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 The Icy Lakes of Russia

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Icy Lakes of Russia   Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:50 pm



It was another day in cold, cold Mother Russia. The hot breath of the lone Vizard filled the cool air as he shuffled his way through the quiet forest he resided in. Daigo had very little time for the real world anymore, spending his days in a quiet little cabin off in the wilderness of the neutral state of Russia. It made it far easier for him to stay out of the sights of many that may be interested in what the man possessed in that little eye of his. Nevertheless, he still found time to do something resembling a normal person's day in the mornings.

With a long stretch, the Vizard let out a soft yawn before brushing off his snow covered gloves on a nearby tree. Most mornings, the man spent his time looking at a majority of the nature around him. He wasn't fond of nature in any way shape or form, it just gave him reason to look inconspicuous. That being the case, there were mornings where he could be found arguing with invisible people. Today seemed to be one of those very mornings. A loud banging enveloped the forest, falling all no ears but Daigo's. Alice, his Zanpakuto spirit, had made her appearance well known to the man this morning.

"Don't you think it'd be quite nice living in an actual city again? Why subject yourself to the cold and wilderness when there's built civilization practically everywhere?" Another yawn escaped Daigo's throat before he gazed around him, taking in the landscape. She wasn't very wrong, that didn't stop him from not exactly caring in this instance. "You know very well that this is the safest and easiest form of hiding I can take as a Vizard with information he probably shouldn't have. Don't you think I'd be in a warm, cozy bed in a fully inhabited town if I thought it was a good idea?"

Harsh and straight to the point, Daigo didn't mince words when it came to the safety of himself or the spirits residing within him. This didn't change much however, another voice clear as day piericing the silence once more. "Does that mean you have to live like a caveman?" Kiyoki shot back as quick as Daigo had responded, an audible groan ringing aloud in the forest for all to hear. It was yet another morning that the man had to deal with incessant noise. He rarely caught a break, today being a prime example.

"We'll be here for a little while longer, so get used to it." With nothing left to say, Daigo huffed and puffed his way to the center of the forest with very little to say. The pouting man visited what he would call his favorite place of all in Russia. A large, frozen over lake entered his view rather quickly. There wasn't much someone could say to describe the lake, its beauty being very easy to understand he thought. Out in the open, Daigo was "defenseless". He wasn't as far out as he believed he was in regards to the outside world. All it would take was one smart, talented person to find him in his little hidey hole. Did he understand that, however?

No, not even a little.

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The Icy Lakes of Russia
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