women and the tribe had become a Clan at this time. Things were changing and battles were beginning to be fought. Not over people or things, but land and positions. His father had the ambition to build a kingdom. So he needed heirs that were worthy of his name. Tatsuya was a blemish on his father and thus his mother suffered. She turned her frustrations on to her son because of this. She would sleep with him and bed him as though he a man. Making sure to get her desires and frustrations out. Tatsuya didn't understand his mother's reasoning for this. But in this life, it is best to focus on something other than heartache. Instead of crying or being confused about it. Tatsuya pushed himself further into training and developing himself as a person. But maybe this was a reflex to keep his mind from shattering completely. Tatsuya absorbed himself not in the dire situation.

But he let himself sink into his familiar training. To spar and fight people all the time. Building his strength despite lacking spiritual pressure to back it up. Some of the more advanced children in spiritual pressure couldn't beat him. Simply because of his superb stamina and swordsmanship. He simply outclassed them as a physical being. Capable of defeating his enemies despite lacking strength. Some people in the clan had called him a failure. Just lacking in the department his father desired. With the wars coming with other names and clans within these outland societies. It was only natural to desire strong warriors, not dog soldiers. Tatsuya wasn't going to impress anyone from where his father sat. It would be just the same if he perished on the battlefields. His father's chance to lose the failure and mother was coming. Tatsuya's training had completed and still, his spiritual pressure lacked. This was meaning he couldn't be used at this time. They saw them as mere dogs to be thrown to the slaughter.

The first battle of his life had been with boys when a child. Now the battlefield he entered seemed so massive. His body had chills and Tatsuya had entered into a hellish melee. Men and women were fighting viciously. His mother had since lost her mind and begun killing those around her. She was a vicious warrior, only needing her bare hands to rip people apart. His own battles began and seemed to flow with a fluidity that few would imagine. Tatsuya cut down men quickly and efficiently despite not having any spiritual pressure. It was like something was burning inside him. This strange desire to kill them and rip them apart. Not for his father, because strike brought him closer. Closer to an answer that felt out of reach since his days with that sword. He felt something but couldn't grasp it firmly. Each fight brought him closer and closer. Within his first hour, ten men had fallen to him. Not many considering the mass of this conflict. But the waging of a war on the outskirts was like this.

But something else began to happen a figure began cutting their men down too. He had been doing a number on them, butchering strong ones. So-called prodigies were falling left and right behind him. Each night the battles stopped as each army seemed to withdraw. The dead weren't that important to the living. Tatsuya's first battle ended with him not getting a scratch. He killed thirty men on his first day, none of serious note. He just happened to outclass them as a warrior if anything. The next day was more the same as morale began to plummet, his desire to fight this demon. The man who was killing all of them seemed to grow. This hunger to face the man who'd not been beaten yet. This wasn't by simple fate or stars of such nonsense. Tatsuya on the next day spent the day searching. Hunting for the man without much luck. Killing thirty men yet again though none of note. At five years old his skill with a blade surpassed most people. So fighting him was a risky proposition.

One fact he didn't know, was that his name had been spread among the enemies also. A child soldier who had been killing men left and right. Lacking spiritual energy, but having the strength and skill with a blade to bring down foes. The third day began and he, at last, found the man in question. He wouldn't learn his name nor would the enemy learn his. Both figures met at the center of the battlefield. There was no dramatic circle of men. It was chaos around them and screams of death happening. Tatsuya and he clashed, it was clear Tatsuya was the weaker of the two. But something began to happen, each time Tatsuya was injured. He'd utter a single sentence over and over. "Thank you, sir, can I have another?" He would say this line till wounds covered his body. Tatsuya's father would be in for a surprise. Because this warrior and his son clashed but this time. Tatsuya's almost demonic hunger for more awoke something. The long-dominant spiritual pressure inside of Tatsuya came to life.

He wasn't just strong, he was a monster beyond those here. His taste in blood and hunger continued. The other man was stronger still by a small margin. So Tatsuya made a gamble and let the man impale him. Beheading him in the process and taking his zanpakuto. It was here and then he began to hear something. A rumbling voice, it sounded like a woman speaking to him. She held a certain charisma and fire in her voice. She called to him but it wasn't from the battlefield. This was a confusing factor as he felt the sword within him. This voice continued as he removed that blade from his gut. He'd not abandon it, no this was something important. He didn't know who that voice was, but he wanted to know. The battlefield's chaos seemed to stop as people around him realized it. Tatsuya had unknowingly killed the enemy commander. Earning the glory of this field for himself and his clan. Oda Tatsuya's first war had come to a close. The gory climax had been what he expected as he stared at this sword.

Something lingered here and called to him, in the coming months he would learn just what this was. What this feeling inside him burning like a thousand suns was. He felt closer to answers as he knew his mother would still ravage and use him to satisfy her anguish. Or perhaps his father would make things right. And perhaps unicorns would come out of the earth and pixies dance over the fires tonight. It didn't matter to him what she did or any of them did. This felt like something he could latch on too, an escape from his reality. This darker side of him for the battlefield didn't end. Tatsuya's father may have praised him and so did the other generals. But they did it the most backhanded ways they could. Claiming they could have done it themselves had they been there. This didn't bother him, in fact, he didn't care about it really. Though a promotion was given to Samurai among them. He was the youngest one to accomplish this goal. But that dogma would remain for now.

The question can be raised what happened before 919 and 950, that was something interesting. Tatsuya's injuries were bad and he began studying as recovery began. Life isn't so simple that despite wounds you can go back to things. Tatsuya's body was wounded but his mind heard a call. So in this time period, he spent times dealing with almost shamanistic healing rituals. But spent his time bonding with his zanpakuto. Hearing her call didn't make things easier, she was distant. But he could reach out with his mind and perhaps more. Learning her name was a big step forward for him. She called herself Amaterasu, but that was her name. She had a glow about her like the sun above. She almost had a motherly air about her. But the only meetings they got from here on were in dreams.

After recovering he didn't hear that voice again, though she came and called his name. He didn't know how to reach out to her completely yet. Perhaps he lacked the will to do so, or maybe it was simply not time yet. Tatsuya could only dream of a tomorrow where he could see her again. Despite his success in the first battle little had changed or altered. Tatsuya trained with the sword like he always had when he'd recovered. Those who trained with him became the Dragon's Dog Soldiers, they were a fighting force stronger than those upper clansmen. Those proud fools who only focused on lineage. Tatsuya's next 41 years were spent preparing and growing into his body. He grew stronger and more potent as a leader. Tatsuya showcased skill at teaching people that few men had. His personality seemed to develop more, yet the wall he hit. That was an obvious one that couldn't be overcome easily. This wall would block his growth yet again, till he burned it to the ground in ashes.

Chapter Two:The Dragon's Development⫸

Active Years: This portion of Tatsuya's history takes place from the year 950 to the year 1000

His men and he didn't earn a reputation for being the cream of the crop. They were the misfits of the clan born without dignity given. Tatsuya was given command of them as a Samurai. They earned the nickname the Dog Soldiers of Oda. This insult was one of many that seemed to be labeled upon them. But their training was before everyone else awoke and after everyone else left they ended. They didn't let shortcomings become their falling point and didn't seem to have many holes. Tatsuya trained with his men religiously. They were the Dogs of the Oda Clan and they'd train her and fight for more. The other men didn't have the hunger to prove themselves. They lacked that basic instinct as Tatsuya and his men were put out. They were like a pack of dogs taking down all small forces effectively. With Tatsuya at the helm of the Dog Soldiers, they became a fierce unit. Though not respected within the Oda as of yet. They showcased something akin to strategic and almost optimal effectiveness against enemies.

Destroying those who'd broken the law at the moment or forces that came. Tatsuya's first post had him busy but he did often try to reach her. That voice with the name he often tried to remember. Calling out to her with hey you didn't seem to work. But it didn't seem pointless either as he felt stronger. His spiritual pressure and raw power grew by the day. But he didn't have arrogance in him, the man who quit training was dead. Tatsuya ate and slept with his men the Dog Samurai for his entire time among them. He never once acted above or beyond them because of his spiritual pressure.Most the scuffles that lead up to the situations he found himself in. Were because some other Samurai had belittled his people. The Oda Clan duels were deadlier then most Tatsuya ended fighting there. Because someone insulted his men as poor warriors and worthless on the battlefield. The man who said this had a prize fighter in this gambling circle. Tatusya killed him just unsheathing his blade and finishing a combo on him.

Before walking away, this caused issues with the clan. As the man he'd slain was a Daimyo class champion. Someone the Oda believed would bring them victory in the future. But he fell to a youngster who'd only awoken to his powers not long ago. Tatsuya's strength was something that they were coming to grips with. As his body grew and his mind did with it, the most potent levels of the strong warrior were showing. He didn't flinch under pressure and almost seemed to thrive in it.For his punishment, his people were sent further out. To a place dealing with a tribe that had begun policies of rape and murder. Tatsuya and his Dog Samurai would be put to the test against the most unlikely foes. Here Tatsuya would hear her voice one more time. But this time he'd grasp so much more. Tatsuya's men couldn't get a read on him as he stayed with them. And never once bragged about the general he'd killed on the battlefield. Or that as a warrior his victories to date had been astonishing feats of physical determination.

It was widely regarded as the land of death. This place put even Zaraki to shame in levels of brutality. This land was a place where men and woman simply died from all things. Animals in this area were monsters, hollows came here freely. Not to mention fellow people were almost savage in their mannerisms. Death was a constant but in his time here Tatsuya would finally find it. He and his men held the monsters at bay and kept them from coming. But also fought a war against this tribe with a mere one hundred men. Tatsuya's Dog Samurai earned a reputation. As the Dog Squadron of the Oda Clan, they were beasts. Capable of fighting in any climate or weather and almost hungered for it. This fit their needs just fine truthfully and allowed them to grow as warriors. This place allowed them to refine and learn what it meant. Tatsuya's own journey was spent meditating and trying to reach her. Trying to find that voice within him one more time.

She felt close and yet so far away from his grasp. As though she danced just out of distance for him. But one day a man would arrive in the valley of death. Seeking a challenge from someone and had bested several dog Samurai. Tatsuya's duty as a leader had become clear. The man had red hair and was extremely well defined. He was a man the world knew better as Damien Soan, the master swordsman. He was known for his almost spotless record as a fighter. He was on a journey challenging people who would accept. Tatsuya felt that chill he felt again, his sweat felt cold. This man was a beast like the general and wouldn't be beaten easily. Tatsuya's body had been given scars from several locations. Most of them due to the previous encounter with that general. This bout would give him his most renowned injury. The one across his nose is given by Damien. The two met and exchanged pleasantries, no matter the case. This wasn't a war like the previous situation for him. This was an honorable clash between men.

Meant to promote growth and development between them. Their duel began relying on only one swordsmanship. Purity could be the words to describe what happened here by the fellow Samurai Dogs. They clashed and exchanged blows like a symphony of sword strikes. Tatsuya kept up and they both seemed equal in this department. Time seemed to stop as these two clashed with their swords. Feeling one another out and promoting growth between one another. This wasn't some meaningless battlefield where you had to find it. Tatsuya found someone stronger, it was motivation to drive. Sheer stamina and willpower were the driving force. The fight was rather even till it happened and he relaced that weapon. Unlike the previous enemy who underestimated him. Tatsuya's current foe decided to release the weapon only twenty-four hours into their clash. This was a battle between men who understood when one lacked. Damien saw Tatsuya didn't know about his zanpakuto and decided to wake it up.

What can one say about that man aside from he is a beast. Tatsuya did his best to defend but ended up fighting a losing battle. It became very clear that he'd end up losing this thing eventually. Damien's zanpakuto in it's the first release. This was where he was to lose everything and be beaten? This was the place where his gravestone would be in the Oda clan? He didn't want to die yet, he wanted to continue and find stronger people. It was then a familiar voice let her voice caress his ear. "Call my name Tatsuya.Shout it out to the heavens." She said almost provoking it as he found himself covered in cuts and bruises. Bleeding from injuries as the nature of his reiatsu changed. The ground began to crack as he breathed out softly saying her name in a primal scream. "AMATERASU!" Was the only word that left his lips and with an explosion of spiritual pressure. Their battle could begin anew and the true fight had begun. Damien wore his trademark grin, satisfied he got something out of it.

The battle would go on with them trading blows and Tatsuya learning how his power worked. Damien was teaching him if anything and it wasn't a pleasing fact. But they fought for five days straight with no rest or breaks. Proving themselves to almost equal, the fifth day is where they got their signature injuries. Damien lost his arm in this location to a bet for the future. Tatsuya gained the injury across his nose that dawned his face. Both men were sweaty and exhausted as the final moments of this clash began. Fighting without break or without pause had left both of them weary. Of the two Tatsuya certainly looked worse, covered in cuts and bleeding. He was used to injuries and accepted them as badges of honor. Damien though wounded in some places they were minor. The two men took their stances preparing for a final clash. Tatsuya and Damien charged at the last moment both releasing devastating attacks. Tatsuya released a Magma based slash that completely consumed a portion of Damien's arm in seconds.

Damien landed a blow on Tatsuya's face. Now giving him the infamous scar he wore and struck fear into those who looked. After this, both men turned and stared one another down. It was only a matter of determination from here. Who would drop first from pain and agony? This question rang like bells within Tatsuya's heart. But he didn't see it as he went down first. Damien later followed suit collapsing. Both men had fought a vicious battle and were carried back to camp. This was where their injuries would be treated. Both men remained asleep for two days without waking. Their bodies having been put through an ordeal, unlike anything one could imagine. His reputation would spread like wildfire for fighting and live against a Soan. Damien called the match a draw in his later accounts. Tatsuya considered it his defeat due to him collapsing first. But Damien maintains they both fellow at the same time. When both came around, they began to drink and party.

Deciding to spend their time together here as only they could. Drinking and having a good time with one another. Almost as though they'd been best friends. Neither said sorry for the injuries or brought them up. It was simply rude to bring up to someone who fought so hard. After this Tatsuya got a note from his home confirming a return to base was needed. He'd be getting promoted to Damiyo to replace the one that had been slain. The outpost had been taken care of and the going away party completed. This would end his fifty years within the hellish Valley of Death with his men. Where he'd encounter the One-armed Demon of the Soul Society. A man who held such strength that he brought out the best in the Madman of the OUtlands. Their story while not widely told, is one that served Tatsuya well in his life down the road. He learned much from those five days and so did Damien.


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Deeper in Depth

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

The History Deepens

Active Years: This portion of Tatsuya's history takes place from the year 1000 to the year 1500

Chapter 3:The Dragon Daimyo Arises⫸

Upon his anticipated return with his men, they accepted a lavish welcome. A promotion to Damiyo was a big deal within the Oda Clan. But for some reason, this occasion was treated like nothing. His father didn't attend or make it official. This was merely another slap in the face of them only accepting him just. Tatsuya didn't care about that nonsense, however. His command went up and he did have more men join his Dog, Samurai. He informed them of why they were put with him. Because this society considered them failures. That their accomplishments would sting those who treated them as the worthless. So use that as a reason to get strong surpass those people who grew fat the top. They would have two hundred years to prepare for their next deployment. The enemy that would fight them at this point was a potent one. Lead by a man who later became a legend among those within the Soul Society. Tatsuya's training wouldn't be normal from here on out. It's different when one embraces the sword and learns how to fight with it. He trained more than the other men and made one devoted promise. He would be the first one on the battlefield and the last one off of it. That was his solemn vow to his men that followed him to hell. In training, he did something most commanders did perhaps. He trained with his men first and then alone for a bit. But then the real training began after that.

As a Reaper, one truth is always acknowledged and accepted. They are trained by their zanpakuto spirit. And Amaterasu had an interest in teaching Tatsuya. They both didn't care for the way Oda was treating these men or him. Tatsuya hadn't bothered to see his mother though he guessed she'd risen in the station. But there was much to learn about control and using his powers wisely. She taught him how to manipulate his area around him and turn the heat to that of magma levels. She showed him many tricks and techniques she held. Making sure he understood that her power wasn't fire. But Lava and Magma, something few people could control. Tatsuya was developing nicely under her guidance. The training with the men was weapon's practice and learning to wield their weapons. Tatsuya was skilled at wielding multiple and providing different scenarios. So he'd fight them using every weapon they had. From using his bare knuckles to spears and other types of weapons. He wanted his men prepared as well as he could make them.

The training with himself was about developing his growing strength. Being able to use the power he'd amassed while fighting. Tatsuya didn't have a good measurement to go off of. But he could roughly guess he'd surpassed his father by a small portion. Most Shogun didn't equal him in spiritual pressure. The personal training was more about developing and using visualization training. Finding himself a way to grow and develop beyond this wall. And finally training with Amateratsu, that was a beast that couldn't be given a description. She would train him in combat often, fighting him. Showing him ways to use the weapon beyond just postures. She had so many uses and techniques for him. It was hard to absorb it all. Tatsuya's regiment of training would continue like this. Without change for two hundred years, his men and he would face a threat from the Zaraki. Hired by the vicious politics of this world to do away with him. It became clear his regular life would be disrupted heavily.

But before they began their move those individuals carrying that title of Seven Deadly Sins among the Unabara. Tatsuya would solve a problem and change the dynamic of his men. A conquest had happened rather recently at a village. Sadly this conquest leads to pillaging and rape of people. A small female girl was put in danger by an officer. Tatsuya and his men walked into this place quietly. They could sense a rage boiling on the surface. Tatsuya was making a beeline towards a Shogun ranked official. This would be the firing point as he saw the man harassing the child. She couldn't be any more than six years old. Caught out in this hellish place. Tatsuya had morally grown sick of this as he grabbed the Shogun by the neck and threw him. His grasp on the back of the older male sent him tumbling through a building. Tatsuya's raw power was far beyond what this Shogun expected. He did try to fight only to have his head grasped. And slammed into the ground so hard that the ground cracked into a crater beneath it.

Tatsuya slammed his hand into the ground next to the man. Causing the area to explode as his words came out now. His mend defended the girl as his face was almost terrifying and glaring at the Shogun's men. "Listen up, I don't give a damn what you think.But this bullshit will not continue on my watch.Next man, I see attempt this.I will cut it off and burn it to your damp forehead. These are our people now and part of our future, if you continue down this road...I'll show you, true terror." Were his legendary words to those who did this. His men followed him not caring about punishment or anything. Tatsuya relinquished his grasp tossing the Shogun to his men. This would be an enemy that fought in the shadows against him internally. But Tatsuya had shown a glimmer to those here. The requirements of a King were to see past the battlefield. As for the girl he requested she ended up joining his squad. Sachiko became an aide who decided to protect him from those within the darkness.

But Darkness has a way of collecting its debts. Sachiko wasn't ready for the threat that came. Tatsuya's choice had impulsive implications when he attacked that Shogun. He made a political enemy out of a higher ranking official. But the man had no courage so he reached out for aid. To those who do the darkest of deeds. But by this Tatsuya hadn't just obtained his Shikai. He'd begun training for his Bankai, increasing his power several times. Damien wouldn't have been able to see the same boy from before. Tatsuya had matured slightly and had trained harder. The Bankai training with his sword was fighting without rest. Seven days wasn't easy under these conditions. But before he left to go, he would undergo a training session that had him leave everything to Sachiko. This training was brutal and without remorse as Amateratsu pounded it into him. She didn't allow for mistakes or forgive them, as she beat him again and again. He didn't yield or give in as time began passing. The struggle to learn his new form became all-consuming.

Tatsuya could admit that he didn't sense time anymore. During this period he was engulfed in it. His sense of days and nights were completely off. Eventually noticing it had gotten darker one night and commenting out loud on it. Not even realizing the length of time spent fighting. The increase in spiritual pressure was noticeable and quite frankly massive. Tatsuya would complete this trial on the seventh dawn, bringing about his new found power. Though the Unabara and their Shogun knew not of this. His Squad didn't report developments of their leader. Sachiko had instructed against such, as she suspected foul play. This was fine for his ninja unit leader as Tatsuya let her handle the cloak and dagger. The news came down about a meeting with a clan closer to the Rukongai. They were looking to meet with Damiyo and discuss joining. His father decided he was best for the job after spring from that Shogun.

Tatsuya would journey there with only his select officers for protection. But they didn't know the trip would be cut short by a band of seven. Tatsuya had noticed them rather quickly, telling his men he was heading for a walk. He walked for several miles away from his men making sure the distance was good. He finally stopped and told them to come out and stop hiding. That it wasn't befitting of people of their caliber. They struck seven at once with blades of different sizes. But to their amazement not a single blade pierced him. Tatsuya simply raised his arm and drew his sword quickly. Dispatching a large man who seemed slightly out of shape. One of them yelled Sloath as the male fell to the ground dead. "Rude, to attack me..without introducing yourselves." Was all Tatsuya would say as they backed up. Beginning to release their shikais and individual zanpakuos. Six of them remained and they had decent spiritual pressure. Enough to be a low ranking member of his unit perhaps.

They didn't attack one at a time like fools in a straight line. Gripping his sword he let it linger at his side. Keeping a rather interesting stance as he stood there. Fire struck his back but did nothing truly. A mist had been shot at him, but it didn't work either. He released a small portion of his reaitsu. As their Shikai attacks began to strike around him. They were being incinerated. The ground itself was bubbling from the level of heat he gave off. Tatsuya's eyes remained closed as one man ran towards him. He had gauntlets on either hand that seemed to have a gravity-based effect. This one was known as Greed, he was good at hand to hand. As he shot a single punch out and the others continued their assault. Tatsuya's hand caught the fist and crushed the zanpakuto's form beneath his strength. One sword swipe and down went greed falling to the ground covered in blood. Two of these deadly seven had fallen. His next challenger seemed eager to use fire against him. This one held the most promise as a swordsman in his eyes.

Tatsuya moved and stepped watching as the male's strikes came at him. They were agile and good blows if truth be told, they did lack something important. Destination and purpose, this one swung with anger. And trying to figure out why his fire couldn't effect Tatsuya. Tatsuya brought his zanpakuto blade down on Wraths with a fluid slam breaking through the shikai and blade. Cutting the male in half and leaving him in a crumpled heap on the floor. That would only leave four of them and these four were smart.They fired a signal like a device into the air, this would summon officers he guessed. Something more potent than the meager people thrown at him. But they had a job to make sure he didn't run away. Pride, Gluttony, Lust, and Envy were all that truly remained of this bunch. They decided to attack in teams of two, Gluttony and Lust would attack him using their powers. Gluttony's zanpakuto allowed him to consume any form of energy.

Lust's allowed her to use several different types of fragrance and poisons. They were a formidable duo, but something they hadn't anticipated happened quickly. Tatsuya's gaze found Gluttony who swung a massive hammer at him. With a single hand, he caught the hammer like Shikai and broke it beneath his grasp. In terms of raw strength, he outclassed them utterly. But a job required them to hold him here regardless of the outcome. Tatsuya cut Gluttony up in moments after crushing the zanpakuto's release form. Lust tried to avenge the follow, but before she could. He turned and punched her in the gut with so much force. The female was dead upon impact in the chest. He'd destroyed several internal organs with a single blow. The female's body shot through the air traveling so quick it broke a mountain in half. This was just part of it as his last two challengers circled him. Pride and Envy were the last two. Envy seemed to have a wipe based sword she used. Pride's power had something to do with a lion based companion.

Envy sent the whip and Tatsuya decided to let it grab his body. Deciding he'd allow them to bring about whatever they had. The Lion jumped plunging its teeth into his throat. As he stood quietly and opened his eyes slowly. This wouldn't do if that Shogun didn't truly understand the implications of his actions. He stuck his zanpakuto in the ground able to move freely. He wrapped both arms around the lion as it squirmed and struggled. Increasing pressure as the creature began cracking before finally shattering into it's sealed form. He'd broken the whip as well with one movement of his muscles. Shattering Envy's sword as he walked towards her slowly. The female ran at him and swung her broken weapon at him. It hit his chest but did nothing as he punched the female's head. Creating a shockwave and sending her flying killing her on impact. Leaving a trail of blood back towards him as he turned towards the last remaining Sin. She seemed almost in utter shock at what had happened.

"Pride is a nice thing, but when you put everything in that and what you can do.You forget how big this world is.."He said as she growled about him patronizing her and fired kido off in rapid fire. Tatsuya simply smacked them away with a single hand. Binding kido had no effect as he seemed clearly ready to kill her. As he had the previous six of her Unabara brethren. Tatsuya decided she for her youth wouldn't die however and he'd do something unexpected. As he got closer to her and held his sword on his shoulder. She couldn't move or breath really and sat trembling in fear. She had almost pissed herself when his hand came closer. But it simply patted her on the head as he smiled and looked at her. "You aren't prided, you are you and just because of that.You aren't blind to truth and reality.You feel fear and are frightened.I won't harm you..I've made my point.Come with me.Let me show you how big this world really is." He said and the female nodded unable to stop looking at his eyes.

On this day Pride did die and she used kido to create a body double. She informed him of the two horsemen and the Unabara system. That she'd long given up her name. She decided to ask him for another one that suited her. He named her Kagami and brought her back to the camp. Sachiko had figured the situation out and about had the men ready. Tatsuya explained that two much stronger warriors would be here shortly. One after another would come and they would fight him as intended. Tatsuya had made his choice that Kagami would join them. Or rather she made that choice herself to see what would come. Tatsuya had protected one and shown her the foolishness of the Unabara. Killing isn't everything in this world. It's a big place with many things that are beyond comprehension. This is only the beginning of a journey and she was so young. He wouldn't allow her or Sachiko to die with such potential ahead of them. Kagami was a good deal stronger and she was older. But this didn't stop him from drawing her into his world through his strength and his actions.

Active Years: This portion of Tatsuya's history takes place from the year 1500 to the year 1550

Chapter 4:The Dragon and The Horsemen⫸

This wasn't going to be an easy confrontation as each Horsemen of the Unabara he learned. They had extremely capable skills but something seemed off about each one. Kagami had been helpful in defining them and telling him the order of arrival. They'd come one at a time if one failed to respond by a certain point. So all in all this next portion would take everything he had. Tatsuya was being given an advantage over them as Kagami revealed things. Instead of marching out right away, he asked her of the first. Studying his foe for this clash very closely and carefully. Tsunashi Unabara was the Horsemen of war, a supposed perfect warrior. He had no faults that the Clan openly acknowledged.

Though that was a questionable thing. As the girl described him to Tatsuya something was off. This wasn't a specimen of war, it wasn't remotely close. He was one and to look into the problems he had sleeping at night. That would take a while if one honestly came at it from every angle. Regardless he took his zanpakuto leaving instructions to Sachiko. That Kagami was to be the second in command for him down the road. That they would embrace her and let Pride truly die in those places. Tatsuya stopped and asked one question before departing. If their clan practiced any burial based rituals. When the girl shook her head, he could only sigh. These weren't a fully formed group nor anything close to that regard. The shoes had been reversed this time around and he was in Damien's position. To bring out the potential of three boys. Each seemed to require a different need to truly evolve. Tatsuya smiled a bit as he walked towards the destination. This wasn't to be the end for him he suspected.

But the beginning of something new for those who came for his life. Making his way to the place it began walking past corpses of the former Six. They'd done their due diligence to try and end his life. Six of them fell and one was saved from fate. Taking a seat Tatsuya would wait for several miles from his men's camp location. They were hidden by Sachiko's veil and capable of much more. But this didn't extend or end with just this. The first man came riding a crimson stead and death followed behind. This was how most stories would perhaps extend to the world. Tatsuya's eyes found the silver-haired man Tsunashi. He was a slender figure, but the violence. The things war represented he didn't even come close. No, this meek child didn't have the potential to beat him. Tatsuya remained sitting as Tsunashi's flash step came about quickly. His speed was impressive, but he was so predictable. Tatsuya merely extended his arm and tossed the male into a nearby rock formation.

Tsunashi's assault wasn't enough to move him even slightly. The Horsemen of War brought everything to strike against Tatsuya. Bringing out some abomination weapon. It consumed souls he imagined and seemed capable of such. But the male's use of his own weapon was not there. He lacked a spirit of sorts but he did continue attacking. Relentlessly he fought and struggled against Tatsuya. He'd yet to even draw his zanpakuto for this man. Tsunashi was young and impressive, but he did lack several things. His stamina didn't understand what a battlefield truly was. This skirmish lasted only a couple hours at best. He stood waiting and gave the younger Shinigami ample time. He didn't toy or insult he just let him make moves. Letting Tsunashi test techniques against a strong enemy. He saw the surprise on the boy's face each time one failed. So used to success from pitiful targets that fell before them. Impressive technique but lackluster strength was the downfall of War. Tsunashi had activated both a weapon named Ruin and his Shikai.

Trying his best to fell Tatsuya with sound and other strange techniques. As Tatsuya drew his sword, he deflected the very soundwaves. His instincts and capability to read his enemies movements. Were well above the predictable and frankly easy to exploit attack patterns. Tsunashi was running from his enemy all the time he fought. He sensed his heartbreaking every time he swung a sword. His weakness didn't have to do in the normal sense. He seemed like a pacifist who was given no choice. Forced to hold the gun and shoot to kill those around him. His eyes saw this and couldn't help but feel sympathy. This man who was forced to embody War. Inside he was so far from that it was frightening. Perhaps this was what one called sympathy for the devil. Tsunashi wasn't true to himself and was slowly destroying every section of his being. It was clear to him but perhaps not to this boy. Just what he was losing in the long run of things. Tatsuya wasn't such a cold man to strike a child when down.

Tsunashi's breathing was heavy and of the two of them. Tsunashi had been beaten much more and Tatsuya remained without injury or damage. The effects of War's stampede did little to him. Tatsuya wasn't such an easy man to bring down by any means or standards. His gaze fell as he sat down and sheathed his zanpakuto. With a click, he began to speak to the beaten lad. "You won't beat me at that level. You refined your skills on weak people who weren't able to properly challenge you. Those techniques are flawed fundamentally in this way. You need to find what you truly desire young one. Because as it stands, your blade only knows sadness and despair. You don't have the ambition or realization of how much you hurt. So long as you fight this way and go about it this way, the strong shall never perish before you." He said before turning and walking away leaving War beaten beneath the place his fellows fell. He'd return home and look broken both mentally and physically.

The Unabara's first taste of Failure began with the one calling himself War. Tatsuya returned to his camp and began studying and figuring out a strategy on his next foe. Tatsuya would remain in camp so Kagami could tell him about them overnight. He suspected the next Unabara to come would be the figure known as Pestilence. This one was strange and an unknown to even Kagami. She knew so little about him and his skills. His appearance did make sense and was understandable. But something about him was off, he seemed capable of fighting differently. This one lost something important from what he could tell. The purpose was missing here or something more important. He'd listen to Kagami tell him the tale of the Clan. That was when he learned of the girl slain in the earlier years. The sister of the three brothers, she must have been most important to this one. Out of the three he suspected a deeper connection. This was the way it truly seemed to be in the long sense of things.

While what Kagami didn't know was in her eyes unhelpful. Truthfully she painted a perfect picture of the man. Grabbing his sword and resting it on his shoulder he returned to that place. He knew the second horsemen to come would avenge the first. Not because this was a normal situation. But because something felt interestingly familiar to him in this moment. He suspected he could get away with fighting Pestilence without holding back. Using his own techniques taught to him by experience. This one wasn't the same as the first or the third in one aspect. The man known as Tsunashi had come and attacked from behind. Using assassination methods, but this man to arrive came straight. His eyes were scanning and seeing burns marks around the area Tatsuya sat. This place had been burned beyond just flames, but that didn't give away Tatsuya secret. He could sense it in this one a difference of opinion. He was a true killer down to his core and held what that last one lacked internally.

He removed his top and sat it down on the rock as the new arrival merely waited. Tatsuya drew his sword and his gaze fell on him. He could feel a bloodlust in the air that this man intended to kill him. He carried himself differently from his previous encounter. He wondered what the many scars told the man he was about to face. Their clash began, exchanging blows left and right. Tatsuya had avoided taking any damage through his technical prowess. But Pestilence had also done so expertly. This clash wouldn't be settled as quickly as his previous one. Tatsuya sensed a center in this one who seemed to be standing before him. This battle was a swordsman's delight, though he did detect one thing. This man's stamina wasn't as good as his in the slightest. Tatsuya began fighting now increasing the pace and blocking blows. Using his heat based reiatsu he was able to keep himself from suffering the effects of poisons. But he understood something much quicker then he suspected most did.

This blade didn't use poisons, the Ninja of the Oda did and none of the warning signs were there. This was a different element unexplored at this moment. But this battle didn't end here as steel met steel. Time and time again they both tried to cut one another. But something was different about Tatsuya's method. He wasn't taking such risky cuts or trying something else. He made this a battle of sheer stamina and nothing else. Using a very conservative stance as he fought against Pestilence. Not burning through his energy or overextending himself in the slightest. He would push this man past his limits and beyond by doing something unexpected. Making it a battle of a different kind entirely was his goal. Tatsuya didn't claim to be the fastest in any field or location. But his swordsmanship skills made up for that quite a bit. He was able to use the sword expertly to block and fight people. But this battle wouldn't be settled in hours. No, it was going to be a long fight, perhaps longer then Damien's clash.

Tatsuya and his battle would go six days without a change in the method. Neither had released their zanapkutos yet. At this point, the other male seemed far more tired. Like he'd used an extraordinary amount of Stamina. Tatsuya didn't seem to fall and that part was confusing the male too. Pestilence would activate his shikai which Tatsuya would follow suit. He could see the general surprise on his face. The look of almost understanding as magma wrapped around his body like a cloak. His body was covered in it and the heat would be what brought down his next challenger. As their clash resumed Pestilence would understand why nothing remained of Pride. Scorch from before had hinted at a fire based power. But a Magma and Lava based power set was something amazing. Tatsuya's raw prowess and strength kept the male back. Not allowing for utilization of his kit as a whole. This battle continued on for two days dancing and fighting around one another. Eight days was the longest clash of his time period yet.

By this point, Pest had been tired out completely and was covered in sweat. He didn't have the stamina to keep going anymore and his strength had faded. He couldn't maintain his shikai any longer due to the strain. His digits softly gripped his blade as he stood there and decided to give this one advice. "I sense your devotion and loyalty to your family. I suspect more than anyone you cherish them all the more, so I will tell you this. Something must be done so you all maintain this. You need something deeper than just bloodshed to make a brotherhood. I suspect you are the only one capable of doing it. The previous Horsemen is lying to himself and hurting his soul. "He said pausing for a moment as he let that sink into the male. This battle wasn't done yet as far as he knew. But the male did something surprising as he dusted himself off. Swallowing his breath the other male looked at him for a moment. A knowing looked appeared on his face, he realized that this was something more.

Tatsuya was making them stronger, not breaking them. If he had he would have killed Tsunashi as well. The reason the Sins died, was because they were a hindrance. Tatsuya had cleansed them of a weakness down the road. Sheathing his blade and silently the male walked away. No words were needed among men. They understood one another a lot more then most people did. When you exchange blows for eight days and see the other person's ambition. You begin to understand it, Tatsuya wouldn't give Pest any further input. This was his road and his choice to heed or leave it. He took a glance around before heading back to his home. To send the next man out to challenge Tatsuya. This next one was someone who needed to taste a defeat. An absolute defeat that didn't have any he could do this or this. He was important and Tatsuya could sense it. This was the end of his duel with Pestilence, Death came next. He would get a couple days to recover to face the final Unabara.

This next one he could sense in his bones a sense of importance in. Tsubasa Unabara was the name and he'd heard whispers. Of a man who'd yet to taste defeat and slaughtered thousands. A man who represented many things. Unlike the previous one where Kagami knew little. She knew much about the final Unabara, to a point of almost stalking. There were things told about him that seemed to almost destroy preception. Speed and excellent skills that went beyond the average. This wasn't an understatement or a lost art. Truthfully Tatsuya could only imagine what kind of warrior he'd be in the long run. What did this final Unabara need that the others didn't? He needed to lose plain and simple. His swordsmanship faced Tatsuya's in this coming battle. He was fighting someone who wasn't just flailing his blade around. Much like the previous, he'd find most techniques met with failure. But it was best to see what kind of man that Kagami went on about. This was, of course, going to be another fascinating duel.

Tatsuya prepared this day to fight someone without restraint and using his full strength. Last time he gave both Unabara the luxury of testing themselves on him. This one wouldn't be given that chance, he needed to grasp just how big the world was. Learn to respect the dead and see that he carried himself properly. So to do this he needed to fight him without holding back. Without regard for his physical safety and show him. What a battle between stronger men is like, show him what Damien had shown him. This one had potential to be a symbol for the Shinigami. Something much bigger he guessed as he went to sit in the place. It was time to await the coming of the Pale Rider. Anxiety was a common thing on battlefields, what separates men from children though. Was how they handled it as he merely exhaled a breath shifting his shoulders. Exciting was what this next battle would be in the long run. Tatsuya's digits gripped his blade as it rested on his shoulder.

He saw him land with sparks of electricity around him, this was him he guessed. Blonde hair and crimson eyes that cried for blood. This bloodlust though, he'd wanted to show the previous. What true bloodlust looked like as he stood up. The entire area felt a pulse of trembling air. It got harder to breathe and he saw the blond male's eyes look surprised. As though he'd not met one with something fouler then him or his clan. He was in for a rude awakening all around as he brought his sword up. The prodigy of the blade a man who was gifted by just watching sword techniques. Tatsuya drew his sword and deflected the first attack with an excellent parry. Making the Unabara's eyes widen as he began to understand. This wasn't just some pushover that Pest and Tsunashi had failed to bring down. He was a hardened veteran who'd seen the conflict. Tatsuya smiled a bit and sent Tsubasa's frame flying backward with a palm. Cracking his shoulders his spiritual pressure came out causing the ground to heat up.

Gesturing for the speedster to attack again. Tsubasa's eyes dawned with realization and he began casting multiple kido against him. This was an interesting habit as he didn't understand kido that well. He quietly sat and let the Unabara conclude his kido attack. As the male finished his incantations and sent a flying debris at him from the ground. Tatsuya did something that caused greater shock. Stomping his foot on the ground he shattered the kido coming towards him. With a raw explosive force that was immense. Tatsuya's eyes narrowed as he grinned a bit moving towards Tsubasa. This needed to be a showing of just how strong he was against him. He didn't intend to show him just how big the difference was in skills just yet. But in terms of pure swordplay, Tatsuya outclassed this young man. He could see almost an astonishment within the eyes of the young man. As though he didn't realize such things were even remotely possible. Tatsuya was a raw powerhouse with durability with immense swordsmanship.

This wasn't going to be easy and the Unabara knew it as he began releasing his shikai. Tatsuya once again followed suit using his zanpakuto's shikai. As metal came at him a dripping pull of magma melted it before contact. Tsubasa's eyes once again wore a face of surprise. But he quickly regained his composure and charged forward. Speed was the element of choice here as he attacked Tatsuya. Swinging his blade as Tatsuya met him with a clash of steel. Sadly in terms of raw power he sent the man flying backward. Tatsuya rested his zanpakuto as oozing magma dripped around his body. This was something as he could see almost acknowledgment. Tatsuya gave a sigh and looked at him making a choice. He was going to educate Tsubasa on how to use his sword correctly. This skill was made for killing the weak, it lacked control. This needed to be a blade that could fell the Gods. So one choice remained to him as he saw Tsubasa sheath his sword and sit there. He could try several things but at this juncture, he knew the difference.

Tatsuya stood calmly and thought about it before smiling and rubbing his chin. As he allowed his blade to return to its regular form. "You've got something, you just need work.So for the next fourteen days, we are gonna duke it out.With just our blades..No gimmicks or tricks.Come at me with everything you've got and you'll pick something up." Tatsuya fought Tsubasa as he promised from here and would clash with him without a rest on his own. Showcasing once against just how insane his durability was. He'd fight the young man till Tsubasa fell asleep at night from sheer exhaustion. This wasn't something he did for every person, but he saw the desire for improvement. So he became a mentor of sorts and a father figure for the three boys. They didn't have a lot of role models in their lives. In one way or another Tatsuya took and trained them. Showing them just how far they could come if they put effort into it. The man who gave them a direction would be Tatsuya.

Those legendary skills Tsubasa developed down the road all began here. He learned the basics of swordplay and understood the value of the control. Learning about this from perhaps the only mentor he ever accepted. As those fourteen days came to a close Tsubasa bowed his head before leaving. Making a single acknowledgment of Tatsuya as something more. Tatsuya returned to the camp and offered a smile as the Unabara had been set on the right path. He told Kagami of the event and the girl seemed shocked. That Tsubasa acknowledged him as something beyond just a target. But as a teacher and something few people would realize. As Tsubasa knew Tatsuya liked his privacy a mentor. A man who mastered the sword passed on the torch to the next generation to swing as they saw fit. Tatsuya Oda had done his duty to push the Unabara from low-grade assassins to a Clan who'd change history one day. It was up to society to decide how to perceive and take his actions. For his battle wasn't there or anywhere else but within the Outlands.

Active Years: This portion of Tatsuya's history takes place from the year 1550 to the year 1800

Chapter 5:Recognition⫸

Sometimes the best things take time and the look on the Shogun's face when he returned. It was a look of shock and utter defeat. The man understood just what had happened. The Unabara had sent a letter that confirmed the failure to assassinate the target. But within the Oda, a tremor of change had begun. They began to realize just how powerful the former Dog Samurai was. His attitude didn't change towards his duty and tasks that came to him. But upon his return, his peers saw him for the first time as something else. At last, his father respected him and everything seemed to move forward. Tatsuya began to make changes and bold plans to change how things were run. As a Daimyo, he set up something akin to bathhouses for his men. Reducing the rate at which rape happened out there. Almost making his men the police force that prevented it. This was only the beginning as he devised the Underground Arena. A place he spent time building and preparing for true martial prowess to come and test itself. The rules were set as a contest of skill. Tatsuya would be one of the founders of the arena giving it a legendary battlefield. This was his attempt to make a feasible change in his world. Now that he was older and wiser, he could truly begin to send shockwaves of change. He spent most of his time training and refining his skills and controlling his awesome power. Tatsuya learned strength can be used multiple ways. Much like the lessons he passed on to the Unabara. He learned to wield his immense strength carefully. Not pushing people too far when they fought him in the arena. Tatsuya's style of fighting was to develop his men and build a formidable force. The Oda could claim a single trophy of truth in this world. They were building a civilization without the Gotei.

Tatsuya got access to notes and more things as he began changing things. He spent time among the common people and tilling their fields. Changing the culture of the world required actions. He was content with this way of life. Working hard during the day in the fields. To only at night go do battle with those who entered the Underground Arena. It was a very good experience as he met many talented men. Who would have gone unnoticed bringing them into his unit? It was here he met Kira and Kato who became good friends in his life. They helped him work on training things few others would. Kagami, Kira, and Kato were the trio who helped him refine his skin. Among Hollows, it had been often said they held a hard skin. Tatsuya had something similar that could survive almost any impact. By training his muscles and getting his skin used to constant abuse by those three in fights. He developed almost an iron skin that was closer to diamonds.

He also learned with them how to control his massive strength and ways to make it even bigger. Tatsuya's raw power was used without ever channeling a bit of reiatsu into it. Meaning he was a raw physical beast who could take hits and dish out massive attacks. He created special skills that were made for him alone in a way. He also devised a sword style that was of his own creation. Based on something different from most people. Within the living world, an art form known as judo existed. He created something very similar a style of swordplay that used the control at the right moment. Waiting for the exact second and then releasing a blast of power when the time was right. This was about learning control and developing himself at this point. He would spend this time period as he gained something he desired. To refine himself as a warrior and live among his people. This was where happiness could be defined as a greater thing. But it didn't end there as one boy of the Unabara kept in contact with him.

Through letters, strangely enough, Tsubasa would keep him updated as he would read them. Often times smiling at his post as he observed what changes happened. He got impressions of the world from Tsubasa and was interested. But the code indicated he would stay and he would often times get things sent to him. Tsubasa seemed very busy and training himself tirelessly for his clan. It was good they had survived and continued to do so. This period of time didn't come home without it's broken tiles. But it was a peaceful time for living a life. Unlike his colleagues who got fat off the peace around them. Tatsuya prepared because he felt a calm before the storm. Something was coming off a massive proportion within the Outlands. It would a be a battle not heard of the latter days. Tatsuya would prove himself as a field commander and understand something important. His people were trained and capable, he didn't involve the Unabara in it. Despite Tsubasa's strong desire to come his mentor's aid.

Another Clan had begun pushing closer towards them and were violent. Almost savage in their methods Tatsuya spent time watching them from one of the structures. This wasn't a group of people who did things for a certain reason. They were warriors who only respected strength, but it couldn't be said they were small in number. In truth, they dwarfed the Oda. Tatsuya observed them for three days watching their habits and learning. He didn't have a brain for all the technology and things like that. He wasn't the smartest unless it came to fighting as his mind was a steel trap. Tatsuya's eyes peeled away layers and watched them. They could use advanced military formations to defeat them. The Fabian Strategy would have to do with this situation. Tatsuya made a case to the Emperor to let he and his men handle the situation. Which many scoffed at as they thought with a mere six hundred against one hundred thousand strong. But Tatsuya didn't plan for a direct fight in any way shape or form.

He'd been studying war itself and had an idea to send them through several layers of trouble. Tatsuya was the only one who believed in Shinobi based tactics and skills. Using Sachiko's band of shinobi and the assassin skills of Kagami to help her. The plan was simply to hit and run and continue breaking them down. They didn't have the biggest force but they could do things. Things this enemy wasn't prepared for in the long run. The strategy meetings for each planned hit and run move required time and effort. They needed a decoy which only one would do. Tatsuya would be the man selected to handle this band of people. He was sent out with a single goal to get their attention. The forces they amassed had to camp and the march would take time to get to the main city. So in truth, he did his duty with effectiveness often times cutting down ten to fifteen. Before the signal was given to retreat from them. Leading a forward forced into an ambush. Of kido net and explosives killing hundreds at a time.

But this wasn't the end of his journey as a military commander and it did continue. Tatsuya and his people would perform a similar trick using the Kerrigan to their advantage each time. Tatsuya didn't have much to offer outside of combat and his knowledge of troop movement. He couldn't invent or change things from a long term. True genii would be able to look day one and decide they could do it. It took him three days to cook up this tactic. But the fact of the matter was it was a successful method. The enemy didn't seem strategically sound in many ways Tatsuya noticed. Their skirmishes and fights were primal almost and lacking direction at the moment. Tatsuya learned many things during this period. How to be a decoy, what it meant to wait when someone else did it. This entire thing was a different perspective on his life. It was something that one couldn't put into thoughts. Watching someone else be the decoy or do the job was hard. But he learned leaders have to truth their subordinates.

This was a long battle using the strategy he suggested against them. Months went by of wearing down their numbers and supplies. Poisoning food and making them suffer from the skill of Tatsuya's Shinobi. He may not have been one, but he embraced their strategies. Killing enemy leader's through underhanded methods. Breaking moral slowly and effectively to bring about an end. Finally when the time came to clash with them for real on the battlefield. Those one hundred thousand after a year of attacking and running. Traps and ambushes, poisoning of food and so many tactical battles. Tatsuya had brought their numbers down to a mere six thousand. The number of dead they lost dwarfed the respective belief. Tatsuya had done as he promised to his father and beaten something massive. This was the end of his task as a Daimyo where all Shogun took notice. Of the man who started at the bottom as a commander becoming a fine leader. The tactical edge belonged to the Oda, as the six thousand surrendered on the spot.

Tatsuya went in with the report that the enemy forces had been beaten. He brought them down without losing a single soldier of his own. By using force when needed and being able to pull the enemies around. Building fake bases as traps and using his resources wisely. Tatsuya was able to bring about a victory the Oda would talk about forever. He was called and acknowledged as the Dragon. His father promoting him on the spot without an objective to Shogun. He'd become the mightest Shogun of the Oda Court. The truth was he could kill his father and take the throne. But the dishonor in such a thing wasn't worth mention. This wasn't the end of his journey as the conclusion came later. Tatsuya had fought the odds and finally been given a true acceptance. As a leader of men and women, those who saw him knew it now. They were witnessing rise fo a dragon soaring to the heavens. This was only natural and his men knew it above all else. That the Dragon Shogun would be a key element later.

Active Years: This portion of Tatsuya's history takes place from the year 1800 to the year 2417

Chapter 6:Conclusion⫸

Tatsuya's title changed many things and people were more frightened of him. This didn't spread to his men but a dogma existed about him now. The Legendary Dog Soldier was the rumor going around. About the Dog Shogun, which even other Shogun blasted people for calling him it. It took him a while to earn respect from his fellow Shoguns. But the four had a respect for one another. Rin and Okuni were the first female officers to become Shogun. The other one's name was Ryu he and Tatsuya hadn't met. The previous Shogun had been replaced by the other three. Making these four the most powerful men and women in Oda. They shared drinks and spent time together often as one would expect. Tatsuya didn't stop on his laurels though and tried to make changes.

He spoke with them often about concerns regarding outside their lands. That eventually, someone was going to come stronger then they were. Tatsuya didn't know what kind of person they would be. But he knew they needed to educate themselves and learn something. The technology was a great thing as time went on he got to see some amazing things. The city had made developments and his mentor status with Tsubasa did help. He made their city invisible using cloaking based technology. Hiding them away as though they were just part of the background. The people beneath it were also hidden along with sounds. It was an interesting advance. Meeting with Tsubasa once more he saw drastic improvement. The young man had taken his advice and become a pillar. Swordsmanship had improved but he didn't focus on it alone. Tatsuya was disappointed by this to an extent. As when he and Tsubasa had a sparring match. Tatsuya was able to win in terms of pure sword skills. Tsubasa even acknowledged it as a loss as a swordsman.

Refocusing on his swordsmanship would be a key element for Tsubasa after this. Tatsuya did ask him a favor if he ever joined the world. To try and send him information on things and let him learn. Tatsuya's time after this was spent training and refining himself. Every day he trained and did his duties as a Shogun. Keeping a firm belief and practice for the Hidden City. This place was a home for many wayward souls. Tatsuya and his men acted as nomads traveling around. Staying on the outskirts not being guards truly. But being people of the land who remained almost like they lived there. This suited him fine as he read letters and they came. Tsubasa detailing his time as a Captain among the Gotei. Their structure and how he thought they could change. The boy was ambitious he guessed. He read about Shadow Fall and many other factions. It was a wide world like he figured beyond this sandbox. But the letters began changing and concerning him.

Something was making his pupil hurt emotionally and he could see it. But nothing prepared him for the final delivery of devices and things Tsubasa had sent. A letter on the package read as such. "I'm so tired of it a teacher, I keep trying time and again to do the right thing. But in the end, my legacy seems to taint everything it touches. For that reason, I am leaving all my inventions with you. I just want them to disappear from this world with me. I am not dying, but I am leaving and will not return or fight for either side..I am just a too tired mentor.I leave all of my clan's items in your care. Land that we obtained on earth I wish for you to meet with Vanguard and perhaps take your own view on them."

Shock didn't define it well enough as he sighed closing his eyes. Fighting back tears of sorrow that the young man didn't find the path. The request and inventions were stored in places nobody would find them. Tatsuya had no intention of letting the world have them. His student made a request and he'd honor it. The last bit to handle of course was too discuss it. When the Shogun and Emperor learned of his student's request. They decided it time to seek out an alliance with other cultures. Tatsuya was selected to be the one as he was given Tsubasa's seal. Something the Unabara carried with him as a Noble. Though he didn't understand that culture very well. He could tell of its importance as he packed his bags and left things in the hands of his people. Kagami had grown into a fine woman. Capable of handling most things, Kira and Kato could help along with Sachiko. Well, that was if Sachiko could have been convinced to stay. The young woman made it very clear she was going along. In case he made a mess of things while there. Tatsuya told her not to worry as he didn't intend to make trouble. He was just sad that his student fell into such a dark time. It was time for Oda Tatsuya to see the world outside these walls again. To witness what caused his student such pain in the long run.


Oda Daisuke:⫸ Present day Emperor of the Oda Clan, not to mention of lesser importance his father. The bond of parents doesn't exist for these two even remotely. Tatsuya's early upbringing burned every bridge his father had. So their relationship is only a leader and a Shogun at this point. Much to his father's disappointment. He's tried to reconnect with Tatsuya but the male shows little interest in him. Always working and taking duties that distance him from the Emperor. Tatsuya's view is his father is an Emperor first and while some brought up killing him. He spoke that it simply lacks honor.

Oda Kikyo:⫸ Some people have close ties with their mother. This situation is one where he is content never seeing her face again. She doesn't even come in as a mother to him much like his father. Tatsuya has distanced himself from her. She's tried even harder than his father to reconnect. But often is met with coldness and distance from the son she once assaulted. Punishing him then has resulted in her being punished now. Tatsuya has no emotional ties to her or his father. Only stating it is dishonorable to point a blade at one's kin. This belief system has kept him very firmly away from killing them. Despite being more than capable of doing so. Tatsuya hasn't boasted or spoken of it, the conclusion around the area is. He is the strongest and thus they are trying to get on a good side. But no such thing exists for them anymore within the son they pushed aside and tormented as a boy. This is the just deserts for the parents of Oda Tatsuya.

Sachiko:⫸She is the first person Tatsuya saved from his world. Not allowing a child be destroyed by the Shogun previously in power. Tatsuya protected her purity and in turn, she joined him as a dear friend. The two have had little romantic interaction of any kind. As Tatsuya seems to not be all that caring about that stuff. His nature seems to be one that supports her like a daughter. He supported Sachiko's belief of a Shinobi unit for his group. Thus helping him win his position of Shogun in the long run. Tatsuya makes no pretension to the fact.Saying that due to the loyalty of those around him the Dog became a Dragon. Not shy about the fact that Sachiko had helped him in the long run. Despite him making no designs on her for such a thing. She was indeed the angel who brought him his goal. But he and she will always be closer then blood or anyone else can imagine. She is something special to him because she showed him he was right in his choice and conviction.

Amaterasu:⫸ This relationship is the most meaningful one he had before even Sachiko. She took over the figure and duties of a mother when he failed. Tatsuya didn't have much of a bond with his family. So instead of being a mere wielder and owner. Their bond is far stronger being that of family. They are closer than his father or mother ever will be. She often times watches over him proudly and has trained him to be strong. She is his mentor who taught him to use her weapon properly. But in terms of respect, they both understood each other. Tatsuya was given insight and trust from her that went further then one could fathom. His relationship with her is truly one worth noting. It holds the complexity that few can truly fathom or reach upon. But this is something that has given him a guiding hand to growing better. Tatsuya's growth and potential being capitalized on were entirely thanks to her.

Damien:⫸ Damien is a man he can hang out with easily. Tatsuya and Damien are kindred spirits born on the battlefield. They are almost like brothers in the long run. Developing and showing each other what they needed at that point. It wasn't a single moment or a battle that went without saying. Tatsuya grew much stronger thanks to Damien. So a respect is there of the utmost that is buried deep. Tatsuya's core beliefs and ideas came to be born here. So in that Damien is a true hero of this world. And at the very least a Hero to Tatsuya in ways, he may not see.

Tsubasa Unabara:⫸ Tatsuya taught Tsubasa swordplay the hard way. Taking the boy as a student for fourteen days. He doesn't hold it as a big deal as much as Tsubasa. Tatsuya helped him find his path a bit more clearly. This was all he did for him and his family. Tatsuya saw a potential and decided to help him capitalize on it. Tsubasa losing the second sparring match with just swordplay was saddening. He'd drifted too far from the reality he learned. But Tatsuya wouldn't correct or inform him of his beliefs. Men must find their own path and while he is sad. That Tsubasa is departing the battlefields and done helping others. It isn't his place to get involved in his precious student's daily life. Only upon request can he truly get himself involved.


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A Look Within the Natural

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

Natural Talents

Diamond Skin:⫸ A rather interesting prowess he developed naturally. Through training and hard patches in his life. Tatsuya developed a skin similar to that of Hierro or Blut. This naturally tough skin can take blades and blunt impacts extremely well. Able to absorb blows from several things without increasing its strength through Reiatsu. This, of course, has limitations as the man is covered in scars. A good application of strength and reiatsu can break through his natural skin defense rather effectively. Though with it he is able to stop high-velocity impacts and perform rather impressive feats. Tatsuya's daily training to toughen his skin includes people stabbing him and slashing him with blades. Making sure to keep his skin tough and hard to cut through as diamonds. While he never gave it a name truly. Most people conclude his skin to be as hard as diamonds. Though with enough strength it is possible to break this relatively easily. Making him rely on his other traits instead of taking the battle lightly. This is the first line people must pass in order to get him warmed up. But upon breaking past the skin which can be enhanced with his natural reiatsu. He'll generally start taking the fight seriously. Though he does seem to lack a fear of being hurt by people. Tatsuya has always embraced pain as an enjoyable experience. It's a confirmation of a fight being acceptable and fun. Meaning he'll be able to enjoy himself far beyond a regular match. Both parties will have a good time and cut one another up a bunch. But this can be broken through without a doubt by the proper strength. For example in use he could block Shikais of weaker enemies or even take strikes from similar tiered enemies if similar in level. The strikes being physical attacks as energy ones are a bit harder to do anything against.

Damage Sponge:⫸Now this technique doesn't have a name in truth. But Tatsuya is able to absorb damage, now this needs to be stated clearly. He takes damage to his body and is harmed of course. But the damage done to him allows him to use it as strength in turn. His body is able to absorb the kinetic force of a blow and use it afterward as a form of empowerment. This is also included with bindings that have momentum (moving at him basically instead of formed around him) and kido as he did so with Tsubasa. Showcasing a technique that surprised the male. The build of damage he'd been taking in from his previous encounters had helped also. He doesn't have to release this all at once. And can hold on to it for a while for when a situation calls for it. But there are a couple things that must be noted by this. First, he must be able to withstand the impact and damage of the blow. Second, Tatsuya must be properly prepared to absorb the impact into his body. It must be understood with the third that Tatsuya's technique isn't energy based.

This is a bonafide physical durability based technique. Something that comes from his strength Durability, not in any other field. It cannot be used for a burst of speed or such things like that. Think of it as a pressure building up on a bottle before knocking the lid off. It can only act as an explosive of raw force when released. As for the size and amount that can be released for him at this time. It depends highly on how much has been taken in. If it's a small amount, then it will be a small amount. If it's a large amount then the amount will be large and higher. He's able to add this to his already incredible strength by controlling his body in this way. Tatsuya's durability techniques are mostly passive things such as this one. He can release it in many forms based on damage taken during a battle. It must be noted this was used though not well spoken of in his history against Tsubasa. Showcasing his skill in taking punishment and saving it up for later.

The way this acts is more of agentic trait passed down through the Oda Clan. Their bodies are able to absorb pent up energy or damage. By doing this they are able to house it within the medium that is their bodies. Now the potential energy is stored as a physical medium. Because in Tatsuya case he cannot release it as a spiritual or energy based one. So raw physical potential energy is what is released. Now as stated before limitations do exist for this. By preparation, he needs to physically be able to endure the blow entirely. His body must sustain a form of damage in order to store anything. And the storing can only last twenty posts. Now in terms of techniques the Oda Clan practices, this couldn't be passed on to another person. It's agentic trait involving their muscles and body. They simply are able to store damage up and use it against a person down the road. But there are some catches in this system.

Their bodies cells don't function like a normal person does. In that, they start growing stronger and enhancing the muscles and storing the damage inflicted instead as fuel. The Oda's bodies aren't normal and Tatsuya and Daisuke are special cases where it has gone beyond the normal. Tatsuya's cellular structure is such that he can absorb spiritual or physical and release them. Now it must be noted this doesn't strengthen the attack or weaken it. The attack is taken as it's obtained and held there. But damage must be inflicted for this to work. His cells can't absorb punishment if none is given. Normally when a cell is damaged be they skin or whatever kind of their body. A person doesn't gain strength, the cells within Tatsuya and Daisuke. Are of a different nature and strength when damage is taken. And begin storing the damage inflicted inside. Allowing for stronger attacks down the line, increasing the Oda's fighting capability till the die.

This doesn't make him invincible or anything of the like either. It doesn't mean he takes an ass kicking and can instantly release a massive explosion of force you can't block. Yes, he can release the damage as the raw explosive force from the benefited strength his body obtained. But that doesn't mean you can't avoid it or even block it. Just because he got stronger doesn't mean you've grown weaker. He isn't taking anything from you in this process. He is only gaining some measure of strength from the damage you've inflicted on him. His body grows excited more as it takes damage and instead of responding with pain. It responds with adrenaline and power. Offering raw strength to those who are crazy enough to try it. If further questions are had about the functions of the technique it can be noted that 20 posts are the hard limit set at the moment for how long. His body can store it without disposing of the energy. Any longer and it will simply vanish from his body. Getting rid of junk as the cells realize he doesn't need it.

It must be noted and understood that Tatsuya feel's pain just like anyone else. The sensation is similar and easily understood. His body does give some boons for him feeling pain and suffering, but he still must suffer and feel pain like everyone else.

Herculean Strength:⫸ Many things can be said about him. Tatsuya's raw strength is legendary among the Oda. Able to crush fragile Shikai's beneath his strength alone during his clash against the Sins. Tatsuya didn't showcase anything less than a strength of the higher qualities. He is able to produce massively powerful strikes for his size. His grip strength was one tested and found to be two hundred kilograms. This comes out to four hundred and forty pounds of force. Even without enhancing himself. He had a rather impressive amount of strength. It's part of what made him such a dangerous foe to encounter. Other signs of his strength can be found in some of his battles. He's picked people up and tossed them around showing raw power. Tatsuya's always been a man who focused less on speed and such. He believed firmly in focusing on the artform before him. Putting his effort into the strength and body that war has built over the years.

Maunten'ekō:⫸ In English it translates to Mountain Echo. And is the source of a great amount of strength that Tatsuya has. This allows him to enhance the impact of his blows massively. By releasing his spiritual pressure in bursts of strength. Able to cause massive amounts of damage by doing this properly. Tatsuya is effectively able to create large portions of damage depending on his situation. Now the important question to ask is, of course, the following. How does this technique of the body function? It requires precise and capable control of your reiatsu. Tatsuya is able to manipulate his and release bursts of it with controlled amounts. This is what makes him effective and catch enemies off guard often. They underestimate the skill of the young man before them and fall prey. Tatsuya's technique once again doesn't put you at a disadvantage persay. Unless you intend to trade blows with him, it can hurt a large amount if the enemy isn't careful. But everything can be avoided and handled within reason. This works similar to Tsunade and Sakura from Naruto series as an example. He's creating a controlled burst of his energy by releasing it all at once from his fist or attacks.

Devil's Stamina:⫸ This is perhaps one of the greatest attributes of Tatsuya. He is able to fight for days and perhaps even more. Showcasing inhuman levels of stamina when it came to combat. Some believe he just doesn't need sleep like the rest of people. There is no perfect reason as to why Tatsuya can do this. Part of it is from his upbringing and having to work harder than everyone else. He has a work ethic that is perhaps the most insane anyone would see. His morning exercises and daily training schedule alone can put some people's to shame. Tatsuya didn't claim to be good at much else aside from his stamina. He's been seen fighting several times for days. His documented record was fourteen days teaching the Unabara Tsubasa. This did include some rest unlike his clash with Damien. In which both parties fought without rest or peace. Tatsuya has also shown the capability to do this under any circumstance. He's been shown in harsh conditions and just seems to not tire.

The man's stamina was what beat Pestilence in the long run. Tatsuya didn't have anything short of his best effort forward for it all. Now in terms of stamina, it can be said this doesn't seem to go down by any means. Tatsuya has made a display of his stamina several times in life. Perhaps this will always be the greatest attribute of the Oda Clansman. Fighting for days without or sleep making himself available to combat the forces around him. Tatsuya himself hasn't had the potential chance to push himself to see how long he can last. This is simply a fact of the matter in the long term. He just has an ungodly amount of Stamina when it comes right down to it. Does this mean he cannot get tired, even Tatsuya has limitations. It's generally through sheer willpower and determination he pushes past them. Able to showcase something inhuman almost when it comes down to it. Tatsuya's likely one of few who truly embodies the physical realm more.

High Heat Resistance:⫸ Tatsuya has a rather effective field against higher range heats. Able to withstand them and even to some extent immunity to them. You can in theory harm with a high enough temperature. The required heat to damage him is higher than the possible heat of Magma or lava. This would then make it potentially possible to damage him with a heat-based attack. Tatsuya isn't completely immune to things like this though he wears a Magma cloak in Shikai. He does have limitations that keep him well grounded. Tatsuya's immunity can only defend as previously stated at a temperature equal to the highest lava or magma can produce. Sadly this limitation is one that his zanpakuto did inform him of. As the two share a bond and she did make sure he was aware of weaknesses and strengths before anything else. This is its own way has aided him a good deal with understanding. Through understanding, shackles are broken and removed from us.

Sword Specialist:⫸ Tatsuya will never openly state himself as a master. Despite being the mentor to Tsubasa and having clashed with Damien as a pure swordsman. He has trained from the youngest years of his life with a sword. Almost finding a comfort in wielding that weapon and training. Masters are titles others can give out, while he acknowledges a skill with the blade. There is always someone out there with something new. Swordsmanship and life are a never-ending journey. They continue and move forward without an end in sight for those on them. Swordsmanship is something that grows and changes with age. Some people find hinderances or learn things about previous encounters. Tatsuya has tried to maintain and learn about how to use his swordplay skills. While his answers weren't similar to Tsubasa or even Damiens. They all three found different ways to live and function as a swordsman. Perhaps he didn't live a life where he jumped into the limelight.

But Tatsuya's skills with a blade are an undeniable truth. He see's it as a way of life. Not just wielding a zanpakuto, though that is his weapon. Wielding a sword is an art form in that of itself. Zanjutsu is the simple act of using one's zanpakuto to it's fullest caliber. Swordsmanship or swordplay, in general, is something different. It requires immense training and devotion to truly learn. Most will say they can go to a school and pick up a style. But in truth that is a short-sighted notion. You are learning what they've already learned instead of finding your own road. People aren't all exactly the same and come to different conclusions. Swordplay is that for Tatsuya and some others. It's a choice that has changed them for the better in some respects. Some of his more relaxing moments are when holding a blade in his hand. Tatsuya doesn't claim mastery of anything because it doesn't exist. Only those with experience and those without. That is the nature of the beast.

High Battlefield Experience:⫸ Tatsuya's got a hardened look into the hellish landscape of battlefields for most of his life. This hasn't changed or evolved with the passage of time in the slightest. Tatsuya has been there as a grunt to being a commander of a major offensive. He's seen both sides of that field and gotten a sense for it. His tactical awareness and use of weapons others ignore are prudent for mentioning. Tatsuya isn't against using what is available to him. Playing to his advantage and even acknowledging use of poison as acceptable. As long as someone is careful not to kill those innocent people nearby. Tatsuya's not a pacifist in the long run. But does believe war shouldn't be brought down on poor people. It's a matter for generals to settle honorable. But perhaps in this, he is a short-sighted man himself. Tatsuya has his faults and strengths in this field. He has people who help him through those moments.

Reiatsu Hardening:⫸ Perhaps a natural technique for some, but Tatsuya has found a great favoritism in it. Training to harden his body using his reiatsu to pinpoint success. Tatsuya is a natural at this and has practiced using it ever since he became a Daimyo. Showcasing a tremendous understanding of how it flows and when to guard. Knowing that Reiatsu is a resource and something to be used carefully for situations. So as to undermine his natural talent he has as an Oda. Despite it becoming harder to wound him truthfully. It doesn't cease to interest him.

Magma/Lava Reiatsu:⫸ Those born similar to Tatsuya know the burden of elemental reiatsu. It's not like the regular stuff and tends to have some effects. Be it Hitsugaya's frozen reiatsu that could chill bones. Tsubasa's electricity that courses through the being. Or maybe even Yamamoto's legendary flame. Those born with this are more aware of how they use it and effects. Their reiatsu is quite literally a weapon without ever releasing a shikai. Perhaps this is why so many of them are capable of controlling their energy to pinpoint accuracy. Tatsuya has perhaps one of the more rare elements as it mixes earth and fire. Most would assume he could control both elements, Tatsuya isn't capable of such. He can create pure magma and manipulate it as needed. Molten rock isn't something to ignore in the long run. Tatsuya's hesitant to use his zanpakuto's powers due to the nature of it. But even his reiatsu is something he believes need's carefully considered.

This is a power to destroy things without mercy or recourse. Recovery is hard as many human civilizations have suffered from a volcanic eruption. Tatsuya is, in essence, a walking Volcano. He's able to create this effect with little more than just his reiatsu. Creating the presence and heat as though standing on the edge of one. The closer someone gets's to him the more likely they are to experience the volcanic heat he produces. Tatsuya's magma or lava can be produced from his body or energy. He seem's unkeen on unleashing it on people though. Preferring to utilize his skills as a swordsman. He does envy other elemental users who have less destructive elements. This is a raging bull with one purpose and he doesn't feel keen on it. But sometimes for life to move on destruction is required to begin anew. Tatsuya is certain that his power though destructive will have a purpose someday in this world. For now, it's the only purpose is to maintain the Emperor's safety.

Equipment of Tatsuya

Soul A.I Nobunaga Oda:⫸ If he ever gave credit to Tsubasa it was for creativity. Tatsuya couldn't begin to explain how this worked. But the installed A.I is merged with him mentally and functions as a computer for his brain among other things. While he may not understand things, the A.I translates and provides battlefield analyze of certain situations. While also maintaining his other equipment provided. But that's the base protocol of the Soul A.I project Tsubasa was heading before vanishing.

Nobunaga is a reaction to some waves of the tyrant from history. Able to think and conductively pull from a knowledge base Tsubasa gave it access to of his own notes. Compiling and allowing it to perform and do things most others couldn't. Now, it must be understood that it's unable to interact with other people directly. And while it can help heal some injuries done to Tatsuya it is very limited, such as small cuts and scratches. As this merger is been beneficial to the two of them. Tatsuya has noted that it can track people down similar to a Quincy can. Through spiritual reconginition software, able to find and track soul ribbons and calculate them instead of Tatsuya looking and trying to sense things. Though perhaps it's more in its direct area on how it functions. Often times it will run set numbers and give him parameters for the engagements or fights. By allowing calculations on places nearby or calculating guessed strength after seeing an enemy throw something. Not before but after, it can give rough estimates on speed and other things. For example if he can survive the hit. Helping him conclude things much quicker by judging angles and predicting attacks. Though Tatsuya does occasionally ignore it going with his instincts. This pairing isn't perfect but they do agree occasionally.

The A.I was programmed with a single directive in mind in terms of its soul. Loyalty to Tatsuya Oda above all else, not even Tsubasa can order it around. This is something of a fail-safe set in place by the maker of it to leave it away from other hands. Due to a lack of resources by Tsubasa, he only was able to design this single one. In some ways, it's a prototype and only capable of so much. Thus why in the long run Tatsuya's equipment is relatively short compared to others. But he never got the entire concept of using special gear and stuff. But it is like an onboard computer within your head and does help him understand things. When she is willing to explain, the final thing that must be mentioned. For some reason, Tatsuya doesn't understand the A.I is female in nature. Perhaps it says something about his students tastes in women. Though he cannot be sure, the item has proven handy in some situations. Checking vitals and helping him see things completely different from other people in the long run. Perhaps one day his student will allow him to help make more of these to the world.

Izanagi⫸It's strange when you are asked to trust someone and let them poke your eyes. Tatsuya decided to believe in Tsubasa here and allow him to install them. These eyes function as a double processor and allow for two purposes for him. They let him see things that normally Tatsuya wouldn't have been able to monitor in the long run. This is something that comes with the territory and these aren't perfect. Just because he can see something doesn't mean he can react to it. These also function as a way of Nobunaga seeing things. Allowing for it to look on and notice things that maybe he doesn't. Only bringing it to his attention when and if Nobunaga notices something out of place. This can always help in terms of the long run. Tatsuya doesn't truly understand anything when it regards equipment. Only that it itched terribly when he had it put in. And getting used to it was a pain since he'd occasionally hear a voice in his head.

Susanoo:⫸ This is perhaps the one Tatsuya did understand the best. It was like a second layer of skin but very different. This was an iron-based skin allowing for him to absorb an impact with some specialized iron fibers. What he got out of the conversation was he could take a hit better. This in the long run made more sense then the science mumbo jumbo Tsubasa talked about. Tatsuya isn't a slow man or even dumb he just doesn't get all the special words and stuff. He keeps things pretty simple and doesn't need a lot of details. This skin can absorb about a half megaton of force before dimensioning. Now the upgrade to it is that Nobunaga can direct and repair the skin over time. Ten turns are how long a full repair would take to damaged skin. So that would be on Tatsuya as Nobunaga's other functions are disabled to fix the skin. This isn't a downside, but a simple desire of what matters being handled with the best capability possible.

What this brings to the table is protection similar to a knight wearing armor. Tatsuya is durable and stronger than most. But even he has limits to what he can endure. This provides maybe that one and a million chance to survive something. Sadly it does have a drawback since he can't take damage his damage sponge won't work through this. It does largely differ from the second skin in one regard, this is like wearing a coat in a way or armor. His second skin is part of him and his power to increase strength through damage can function through that. This isn't a natural byproduct and won't work through it.


Tatsuya's Swordplay

Nameless Style:⫸ Tatsuya's never had a naming sense when he devised his own style of swordplay. He came to realize everything could be concluded with a single devastating swing. Does this mean raw power is the path to glory for him? No, it's not that as he did understand that stances for swordplay tend to fall into three categories. High, Middle and Low are the sword stances a person can use. Some would call the act of wielding two a stance of itself. But in truth that's a matter of opinion depending on the person. Tatsuya believes his style can utilize three principals of those stances to full effect. The pretense of this style is waiting and avoiding a person's attacking using their weight against them with your sword. Now, this is done with the hand to hand art judo effectively. What Tatsuya's doing when executing his signature style is striking with a powerful signal strike. This strike uses the momentum of his enemies movement against them. Creating strike that is more potent than normal. Now while this style does have it's failing points. It can be noted that Tatsuya's sword style hasn't been passed on to anyone. Due to the nature and requirements of using it. While he does believe this method to be effective, his style's principal doesn't seem set in stone. Tatsuya is able to change or evolve what he does with it on the spot. Taking ideas or thoughts from a battle going on and coming up with new techniques. While he isn't a speedster or a fast man with multiple disciplines. He is a capable warrior when it comes to wielding the blade.

Evolution is the key to must sword styles growth and Tatsuya's technique and swordplay have had 1500 years to evolve. Facing multiple opponents such as Tsubasa and Damien in his time. He got to see some the finest blade work a person can imagine. Tatsuya even taught Tsubasa how to wield a sword. This in part does indicate a small amount of skill with the weapon. Though he doesn't believe in masters or titles. He acknowledges that basics and finding a style that fits you. Will, in the long run, allow for an evolution. Tatsuya's signature is perhaps the fact his sword style is extremely hard to read. Depending on what he decides the best outcome for the situation is. Swordsman isn't stagnant creatures and techniques and moves. They all tend to grow or change based on the evolution of the world around them. Tatsuya's grown up in hell and seen a world that most cannot fathom. This lawless apocalyptic land was a place that gave birth to a hard worker above all else. He may not have been the strongest, but he worked harder than anyone else.

Two Handed Strike:⫸ Tatsuya rarely will use both hands when fighting with his sword. Due to the force, he can generate from his blows he tends to prefer not too. As it's unwise to create needless destruction in his area. Tatsuya's two-handed blows are known to be far more formidable than his one-handed. He's able to generate massive amounts of concussive force by swinging his blade with both hands. This isn't so much a technique that Tatsuya can say much about. He can use it differently and sometimes within his own style. But anyone can grip a sword with two hands to fight. Even a novice knows two hands generate more power. For Tatsuya, this is one of his methods of holding back. He generally doesn't care to fight to wreck the neighborhood around him. In terms of raw power, he's considered a juggernaut and a beast of the Oda. A single swing with both his arms can create massive blasts of concussive force and create large holes in the ground. So either it's great for fighting or gardening.

Circle of Swords:⫸Tatsuya never bothered to name much. Tatsuya draws a circle in the air with his sword. Creating the effect of swords floating in the air. This isn't really an illusion or anything as what happens next is momentum based build up. Tatsuya channeling his reiatsu into this attack sends a massive explosion of force every direction around in a massive blast. This technique uses a small portion of his reiatsu combined with his raw strength. Allowing for him to scorch and burn the area around him with it. Tatsuya doesn't consider techniques anything really special. This can be avoided or even survived truthfully. Tatsuya's sword moves are effective but aren't the end all be all. People have walked them off before and this one is no different. It has a range problem that its force generated weakens further back. 1 to 5 five meters is it's the strongest point of effect. Beyond that, it's weakening for each step further back a person takes. Making the heat and damage lesson more and more.

Lava Blade:⫸ The first assumption most make is this is related to his zanpakuto. Tatsuya is able to generate heat up to lava levels and control the structure of it. He can control and manipulate said temperature as well. Cooling it almost instantly to form volcanic rock if desired. He is able to coat his blade in lava by using his reiatsu around it. Releasing the liquid upon his target in a burst spraying it at them. This attack he can change or create the motions desired. Even creating small waves of lava capable of engulfing things. Now once again this isn't a perfect technique or attack. It can be avoided if you look out for the hot glowing thing. It can also be blocked if you have something capable of doing so. Tatsuya's use of his reiatsu into his sword techniques is partly what makes him effective with this.

Sword Blast:⫸ Tatsuya is able to create concussive force as previously discussed using two hands. But when he decides to put his reiatsu into the mix. He can control and create massive blasts or even chose how they form. Making claw marks or other such things that leave an impression. When infusing reiatsu into his weapon and attacks he creates a larger attack then most people realize. Tatsuya is able to cut with the heat based reiatsu he has. Without going too far into his heat he can create realistic slices or slashes. But using his sword blasting he's able to perform even with one arm. Using shockwaves and heavy almost getsuga tensho like blasts. Controlling the angle and release style of them is helpful. But once again this can be avoided or blocked if properly done it is little trouble to manage for most people. Some could even deflect it if desired and strong enough to do so. Once again Tatsuya isn't the end all be all in anything.

Weighted Strike:⫸ By bringing his blade directly down on a person. Tatsuya is able to apply a massive amount of force. He's pushed a person into the ground and taken them from their feet before. A weighted slash is different from his normal one where he strikes where he wants. With this blow, he pushes down applying a tremendous amount of force downwards. Those caught under the weight of his sword believe he's swinging a skyscraper down on them. This can be avoided by skilled warriors with little trouble. Those who can match or surpass him in strength won't have trouble with it either. But those who don't do those other things are likely to experience a massive amount of force downwards. Almost like he's breaking them with a single sword swing. But once again for those agile one's avoiding his blade is the only requirement for a person. Tatsuya's most impressive feat is that this is done with Reiatsu. Not empowering himself to perform this raw physical sword move.

Weighted Energy Blast:⫸ Using his sword as he did previously for the regular strike. Tatsuya is able to create a blast of such tremendous force. That those caught in it are compressed into the ground. It pushes them down as it slashes them. Almost like proving dominance over his enemy with this. Tatsuya's control of his energy lets him control the size and area of the blast. But obviously, it can be avoided and once again with the higher strength you can take it and shrug it off. While he doesn't believe in the pinnacle of swordsmanship or any such nonsense. Tatsuya does showcase this skill on rare occasions. Considering it worthwhile for some enemies like Damien or Tsubasa to seem him use techniques. Though this one hasn't been tested against foes in the battlefield. Tatsuya is confident it will be an effective tool when the time comes. Not all things are born on the battlefield and warzone.

Swordsman's Aura:⫸ While not very useful against the more potent enemies. This is something that he developed upon training himself intensely. Tatsuya has an aura around him that most another swordsman will recognize as something special. To some extent, he could be mistaken for another legendary swordsman if looked at from a distance. But again this depends on the person who looks at him. He doesn't view the world through any convoluted systems or lines. Tatsuya see's things as a journey with one's sword. Every obstacle and extreme underlining test are things to face with shoulders held high. Now the question of what this does is something that is a given. Tatsuya is able to ut people with this aura and when not wielding a blade. His entire body is a blade essentially and comes across as such. Giving up on kido and embracing the art of the sword as his only possible route. He had to scrap and claw unlike others to find his path.

The world is full of gifted geniuses who are above others. His student Tsubasa was one who got further ahead. But Tatsuya knew that would happen and he was only a cog in the wheel. But when Tsubasa's second defeat came as a swordsman against him. That was when it became clear of the two of them. Tatsuya had pushed more of his soul into swordsmanship. Disregarding that and moving on the more fact-based points. Tatsuya's body being a blade essential or even wielding invisible ones when fighting his foes. He's able to create the sensation he's wielding his katana. Now though this feat doesn't truly cause damage to the skilled. It's not even a trick or an illusion. This is easy to avoid or dodge like anything else for those who want too. When one puts everything on the table for a singular belief and element. They can truly find a purpose beyond everything else. Tsubasa's greatest fault was he lost himself in his hunt for power. He searched without finding himself first.

Second Unnamed Sword Style:⫸ Sometimes we rest on the laurels of success and others we walk forward. Swordsmanship has become something of a topic in the world. Many people and different styles to use. Stances and different techniques and specialties fill the world up. Tatsuya's first style was focused on defense and made in his younger period. But when he got older and confident having wracked up an impressive record fighting. He began to realize the tenets of swordsmanship. There were rules a person had to follow and define themselves by. Nothing could go further from the reality of a situation than that of a man who turned his back on it. He didn't focus on what his strong suits were at all when crafting the first one. He fought like a child and tried to hone in on his skills. Developing this style allowed him to truly take advantage of his durability and strength. Tatsuya's absurd levels of stamina aside. This style plays to the benefits of his own form of understanding.

First law of it is anything is legal when fighting your foe. Punches, kicks, and whatever have you. The stance isn't set in stone as it doesn't matter and depends on what you need. Tatsuya's free-form styles never really caught on with others. This one focuses him on using every bit of strength to fight his enemies. He doesn't parry or aim to use their momentum against them like his previous. Counterstrike regardless if they take an arm or an eye. Fight them without reserve and use every single bit of your being. Fight with all of your might and strike to destroy everything around you. This is a sword style made to fight people whom he deems capable. Tatsuya may not be the strongest or the smartest when it comes down to it. The only thing he knows for sure he can do is wield a sword decently. Perhaps not a master level or widely known as someone of decent skill. Swordsmanship isn't about those things in the long run anyways. Channeling power or speed and being faster.

The art of the blade moves beyond the ideal realm and into something else. When a warrior wields their blade it is not a piece of metal in their hand. It becomes an extension of his arm. He doesn't view it as a simple tool or weapon within his grasp. Tatsuya is able to create attacks and fight with weapons that are fragile. Without breaking them because he knows just how much force he can put out. How to execute it differently because of this style. It's about releasing the power in the right way. Not misusing strength for just doing it for no reason. This world has too much of that going on in its hallowed halls. Strength is merely an extension of the physical body. Tatsuya's always been physically stronger than most able to do feats. What he truly prides himself on is being able to control his power. With a sword, he had a long difficult time understanding many things. But it was the single comfort that allowed him to progress on the road of a swordsman.

Original Kierudo Form:⫸ This form was developed by Tatsuya and given to Tsubasa to change. Kierudo means to break and change the mold. Tsubasa took his interpretation and did some fascinating things. Seeing it as an act of killing and never truly realizing what it meant. Kieron meant not to break the opponent but to break one's self. To find the student within and break him further. Only by breaking the mold around one's self can the true person become free. Tsubasa was a natural at the controlled and very precise swordsmanship. He never noticed that his mentor didn't have a natural gift towards speed. The footwork and techniques Tsubasa divided into different sections. Were meant to be used a singular principle. The idea of breaking the chains binding one's self. Releasing the true inner person who lays buried beneath the voice. All beings are born equal in everything and talent is an idea. But the genius and talented must never stop working. Kierudo wasn't something Tatsuya devised as a single style with a one set program. It takes from all disciplines and never stops. It's the breaking of the Swordsman ideal that only one style fits all. Tsubasa's weakness as a swordsman comes from the fact he didn't grasp the meaning. Breaking your chains doesn't mean simple power or things without reason. Power without control and understanding is but a tsunami that accomplishes nothing. The wind may howl at the mountain but it will not bow. A man must be mighty as the mountain and not bow to the desire for power. They must be students and never accept the word perfection in any form.

So it must be noted since his version of Kierudo is entirely different from Tsubasa's he doesn't have access to the Pale Rider's creations. But they are entirely inferior to his version of the style. This is because the Pale rider focused on power instead of his sword. Now in some aspects Tsubasa's blade is better, but in terms of purity it is weaker than Tatsuya's. Kierudo didn't continue to grow and change with experience. It remained a single thing named for children his student forgot. Instead of being a person Tsubasa became a breeze. This was part of the reason no matter the strength his student would never beat him with a sword. Stances and such things are changed and don't sit on a singular practice. Sword-wielding can be done in many aspects and practices. Tatsuya's mold has been broken by fighting his entire life. Training without rest and growing and changing on his journey. He's had an adventure that's gone a long way from where he began. He's devoted himself to training and focusing on that. Kierudo at it's based is a physically demanding sword style. Tatsuya's practiced and trained devoting his soul into it. Because this wasn't just wielding a sword as an extension of one's self. It was about transcending the physical. Wielding your sword as a cherished companion and breaking the chains together. The precise and almost methodical nature of this doesn't fit Tatsuya well. But he knew it was his weakness as he could simply become a merely battering ram. But he wanted to become something more beyond that with this. To shatter the perception of what made a swordsman what they were. What if they could be both strong and fast with excellent footwork. He wasn't good at flash steps or such things. He acknowledged them not being nearly his strong suit. Tsubasa would have made circles around him, but just running solves nothing. You must confront the world in front of you with eyes steady and ready. Regardless of the fear or darkness around the corner. Kierudo's style as stated is a precise and evolutionary style.

Meaning it's witnessed and taken from the Unlimited Style of Damien and even the Unabara's Lotus has been witnessed. Styles among thousands ot unrefined blade swinging have been seen. This is the progress and building on the foundation he created. Tatsuya is able to witness sword techniques and implement them if he is capable of doing so. Techniques that are special to the user he cannot quite perform. For example, something that requires a certain kido spell or other things like that. But with this, he's foregone the conclusion that a man needs to rely solely on a single pathway. Swordsmanship isn't about the beginning, the ending, or even the middle. It's the journey that doesn't end, we are never-ending students of a craft that's endured for centuries. Martial Arts in itself is something that has lived before and will live with us. Truly great users exist and even those beyond Tatsuya are around the corner. He may not be the greatest or even the best. But Kierudo will help him shatter the mold built around him.

Blut Sword Attack:⫸ At the end of it Tatsuya is a strong man. He doesn't draw his sword for this one or even bothers with that. Thrusting the hilt towards someone he creates a shockwave of force. That can punch a hole through larger targets. Creating enough power to punch through buildings when creating the concussive attack. The attack as previously stated isn't using his sword's edge. Deciding against that for sake of getting a quick blow in on something. Tatsuya does acknowledge most his so-called techniques can be performed by anyone. It's not as though they are special to anyone truthfully. They are moves and developed practices that aren't hard to mimic. Everyone could potentially do the things he does. Tatsuya is simply a strong and capable man of inflicting blows of massive proportions on his enemies. This is but a means to an end for him in the long run of things. He doesn't name moves or bother giving thought to such things.

Tatsuya's Specialty

Dragon Slayer Mode:⫸This isn't connected to Tatsuya's skills outside of what it does. He came to a conclusion long ago when he was younger. He didn't have the aptitude for things like fluid and quick movements. But he did have the aptitude for a singular thing. Energy control, Tatsuya is able to control his energy far beyond Mountain Echo. Using that passive nature as a small percentage of his capabilities. While this doesn't mean he can fire massive blasts around without recourse. He's able to turn everything he has into a physical essence and use it as a pure fighter.

By combining this with everything from his sealed to his shikokai. He can do many things with his current status as a whole. Now the question you can ask is how it functions and that is a fair one. Tatsuya's energy is poured into his bodies muscles and spiritual senses. Allowing his physical capabilities to skyrocket and become much stronger. Tatsuya would never claim to be the strongest of anything or in any field. By using the raw physical increase he gets from this, however, he is potent. Capable of trading blows with titans if such were allowed to him. This is the only move he gave much of a name. While the purpose of it is clear to enhance him at every stage when he activates it. Tatsuya views using the enhanced physical power as a tool needed. While the Oda scrapped and fought away from the world in their little haven. The world has evolved and changed into hell, unlike anything they'd seen. No longer able to confidently state himself the strongest warrior without a doubt.

The big key visual representation is steam coming from his scars and body. He exhales a white steam when activating this mode. The reason for this in the technique's nature itself. Tatsuya's using the increase reiatsu and power to produce more blood cells with higher oxygen and nutrients in their concentration. Giving his muscles and body a needed increase. While this visually is shown through the steam produced as carbon dioxide production is increased. Tatsuya's body almost glows with a crimson gleam when activating this as well. Now the byproduct of this is, of course, making something like this simple. Tatsuya doesn't require long periods of time to activate it as he did when starting. Learning how to control his reiatsu to this extent and training his physical body past its limits. This was the best answer he could find in this case. Activation got easier and easier as time went on. Producing the needed increase and prowess allowed for a greater production physically.

Now comes the other issue, this does tend to make his blood boil sometimes. This is also what produces steam and allows for him to push further. The main question that has been stated is how long he can use this power effectively. This comes down to a dependency on tier and where he falls under among the categories around him. Now enhancing his body by feeding it reiatsu and energy from his surroundings. Is a risky proposition but given he lacks the sense to do much else. Tatsuya had to take desperate action to move forward. Had he been human this would cut his lifespan in half as it would essentially cause damage to him. But being a spiritual based being like a Shinigami did remove that effect. This is tiring to use and does tend to wear him out when he reaches closer to the end. Tatsuya can push through exhaustion though with the best of them.

Finally, we come to the closing question that is most important. What does this technique increase for someone like Tatsuya? It allows him to increase all of his physical based statistics. This doesn't effective racial things or improve his usage of hoho in any way. What it does do however is let's him wield his sword with reckless abandon. The increase in his durability and strength are extremely notable. He even gets to move a bit faster as a result of using this. Tatsuya doesn't consider himself fast or even on par with the Tsubasa he saw at the end of things. That man didn't have an equal far as he knew, but if he did this world would be filled with monsters. So it only made sense to push harder and made all his training more worthwhile. Tatsuya's swordsmanship tends to become more smooth and clean when using this. Though by this point he is actively fighting to his fullest potential when using his zanpakuto along with it. He's able to further increase the potential of the technique.

Timelimits for Tiers:(1-5: 6 posts | 0-5: 7 posts | 0-3: 8 posts | 0-1: 9 posts)

Miscellaneous Information

Reiatsu Color:⫸ Color is something almost like a signature of their presence. Tatsuya's reiatsu color is an amber almost orange glow. It's something that has much to do with his element at large. Elemental users do often take a color that resembles that element. Tatsuya's being that of a volcano in itself does tend to linger towards a magma-like color. Sometimes elements of black do tend to come around it. Color may be a worthless signature in its own way as well. Tatsuya cannot do much about this and it doesn't really grant a power increase. It merely exists for people to witness what is there beneath the surface. Much like a Volcano, Tatsuya's secrets are exposed with his reiatsu as lava is a volcano.


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The Racial Practices

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

Tatsuya's Hoho

Slash Step:⫸ Tatsuya is a decent warrior in terms of the physical world. So using Flash step he came up with a concept idea. A flash step that is an attack that happens while the user is striking. But the attack itself is a flash step in a way. Meaning the move happens before the user arrives and is deceptive in this way. Allowing for an attack that arrives before the user making his enemies guess the misdirection incorrectly. Now, this can be seen and even avoided by fast enemies. Some people can even block it thus giving them a pretty good edge. Revealing the flash attack's first move and the second coming after it. Giving them ample time to deal with the person wielding the Slash Step. Tatsuya can convert this into a form of quick draw slicing. But he believes attacking when drawing as an artform is stupid. It holds no meaning and a user should be attacking normally. This isn't some comic or game show where you've got the time to use such childish tactics. Tatsuya's Slash step can be used at any time or point allowing for him to create special opportunities. This can be performed at the angles of sword allowing for its use to be effective. Though as said this two-pronged attack isn't perfect and some people have blocked and seen it. Being able to counter and even wound him at times due to its lackluster performance. Tatsuya's not meant to be fast or quick in any way shape or form. He is only meant to be a swordsman to his core.

Kierudo Stepping Method:⫸ The first misconception a person would have is in believing Shukuchi the method his student came up with was the original. Tatsuya wasn't ever very good at the practice of Hoho in itself. This isn't something that made him good or automatically made things better. Tatsuya to this day is still not the best practicer of Hoho and chasing people around. That style is often defined as a defensive style as opposed to an offensive one. Tatsuya grew up in a way that just didn't allow for understanding in that field. He was used to being slower and using raw power. But with Kierudo he did attempt to grasp things better. To come up with a stepping method combined with all the years of experience he'd gained. Sword wielders all rely on footwork and using a rather acceptable amount. Tatsuya is no exception in that world as it comes down to it. This doesn't apply to him using Flash Step or give him some unfair edge against other people.

It's only footwork that allows him to make use of the tremendous strength he has more efficiently. Tatsuya isn't a fast man but is strong and having a good foundation can make all the difference it comes to strength. Tatsuya's foundation in this way is Kierudo, the several layered forms he came up with. Tsubasa may have perfected his version, but such a thing doesn't exist for an eternal student. It's something that one cannot help but try and think about. It's why regardless of strength Tatsuya has realized a single important fact. Nobody else can make you truly strong with their own power. What comes out of it must be you, there isn't a special ingredient for those who do it. Tsubasa learned this lesson the hard way by relying on Adam. This was the price that his student paid but he didn't. Kierudo's footwork is fluid but powerful. Making use of strong legs and lower body muscles to exercise powerful flash steps and other moves. That is what makes Tatsuya different, even his flash step isn't quite normal.

With most speed techniques people focus on technique and using the high-speed momentum to build on things. Or use their skills within the art of Hoho to bring out truly amazing skills. Tatsuya uses his power instead to bring out some version of speed. Relying on the raw power he can use for explosive movement. This isn't perfect and doesn't match up to regular speed truthfully. As Tatsuya can't really hit the breaks when he does this. It's like shooting a meteor into the earth and expecting breaks. It really doesn't come equipped with those. Tatsuya is no exception when it comes to this. His control is limited it not nonexistent when it comes to power flashing. But this is the price one pays to try and do things. Just have to make sure the right things are done at the right times. This is what makes a warrior sound in their ways. It's what truly defines them as such in many ways. How they deal with the shortcomings they have in life. Move forward and take whatever is thrown at them.

Tatsuya's Hakuda

Kierudo Hakuda Method:⫸ It may be strange to think a swordsmanship would have an effect on one's hand to hand skills. Tatsuya built his style off of using his weapon not using himself as one some would think. But that's not true when one truly goes into accepting a way and a presence about themselves. They become a swordsman who surpasses the previous conceptions. Tatsuya's hand to hand style uses throws and his immense power. By creating strong attacks like Burst Bullet to create impacts of tremendous proportions for people to defend.

Control isn't an illusion but an ideal for fighting your foe. Mixing in a mild amount of Hakuda when required. Means the person needs to be ready to use certain things. Calling his things techniques doesn't really apply that much. Tatsuya does things anyone else can. Just making use of his raw physical strength. He is able to perform and do something that people can't. Perhaps his greatest boon is the fact that he can produce monster strength. Fierce attacks and devastating fury are the trademarks of Tatsuya. Kierudo was but an awakening to the truth that he passed on to someone else. Kierudo isn't a single path or belief. What you find to be the truth are up to them. Tatsuya may have been the teacher but he couldn't provide Tsubasa guidance and it was costly. Control can become an illusion if you hound the wrong thing constantly. Frequent preparation and exercise of what is important are always required. No matter what you claim or are seen as, be at the very least knowledgeable in all things.

Burst Bullet:⫸ This is a move almost anyone can do. By pinning his thumb behind his index finger he flicks it outward. Using his considerable strength and channeling his reiatsu into it. Tatsuya sends out a blast of raw physical power. It is similar to an anti-aircraft blast going off from his thumb. Now the blast can be blocked and even avoided. Some people can take the attack with little trouble. Tatsuya simply uses his strength to the best capability he can. Burst Bullet was an idea he had to control how much power he used. While not everything about it is perfect and harmless in the long run. It does have an effective use and doesn't require as much movement from him. Tatsuya came up with the idea of using it as an opener of sorts. To get an understanding of how his enemy fights. Using small bits of his strength to flesh out how his enemy moves. Or perhaps just diving in and fighting this way is more his style.

Tatsuya's Zanjutsu

Kierudo Zanjutsu:⫸ Now the overall strength of Kierudo is at it's finest when wielding his zanpakuto. Tatsuya is able to blend swordplay seamlessly with his zanpakuto powers. Its effect is seen here and within the practice of weapons. One thing must be understood by all those who walk as Shinigami. A sword is nothing compared to the Zanpakuto you wield. Understanding this logic is basic and important at its very core. A zanpakuto is stronger than a regular sword. Making it a valued partner and friend of the Shinigami. Kierudo takes this idea of working in breaking your chains and shattering them into the abyss. The concept and idea of creating and making sure you are prepared for things. Using a combined assault of working with your zanpakuto to bring about the desired results. Whatever they may be you two are a single being. A beacon of strength for those around you and something to be both admired and respected. Using one's zanpakuto shouldn't even feel as though weight. Tsubasa understood part of this but never fully grasped in Tatsuya's opinion the truth. That behind all the bluster and sword skills he relied heavily on other things. Never simply relying on the closest and most true companion of all Shinigami. His student may not have understood it, but someday perhaps he will. Tatsuya however and Kierudo are designed to break every single barrier and mold that people believe in. To find themselves a path that belonged to them, destroy the social conceptions and constructs that block the path. Techniques of so many kinds exist for Zanpakuto exclusive use, Kierudo was meant to be more than just a sword style.

The user was said to be able to do and create chances that not many would behold. Tatsuya, for example, is able to paralyze enemies weaker then him with sheer danger if they aren't prepared or able to resist. Which some people can as they are simply numb to it. This is a Kierudo based art which requires the use of a zanpakuto. But so many more possible outcomes exist for the use of a zanpakuto alone. It is not merely the art of wielding a sword. It's are the art of fighting alongside what could be considered the truest embodiment of a friend. In this Tatsuya has almost no equal as he seeks no outside source of enlightenment, he understands where the true path to his power lies. It lays within his zanpakuto and the relationship he builds with her. Amaterasu is perhaps the closest thing to many roles as one could have. She is many things as his zanpakuto but in Kierudo she becomes her wielder's means to break free.

Orose:⫸ This technique is affected by the person's personality and skills. Not everyone is affected by the fear and tremoring that comes from it. While one person may be frozen in terror unable to move. Sensing their death in the air while handling him. Tsubasa has once experienced this technique and claimed it was the only time trembling didn't cease. Now because it worked on Tsubasa doesn't mean anything. It just means Tsubasa was able to be frightened by Tatsuya's Zanjutsu technique. The reason this falls into this category and not another one is relatively simple. It comes from the user's sword, it gives off a sense of death. Now the reason this can't be done with a regular sword is it requires a connection between the user and the weapon within their hand. Both much have a pulse and send out that signal of death towards enemies. Tatsuya's used this to quell things before they get heated despite enjoying a good scuffle. For example effects of this could include being frozen by fear of death. Running in terror or just not being affected at all by its presence in some cases. This is a personality thing, those who've overcome death are not likely to be affected.

Hitotsume: Nadegiri:⫸ Known as the first strike the killing stroke. It's meant for use against large enemies using an extremely precise and fast stroke. With such speed and technique that the enemy isn't aware of themselves being cut. In most cases, this tends to be the case as other users of this technique do exist. And some people can react to and even stop the use of this move. Making it not a perfect zanjutsu technique by any measure of the word. People who are fast enough or even faster could avoid this all together. That's the effect that seems to mar this technique in some ways. But it's used against large enemies does remain true. Able to cut through steel skin by using a myriad of techniques involving your wrist and zanpakuto synergy.

Lava Style: Lava Slash:⫸ Most would assume this to be a technique of his zanpakuto. But it can be clearly stated that this is simple like swinging a weapon. Creating lava from his reiatsu he extends it outwards into a swing of his zanpakuto's blade. By creating this hot layer of heat he's able to cause extreme levels of heat damage to things. He's able to control the bend arc and quality of the lava and even how it moves afterward. Creating a plume of; lava from the strike allows him to occasionally engulf enemies. He can manipulate the temperature and nature of it causing some effects of a rather fascinating nature. Tatsuya's Lava style moves are special techniques used while in his sealed form. Though other special ones exist for his zanpakuto to execute when she is prepared to do so. The Lava Slash is a simple move that can be avoided or blocked under the right circumstances. It's lava so smart thinking would be useful in this regard.

Lava Style: Volcanic Bullet:⫸ He's able to create precise compressed amounts of lava on the tip of his zanpakuto. Releasing them in bursts creating bullets of pure magma and volcanic glass. This allows him to create a magma bullet in a way. Being struck by this can cause damage to the body in a way lava would. But it's also being accelerated by his sword swing. Making the deadly combination of both a magma-based attack with heat. And the acceleration from its own heat sending it to someone like a rocket. He's once again able to control the attack even when it leaves his zanpakuto's blade. Tatsuya's expertize in zanjutsu while extremely wide. Isn't without its limits as he practices more as a swordsman who adapts to situations around him. Setting things up to play out as he moves forward. The bullet is just a single one in the gun he carries with him for the many situations life throws at him.

Lava Style: Volcanic Blast:⫸ Compressing heat and letting it erupt from his blade by releasing a burst of it allows for an explosive magma time attack. The heat and explosion are similar to that of a small eruption from a volcano. Causing hot lava to spew everywhere and cause damage to those hit by it. Once again he's able to manipulate and control it after launching it. Even controlling the temperature of the attack through his skills. This is, of course, a feat that requires little effort on his part. But enemies can avoid or even in some cases block the technique. Some people have even defeated it outright with just overwhelming it with something greater. Tatsuya's power isn't the end all be all of anything. He is simply a strong man capable of releasing monster blows with a sword. The heat only goes as high as magma does in its core temperature not going above that. It can go below-becoming pyroclastic flow through as well.


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The Zanpakuto Basic Information

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

Amateratsu's Information

Zanpakuto Name:⫸ His zanpakuto is named for the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, containing a large deal of power over fire. Most people assume that he can manipulate fire and other things due to this. But the reality is that he only manipulates volcanic elements in that point. She is indeed one of the strongest zanpakuto's he believes. That may in part be due to his own personal bias and trust in her as a motherly figure in his life.

Zanpakuto Release Command:⫸ Open your eyes Amateratsu. That is the command for his Shikai that he rarely has had occasion to bring out in this world. Activation in such a way has made him much sharper when it comes down to his overall use of her. Opening her eyes means to acknowledge the enemy before them. Accepting that they must be eliminated from this world. They cannot be allowed to continue within the world that they live in. To open the eyes of Amateratsu is considered to be a mistake. So when Tatsuya asks her to open them and gaze at those across. It's him in some ways condemning them to burn and bleed. He's waking a beast from her slumber as a peaceful woman and housewife to kill those before her. Awakening her is something he says most shouldn't do. Same with touching her blade since it's only going to lead to disappear. She's quite frankly too hot for most beings to handle so Tatsuya avoids her release if possible even taking damage to avoid it if need be.

Zanpakuto Blade Appearance:⫸ Tatsuya's zanpakuto is designed with a spiral spiked tsuba that wraps around with a bladed pattern. It's sharp and pointed in its edge having eight of them in total. It's Tsuka ito is a black color wrapped around the blade's handle with a traditional handle underneath allowing for Tatsuya to wield her with enormous amounts of power. The blade design is a typical Japanese katana with nothing out of shape on it. It's Hamon is a mirror image based one on the blade having a fish belly shape of the nakago. Making the sword a very strange one in some regards to people who look at it. Tsubasa once remarked that Tatsuya's zanpakuto was built to kill and not a small number of people. It was something dangerous from every feature it resembles a blade designed by the Legendary Swordsmith Muramasa. The legend of him goes to say anytime it is drawn blood must be shed. The wielders or someones has to be spilled in order to sheath it. Amaterasu has taken this appearance as a dangerous weapon. She is both safe and dangerous depending on her owner. A novice could kill themselves with her and even people who've touched her have burst into flames. Or so she tells Tatsuya as those unworthy of the Sun Goddess must burn for their impudence to touch her. This blade design is suited to someone like Tatsuya who lives dangerously. He's taught the Unabara and showed them the way of carnage but even after that. He still carried the scars of Damien and moved forward. Time much like her flames doesn't cease.

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance⫸ She is a tall slender woman in her appearance. Taking the form of a mid-thirties female with green eyes and ankle length auburn hair. She wears a blue outfit that is zipped up in the front. The long sleeved outfit seems to contain her entire form nicely. Giving her an attractive appearance in some ways. She has fishnet lining a few places of the outfit. Giving it a nicer look then what some people would first guess. She wears a belt with a pouch located in the back containing her mystery objects. She says women need to have some mystery otherwise they aren't doing it right. She wears high heeled sandals with shin guards that come up to her knee. On her fingernails a dark blue nail polish she also uses for her toenails. Finally, she wears a lipstick that is a fuchsia color on her lips. This appearance makes her act almost like a ladies man with some people. While with Tatsuya she does maintain a maternal attitude for the entirety of things.

Full Body Image

Amateratsu's Personality

Maternal⫸ Perhaps it's only Tatsuya, but she is extremely protective and even motherly with him. She is without a doubt the closest thing to a mother he had. There is no question in that regard, while his mother destroyed their relationship. She came and took the place almost becoming the mother of Tatsuya. Teaching him what a mother was supposed to be in the long run. While his father and mother failed as parents she wished so much to destroy them. So in a way, Tatsuya held back the fire within the woman's cold motherly inferno which wished to bring demise to the Oda Clan's leader and his woman. She is motherly towards those who need it, something about her reaches out to the poor wretches who've not had the best experience in that regard. Darkness is something that needs a light at times. No matter how grim the situation she will be the positive mother ready to aid her child. She views Tatsuya as a partner, lover, and everything you could imagine. This relationship is something akin to being soul mates in perfect combined understanding. Her maternal nature in a way fixed the shattered mind of Tatsuya. She is someone who mends the broken in more ways than one. Creating an open and possibly great connection to those in need of that single thing. She is without a doubt the ultimate mother.

Affectionate⫸ She is one of the most kind beings, but she does forget she is too hot for them to handle. Often times burning people in her hugs without realizing it. She is shown to often times be lingering on or around Tatsuya. Giving her infamous hugs to those who she deems in need of one. Tatsuya often times will stop her by holding the back of her clothing's collar. Not letting her burn people though she is clever and occasionally does so. He's had to be on guard for her tricks and techniques she uses. She enjoys a closeness that few other swords even begin to think of. The trouble being is she hurts her owner even knowing it. Tatsuya is the only one not damaged by her or even wounded. He claims it's because Oda isn't meant to be weak little dogs. Unable to stand the heat or be there for the woman who matters for them. Oda is above that sort of thing and doesn't fall lightly to something such as an embrace.

Wise⫸ Despite her joking and sometimes juvenile nature. She tends to keep her mind settled towards the task at hand. Moving towards her more joking nature to distract often from her motive. Deceptive could be a word for her in some cases. But in truth, she is simply an old being who's seen ages come and go. She saw the time before many of the Shinigami who live now. Tatsuya is the first wielder she truly exposed herself too. One whom she could give her wisdom too who didn't neglect or run. He held fast to her words and took each statement as a reality. Something that went beyond the world of the simply absurd things. Reality is a puzzle that is constantly evolving and changing. It requires a person of a certain nature to keep on coming for something. Grit to not give up regardless of the situation at hand and continue evolving beyond the current form. No matter how a Volcano sleep's the rumbling magma flows beneath the surface.

Strange⫸ She is just a mixed bag as some would put it. Tatsuya's zanpakuto claims to be his ideal housewife, mother and everything else. Giving a strange depiction into their relationship that he can only sigh about. But her acting like she's not a volcano given physical form is part of the trouble. When people ask her who she is, often times she responds a housewife. It's rather unusual as sometimes it doesn't pertain to the question. She will even go on rants that you aren't dealing with a normal zanpakuto anymore. She's risen above, become a legend that you fear. Slaying the Jabberwocky and saving Narina. That is, in essence, a look into the personality you are dealing with. She is a tremendous aid to her wielder but is in some ways different from him. Tatsuya is a complexity rolled into life. She is perhaps something inside crying out for being noticed. That is what she represents by and large for Tatsuya.

Sealed Form Abilities

Magma Manipulation/Creation ⫸ The core power of her powers is around the volcano. Allowing for the creation and manipulation of magma in it's purest form. Many a foe have met with the creation and becoming merely a destroyed creature within the heat of it all. Tatsuya's wielding of the powers he has thanks to his zanpakuto has been very precise in their nature. By creating Magma a lot of things are possible for the wielder to accomplish. It isn't the same as wielding fire however which is a different boat entirely. To claim that a Volcano is simple would be insulting to his zanpakuto in many ways. Now the main thing to be understood is he can control any form of magma down to its temperature. Cooling it rapidly to imprison people in form of lava. He can reheat or even reactive volcano's that have become silent. This is something of a practice he doesn't like to do. Tatsuya has visited earth and can feel the dormant volcano's when near them. Sensing the lava sleeping in the depths of the rock sleeping peacefully. This is perhaps the power he uses most often and will go too when needed. Tatsuya isn't willing to fight everyone every single moment of his life with this. The dragon has fought many already in different forms and beasts. His failures and successes are well within his mind. Magma manipulating is but a core element of his being and something that can protect him or attack for him. This heat should affect him but he's quite immune to it and anything below it is a warm sun to him. He can, however, be wounded by things hotter than lava.

Pyroclastic Flow Creation/Manipulation⫸ Volcanic Ash is quite different from regular ashes. These are extremely hot and filled with lava fragments and special glasses. They are able to cause burns and damage to those who stand in them. They are fast moving and capable of catching some quick targets as they are expelled from the volcano's mouth his zanpakuto in this case. He claims some people have died from just standing within this smoke. As it's quite poisonous to people and can cause damage to multiple levels. Lungs aren't meant to breathe in these kinds of gases for any species truthfully. Tatsuya does have an immunity to them only due to him being immune to the Volcano's attributes. Things beyond it can cause damage to him or pain due to the limited field. Tatsuya isn't an expert on chemical war or even poisons of such things. These are merely capabilities of his zanpakuto that he can produce and manipulate. The max travel speed of this volcanic ash is four hundred and thirty miles per hour. The highest temperature it can reach is one thousand eight hundred and thirty degree's Fahrenheit. It must be noted that the release of this draws enough kinetic force to flatten things in their way. But Tatsuya notes it's not him making or controlling kinetic force. It's more the force of being released from a volcano's breath. To consider this Flow as something akin to the Volcano breathing outwards. Sending out its wave of toxic and hot gases to kill the populations before them. Tatsuya and she are something of a couple that is built to fight on a massive scale. Volcano's aren't small beings who do a little bit at a time when used. Tatsuya had to learn that the hard way deciding instead to rely on the swordsmanship he honed over using the powers of Amaterasu. This flow can be avoided or even blown away with enough force sent out. With the speed listed and heat defeating it will require some special strength or method as wind alone isn't enough.

Volcanic Gases⫸ Now the gases on this list are infamous for several reasons. They are as follows Carbon Dioxide which is a well-known one to those who've met the silent killer. Tatsuya is able to manipulate and control it to a small amount. Increasing it in certain area's or releasing amounts of it into the air higher than normal. Sulfur Dioxide is the next on the list of gases he's able to control and manipulate. It's known for writing eyes, skin and the respiratory system of people. Causing damage and in some cases major health issues with it. Hydrogen sulfide is the next gas on the list Tatsuya can manipulate and control. This colorless flammable gas has an extremely strong odor that can be detected. So hiding it isn't possible, but it can cause explosive results when introduced to heat rapidly such as Lava or such things. Causing a rather interesting chain of events for those caught in it. It should be noted gases can be manipulated by a strong breeze or blown away given the proper use of force. Hydrogen halides are the final gas in the list Tatsuya is able to manipulate and create. This gas is an acid like substance that can poison things once coated in the substance. Crops, water, and even some livestock have been known to be poisoned by it. Tatsuya doesn't prefer usage of this as it's too much damage widespread. He believes that because his zanpakuto is devastating it should be reserved for the use and instead rely on his other skills. He scolded Tsubasa before leaving to tell him he missed the point. He was already given the tools to surpass anyone at birth. Shinigami are born with limitless potential, they don't need outside help to ascend. They don't need to embrace hollows or strange equipment in order to become strong. They simply are strong and must endeavor to strength what they were born with. Zanpakuto's powers are something you can lose yourself in and bring about true growth with.

Ash Manipulation/Generation⫸ The second to last power on the list is perhaps one of the most well known. It is simply ashes of a regular nature. Tatsuya is able to manipulate these volcanic style ashes and use them offensively or defensively. This is an effective combat style that allows him to perform many feats. Tatsuya's prowess while wielding the ash and all the powers that are gifted to him from his zanpakuto are exceptional. They are something that you cannot simply look at without wonder and all struck nature of them. For even in it's sealed from the power of the Volcano is still a rather formidable enemy to face. It's prowess at causing destruction and mayhem is well known. Ash can be solid or has many forms given to it. But again blowing it away or destroying it as a gas isn't terribly difficult. It is after all an airborne substance and subject to the laws of air and such. Tatsuya can control and manipulate it with fearsome precision.

Obsidian Generation/Manipulation⫸ This power comes in as the final and is cooled molten rock. Tatsuya hasn't shown it off very often to people. But he is able to control and manifest it at will when desired to do so. Obsidian is a molten rock that has been rapidly cooled. This glassy rock is hard and can be used to contain people or do such things as that. He can also reheat the rock instantly back to its molten rock form. Tatsuya's shown a control and mastery over it that few other welders have. This zanpakuto has seen many come and go who've never embraced her powers as deeply as him. So in this regard as her last power, he does tend to use it far more often. As for density, this is where it can become slightly tricky. He's able to manipulate the density to strengthen it or weaken it at will. This stone can be broken and destroyed as it's not unbreakable. But it does have several uses that allow for active combat or containment of situations.

Shikai Form Abilities/Appearance

Shikai Appearance⫸ Upon activation the zanpakuto seems to crack gaining magma veins through it's appearance. Lava drips from the sword's hilt as it almost seem's like a metal katana made of nothing but heated rock. Gases and volcanic ash produce naturally from it as the weapon sits ideally. Causing the ground and air around it to reach a high temperature as the volcano has become active. Allowing for it to access some of its destructive potential that has been awoken. The heat is enough to melt the earth around it and cause deformations to appear. Even some landscape will catch fire from being too close to Tatsuya's release. The core temperature of his zanpakuto is exceptionally warm. Clashes with him at a melee range are considered almost suicidal at this point. But this does allow for some freedom as the simple release of his zanpakuto does activate several things. The touching of his sword now can cause damage to those who pick it up. If immune to heat, they must worry about the toxic gases being released passively from the blade. The hilt and such are deformed slightly almost looking demonic in nature. But the Muramasa traits glow with crimson color of magma flowing through them. Only those traits are heightened to unnatural levels. The keeping of its traditional shape in shikai and the obvious signs of heat make it a dangerous weapon. Though not unbeatable by any point, as the weapon is only as good as it's wielder, in this case, Tatsuya Oda is the deciding factor for the outcome of all releases.

Magma Cloak⫸ Tatsuya is able to create a cloak of magma around his body in an instant. Making himself almost invulnerable from attacks. Unless they can pierce Magma and the heat around his body. The cloak flows from his torso down covering his body in the liquid dripping around him. This defensive weapon can be used as an offensive one as well. His skin and body seem immune to the dripping lava as it coats the ground. The area around him will begin melting to some extent taking the heat depending on the material of course. As something in this world can take the heat this hot and remain unphased. Some attacks can find their way through if they have enough thermal resistance withstand entering the lava and hitting his body underneath of it. Those who aren't able to withstand the heat he puts out will sub come to stamina loss possibly if too weak to handle it. Tatsuya fights in heats that overcome even most desert climates with this. Obviously, zanpakutos and some metals can be used to fight him, it must be noted this does not restrict Tatsuya's movement in the slightest.

Magma Burst⫸ Releasing a burst of hot magma from his zanpakuto he creates an explosion of magma into the area. Almost like a minor eruption from his zanpakuto or himself. Using this as a standard he is able to create a battlefield of his liking that's hot and generally rough on his enemies. Tatsuya's zanpakuto again isn't very good at single target and has a trouble with an area of effect based damage. It's why he's reluctant most times to use it. This burst can be channeled into a stream or even used as a way to propel himself while combining it with other magma-based powers. Tatsuya is able to use and shape the size of the attack to his liking. He often times is known for keeping it on the smaller side to try and cause less damage. The burst can have wider spread damage if aimed into the air, though that's less likely to happen. As it's a minor eruption from the volcano and he likes to keep things contained.

Magma Clone⫸ One per thread Tatsuya can replace himself with a Magma Clone. This skill is useful for a number of reasons as he can replace himself with it at the last second. Allowing for him to avoid a fatal injury just barely with the right timing. Though Tatsuya isn't against getting wounded and in some cases doesn't ever use this move. As it goes against his taking damage to then unleash a monster blow. Tatsuya doesn't consider this move to be very honorable and often times after using it. Will offer an apology that he couldn't face someone's attack directly. Those who do strike it will find the magma clone can erupt or explode on them. Projecting hot magma into their body with high kinetic force and velocity. This is but a single technique within the arsenal that goes on for a long while. Fifteen Hundred years tend to allow someone great discovery.

Magma Pillar⫸ Tatsuya is able to by standing in his location release pillars of magma into the area. He's able to create a numerous amount causing them to erupt from the ground at locations of his choice. These are once again able to be manipulated and controlled. He can keep the dormant until the time is right or activate them right away. They are basically mini volcano's under the ground waiting. It's by manipulating the earth slightly and channeling magma silently into it. He's able to create an explosive force of great magnitude. This allows him to release these pillars which erupt and spew magma all over the location. The only ones generally in danger when dealing with Tatsuya's zanpakuto are enemies. Though some may not be affected by the heat of weapon itself. The technique does produce the same kinetic force with magma when spewed from the mouth of a volcano. Tatsuya's magma-based technique's don't end here though by a long shot.

Magma Wave⫸ Giving his zanpakuto a swipe across the air he create's a blast of magma and lava. Sending the hot temperature molten at his targets with an extremely fast and deadly method. Though this can be avoided it does lay out and allow him to control and manipulate the lava. It's best to consider this similar to Gaara's sand from Naruto when he's involved. Tatsuya is able to manipulate and use it to chase his enemies down if need be. But generally, he uses it to set the playing field for bigger and better moves in the long run. As it can be used to release the gases he can manipulate or do other things such as that. Tatsuya's style of fighting may be similar to a berserker in some regards. But his zanpakuto powers allow him o be extremely versatile in that long run. Allowing him to encompass many things that a Volcano can do. This magma wave could simply be an attack or set something else up in the long run.

Magma Dragons⫸ Dragon's emerge around Tatsuya's form dripping molten rock and spewing it at enemies. He's able to make them chase down his enemies. These long rope-like dragons can move forward towards targets. Creating this molten path in their wake making a path of destruction to seek out his enemies. He has the option of making them explode upon capture of his target. Or performing some other optional task when activating his power. These dragons look like Chinese fire dragons in their form and are rather large able to wrap around buildings and structures with relative ease. They can be rapidly cooled into Obsidian if need be also. For a size, reference thinks of them about the size of the Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. If you look up the image you'll get a relative idea of the size and shape of them. Tatsuya has been called the dragon for multiple sets of reasons allowing him to create such a form is partly a joke on his zanpakuto's part. This works in some way like the Naruto Susanoo but is different in some regards.

Partial Samurai Armor⫸ This armor encompasses the user entirely providing increases to the durability and strength of the wielder. But it's size and mass are quite large as it wraps around revealing a few pieces of the armor and skeleton-like appendages and body parts. Not quite being a full apparition of a protection. The Partial Armor is made of magma, obsidian, and gas among other things. Making it capable of firing any of the objects out from its area with relative effectiveness. This looks like a melted armor and has an appearance similar to a skeleton that has been melted wearing armor. Showing little to no deformation as it's made. The armor will last for eight turns at it's best. Protecting and amplifying the wielder's output and causing some damage to the surrounding area.

Full Samurai Armor⫸ Tatsuya is able to maintain the full version of it for 4 turns. Now a question can be raised as to why he'd use the partial version over the full one. Tatsuya doesn't like destroying everything in his path. The complete version looks like a suit of armor but isn't just any. It takes the depicted form of a demonic samurai dripping lava everywhere. With Tatsuya standing in the middle of its form. This, of course, has allowed him to send attacks through it like any of his lava based ones. Or obsidian attacks he can come up with. Tatsuya is able to manipulate and cause massive levels of damage as again this is like a completed Susanoo within Naruto. Its power and effect do tend to go on for a long term. It's able to enhance and fire out the attacks on a much wider scale. Tatsuya's creation of this represents the external instead of the internal. His Shikai is on the outside instead of the inside of a person's body.

Gas Blasts/Ash Blasts⫸ Tatsuya is able to release and blast gases from his zanpakuto or himself. Exhaling the needed breath from his body in an attack similar to a Dragon's fire. Except any of the previously listed gases can be breathed out by him in different concentrations. He's not a one-way fighter with only magma and obsidian at his beck and call. He's able to do many things with it. This blast is only part of it being given a form for a person to see it. These blasts can cause damage on different levels and allow him to produce even ashes from his mouth. Tatsuya's zanpakuto is about allowing him a certain level of freedom as it wields the power of a volcano. Even with fifteen hundred years under his belt. He has still only scratched the surface of his zanpakuto's immense power. There is still more than his Shikai can do as this first phase is only the beginning of it. Susanoo represents the beginning of understanding things.

Bankai Abilities and Appearance

Bankai Appearance⫸ Upon activation his body begins glowing unnaturally with his scars lighting up. Magma like colors can be seen glowing inside his body. His zanpakuto has returned to its normal form in this appearance. It's become clear the magma that once came from it has gone inside of him. Enhancing and causing steam and other volcanic elements to come from his skin. Gases and ash come out along with molten rocks dripping from his scars among other things. Tatsuya's eyes are different now as they have an almost dragonic look about them. His blood seems almost boiling as he activates his power the heat around him has become even more intense. This is no longer just an activate volcano. It is no in full eruption, the ground around him shows signs of being unstable among other things. The level of power in bankai seem's to be coming through his body now instead of his zanpakuto. Becoming more one with his weapon he seem's to activate it to a greater extent. By enhancing his body's output he is able to further perform things. Byakuya Kuchiki once told Ichigo that small Bankai allowed for many things. Tatsuya's bankai is something more internal then even Ichigo's. Going into his skin and crawling beneath the surface seeking its freedom. This appearance and transformation have been called the Dragon's awakening. Since the Volcanic elements spew from his body and mouth freely till he decides otherwise. The heat of an erupting volcano now presents on the battlefield. Tatsuya's fight has truly begun when activating this form.

Physical Alterration⫸ Many powers and skills have millions of techniques. Things that a user spends ages learning and scratching the surface of. Many zanpakutos, demons, and other beings access their transformation. And gain millions if not infinite possibilities to their powers. Within Bankai, only one thing happens for Tatsuya. He gains all the prowess and power of the bankai. Condensed into his body, enhancing everything he has physically with his Dragon Slayer Mode. He has become both Slayer and Dragon. This alteration doesn't mean he can't manipulate those elements from within his body. Or even still perform Shikai moves. It means this Bankai focuses on one thing only instead of activating hundreds of moves it focuses on a united front between wielder and zanpakuto spirit. Unlike some, Tatsuya can claim one thing few others can. When he and Amateratsu fight truly without holding back. They fight as one, there is no distance between them. The first time he activated his bankai he broke bones and damaged himself. But that was learning and understanding her pain. He didn't shy away or grow scared.

If anything he embraced everything about her even more. She was everything for him and he was her everything. This activation increases his physical prowess and takes in all the power that once exuded from his zanpakuto in this partial transformation into a dragon. Tatsuya's body shows slight signs of scales growing around his skin. But noting finite that has shown it's full form yet. But the danger is there as he's able to release massive kinetic attacks. Keep in mind this is power equal to a volcanic eruption being channeled to his muscles and body. Allow for explosive movements and vastly increased strength and durability. While there may be a lack of techniques as of this moment for Tatsuya to take. He doesn't need all of them as often times the most effective move is a singular one. One move practiced a thousand times is far more dangerous.

Now, these alterations come with enhancements on the physical end of the area. Not to mention Tatsuya's volcanic attributes are causing some destruction around him. His body exudes the heat and elements of a live volcano. Meaning the closer a person it to him the hotter it becomes. Whereas before he could keep control of the heat to select areas. Now it's fully activated and the heat isn't manageable anymore. His body can heal some injuries in this state rather quickly. Because of the magma coursing through his veins. He is able to sear injuries closed of a dangerous nature. Tatsuya is able to create or use the power of the volcano at his will. Now the time limit of this is depending on how long he can keep his Bankai activate. It's a matter of stamina in which he is a specialist. Tatsuya can fight for days fairly often but how many can match his absurd stamina levels is the question that should be asked. In closing, this may be it for the moment, but someday Tatsuya will unleash far more devastating attacks. Or perhaps he will now and only learn the names of them later. For this idyllic life has left him with few reasons to ever activate Bankai.

Shikokai Abilities and Appearance

Shikokai Appearance⫸ Upon full activation of his Shikokai it changes him entirely now. His body turns a crimson color similar to that of a demon. His veins flow with magma across the surface giving people a full show. His white of his eyes are black with the iris becoming a magma color. Scales and marking adjourn his body all over the place. The intensity of this transformation is extremely hard on the body. But upon activation the transformation allows him to access a full arsenal at his disposal. Making him a very active and dangerous Volcano going off. The ground around him is basically in flames and as is the air. His very blood and body are giving off heat far greater than average. Almost getting closer to the temperature beyond a Volcano. Though he cannot withstand it, in this form he can for a time. The act of fighting together with his zanpakuto is the goal all Shinigami should have. Yamamoto and many who came before understood this. Sadly for Tatsuya, his greatest student didn't. Shikokai means to become one with your Zanpakuto. In this way, Tatsuya's body and muscles are getting a massive increase in power and overall everything. He is able to release forces equal to a volcanic eruption with his attacks. Making massive attacks seem like they are more easy to perform. This form will likely have a negative effect till trained more properly.

It's a massive strain on the body and will require a truly defined physical being to use it. While Tatsuya is undoubtedly a master of Amateratsu's powers and prowess. He is still able to grow and learn something new about being a Shinigami. Focusing on what matters most to him is knowing that no device or machine outside the current matters. He is not her master but her partner and they will grow and advance together. Even she doesn't know the limits of her power or where the ceiling is. So together they ascend to a higher plane when the time comes. Not relying on outside tricks or gimmicks to help them along. The Dragon becoming the dragon is all part of the process. While abilities could be summed up in many words. The only thing that really happens when the Shikokai becomes active. Is a physical beast is born, capable of only bringing about destruction? Unless blood is paid this Shikokai will not go away lightly. Be it the blood of the wielder or the enemies before them.


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A look at the Stats

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

Skill Sheet Section

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Experienced
  • Pain Endurance: Elite
  • Focus: Expert

Racial Skills
  • Kido: None
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Expert
  • Hakuda: Expert

Racial Skills
  • Durablity: Advanced
  • General Speed:Experienced
  • Strength: Expert
  • Martial Skill: Advanced


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Extra Post

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This app was collab graded by myself and Shizuo. You may approach either one of us in regards to changes, fixes, or questions about the review of this app.

History: Replace the binding coffin kido with some other binding kido or the sort. There's no way Tatsuya's sheer strength will break apart a kido of this level, especially with just a hard stomp.
    Gesturing for the speedster to attack again. Tsubasa's eyes dawned with realization and he began casting multiple kido against him. This was an interesting habit as he didn't understand kido that well. He quietly sat and let the Unabara conclude his kido attack. As the male finished his incantations and sent a black coffin at him. Tatsuya did something that caused greater shock. Stomping his foot on the ground he shattered the kido around him and the box. With a raw explosive force that was immense.

Damage Sponge: I want you to make note that this ability doesn't mean the "sensation" of pain originally. The way it's worded now, it sounds like pain feels different to him literally than just how he treats the feeling of pain.
    He is only gaining some measure of strength from the damage you've inflicted on him. His body grows excited more as it takes damage and instead of responding with pain. It responds with adrenaline and power. Offering raw strength to those who are crazy enough to try it.

Additionally, remove the binding part since binding kido aren't really kinetically charged. Unless there's some momentum to its casting, of course, but that would naturally fall under the general descript. Either that or specify "binding kido that has momentum to it." So on, so forth.
    But the damage done to him allows him to use it as strength in turn. His body is able to absorb the kinetic force of a blow and use it afterward as a form of empowerment. This is also included with bindings and kido as he did so with Tsubasa.

Herculean Strength: Take out "able to crush shikai with strength alone", or at least specify that some fragiler shikai can be destroyed.
    Able to crush Shikai's beneath his strength alone during his clash against the Sins.

Oda Nobunaga AI: Specify what he means by "how quincy track people", and also the "parametres for the engagements or fights". Need more detail than just those vague references.
    Tatsuya has noted that it can track people down similar to a Quincy can. Though perhaps it's more in its direct area on how it functions. Often times it will run set numbers and give him parameters for the engagements or fights.

Also define the healing parametres, we're gonna need something more than "very limited".
    And while it can help heal some injuries done to Tatsuya it is very limited.

Izanagi: Be a bit more specific in terms of "what" Izanagi allows Oda to perceive, other than "things he wouldn't normally see", or at least if anything how Izanagi comes to seeing these things, what sort of algorithms it uses to perceive this.

    Allowing for it to look on and notice things that maybe he doesn't. Only bringing it to his attention when and if Nobunaga notices something out of place.

Susanoo AI: What does iron do for a character of this magnitude? Specify something more than "blah blah fibers", that's not gonna cut it.
    This was an iron-based skin allowing for him to absorb an impact with some blah blah fibers.

Specify more about how it's different from just a "second skin"; also include how his Damage Sponge works through susanoo since it's a second skin, and damage sponge specifically works off of his physical body
    It was like a second layer of skin but very different.

This equipment needs a longer repair time. make it 10 posts for a full repair.
    Now the upgrade to it is that Nobunaga can direct and repair the skin over time. Five turns are how long a full repair would take to damaged skin.

Susanoo can take a megaton of force. That alone is fine, since we have characters that drop nukes on each other--one of your characters can do that in the most literal sense. However, Tatsuya already has a reiatsu skin, his actual skin is extremely tough as well, and with Susanoo, it's more like a third skin. So, on top of it being able to self-repair over time, one megaton is excessive when combined with all his other available traits. I know it was preapproved with this, but it was used with different intent on Tsubasa than it's currently being advertised as for Tatsuya.
    This skin can absorb about a megaton of force before dimensioning.

Original Kierudo:Make note that other people might not be under the same impression as Tatsuya and Tsubasa are in terms of which one has the superior Kierudo techniques. So, someone who has met the two of them and seen their swordsmanship may be under the impression that Tsubasa's technique is superior. They're both your characters and you can rank them in swordsmanship how you like. But Tsubasa worked for his level of being recognised as one of the top swordsmen in the PHverse, arguably the best of the active ones, and therefore a Grandmaster, skill sheet wise. That said, Tatsuya will most definitely not be approved with GMs as no character acquires a GM right off the bat, so IC in practise there's gonna be some inconsistencies there.
    So it must be noted since his version of Kierudo is entirely different from Tsubasa's he doesn't have access to the Pale Rider's creations. But they are entirely inferior to his version of the style.

Dragon Mode: Each tier increase can only increase the post duration by 1 post for each major tier. The exception is the minor tiers of 0-tier, where every other minor tier will add a post as well. This is an ability independent of his zanpakuto forms, so the duration shouldn't be excessive. ( 0-5: 7 posts | 0-3: 8 posts | 0-1: 9 posts)
    If he is Tier 3 he can go for four turns with this move. For each increase tier, it goes up by four exactly. No more and no less in the long run.

Partial Susanoo: Rename it and explain it yourself without just referencing the Naruto series's Susanoo. The difference between this reference and the magma dragon referencing Harry Potter's Basilisk is that you explained the dimensions of it, and afterwards left in the Harry Potter reference. Same thing can be done with Susanoo, but make sure to have your own description of it before accentuating the mental image with a reference.
    This is one of the core powers his zanpakuto uses. Now in terms of the shape think of Naruto's version clearly.

You can bump up the partial susanoo duration to eight posts.
    It's only able to last for about seven turns roughly.

Zanpakuto Age: That's not how zanpakuto work. I'm gonna need a clarification as to why Amaterasu existed as something other than a zanpakuto, and why it existed before him since Zanpakuto Spirits are literally a part of the character's soul, traditionally speaking.
    Her age is largely unknown, but she does hint that she was around before Tatsuya. Existing before he came along to claim her power. Or even became aware of her, she exists before and will after him to some extent. She is a very comfortable zanpakuto in a way that she can be wielded by a certain person. So her age unlike some isn't one that simply fades away.

Full Susanoo: Bring it down to 4 posts.
    Tatsuya is able to maintain the full version of it for 5 turns.

« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [O]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [O]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

[b][u]Will Skills[/u][/b]
[*][b]Mental Deduction:[/b]
[*][b]Pain Endurance:[/b]

  • Comments/Notes: Just fix yer'shit and you'll be good. Also, Crow bud, I need ya to use commas more often, and periods less often.
  • Tier:



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Subject Post 10PostSubject: Re: Oda Tatsuya [APPROVED 1-3++; Shinigami]   Sat May 26, 2018 12:40 pm

All things addressed were handled and removed or adjusted as requested.

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Oda Tatsuya [APPROVED 1-3++; Shinigami]
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