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 Man, You're Huge. (Alex, Naomi)

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Alright, so he might have been back in Karakura again, but at least this time Alex hadn't actually left Japan or anything beforehand. He really was starting to dig it out here, it was a lot...well, safer really, than most of the other places he actually bothered to be around. Granted, just being safe wasn't really a huge deal in itself for someone like Alex, he kind of didn't care one way or the other about getting into a fight or five, but it was kinda neat to not need to be on a constant high alert for any fucking stupid blondes just up and fucking destroying your food.

This whole park was actually pretty fuckin' rad, he wasn't gonna lie. Place was massive, someone said it was like 20 whole miles or something? Coulda been square miles or it could have been long, he wasn't really paying attention, either way that was a whole lotta miles. Naturally, something that inherently interesting had drawn the attention of this red-headed vagrant, and he found himself wandering about for a good while in what he considered a rather exciting discovery, all things considered.

Naturally, after taking a few minutes (or, you know, hours, whichever one you wanted to think of it as) to take his shoes off, roll up his pants, and wade around in a creek to cool off and feel the rocks and all that nice shit, Alex hopped back up to the bank and started wandering once more, shoes still off and pants still nearly rolled to his knees. Did he look dumb? Yeah, kinda, but it's not like he didn't know that. If someone actually wanted to call him on that one, they could fuckin' feel free. Of course, after all that shit, Alex was gonna need to find some place to lay down and catch a few Zs. Lotta work just fuckin' around, you know?

Now, where the hell to... Yo, what the fuck? As Alex was scanning for a bench to sleep on, he spotted nothing more than some fuckin' amazon-lookin' chick sleeping on one of them (rather impressively, considering her size). What in the hell? How did a chick even get that tall? Well shit, Alex knew what he was doing for the next indeterminate amount of time. Tossing his shoes next to another nearby bench, he laid down, hands behind his head, and closed his eyes, keeping an ear out for any indication that the giantess over there might be leaving. Was this stalking? He was pretty sure it wasn't. It's not like he was just waiting to follow her around or anything. He wanted to ask her a few questions, and waking her up would just be tasteless.

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Man, You're Huge. (Alex, Naomi)
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