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 Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!

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Subject Post 31PostSubject: Re: Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!   Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:30 am

It was harder for the man to hide it than he realized, but the distaste for Liacaru's 'hunger was showing subtly from a quick grimace. All he could think was that such a power was far too potent and dangerous for such a being not to have complete control over it. It was one thing if the fox was a glutton for food, but spiritual energy was an entirely different thing. He crossed his arms as he kept his gaze on the spiritual being, not saying anything right away as he thought about this carefully. 'Hoping' that he just magically changed into a more conserved being after he gave him enough spiritual energy sounded dumb, and who was to say that once he reached that new level that his consumption rate just to keep it wasn't going to be much more taxing than it was at his current form? There were just too many things that seemed like it could spell trouble more so than the benefits of it all, but Lex tried to keep in mind that looking at just the bad side of things wouldn't get him anywhere in particular.

"If Minerva is cool with it, I don't see why not. Though at this point we're going to have to speed up this process. You're going to need to definitely find a way to actively turn off that energy absorption on command." he mentioned. Maybe it was just that Lex was realizing he was more of a prude than he would care to admit, but seeing him act in such an animalistic way did not fair with him. Perhaps Nina had a different opinion, which for the most part seemed to coincide with Lex's thoughts, but not all the time. Still, he would find out eventually. "If Minerva's attack isn't enough, I'll let you also take my wind hands." he chimed in, making sure he understood that he was willing to help too, albeit cautiously.

Nina on the hand was not keen on Liacaru's standoffish behavior either, or so, how she perceived it. She couldn't remember the last time she was THAT hungry to where she acted in such a way. But she knew better than anyone that people had a bad habit of trying to be curt and composed in every situation, despite how desperately they may have needed something. She was starting to think that she may have picked up such a habit from the humans after thousands of years of sticking with them. She could only hum at the sight of the 'hungry' fox in front of them before she turned to face Minerva. "Perhaps it's a good idea if you do test to see if you have imbued enough spiritual energy into the attack this time by testing it on him." she coaxed, curious as to what would happen once the woman gave him such energy as well.

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Subject Post 32PostSubject: Re: Spiritual Training 1: Siphoning Feast!   Fri Feb 16, 2018 5:01 pm