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 What is hidden in the Mind?

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: What is hidden in the Mind?   Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:36 am

The Reborn Wolf

Ulv Auber

Tulpa, huh? Ulv sat on the ground in Hvit's shard, looking up at the pulsating Maelstrom. After Shunsui's addition to it, it was ready to pop. And yet, didn't, as if it was waiting for some sort of event to begin, or be finished, before it did so. The whole thing was confusing, how could it know when this event started or ended? But even still, that wasn't the main question in her head. The main question was the fruits of her love's pain. She risked death to bring the shards closer to her, and now Ulv wondered what she could do with them.

"Hey, Hvit" Ulv said, going to carry on before the woman turned around with a grin.
"Is there anyone around I could mistake you for talking to? You don't need to say my name when we are here alone" Hvit seemed to have grown a touch friendlier now that rebirth was so close. It was nice.
"Sorry, I just feel sort of rude say 'hey' like that, even if you are the only person around to be heyed at. But, getting back on the topic at hand, can we get to the other shards? I saw you bounce over to one and was curious what you were up to" Ulv stood up from her siting position, and looked at Hvit, interested in what might come.

"We can, yes. I went over to a shard to deal with a rowdy neighbour,
it's nothing to worry about. We can get to the adjacent shards, and then from there go shard hoping. Do you have a preference, or are you just curious?"
Hvit walked over and brushed off the dust that had clung to Ulv while she had been sat. Hvit couldn't get past the mothering urges with Ulv, she was just such a child. Someone that needed mothering.

"Hmm, that one. It looks best" Ulv pointed to one of the shards in the distance, glowing with a soft amber light. Hvit giggled softly, knowing she'd go for that one. Even after death, Ibiki had such a strong hold over the girl. So the Hollow nodded and picked Ulv up, taking off at a rapid pace. It was amazing for Ulv to feel the speed without breaking her legs to a point she was unsure if they were ever going to fit back together. She needed to learn how to do this kind of speed herself, and while she had ideas, she also didn't have ideas. It was a strange sort of thing. And speaking of strange sorts of things, Ulv arrived on the shard and felt someone or something was asleep on it. Dispersed in this amber fog. But the fog made her feel alive. Incredibly alive. It made her feel like there was nothing on this Earth she could not do. And it was so warm, so comforting, like a friend she had never known she had, but always needed.

"It's different stuff to what you are used to, so I am sure you can manage to take a little bit out. But I don't know if that little bit will be enough to power any constructs. But keeping it out there rather than in here might warm your heart" Hvit told Ulv. The muscular girl then waved her hand through the fog, grasping at it before, stopping and just sort of asking it to come into her. Were grasp did not work, polite request did, and her body felt the warmth enter. A soft warmth, like a candle rather than the brilliance that surrounded her, but it was still good. Giving Hvit a hug because she needed hugs, Ulv left her inner world, and was back in reality, with the warmth still in her heart. What could she do with it?

That question, was one she was going to answer immediately, and so took a breath and felt the Earth below her. Imagining herself back on the plain of infinite width, Ulv grasped the flame in her heart and drive the long arms into the ground again. She was flung out again, but this time she had the fire to protect her, to drive her, and motivate her. Seeing the Earth as it was did not overwhelm her this time, even though she was still in awe of it's size. The Earth as it was today had not come about from a single person, and so Ulv could not come about from a single person. Inside herself she had the aid of many people, through reasons varied and their own, but still they aided her. And there was also Hvit. How could Ulv forget about Hvit? Who was always there, always helping, always supporting. The only sore spot was Rakki. Her Rakki, who had almost killed herself to get Ulv back on her feet.

No more, Ulv decided. She would be the light in the dark that would strike down all thoughts that made people want to put themselves in such atrociously dangerous situations. And she would do so with the aid of this fire, and all who wished for a better future. She could not contact them directly, but she could feed off the collective mentality and use it for the power of her new thing. Her new, Tulip. Wait, no Tulpa, that was the one. She'd get it right eventually, just like everything else in the world. With her mind firing on all cylinders, and a half-remembered force of will that could move mountains with a simple command, Ulv began.

Weither she actually could tap into people's desires, or if it was all just an illusion in her head was something that was not very forthcoming, it seemed. But, regardless, it worked for her and she could make something out of this. With the flame as a base, Ulv set herself on fire. Not exactly the smartest move, unless the fire was a nice fire and you needed it to burn on you without burning you. All this thought crap was getting confusing, but she was certain she was nearly done. Without the quantity to create a construct, Ulv took the fire around her and infused it into her arms. Amber veins of light ran up them, and they were beautiful. These, she was sure, would help the world.

And then suddenly she woke up, drool dribbling from her mouth as it did when she slept heavily, and the world was night time. Was it all a dream? Was it all real? Or did the truth lie somewhere between those two? Ulv looked to her arms, and they weren't glowing, but she felt with a thought they could be. So she did that thought and her arms lit up with a nice, faint amber glow. These were her arms. These arms, she would protect the world from the darkness with.

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What is hidden in the Mind?
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