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 Heard Round the Worlds [OPEN]

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4u @Shizuo


Heard Round the Worlds [OPEN] - Page 2 6EdIfMt


Artist: Lucas King - Song:Dark Piano Hate - Word Count: 803

How long had it been? The incandescent moon loomed indifferently, it’s hazy full glow casting it’s light upon the desert night. It’s cruel glow illuminating the haunting wraiths that lurked howling in it’s presence. Ah. . .how the moon’s glow framed these beasts. Yes they had come, crawling from the void from whence they came, hungry children, ravaged creatures of negativity. Those drawn by the being at their apex, a vasto lorde. Drawn by the promise of something new, drawn by the horror of something truly sinister. It did not matter why, but it seemed as if upon the realm that once feared them, upon the soils they once haunted, the creatures of nightmares, the remnant echo of souls devoured once more surfaced.

Laws did not matter, did not confine the creatures, horrendous and vile that soon flooded these streets. The humans had no place in this city anymore. Oh they tried, and they struggled like wriggling insects in a spiders glistening web--however it only sought to quicken their demise. The ugly reality was, hope was lost for these humans and in the dark underbelly of their fate another being stirred.

Order had been overturned, and chaos reigned. Somewhere in the darkness, and emerald eye opened, a gleam resonating with the darkness, a presence settling upon the earth, staining it, twisting and dying it with midnight fog. Finally the clouds would encompass the moon, and plunge this fair city into darkness. The shadows would contort, writhing like monsters which groped aimlessly in the darkness. From their embrace hands would breach, their skin like the moon in the sky. Emerald eyes, adorned by bleached white hair graced the air that was distorted by the very smog that left their lips.

Lips that curved faintly, the visage of a devil projected from such a child like frame, yet not a single hollow would notice the entrance of this queen. No, as the screams of other beings permeated the air, as the streetlamps one by one flickered, the queens hand would raise and zao ka would begin to distort the air, it would leave it’s taint in the skies. It would be as if the city had been plunged into darkness, the lights one by one would go out, shatter, or short circuit. Sweeping out three or four miles from her location there would only be a moving path of darkness.

Even as the queen strode forth, the billowing clouds of smog that escaped her lips caressing her footsteps, tendriling around her form she strode forth. The sweet smell of fear in the air was enough to cause the queen to be in a truly joyous mood. How long had it been, since the world of living had been unsettled to such an extent? Even as she walked by houses filled with the frightened children, women . . men she could smell the stench of their sweat, hear the thrumming of their hearts, the whimpers that barely escaped lips, the cries that were silenced.

Her words were soft, a caress that lingered in the ears of those within three miles of the queen. That voice was ancient, full of an emotion that could only be closely likened to amusement, but infinitely darker.

”Hello poppets, i couldn’t help it. It feels so good out here after all. . “~

Following those words her twisted laughter was a jaunty chorus of wails, like a symphony of lost children that had only in time grown warped and corrupted by the sins and hatred that accumulated upon them as they wandered. It was a sound that caused quite a few of the mundane to die simply from fear. Women. . killed their children, fathers beat their spouses, the paranoid well. . Ill leave the paranoid to your imagination. Just the sound of her voice had pushed fear into irrational terror. There were no filters, the mask that inami asthavon had so carefully erected, the bad, the good, the worse, and the budding. All of them gave way to primality, she was an avatar of chaos, a child garbed in the cloak of lawlessness. In her truest form, joy had no place, love had no place, fear, hatred, amusement and glee all faded before the dry unadulterated lawlessness.

Lawlness that seeped from her pores, radiated from the very ground she walked upon. This was Inami Asthavon, Dysnomia the once deity of lawlessness, queen of chaya, and sister of mana. Her white-toothed smile, a crooked faint smirk if anything, promised far darker things would transpire here. Hero’s, Villians, Hope, Despair. All of it did not matter to this being, who at this moment was not here as Inami Asthavon, but rather was here as Dsynomia, the child of lawnessness. Here, on this dark night, in this forsaken place, once more she reared her ugly head.

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Yaksha, The Überseele

Yaksha's voice continued to ring through the surrounding area, like a droplet of ink spreading out its tendrils into a glass of water. It never raised in volume, but it seemed to carry itself outwards further with each repetition, as if the universe itself were repeating his message to all the people in attendance. Before long it seemed that it wasn't simply his lungs and tongue making the words, but his very being; every cell of his being seemed to be echoing his words, sending them out like a radio signal for everyone to pick up. Before long, the panic and disgust that had spread amongst the populace settled down, for everyone to listen in a sort of drunken stupor.

"The last time hollows gathered in these numbers, there was a slaughter of unprecedented proportions. Of man, monster, savior, and outsider. Everyone remembers that day as a scar or a blemish of some sort or another. I have no intention of seeing it repeated here, and today. I will say this exactly once: Whosoever strikes out against their neighbor as I am speaking will be chastised harshly. I would like you all to consider my words carefully...and give them your unabashed attention until I am finished."

He began to walk amongst the humans, his movements every bit as confident and certain as a lion prowling between the grass of the savannah. He made no effort to hold down or stop those who attempted to flee, his eyes following their movements with no more or less emotion than a man observing brownian motion in action; humans, bouncing about by the movements of things beyond their control, were in this creature's eyes, no different from the forces of gravity or magnetism which held the world together. He slipped between them effortlessly, his hands gesticulating with every few sentences. He gestured towards himself, his face, his red-tinted markings...and towards each hollow he noticed.

"Some of you may know of me. It's not important. I feel no need to introduce myself. I am merely a messenger. If the identity of the messenger matters more than the message, something is horribly wrong. I called you all here because I wish for you to see how much has changed, in such a small sliver of human history. And I wish for you to see how much opportunity this presents us."

He approached the first hollow now, moving striking-snake quick...yet without the accompanying sound of a sonido. He simply placed a hand on its mask, his gaze filled with infinite patience, the sort of gaze a man gave to a pet he was prepared to train for decades until it had finally learned the lesson he wanted to drive home. He inhaled, and gently ran a clawed hand down its mask.

"I have been a vasto lorde for less than a year, but already I see how rife with opportunity this new world is. I have been hollow for longer than many of you could imagine possible. I can tell you right now that it isn't an evil to hunger. To thirst. Our instincts are neither right nor wrong. To want is not a sin. No matter what your fellow hollows or the shinigami have told you...seeking that which you lack is not a wrong. We are like unto moving vacuums...and in that vein, we seek to absorb that which we come across. It's a natural force, no different from fires or tornadoes. And it serves a purpose, like every other. But what is it you seek? Do any of you know? Has eating yourselves to the point of pain done anything but remind you of your loss? Has running amongst the pack brought you the peace you sought? Has strength done anything but brought you into the sight of greater and greater opposition? We are insatiable, brothers and sisters. We will forever hunger, and thirst. It stands to reason then, that the source of nourishment we tap into must be without end."

He reached a hand upwards now, twirling it in a slow, almost lazy circle. The hollow beneath his claw had already begun to inch away, and Yaksha made no move to stop it. He simply stared down at it, something unidentifiable in his expression as it began to sidle away. It was something that seemed to transcend all human emotion, something only a terribly ancient being ever could've sympathized with. And then, as he rose his second hand, and a purple-and-black corona surrounded one hand, he spoke with the ease and carefree nature one would've used when discussing music or fashion, rather than something monumental.

"To this end, I have found my brethren a cornucopia that will never diminish. Eat until you burst, and still I will remain, prepared with the next plate. Your new nourishment is twofold. I cannot promise you that they will be as luxurious as your current victuals...but I can guarantee you that not a single thing you could do would move me to deprive you of these resources. The first is the Gikon. A tool used by the shinigami, for a great time, to facilitate their efforts to move freely and efficiently among this world. And now, a nearly obsolete one. Fitting, I think...that it should now serve the purpose of giving our kind their chance to walk amongst humans with our heads held high."

He once more shot forward, touching his head towards that of the hollow who had almost managed to perfectly sidle away into a throng of waiting beasts, touching his forehead to its. His claws gently grasped it, in a manner that brought to mind a wolf holding a weakling upstart's throat between its jaws. He spoke in a low, dulcet purr, one that washed over every hollow present, sending a visceral shiver through its body.

"The other is love. Amongst humans, they speak of the love of the Christ, so deep and beautiful that he sacrificed his life for them. I should hope to live up to that ideal one day. For now, all I can offer you is my body to your service, my mind to your fulfillment, and my passions to your flourishing futures. Stand by my side, and let yourselves remember what you have been deprived all of this time. For you too are worthy of love, and deserve to have someone you can turn your voices towards, in moments of deepest crisis."

He rose now, his wings unfurling from behind him, hands clapping together, just once...and tiny white droplets beginning to fall from the skies, as if it had begun to hail, in the middle of a mild spring night. Each and every hollow would've been able to identify the source immediately, sensing the faint power laden in each.

"Consume, children. Allow yourselves to be surrounded by this limitless feast. Let none strike their neighbor tonight. Trust in Yaksha, and all shall be well, and all shall be well. And all shall be..."

Finally, for the first time, Yaksha did vanish in a thick, powerful crackle of static, only to whisper right into the ear of the unexpected guest that had found themselves drawn to the city of lights on this night.

"...Well. What can I do for you, Outsider?"

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Boria smiled as the plane's shielding retracted, letting her actually lay eyes on the other Hollow, as well as the human inside the plane with it. The human flying alongside the plane was mildly interesting, especially since he wasn't flying under his own power but with some kind of mechanical assistance. She might have to look into that; it seemed fun. The band of blackened bone across her face, her mask, was visible as she crouched low over the wing, eyes flicking between the human and the Hollow. "Oh, good, I can actually have a look at you now." She tried to smile disarmingly, an effect that was ruined by the fact that her teeth were entirely too sharp and canine to be comforting. "He's not my friend yet, but maybe we can change that. The bossman over there's got a sales pitch, but he sent me over here because Hollows don't typically ride in airplanes. Plus, I haven't seen a biplane since World War II, and I didn't exactly have the frame of mind to admire the workmanship. Have they always been convertibles?"

Yaksha's speech draws her attention, and likely Liacaru's as well, bringing a brief lull into the conversation as they listen to the Vasto Lorde deliver his speech. Boria smirks, recognizing his signature flair for the dramatic and being amused by it like usual. She's more than a little surprised when he makes the sky rain Gikon; she had no idea he'd already secured such a steady supply. Almost automatically, she plucks a pair that were about to smack her in the head from the air in her real arm, popping one in her mouth before offering the second to Liacaru. "Popcorn?" she jokes as she drops it into the plane. "So, yeah. That's Yaksha. He's got this... what's it called, Messiah complex or something? He gets off on helping other Hollows, I think, plus it doesn't hurt to make people actually want to work for you. That was the big mistake all the other organizations make, thinking just heaping abuse and intimidation on your people gets you good help when it doesn't. Speaking of organizing things, what brings you to the land of the living, Liacaru?"

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Lex could hear her continue asking questions and from the sounds of it, the woman was quite perplexed at what she was looking at. He hadn't expected a situation to seem so... odd, but he had two shapeshifting entities currently riding within his auto-pilot jet biplane with a woman perched comfortably on the top wing, looking in towards their newest companion. "That would be my doing actually, I modified the plane. I don't think they were like this in the nineteen forties or so." he shouted out, clear enough for the woman to hear him. 'What are you doing Lex? This isn't tea time or something, can't you see she's clearly trying to recruit Liacaru into whatever it is she needs him for?' came Nina's voice in the man's mind.

He still kept his steady course as he veered and twirled to evade certain Hollows that were still showing up, having the plane almost mimick his movement from a mere thought s well. 'We're not going to learn anything if we act hostile towards her. This only happened pretty much the moment that we showed up in America. We can't fly off the handle and be kept in the dark if thngs are going on over this place. What if the entire country was overrun by Hollows? If so, there's no way that we'll be able to make it to New York with just this biplane alone, even with its modifications. Our better bet is to bunker down here in the west and create a temporary base of sorts until we're fully certain that this situation can be handled. If worse comes to worse, we may lose Liacaru here due to whatever this is, we'll have to be on standby for that.' his voice rang back in the vixen's mind, making her ears lay flat against the back of her head as she thought about what Hollows actually were and what they were capable of. 'We'll just have to wait and see what he says then.' she thought, her eyes flicking towards Minerva as she wondered what the woman must have been thinking at that very moment.

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"I don't agree with a single word you just said."

Yaksha stared down at Inami with an expression of deeply strained patience, his every body seeming to scream of tightly-wound energy, like a spring coiled tightly; it seemed to give the impression that he was going to strike like a snake, or to slam her to the ground. It was there and gone in the span of a split second, leaving one wondering if it had even been there at all. As her hand withdrew, he crouched down, meeting her gaze, and suddenly he gave off an air of an old, wizened man imparting wisdom upon their progeny. Thin reddish scrawls began to form across his alabaster coating, leaving it looking as if he were suddenly drenched in blood for a split second.

"Your promises mean nothing to me, in this time, in this place. I am insulted you would think I need your promise of safekeeping. I summoned my kin here because I am confident that there will be no need for oversight of any kind from you, or yours. And I picked this place so that I could show my beloved children what an oasis in the desert truly looks like. Las Noches is...a testament to opulence and oppression, gains made off the suffering of others. In this place, there is an understanding. A contract. Each person's gain has a corresponding loss, but the right to turn the tables on your oppressor is without limits in Las Vegas. All it takes is one roll of the dice, and a king becomes a beggar. In this place, Barragon Luisenbarn, Sosuke Aizen, and even Inami Asthavon are simply another player in the game."

He rose one hand slowly, lazily, with the sort of lazy motion that would normally be associated with waving to a person, or to brushing a lock of hair off from one's face. Instead, a single purple flash of light shot outwards at speeds that were dizzying to behold, crashing into the side of a hollow that had been about to pounce upon one of the humans watching the exchange carefully. It struck a nearby building with a squeal of protest, and began to turn in circles, attempting to examine its wound, as Yaksha sighed faintly. He had never turned his gaze from Inami, but had moved with the speed and familiarity that made one truly wonder if he had eyes in the back of his head.

"Our kind take no pleasure in what we do. No more than a nicotine addict takes pleasure in each inhalation of smoke. We consume toxicity, knowing it makes us all the more toxic, because the alternative is too painful to contemplate. We act out of desperation, for lack of a true alternative. And perhaps even worse, we act as we do because we have acted as such for time beyond memory. It's time that -we- change to match the world that has changed. As for why you and I are not the slightest bit alike..."

He rose once more this time, one hand slowly sliding across his mask...which began to melt and run, like warm wax or clay, being sculpted by an invisible hand. Eyes could be seen forming within the running substance, and then a nostril, and within ten seconds, a human face could be seen there, for just a few seconds...before it was buried beneath still more of the surging, pouring liquid, drowning it out.

"I am not what I am. I am what I always have been. I am what I yearn for, and what I lack. I am what I once was. I had a name, before this one. Memories, of before this. I know what I could be, and I know that this is not anywhere near that existence. Hollows are hollow because they are able to remember what it is they lack. I was once a human, with human feelings and thoughts and desires. A man may come to understand a gorilla through their shared ancestry, and a mutual respect for certain things. A man may revile the caricaturist, but all the same he can recognize himself in the caricature. We are mankind, twisted and viewed through a lens darkly. And you, Danava..."

He chuckled, in a sad knowing manner. The sort of laugh one would hear when they thought of a person who was disappointed that they even had to explain what they were saying. His eyes met hers for the first time, and as they did a deep, deep pity could be seen there, for a few split seconds.

"You are the product of a prisoner in the cave, only able to see shadows of the true world. You are what happens when a blind man is asked to draw a swan, given only a description. You have no connection to these people! You have no right by which you could call yourself a peer to their desires! You and man can no more find common ground than an ape could with an alien! Nidhana creates you, out of her divine and inscrutable vision of what a being should be. You are immune to the ravages of time, or environments. You do not change, Danava. Not in the way humans do. You are a constant. Tell me, if you can, Asthavon...why the incarnation of lawlessness pays homage to bilateral symmetry? To bipedal locomotion? To the aesthetics of mankind? You were created by a being which has no love for humans, and you were created in an aspect that should by all accounts be so hideous as to ravage all mortals you meet, yet you manifest as human? You emulate that which you can never have, Asthavon...but unlike us hollows, you don't even realize what it is you seek. You are a blind man attempting to imagine what it must be like to see. I, at least, remember the glorious world of colors and beauty. Do not ever deign to compare yourself to me again, Inami Asthavon."

He straightened, and then gestured around them, towards the buildings and light displays, both alight in the air thanks to Yaksha's own powers, and at eye level, on every building and domicile they passed. Darkness, obliterated to a mere concept...except that which Inami carried with her.

"Look at it, Inami. In this place, chaos and order intermingle in the most splendid dance. This is where even true randomness can decide to make sense, for a tiny shred of time. This is where the observer may choose to impart meaning upon a meaningless world. Can you even begin to understand that chaos is itself a pattern? That lawlessness is itself only truly in effect if the law to ignore laws is itself ignored? I doubt it. You are, after all, not the Danava of Order. You were given but a single deemed appropriate by a being who understands Chaos and Order on a level not even I could hope to match. If you wish to be as lawless as you claim...then promise me instead that you will preserve this place as it is. Restful, or hectic. Promise me that you will permit no outsiders exert their will upon this place...until it has become the bastion of chaos that this world lacks."

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Heard Round the Worlds [OPEN]
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