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 Natural Remedies [Angel/Steiner]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Natural Remedies [Angel/Steiner]   Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:59 pm



For the last month or so, Steiner Franz had found himself absolutely busy with his new job as the Second Blade of the Vanguard, and while that work had been vastly rewarding in maintaining the safety of the world it was indeed exhausting. Organizing patrol routes, overseeing training exercises, and filing the necessary paper work to keep the oil on the gears of the machine that was the defensive scheme of this base and Karakura. These things were all just a minuscule part of what his job entailed. This, however had not deterred him from his original goal of becoming Warden and though he knew the work load would be astronomically heavier, he was more than willing to take on that weight. As said before, though the work was taxing, and the mental strain was high, this was rewarding work. Every day the men under his command were doing this city and the innocent people living in it a service and it was the right type of service that left him feeling rather pleased with himself, a feeling that he was sure wasn't actually mutually exclusive either.

And why shouldn't he feel pleased? Violence around the outskirts was down, the new training course that he wanted to put the men through had been approved, and he was slowly gaining the respect of the men in his service. It was a winning combination for him, even if that winning combination meant many sleepless nights underground. In fact he couldn't remember when the last time he had been to the surface was, or the last time that he had actually slept in a comfortable bed. His office had sort of become his quarters as well and he had spent most of his time since arriving at this base living inside of this room with his only interaction being with brass and the soldiers under his command. While sad in its own way, the job was keeping him busy, and that was more than enough for him. Still, every once in a while one of his men would ask him to go top side for a bit, and he would always reply with a jest or with a lie that he would do so.

It was after one particular lie after a two day straight paperwork binge that Steiner found himself completely drained, tossing his uniform jacket aside, and sitting down heavily in his seat. He looked at a few inspirational paintings on the walls, before slamming his head down on his desk, and letting out a long exasperated yawn. "I'm just glad that the paper work for the week is done...maybe I can finally catch some shut eye.", Steiner said to himself as he turned his head to the right checking the bin where the incomplete paperwork and processing papers were meant to be. The bin was completely bare thanks to his efforts and the twelve or so cups of coffee he had ingested over the last two days to keep himself awake. A sense of accomplishment washed over him as he leaned back in his chair, eyeing the couch in the corner with a disheveled blanket, and a pillow which had become his bed as of late. For a moment he ran through a mental check list, checking to see if he had truly completed all of his tasks before he decided to clock out for the day, and finally sleep.

That is when he spotted it, laying on the coffee table near his beloved couch bed was a vanilla folder marked for delivery to R&D, and instantly his heart sank. "Is that the file on the Lazarus Pod that I compiled a week ago? I thought I already delivered that...", he said in defeat as he got up from his desk and marched over to pick up the file. In his mind he hoped it was empty as the thoughts of cutting a few logs had sounded extremely tempting, but upon opening he learned rather quickly that was not the case. Inside were all of the schematics and weird formulas that he had found inside of the Universitus Index inside of his head revolving around the Lazarus Pod. The Lazarus Pod was a healing device that could heal most wounds and even restore limbs with the proper medicinal cocktail and understanding of how it worked. Steiner, however had no clue how to make anything he was reading on these particular documents into a real machine. Most of the stuff was a copy and paste from memory and none of it was comprehensible to a basic mind like his own. Which was why he had sent it to R&D, or so he had thought.

"I suppose sleep can wait a little bit longer, after all this file could save some lives.", he spoke, trying his best to make the fact that he now had to travel all the way to R&D in his condition less of a hassle through words. It really didn't work, but at least he tried, right? Walking out of his office, Steiner took the quickest route to R&D, passing by several soldiers who gave him salutes which he ignored in his rushed state, and nodding his head at several high ranking officers as he finally reached the automatic doors of the lab. He input a special code and the doors slid open, allowing him to walk inside to the lavish, and well funded lab that the Vanguard had assembled underground. "Hello? Is anyone here?", he asked as he held the folder tight to his chest and took a look around the lab which seemed practically abandoned for the most part. "I have a file here on a project of mine that I needed some help on...hello?", he kept questioning as he went further inside, unknowing as to what to expect from the research team here.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Natural Remedies [Angel/Steiner]   Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:54 pm

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