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 Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!   Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:26 pm

With the four companions having touched down onto the forest floor, it wasn't long before all of them departed from the plane, Lex leading the way through the heavy vegetation to arrive at the entrance of Konuma Forest. He looked behind him to see both Minerva and Liacaru following him, having gave them a brief rundown of what was probably the best course of action for them to do at that very moment. 'You know, I'm starting to think that Minerva may have been on to something earlier Lex. You're pretty stoic, but you seem far too trusting. How can we even trust Liacaru right off the bat with something as secret as the location of Konuma Forest?' a worried voice rung out in Lex's mind. It was the voice of Nina, the small vixen that was perched on the man's shoulder as he stopped in front of what seemed like a mountainside.

The dark skinned male couldn't help but give a bit of a scoff under his breath before smirking, tilting his head towards the small creature on his shoulder. 'I seem that way huh? Well, you know just as well as I do that we couldn't afford him to just stay there with no guide. Who's to say he wouldn't destroy the city if he just felt like it? That wouldn't have been good for anybody. Besides...' he paused, glancing back further to get about a two second glimpse of the fox trailing behind him before calmly facing back towards Nina. '... don't you have other members of the Prailius summons there as well? I know I was looking for you earlier, but I felt other presences there as well. It would be far easier to contain Liacaru if he gets out of line during the training.' he finished his thoughts. Nina couldn't help but grimace at that, realizing that it wasn't so much of him being too trusting of the spirit, but quite the opposite; he perhaps didn't trust him enough.

'You already thought of this didn't you? The moment you saw him...' she trailed off, thinking that Lex probably didn't trust Minerva that much to some extent either. But the well mannered but whimsical woman was with Lex first, and how exactly did he feel about her, now that she thought about it? Perhaps he would be just as skeptical about her had he not literally dealt with her already in another lifetime. 'Hehehe, you give me too much credit Nina, I'm just simply trying to look out for everyone's interest so they don't stray from simply being ignored. However, I want us to play safe and make sure we don't give anyone the chance to harm innocent people. They're trustworthy now, but if we don't grow with them along the way, they could turn on us without hesitation...' he mentioned, pulling out a flower from the breast pocket of his shirt, the very rose with sapphire blue and light gray petals in which was the key to where they needed to go.

A large portion of the mountain side began to fade away, leaving only an entrance for them to continue their journey. The mountain seemed to be hollowed out, a clear path for them to take as Lex kept the two-tone colored rose in front of him. 'I will be sure to keep an eye on Liacaru then, and if anything happens, I will call in assistance to back us up.' she answered through telepathy still, keeping a straight face as the man made his way towards the inside of the mountain. "Not far now, our first sight seeing tour will be in here." he called out to the two of them that were walking a few feet behind. The three had a lot to accomplish if they were going to all get what they wanted and Lex wanted to make sure that such a goal was met as swiftly as possible. After all, how else was he going to make any trustworthy friends to watch his back?

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!   Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:34 pm