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 Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!

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Lord Liacaru
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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!   Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:23 pm

Eyes aglow, his aura began to rage even greater much to his own bliss as his barrier thickened. Five hollows, an entire forest of spiritual power, residual energy from his crew members, and now he was casually scarfing down a human soul. It was all just so much in such a short time. He could feel his body growing faster, stronger, and as he took in more of Minerva's essence he could feel a small portion of her knowledge build upon his own. He wanted nothing more than to take more, than to feed MORE, but she was his companion. All in all he hoped to simply earn his personal space with a bit of a warning shot, one that failed to be effective do to his victims trancelike state.

'Well...that' I suppose if she can't even defend herself, than it's time to stop.' He thought to himself only to perk as he heard the little one shot. Snapping attention to Nina his eyes followed her accent into the air, one that would ultimately lead into a crash landing upon Minerva's side. 'What an odd sight.' Or so he thought to himself as Minerva came to. Almost instantly the strange woman went from sniffing around his fur, to flying 20ft into the air just to avoid him. Perhaps his scare tactic worked a bit too well? One thing that he did know for sure, was that Minerva's soul was a gold mine of intellectual value. Pushing her away now after a taste like that would be like trying to drop a bad habit cold turkey. Not only that, but he finally managed to speak with Nina, and maybe even change her thoughts of himself ever so slightly, just for Minerva to pull her away for more training. This would simply not do.

"Now need to jump to conclusions. Im more than willing to be of assistance. If you want to attack me, feel free! In fact, i'm feeling damn good right now, so much in fact that i'll even let you attempt to set me on fire." The fox spoke with a toothy grin, though this time it was slightly different, there was a trace of hunger within his maw. "With both of our assistance combined, we can have you fighting hollows in no time." The Adjucha's tail swished back and forth as he took a seat, his gaze fixed on the woman above. "Though, after it's over, perhaps you could help me learn a thing or two. Something about...shape shifting?" The fox inquired, only having gathered enough data to obtain basic understanding of a rather small pool of skill. "Aside from that, I would really like to prove to you that i'm not a bad person Nina. I suppose it's silly, but in a world ran by seemingly humans, your presence appeals to me the most." His power high slowly dwindled as he began to feel more like himself again. Truly he did care for the others thoughts, especially ones pertaining to him. "As for you Lex..." The gray and blue fox spoke as he looked over his shoulder. "That's the type things I wanna hear!"

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!   Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:05 pm

Nina took notice of Liacaru's rather hungry behavior and tried to be indifferent about it. She gave it some thought that if she was him, she'd probably act that way too if she could get stronger by consuming spiritual energy from around her. Still, she also kept her distance from the fox once Minerva came to and insisted that the two start doing training of their own. This was something that Nina felt was the safest route to take, since Liacaru was rather gaining strength a bit too quickly for her tastes. In particular, Liacaru didn't seem to protest to anything that Lex had said earlier, but at the same time, didn't acknowledge it either, so the man decided to discard it before he paid more attention to the air that seemed to have an intense pressure around him.

This air wasn't visible to the naked eye, but Lex decided to intensify the pushing wind to allow it to be seen, now showing the shape of seven long hands that were the size of ten meters each from the center of his back. He had already sunk a lot of spiritual energy into such a spell since he had casted it, but he wanted to wait even longer to see if he could get this right this time, having spent the entire time pouring as much spiritual energy into his move as he did casting the spell in the first place. Nina had jumped onto Minerva's shoulder at this point, perching at her seemingly favorite spot on any human being since she was so small before she glanced over to face the woman to give eye contact. "Hmm... well it's up to you to say, but I'd suggest that we try a safer means of testing out the connection to the spiritual plane than what you've previously been trying for now. I'm still a bit new at this myself so... I'll try my best. I'll be siphoning my spiritual energy to you, which should be far more potent and stronger to allow you to not only continue seeing spiritual energy, but physically affect it as well." she explained now slowly giving her energy to the woman she was perched on.

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Minerva Winthrop
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Subject Post 23PostSubject: Re: Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!   Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:00 pm